African American Pryor Families

Richard Pryor

Actor and comedian Richard Pryor, noted for irreverant humor

1870 Census, Randolph Co., IL. Twp., 7.Range 7.
Page 403a, house 303/325
Gilles Prairee (sic) 30, male black, laborer, IL
Martha 20, female black, MO
William 6, male black, IL
Joseph 3, male black, IL
Kit 10, male black, MO.
(Giles Pryor md. Martha J. Holden on Oct. 25, 1866, Randoph County, IL. 1870 was the first census after the Civil War. It was the first census that included recently freed African Americans. Although Gilles Pryor was recorded as born in IL, the 1880 Census states he was born in Virginia and may have been recently freed from slavery.)

1880 Census, Chester Twp., Randolph Co., IL
Page 424, house
Gilles Pryor 42, male black, laborer, VA
Martha 35, wife, female black, MO
William H. 12, son, MO
Joseph H. 10, son, IL
Louisa 8, dau, IL
Robert 5, dau, IL
Nellie 7 mos., dau, IL
Louis Kelly 24, single, male mulatto, MO
(Gills Prior (sic) applied for Civil War invalid pension on Aug. 15, 1892 in Illinois. He served in the Emp. Q. M. Dep. U. S. Vols. -- the quarter master corps?)

1900 Census, Chester Twp., Randolph Co., IL
Page 144b, House 233
Nicholas Purney, black male, Oct. 1872, 27 MO MO MO, hostler.
Amanda, wife, black female, May 1878, 22 MO MO MO
Robert PRYOR, boarder, black male, Aug. 1874, 25, IL FL IL, hostler
Nellie PRYOR, boarder, black female, Nov. 1879, 20, IL FL IL, wash woman.

1920 Census, Chester Twp., Randolph Co., IL
Page 42b, Hancock St., house 257/270
Robert G. PRYOR 45, widow, IL VA MO, janitor at court house
Estelle R., dau, 10, IL IL IL
Gillis J., son, 7, IL IL IL
Marion E., dau, 5 3/12 IL IL IL.

1930 Census, Chester Twp., Randolph Co., IL
Page 54a, house 269/292
Robert PRIOR, head, 55, widow, IL WV MO, janitor for private family
Isaac Lightle, roomer, 35, IL MO MO, laborer on railroad
Iona Lightle, roomer, 24, MO MO MO, servant for private family

1900 Census, Lanesville, Sangamon Co., IL
Page 120A, house 21/21
Willis (sic) PRYOR, black male, May 1867, 33, md 11 yrs., MO MO MO
Mary wife, Jun. 1868, 32, 6 children/6 living, MO MO MO
Roy son, Mar 1888, 12, MO MO MO
James M. son, Dec. 1889, 11, MO MO MO
Joseph son, Aug 1892, 7, MO MO MO
McKinley son, June ??, 4, IL MO MO
Amanada A. dau, Sept ??,3, IL MO MO
Baby dau, Jun. 189, 1, IL MO MO



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