William Pryor - Sumner Co., TN
Pryor and Taylor Families - Overton Co., TN
Jonathan Pryor - Overton Co., TN

William Pryor, Sumner Co., TN Deed, 1794

Deed Book 1, Page 185
This indenture made this twenty fifth day of November in the year of our lord seventeen hundred and ninty four between William Fort and Howell Tatum both of the District of Nero (sp?) and Territory of the United States south of the river Ohio of the one part and William Pryor of the County of Sumner and Territory aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said William and Howell for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hat given granted bargained sold dismissed released and Conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth give grant bargin sell dismise release alone convey and confirm unto the said William Pryor all that certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred and twenty acres more or less situated lying and being in the County of Sumner and Territory aforesaid on the North fork of Red River and bounded as follows to wit BEGINING ; at a sycamore tree on the south side of said river a condit---nel Corner made by the said Pryor and Keith (sp?) Hannah running from the North to a stake on the Kentucky Line thence west where the Kentucky Line crosses the same thence up the meanders of the said river to the beginning together with all woods waters, mines, minerals herrditiments (sp?) and appurtainenes (sp?) to have and hold the before witnessed lands and bargined promises with all and singular the rem rights issues and profits of in and to the same belonging or appertaining (sp?) to the only proper use benefit and behalf of him the said William Pryor his heirs and assigns forever and said William and Howell for themselves their heirs executors and administrators doth --- heirs and assigns that the before mention lands and --- premises they will warrent and defend against the legal right title and claim of all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the said William and Howell hath hereunto set their hands and affixed there seals the day and year above written . Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of William Fort and Howell Tatum. Andrew Jackson jurat, December 6th, 1795. David Wilson, KY.

Taylor and Pryor: Deed - 1827 Overton Co., TN

Deed Book F, page 17 Indenture 5 Feb. 1827. The consideration being $500, paid to William Chilton Jr., 150 acres on Obed River. Purchased by the heirs of the late Edward Taylor of VA.

Taylor Family Deed and Suit - 1829 Overton Co. TN. Deed Book F, page 176
Chesley Taylor and other heirs and heirs at law of Edward Taylor bill of sale to William Chilton Jr. Indenture 1829 between Chesley Taylor, Spicy Pryor, formerly Spicy Taylor and her husband William Pryor, and Massey Pryor, formerly Massey Taylor and her husband John Pryor, John Taylor, Hezekiah, David, Pleasant, Polly, Elizabeth Taylor heirs at law of Edward Taylor late of Virginia and Elizabeth Taylor, the elder, widow and relict of said Edward Taylor having a life estate in his property, of one part, and William Chilton Junr. of Overton co., TN for and in consideration of $500 paid, sell William Chilton a negro woman Eliza age about 16 years. Delivered to William Chilton 5 Feby 1829. All sign Elizabeth Taylor Jr., guardian and teste, Elijah Garrett Jr. Joell Parriss, Samuel G. Claborn, proved in Overton Co., TN.

Later Mr. Chilton was not pleased with this transaction and filed suit in Sumner Co., TN against the heirs of Edward Taylor. The following is a quote from the deposition of David Garrett Jr. b. 1798 (son of Joshua Garrett and Louisa Rhodes. Joshua was a son of Stephen Garrett and Magdalene Bernard) David Garrett also refers to Elizabeth Taylor Sr. as "Aunt Betsy."
Question 12:
Are not the Garretts and Taylors all related and are they not ___?___ natural ___?___ of people as the term is understood. That is are they not very friendly and will they not go great length for one another?
Answer 12 (David Garrett Jr.)
The Garretts and Taylors are not all related for I know some of the Taylors who are said not to be kin of the Garretts. The Garretts and Taylors who are related are friendly in a c__?__ way. Sometimes they fall out. I don't pray that they will go great lengths for one another than what is right.

(William Pryor who served in the War of 1812 from TN, served under Joel Parrish)

1849 Deed - Jonathan Pryor to William E. Pryor in Overton Co., TN

Jonathan Pryor deed gift of household and kitchen furniture. Joseph Garrett Sr. the receiver and the holder of the same. William E. Pryor

For the love and affection that I entertain for my son William E. Pryor now aged about 16 months. I do give, transfer and convey to him all my household and kitchen furniture. Consisting of two beds and furniture, one sideboard, one dining table, table and table cover, and all my cooking utensils. The use of this property is not to go to my son until the death of Joseph Garrett Sr. I do for the love and affection I have for Joseph Garrett Sr. give, transfer, and convey unto him the use of said property during his natural life. And at his death it is to go to my son William E. Pryor as above conveyed. Given under my hand and seal this 14th day of September 1849

Jonathan Pryor (his mark)

Witnesses: John Kennedy and J.D. Goodpasture

State of Tennessee, Overton County
Personally appeared before William H. Turner Clerk of the County Court for said county, Jonathan Pryor the conveyor with whom I am personally acquainted, and acknowledged that he executed said the written Deed of Gift for the purpose therein contained. Given under my hand at the office the 14th day of September 1849.

The foregoing is a correct registry of a deed of gift, of its acknowledgment therein certified by the clerk of the County Court, Overton County wherein Jonathan Pryor appears as the donor and his son William E. Pryor as the done and the same was registered on the fifteenth day of September 1849 and which was filed in my office for registration on the 14th day of September 1849 at 5 o'clock p.m. in fifteen book and page thirty eight. John Kennedy, registrar.

This Jonathan Pryor was prossably the John Pryor, son of William and Spicy Pryor who was incarcerated in 1860. John's son William E. Pryor was recorded on the 1860 Census living with Major May in Sumner Co., TN. He was 12 in 1860. William E. Pryor is the William E. Pryor counted on the 1870-1930 Census Records of Franklin Co., MO. In 1900 the William E. Pryor in Franklin Co. stated he was born in May 1848 and the same birth date was given on his death record, which means he would have been 16 months old at the time of this deed.



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