John Pryor married Massa Taylor in Campbell County after William Pryor married Massa's sister Spicy Taylor. The Pryors and Taylors of Sumner and Overton Co., TN were also tightly aligned with the Garretts. While there are sparse records mentioning the Pryors in Campbell County, records have been located that mention the Taylor and Garrett families.

At Black Jack Corner to the Taylor line. James Taylor and Rebecca his wife. Sold to John Martin.

William Matthews and wife Edith deeded land to John Carville.
(Is this William Matthews related to the William Matthews in Overton Co., TN who raised Jefferson Engler, husband of Mary Ellen Pryor?)

John Taylor, Achiamus (?) Reynolds, John Reid, and Thomas Reid held to governor of Virginia for $4000

James Taylor and wife Rebecca. Robert Morris. James paid $2800 for land "on water of big and little Wreck Island Creeks. 565 acres. Neighbors to the Gannaways, Martin's, Samuel Fitch property. Signed in presence of Adam Mitchel and James D. Taylor. James Fitch.


Gov. of Virginia/John TAYLOR & Co. 10/1812

Gov. of Virginia/John TAYLOR & Co. 10/1810

Samuel Dickey / James TAYLOR 10/22/1819 "DT", book 12, page 219 (Sally Dickey was the 2nd wife of Hezekiah Taylor. Sally Dickey Giles md. Hezekiah Taylor 9-Jan-1818 in Campbell Co., VA)

Gov. of Virginia/Jno. Garratt & Co. 7/1803
Absolom Garrett/Jno. Garrett 3/1831
Abner Garrett/Stephen Garrett 2/1838
Elijah Garrett/Jno. Williams 12/1806
Josiah Garrett/David Davidson 12/1806
John G. Garrett/John Alexander 6/1816
Jno. Garrett/Sarah Alexander 4/1817
Harriett Garrett/Jno. H. Christian 11/1783?
Henry Goff/J. A. TAYLOR 10/1788

Horatio Goff / M., Hezekiah, Chesley, Spicy PRYOR, Pleasant, Elizabeth, Polly Taylor, 11/1838, Book 22,Page 213 (Horatio Goff was surety for marriage of Hezekiah Taylor or Sally Dickey Giles. Spicy Taylor was married to William Pryor)

John PRYOR/John Kitchen, 11/1792, Bill of Sale Book 2 Page 360

Edward TAYLOR/John Merrill, 4/1812, Bill of Sale, Book 9, Page 384

Gov. of VA / John TAYLOR, 1812, page 234

Edmund TAYLOR/Harvey Tompkins, 11/1819, D. F., Book 12,Page 303

Elizabeth TAYLOR/John Garrett,10/1830, D. G., Book 17,Page 531

Hezekiah TAYLOR/Chesley TAYLOR & Co., 2/1837, P. A., Book 22,Page 193

H. T. TAYLOR & Co./S. B. Allen, 10/1842, Bill of Sale Book 24 Page 414

William B. TAYLOR/John Garrett, 10/1830, D. G. Book 17 Page 531



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