DEED - Allen L. Pryor to T. W. Gregory

This deed was executed in Sumner Co., TN. Allen L. Pryor was the father in law of Thomas Washington Gregory.

Allen L Pryor of Sumner County

Deed, A. L. Pryor to T. W. Gregory and wife (1898)

For and in consideration of the love and affection I entertain for my daughter, Mrs. Bettie Gregory and her husband, T. W. Gregory and the further consideration that my said son-in-law, T. W. Gregory and his wife, my daughter, Mrs. Bettie Gregory & family remain with me and live with me at the old homestead during the remainder of my natural life as we now live, I have this day bargained, sold, transferred and conveyed and do hereby give, grant, and convey to my said daughter, Bettie Gregory, and her husband, T. W. Gregory, jointly and equally as tenants in common, but not to take effect however until my death, the following described land, situated and lying in the 10th Civil District of Sumner County, Tennessee, and bounded as follows:

Beginning at a white oak, small hickory pointers; thence S. 78 1/2 W. 32 poles to the middle of a branch; thence down the same S 4 3/4 E. 37.5 poles to a rock, honey locust pointers, Mrs. P. A. Pryor's East corner; thence S. with her line to the north boundary line of Guthrie and Albright, known as the Gwinn Land; thence E. 107 poles to a stake on the north side of a branch; thence S. 15.2 poles to a beech; thence S. 88 1/2 E. 17.8 poles to a stake; thence N. 4 1/2 W. 9.2 poles to an elm; thence up a branch N. 65 1/2 W. 10.4 poles to a box elder on the north side of the branch; thence N. 3/4 E. 162.5 poles to a stone, beech pointers; thence N. 78 W. 13 poles to the beginning, containing 113 acres, more or less. Less one-half acres included in above boundary which is reserved with outlet to and from same, to be used alone as a family burying ground.

To have and to hold to the said Mrs. Bettie Gregory, and husband, T. W. Gregory, and children from and after my death, jointly and equally share and share alike, their heirs and assigns forever. I covenant with the said T. W. Gregory and wife, Bettie Gregory and children that I am lawfully seized and possessed of said land, have a perfect right to sell or transfer the same, and the same is free and unencumbered, and hereby bind myself, my heirs and assigns, and representatives, to forever warrant and defend the title thereto to said T. W. Gregory and wife, Bettie Gregory, children and assigns, against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever.

But it is expressly understood and made a condition and a part of the consideration herein that said T. W. Gregory and wife, Bettie Gregory, and family remain with and live with me as we now live during my natural life, the further consideration that this shall be the entire interest or share that said Bettie Gregory is to receive our of my estate at my death, real, personal, or mixed, of whatever nature as one of my children and heirs, and she accepts this land on these conditions herein stated as her full share, and will receive or inherit nothing more from my estate. It is further understood that should my said daughter, Bettie Gregory and husband, T. W. Gregory leave me and for any cause cease to live with me as hereinbefore provided, then and in that event this deed is void and for naught held of no effect. And it is further understood and made a part hereof, that this deed takes effect at my death and is irrevocable by me if said Gregory and wife comply with the requirements herewith. This 10th day of November 1898. A. L. Pryor

Now we, Bettie Gregory and T. W. Gregory, accept the foregoing deed on the conditions therein specified and bind ourselves to comply with terms and conditions of same. This 10th day of November 1898. T. W. Gregory and Bettie Gregory.

State of Tennessee, Sumner County
Personally appeared before me, J. W. Albright, a notary public in and for said county and state, the within named A. L. Pryor, the bargainer, with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within written instrument for the purpose therein contained. Witness my hand and official seal at Side View, Tennessee, this 10th day of November, 1898. (seal) J. W. Albright, Notary Public.

Received for registration Nov. 14th, 1898 at 11:00 A.M. Registered and examined same day received.
A. C. Dobbins, Register.



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