PRYOR WILLS (Sumner Co./Overton Co. TN)

Will of Edmund Taylor, 1824 - Campbell Co., VA
(father in law of William Pryor of Overton Co., TN & John Pryor of Sumner Co., TN)
In the name of god, Amen. I Edward Taylor of the County of Campbell and State of Virginia, being sick and weak in body but of a sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank God and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, I give and bequeath the same in the following that is to say in consideration of the love I bear towards my wife, Elizabeth, I give and bequeath unto her all my estate during her natural life after my just debts are paid, after that to be equally divided between all my children except Spicy and Massia, the wives of William and John PRYOR. I lend unto them their equal part during their natural life and after their death. I give it to their children in Testimony wereof (viz) I have herunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of July 1824. My wish is that Anderson Woodson Junr. to be my Executor.
Witnessed by Lefever Street, William B. Taylor, Charles Wright.
At a court held for Campbell Co., Nov 8, 1824, the within last will and testament of Edward Taylor, deceased, was produced in court proved by the oaths of Lefever Street and William B. Taylor witnesses, whose names are thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.
Teste. John Alexander CCC <Campbell County Court>
Note: Anderson Woodson md. Elizabeth Clarkson on 30/1/1818 in Campbell Co., VA. Anderson Woodson was the son of Robert Woodson and Rebecca PRYOR. Lefever Street appears on eary tax lists in Sumner Co., TN.

Will of Chesley Taylor. Filed in Davidson Co., TN
(son of Edmund and Elizabeth Taylor, parents of Spicy Taylor Pryor and Massey Taylor Pryor who married in Campbell Co., VA)

I Chesley Taylor do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made, grant and direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor.  Secondly I give and bequeath to her, Mary Ann Taylor my wife all my land and stock of every kind and my _____ and also all my household and kitchen furniture and also other estate that may be coming to me to her my wife her lifetime or during her widowhood and then to my children namely Susan Catharine Boleen (sp?), Mary Ann, Harriet Elizabeth, Edward, John B., and Chesley, and Washington Taylor I do hereby nominate and appoint Mary Ann Taylor my wife Executor during her widowhood and if she marry I will all my estate to be sold and equally divided to my four (note: or does it say five?) children and wife.  In witness where of I do to this will set my hand and seal this the twenty ninth day of August the one thousand eight and forty.  Chesley Taylor "his mark"  Signed sealed and published in our presence of the ___ this day Jacob D. Mays, Squire Jones, William Donnahoe (sp?) State of Tennessee, Davidson County Court, November Term 1840.  A paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Chesley Taylor was produced in court ____ proved thus Jacob D. Mays, Squire Jones and William Demumbro (sp?) there subscribing witnesses them being ___ sworn depose and say that they became such in the presence of the said Chesley Taylor at his request ____________________  prescence of each other and that they verily believe he was of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time of executing the same.  Ordered that said paper writing be admitted to record as such last will of Chesley Taylor, deceased.

Estate Sale of Massey Taylor Pryor, 1867 Sumner Co.,TN
State of Tennessee, Sumner County. This day appeared before me Allen L. Pryor, administer of Massey Pryor deceased, and swore an oath that the above is true and correct inventory of the estate of his mother. Sworn to before me 3 June 1867. Signed Allen L. Pryor. Witnessed by John Bugg and J.A. Truesdale.

State of Tennessee, Sumner County. Personally appeared before me William Matthews, an acting justice of the peace for said county, F.M. Elliot and made an oath that the within account as stands charged is just and true this 14th day of September 1867. Signed F. M. Elliot. (The account that was attached was for shoeing horses for Massey Pryor from 1856 to 1861).
List of Items Purchase Amount Purchased By (Relationship)
2 Single Bed 0.35 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 Candlestick 0.50 Allen L. Pryor (son)
2 Qt. Bottles 0.50 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 Lot of Bottles 0.10 Allen L. Pryor (son)
5 Bottles 0.15 Allen L. Pryor (son)
2 Small Bottles 0.05 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 Dressing Table 1.25 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 Mule Colt 117.60 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 Chest 1.90 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Box of Books 0.45 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Lot of Books 0.30 Sam Pryor (son)
Lot of Bacon 2.35 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Axe 0.35 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Small Mare 28.50 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Fork and Knife 0.11 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Looking Glass 0.15 Sam Pryor (son)
6 Chairs 2.35 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Water Bucket 0.35 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Keg Molasses 1.25 Sam Pryor (son)
2 Plows 1.25 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Barrel 0.50 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Bridle 0.25 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Coffee Mill 1.05 Sam Pryor (son)
Pot Rack and Hooks 0.50 Sam Pryor (son)
1 Bible 0.50 Grant Taylor (african-american)
Barrel of Lye 6.25 Betsy Pryor (dau. or dau. in law?)
Sugar Chest 3.75 Betsy Pryor (dau. or dau. in law?)
1 Water Can 0.25 Betsy Pryor (dau. or dau. in law?)
Pot and Hooks 1.10 Betsy Pryor (dau. or dau. in law?)
Small Pot and Hooks 2.00 Betsy Pryor ((dau. or dau. in law?)
Bacon 5.55 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
3 Plates 0.25 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
1 Stone Jug 0.30 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
1 Bottle 0.15 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
1 Lot Bottles 0.50 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
1 Pair Hound Dogs 4.00 Luisa McCulley (Daughter)
1 Plow 1.00 George Pryor (Son)
6 Plates 0.25 George Pryor (Son)
1 Sugar Bowl 0.25 George Pryor (Son)
1 Jug 0.35 George Pryor (Son)
1 Small Jar 0.05 George Pryor (Son)
3 Hogs 11.30 Mrs. Luisa Williams
2 Forks 0.10 Mrs. Luisa Williams
1 Clock 2.50 C. Brazil
3 Small Hounds 7.20 E.D. Robinson
1 pair __?  0.35 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 side __? 12.60 Allen L. Pryor (son)
1 _____? 0.80 John Laskey



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