Pryor Records from England

None of the Pryors noted below have been linked to Tennessee.

Records from Befordshire, England

1766 Resident - Rev. Mr. PRIOR, Luton. (Constitutions [afterw.] Constitutions, orders and regulations By Clergy orphan corporation, pub. 1766)

1841 UK Census, Bedfordshire
Houghton Regis, Dist 4, William PRYOR 80 agr lab, Martha 70. Neither person born in Bedfordshire.

1846 Working in Bedford - An explosion at the shop fo Fowler PRIOR, a chemist. His brother William PRIOR assisted at the scene. The explosion killed 21 year old shop assistant William Smith. The fire was cased by a spark from the fire igniting the combustible materials in the shop. This was the second incident involving Prior. A coroner's inquest was to be held. (The Times, London, 9 Nov 1846)

Records from Berkshire, England

1787 Resident - "The house which Keate occupied is that now occupied by Mr. A. C. Ainger, at the corner of Keate's Lane and the Eton Wick Road. The red brick Georgian house at the south-east corner of Keate's Lane, opposite the ante-Chapel, was built by Mr. Prior, with whom Mary Wollstonecraft stayed in 1787, and found Eton society "an insupportable fatigue." (Annals of the King's College of Our Lady of Eton Beside Windsor By Wasey Sterr, published 1898. Mary Wollstoncraft was the mother-in-law of British romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Another book states that a daughter of Jeanne Aufrere and Rev. D. Regis, Canon of Windsor, married Rev. Mr. Pryor, an under-master at Eton.)

1841 UK Census, Berkshire
Harwell, Dist. 8, page 10 in "The Village" Thomas PRYOR 25 grocer born in Berks., Ann 25 born in Berks, Edward 5 born in Berks, John Sawer 20 F. S. born in Berks.
Sutton Courtney, Dist 1, Henry PRYOR 47 ag lab, Hellen 46, Ann 14, Phebe 10. All persons born in Berks.
Sutton Courtney, Dist 1 Roselyn PRYOR 40, Eliza 20, Sarah 15, John 15 ag lab, Stephen 5, Joseph 15 ag lab, Henry PRYOR 78 ag lab. All Persons born in Berks.

1851 UK Census, Berkshire
East Hagbourne Thomas PRYOR 79 ag lab b. East Hagbourne, Berkshire. Elizabeth wife 74 b. Garford, Berkshire

1861 Census of the United Kingdom, Newbury, Berkshire, England
79 Northbrook Street

Jane Burrough head wid. 64 School Mistress Tooting, Surrey
Mary Burrough dau. unm. 31 Governess High Wycombe, Bucks.
John Burrough son unm. 27 Printer (journeyman) High Wycombe, Bucks.
Margaret Burrough dau. unm. 24 Governess High Wycombe, Bucks.
Elizabeth Burrough dau. unm. 22 Governess Little Missenden, Bucks.
Rebecca Day boarder unm. 17 Scholar Marlborough, Wilts.
Elizabeth Hannah Munday boarder unm. 13 Scholar Boxford, Berks.
Alice Osmond boarder unm. 10 Scholar High Wycombe, Bucks.
Frances Ann PRYOR boarder unm. 10 Scholar United States
Henrietta PRYOR boarder unm. 6 Scholar United States

Records from Cambridgeshire, England

bef. 1738 - Rev. Mr. PRIOR late fellow of Trinity College Cambridge. (A Compleat System of Opticks in Four Books, Viz. A Popular, a ..., Volume 1, By Robert Smith, published 1738)

1757 - Rev. Mr. PRIOR fellow of King's College, Cambridge (A Compleat System of Opticks in Four Books, Viz. A Popular, a ..., Volume 1 By Robert Smith, pub. 1757)

1841 UK Census, Cambridgeshire
Page 10 Thomas Brock 40 carpenter, Sarah 45, Elizabeth PRYOR 85 Ag Lab wid - All persons born in Cambridgshire.
Melbourne, page 10 Benjamin PRYOR 65 ag lab b. Cambridgeshire

1851 UK Census, Cambridgeshire
Cadecot, page 408 Benjamin PRYOR widow 84 ag lab b. Barter, Cambridgeshire. Samuel Carter son in law 37 ag lab b. Caldecot, Cambridgeshire. Elizabeth Carter daughter 42 wife of above b. Cambridgeshire. William grandson 10 ag lab b. Caldecot, Cambridgeshire. Mary granddaughter 8 scholar b. Caldecot, Cambridgeshire. Stephen PRYOR grandson 18 ag lab b. Kingston, Cambridgeshire.
St. Andrew the Great parish, Cambridge, page 621 8 New Square Sally H Walker widow 51 lodging-hotel keeper b. Thaydon Royce, Essex. Esther H Whiskin niece 23 governess b. West--? Middlesex. Harriet Bishop servant unmarried 17 general servant b. Soham, Cambridgeshire. Sarah PRYOR visitor widow 77 annuitant b. C--? Oversdon, Cambridgeshire.

1871 Census of the United Kingdom, Shaybag, Chesterfield House, Racing Establishment, Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England

(This is probably John Benjamin Pryor, the racehorse trainer from Mississippi who trained the famed horse Lexington. The UK Census did not record race, the 1880 US census reported John Benj. Pryor as white and his children were recorded as mulatto.)

John Benj. PRYOR M Male 59 VA, USA Trainer of Race Horses
Frances PRYOR M Female wife 45 MS, USA
William PRYOR Female son 22 MS, USA Architect
Davis PRYOR Male son 20 MS, USA
Henrietta PRYOR Male dau 15 MS, USA
Benjamin PRYOR Male son 13 MS, USA
Richard PRYOR Male son 11 MS, USA
Luke PRYOR* Male son 9 Compton, Berkshire, England
Cordelia Bingamon Male sis in law 40 MS, USA

*Luke Pryor was born in Wantage, Berks. in December Qtr. 1861. His birth is recorded in the Civil Registration Index.

Records from Cornwall, England

1695 Burial - Eleanor PRYOR

1697 Burial - Frances PRYOR,
daughter of Daniel PRYOR.

1697 Burial - Eleanor PRYOR,
wife of Daniel PRYOR

1699 Burial - Daniel PRYOR

1702 Burial - Grace PRYOR

1703 Burial - John PRYOR

1707 Christening
- Baptism of Richard PRIOR son of Bennett PRIOR 27 May 1707 in Wendron, Cornwall.

1713 Burial - William PRYOR

1715 Burial - Bersheba PRYOR

1744 Will - Phillippa PRYOR, widow in Helston. (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK)

1757 Burial - Philadelphia PRYOR

1766 Will
- William PRYOR yeoman in Helston. (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial Jan. 30 1766.

1766 Burial - Mary PRYOR (a child)

1771 Burial - Moses PRYOR

1772 Will - Abraham PRYOR victualler of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial 24 Aug 1772.

1774 Burial - Dorothy PRYOR, daughter of Richard PRYOR

1777 Burial - Mary PRYOR, daughter of Abraham PRYOR, deceased.

1779 Burial - Angelot PRYOR, widow.

1779 Burial - Richard PRYOR

1780 Burial - Richard PRYOR, son of Richard PRYOR

1783 Burial - Mary PRYOR, 60 years, widow

1786 Burial - John PRYOR, 72 years, pauper, Wedron

1787 Burial - Julian PRYOR, 14 years

1788 Burial - Elizabeth PRYOR, 56 years, widow

abt. 1791 Birth - John Pryor b. abt. 1791 is age 60 on the 1851 Census in Montgomeryshire, Wales. States place of birth as Phillack, Cornwall.

1792 Burial - Johannah PRYOR, spinster, 72 years

1799 Burial - Mary PRYOR, 53 years, pauper

1802 Will - William PRYOR
blacksmith of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial 1 Jan 1802, 40 years.

1803 Burial - Joseph PRYOR, 33 years, son of Richard PRYOR

1803 Burial - William PRYOR, infant son of Thomas PRYOR

1803 Burial - Jane WEARNE, 83 years, widow - There was a Wearne PRYOR who married in Cornwall.

1803 Burial - John PRYOR, 35 years, son of John PRYOR

1804 Burial - Thomas PRYOR
, infant son of Thomas PRYOR

1806 Will - Edward PRYOR gentleman of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial record states 90 years (born about 1716)

1806 Burial - Richard PRYOR, 75 years.

1810 Burial - John PRYOR, 78 years.

1813 Marriage - John PRYOR md. Johanna Glanvill on 6 Nov 1813 in Phillack. (This is probably the John and Joanna Pryor who are on the 1851 Census in Montgomeryshire, Wales)

1818 Marriage - John Pryor married Lydia Old 8 Jun 1818 in Wendron, Cornwall

1819 Burial - Rachel PRYOR, 82 years, Helston.

1820 Christening - Helston, Cornwall. Frances Cowls PRYOR daugher of Anthony Pryor and Margaret

1821 Newspaper Article - Simon Pryor of Redruth (in Cornwall) reported a murder that had happend 16 years earlier, resulting in the apprehending of suspect James Matthews. The murder occured while Pryor was working for Matthews and the victim, John James in 1804 in Tavistock, Devonshire. Pryor and Matthews were holding a rope that was attached to James who was down a mine shaft. Matthews let go and told Pryor to do the same. Pryor's brother, not named in the article, was working the smith at the mine. Matthews was to be tried in Exeter. (Maryland Gazette, 3 May 1821)

1825 Burial - Ann PRYOR,
88 years, Helston

1833 Will - Thomas PRYOR
of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK) Burial Record states 69 years of Helston

1837 Burial - Jane PRYOR of Helston, 80 years

1841 UK Census, Cornwall
Breage, page 14, Elizabeth PRYOR 30 Ind. John 10. William 8. Richard 5. Elizabeth 3, Ann 4 mos. (All persons in household born in Cornwall. In 1851 this family was in Glamorganshire, Wales.)
Helston Cornage Hall St., page 32 Frances PRYOR 65 fruiter b. in Cornwall, Anthony 20 wheelright f. b. in Cornwall.
Phillack, Page 36 Vinton Cages? George Watts 70 Ind born in Cornwall, Mary 70 born in Cornwall, Philippa 14 born in Cornwall, Rebecca 9 born in Cornwall, George Watts 45 works in iron foundry born in Cornwall, Thomasine 50 born in Cornwall, Edwin 15 born in Cornwall works in iron foundry, George 15 born in Cornwall works in iron foundry, Emma 5 born in Cornwall, Richard Harris 75 Ind. (Pallot's Marriage Index states Mary Pryor married George Watts in Phillack in 1793. "Ind" may be an abbreviation for indigent)
St. Stithians, Dist 27, William Roberts 50 farmer, Ann 45, William 25 copper miner, Joseph 20 agr lab, Josiah 15 copper miner, Henry 14 ag lab, Mary 12, Grace 8, Charles 2 months, Angelina 4, Mary PRYOR 80 ind. All persons born in Cornwall.
Wendron, Dist 14, John PRYOR 80 farmer, Lidia 60, Arundell 20 tin miner, John 15 ag lab, Lidia Old 20 F.L., William Dale 15 MS. All persons born in Cornwall.|
Wendron, Dist 21 Thomas PRYOR 30 copper miner, Ann 30, Thomas 7, Joseph 5, Ann 3, Edward Moyle 6 mos.
Wendron, Dist 21 Simon Pryor 53 copper miner, Richard Pryor 67 copper miner, Ann Moyle 20

1844 Burial - Elizabeth PRYOR of Helston, 71 years

1845 Burial - Bennett PRYOR of Helston, 64 years

1849 Will - Frances PRYOR of Helston (Cornwall Record Office and National Archives UK)

1851 UK Census, Cornwall
Wendron, Wheat Butson (village), St. Agnes (parish), Grace Blight widow 63 b. Cornwall, St. Agnes. Joseph son 32 copper miner b. same, Jane dau 23 b. same, Joseph PRYOR lodger widow 76 smith born Wendron, Cornwall.
Wendron, Bodilly, Grace PRYOR widow 80 in receipt of parish relief, born Wendron, Cornwall. Frances PRYOR daughter 60 general laborer, born Wendron, Cornwall.

1881 Census of the United Kingdom, Wendron, Cornwall, England

Bennet PRYOR Head M Male 35 Wendron, Cornwall, England Tin Miner
Grace PRYOR Wife M Female 29 Wendron, Cornwall, England Tin Miners Wife
Bennet J. PRYOR Son Male 5 Nevada Eureka, America Scholar
John PRYOR Son Male 3 Nevada Eureka, America
Grace PRYOR Daur Female 7 m Wendron, Cornwall, England

1891 Census of the United Kingdom, Wendron, Cornwall, England

Bennett PRYOR Head M 45 Wendron, Cornwall Tin Miner
Grace wife M 38 Wendron, Cornwall
Bennett J. son 15 USA, Nevada Tin Miner
John son 13 USA, Nevada Stonecutter
Grace dau 10 Cornwall Scholar
Jane dau 8 Cornwall Scholar
Henry B. son 5 Cornwall Scholar
Elizabeth A. dau 3 Cornwall
Amelia dau 2 Cornwall

1891 Census of the United Kingdom, Breage, Cornwall, England

Thomas H. PRYOR Head M 54 Wendron, Cornwall Living on own means
Nellie F. Wife M 45 Vermont, USA
Minnie R. Parbor dau in law S 14 Sioux Co., USA

Records from Derbyshire, England

1768 Resident - Mr Prior arrived on Jan 1st to take on the job of head master of Repton School. While there he became a doctor of divinity. (Historical and Topographical Description of Repton, in the County of Derby ... By Robert Bigsby)

Records from Essex, England

1799 Death - "Lately, much lamented, Mrs. PRIOR, of Hornchurch, Essex. (The Evening Mail, 21 Aug 1799)

1841 UK Census, Essex
Leigh, John PRYOR 36 ag laborer b. Essex. Ann Pryor 16? b. Essex, Sarah Sprugeon 97 pauper b. Essex
Waltham Abbey, Hannah PRIOR 95 born out of county, John Marton 45 farm lab born in Essex.

1851 UK Census Essex
Layer Marney, page 13 Cottage "Smythies Green" William Wash 47 farm labourer b. Birch, Essex. Anna Maria Wash wife 45 b. Copford?, Essex, James PRYOR father in law, widow 76 farm laborer, in the receipt of parish relief, b. Mark Tey, Essex.

Records from Hampshire, England

1797 Residence - Offered for sale "one third part of Freehold Estate, situate in the Parish of Albury, called Patmore Heath Farm, containing 60 acres of rich arable and pasture land, lying nearly contiguous, with a valuable right of Common on Patmore Heath, in the occupation of Mr. PRIOR. with a dwelling house, out buildings, etc." (The Times, London, 11 Nov 1797. Albury is now in Surrey, however it was likely in Hampshire at the time of this notice.)

1841 UK Census, Hampshire
North Stoneham, Dist 9, John Cawte? 65 wheelwright born in county, Mary PRIOR 85 Ind. born in county

1851 UK Census, Hampshire
Bentworth, Richard Andrews widow 52 farming 23 acres, b. Bentworth, Hants. Mary mother 92 widow "farmer's widow" b. Medstead, Hants. Mary sister 56 farmer's sister b. Bentworth, Hants. Ann PRIOR aunt widow house servant/pauper 88 b. Medstead, Hants. Ann Brombley servant widow 60 nurse b. Bentworth, Hants. Jamima Stevens servant 52 nurse b. Hockley, Hants. William Wilbery servant 58 ag lab/shepherd b. Hinton, Hants. Thomas Hindleybank? servant 18 ag lab b. Bentworth, Hants. Jno. Pitts? servant 16 ag lab b. Bentworth, Hants.

Records from Hertfordshire, England

1775 Residence - Notice regarding sale of land in the parish of Great Hormead, Mrs. PRIOR "tenant at will.". To be sold at auction by Mr. Hibberdine (The Public Advertiser, 12 Aug 1775)

1789 Residence - Notice regarding sale of land in the parish of Great Hormead within 3 miles of Berkway, Mr. PRIOR "tenant at will". To be sold by Mr. Christie in Pall Mall (This is possibly Christie's auction house in London. The Times, London, 20 Jun 1789)

1841 UK Census, Hertfordshire
Bishops Hatfield, page 14, North Road Alfred PRYOR 25 brewer born in Herts., Jane 20 born in Herts., Alfred 2 born in Herts., Ernest 4 months born in Herts.
Baldock, Dist. 7 Charles PRYOR 77 iron monger, William 29 iron monger, Wiliam Deyton 27 grocer, Mathilda 25 born out of county, Charles Deyton 1, Mary Gentle 17 F. S.
Baldock, Dist 7, George PRYOR 37 iron monger, Sarah 34, Sarah 15, Emma 12, Henry 8, George 8 "twins", Albert 6, Eliza 8 mos. (This family is on the 1850 US Census in Philadelphia, PA)
Standon, Dist 3 James PRYOR 40 post lad, b. Herts. Martha 39 b. Herts. Emma 14 b. Herts. Lydia 13 b. Herts., William 11 b. Herts. George 9 b. Herts. Henry 7 b. Herts. Charles 5 b. Herts. Frederick 3 b. Herts.

1851 UK Census, Hertfordshire
Standon, Dist. Wades Mill. Thomas PRYOR coachman b. Adham, Middlesex, Ellen wife 26 b. Gravely, Herts. Henry Prior 16 b. Standon. Charles 14 b. Standon, Frederic 12 b. Standon, Harriet 10 b. Standon. Alfred 8 b. Standon, Ann 3 b. Standon. Turner 2 b. Standon, Cleaver 4 mos b. Standon.

Records from Kent, England

1789 Bankruptcy - Robert Spencer and Thomas Pryor of Rochester, Kent, drapers. (The Times, 21 jan 1789)

Records from Leicestershire, England

1841 UK Census, Leicestershire
Rothley, Dist 9, John PRYOR 83 Ind, Jane 28, James 6 all persons born in Leicestershire.
Manchester, Market St., Dist 8 John Gardner 50 not born in county, Maria 50 born in county, Thomas 15 not born in county, Spinnal? 9 born in county, Robert PRYOR 85 calico printer born in Ireland, Amelia Pryor 40 born in county,
Loughborough, Dist. 2, Market Place, Joseph PRIOR 85 (or 65) woolcomber not born in county

Records from London, England

1740 Christening - Baptism of Richard PRIOR son of Richard PRIOR and wife Hannah on 17 Oct 1740

1765 Death - "On Thursday last died of the Small Pox, Miss PRIOR, Daughter of Mr. PRIOR, an eminent Turner near Hungerford Market in the Strand." (The Public Advertiser, 28 Oct 1765)

1765 Resident in Bloomsbury, London
- "Early on Saturday Morning last the Compting House of Mr. PRIOR, an eminent Master Builder, in Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, who is principally concerned in rebuilding the said Street, was broke open by some Villains, who stole from thence in Cash and Notes to the Amount of 70l." (The Public Advertiser, London, 29 July 1765)

1766 News Article - Mr. PRIOR an emminent turner opposite Hungerford Market in Strand, detected a fellow with his hand in his pocket at the corner of St. Martin's Lane, on which he seized him, when some of he gang came up and knocked Mr. PRIOR down and beat him so terribly, that he narrowly escaped being killed. One of the gang is known by the name of the Fighting Jew. (The Public Advertiser, 25 Jun 1766. A turner is a wood worker. Hungerford Market was near Charing Cross.)

1790 Advertisement - Cloth, furnishings sold by W. PRYOR at 96 New Bond Street (the Times, 12 May 1790)

1798 Notice - St. Clement Danes, a charity drive, church wardens William Bird and Richard PRIOR. (The Times, London, 16 Feb. 1798. St. Clement Danes is located in The Strand in London.)

1814 Residence - Notice of Free Hold estate sale of 7 Bell Stree, Paddington, Mr. PRIOR tenant at will. (The Times, 1 Mar 1814)

1818 Death - William Thomas Prior age 8, the only son of William PRIOR, esq., brewery, Islington. (The Times, London, 20 Oct. 1818)

1826 Workplace - A notice placed for the Spitalfields Soup Society, submitt subscriptions to William S. PRYOR, 23 Broad Street and 26 Steward Street, Spitalfields. (The Times, London, 24 Mar 1826. This appears to be a charitable organization to feed the poor)

1835 "Repairs of Blackfriars Bridge" - "Yesterday the Blackfriars-bridge Committee accompanied by several fo the aldermen, deputies aof the ward, and high officers of the corporation, proceeded from the Guildhall to the bridge, for the purpose of laying the first stone of the repairs... Soon after 12o'clock the ceremony was commended in the coffer-dam, which had been properly fitted up for the purpose, and Mr. Jonathan PRIOR, the chairman of the committee, assisted by mr. Walker, the engineer, proceeded to go through the ncessary details." (The Times, London, 15 Jan 1835)

1844 A Paving Debate - A court of Sewers and Paving for the city of London was held at Guildhall. The debate was over stone vs. wood paving. Mr. Jonathan PRIOR was for wood paving. (The Times London, 16 May 1844)

1850 Bankruptcy - A silversmith, John William PRIOR of 67 Newington-Causeway.

1854 Death - Martin Pryor died on 13 Jan 1854. He lived at 36 Upper Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London. He was 85 years old (The Times, London, 17 Jan 1854)

1857 Coal Business - Edward PRIOR and Alfred PRIOR, bringing coal to London by the Great Northern Railway. Their offices were at 23 Platt Terrace, Kings Cross. (This may be the same Alfred Prior who declared bankruptcy in 1859 - see Nothinghamshire. The Times, London, 3 Dec 1857)

Records from Middlesex, England

1830 Bankruptcy Announcement - Brewer, William PRIOR on Charlotte St., Bedford Square, and Tottenham Court Road.

1831 Advertisement - The estate sale of David Pryor, deceased. Included rare books, candelabras, stained glass, a violin, old china, French clocks, oriental curiosities, marble busts. (The Times, London on 22 Jul 1818. The auction was held at Clifford and Bond St. Was that Pryor's house?)

1841 UK Census, Middlesex
St. Luke, Radnor St. Frances PRYOR 24 brewer's servant b. out of county. Harriet PRYOR 26 b. out of county. George 8 months b. in Middlesex. James Richardson 30 brewer's servant b. out of county. Joseph Burgess? 55 born out of county. Martha 21 b. out of county. Edward Burgess 20 servant b. out of county. Henry 17 app (apprentice?) b. out of county. Harriet 13 b. in Middlesex. Ely Powers (female) 50 b. out of county, Sarah 55 b. out of county. Henry Rogers 45 b. out of county.
St John's Hampstead, Heath House, Hannah PRYOR 60 Ind. born in county, Ellen Pryor 30 born in county, Robert PRYOR 25 barister born in county. Henry --? Pryor 25 merchant born in county. 8 servants.

1851 UK Census, Middlesex
Chelsea, Chelsea South, Royal Hospital for Invalid Soldiers - Jonathan PRYOR widower 70 born St. Que (St. Kew?), Cornwall
London, 109 Gloucester Pl, St. Marylebone, Robert PRYOR head 38 barister b. Hampstead, Middlesex. Elizabeth Caroline wife 31 b. Wrexham, Norfolk. Marlborough Robert PRYOR son 2 b. St. Marylebone, Middlesex. Frederick Robert Pryor son 2 mo b. St. Marylebone, Middlesex. 6 servants -- butler, footman, cook, housemaid and 2 nurses. (the elder Robert Pryor is on the 1841 census in Middlesex)

Records from Nottinghamshire, England

1859 Bankruptcy - "The bankrupt Alfred PRIOR, examined, said his father had carried on the business of shipbroker at Newcastle 12 years, and that of coal merchant 30 years. He died in 1840 (1849?), and they (the bankrupts) succeded him. Their father did a very large business. In 1849 ge (the bankrupt) was about 24 years of age. In 1856 there was a change in the directiors of the Eastern Counties Railway, when the carriage of coal was raised 25 per cent. This had prejudically affected their (bankrupts') trade. The increased charge for carriage countinued till their stoppage. Their brother, Jonathan PRIOR was now an unsecured creditor for 4,000l., and Mr. North of Nottinghamshire, one of the assignees, a creditor for 6,000l., had expressed a favourable opinion of their (bankrupts') conduct. At some of their coal stations they had realised a profit." (The Times, London, 31 Dec 1859)

Records from Oxfordshire, England

1748 - Last Wednesday the Rev. Mr. PRIOR, fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, was presented to the Living of Brampton in Lincolnshire, by the Hon. Sir Philip Harcourt, worth 330l.a year. (The Penny London Post, 8 Jan 1748)

Records from Somerset, England

1841 UK Census, Somerset
Shepton Beauchamp, East Street, Hannah PRYOR 40 glover born in Somerset, Hannah Hillard 16 glover, bornin Somerset, Sarah Hillard 13 glover born in Somerset, William Hillard 30 laborer, born in Somerset.
Road, Black Swan William Allaway 29 Ag Lab, Mary Ann 28, Sarah 7, Rachel 4, William 1, Thomas Stevens 44 carrier, Ruth 54, Selina 24, Anna 15, Louisa 12, Keziah 11, Mary Robbits 52 Ind, Sarah Pryor 94 ind -- all born in Somerset (There are several family groups living on "Black Swan" This appears to be one group living together)
Walcot, Lansdown, Lambridge Place Henry PRIOR 85 ind., Harriet Jenkins 55 ind., Sarah PRIOR 55 lodging house keeper, Ann Willis 30, ?? ?? 35 F.S. None of these persons born in Somerset.

Records from Suffolk, England

1841 UK Census, Suffolk
St. James, Dist. 8, Jane PRYOR milliner 30, Robert PRYOR 80 Ind., Mary 70 Ind. Sarah Avery 15, Y.S., Jane Wakeling 20 Ind. All persons born in Suffolk., except Jane.

1851 UK Census, Suffolk
St. James (parish), Bury St. Edmunds (borough), 88 Butter Market, Jane PRYOR unmarried 44 milliner b. Wetherton, Suffolk. Robert PRYOR father widow 88 formerly bootmaker b. Dullenham, Essex. Jane Crespin assistant unmarried 23 milliner b. Ipswich, Suffolk. Ellen Smith apprentice unmarried 20 milliner b. Alpheton, Suffolk. Mary Winkfield apprentice unmarried 17 milliner b. Occold, Suffolk. Charlotte Hedger apprentice unmarried 18 milliner b. Drinkstead?, Suffolk. Thomas Woolsey servent unmarried 19 house servant b. Woolpit, Suffolk. Edward England lodger unmarrried 28 traveler in the wine trade b. Hendingham, Norfolk.

Records from Surrey, England

1804 Resident at Charlwood, Surrey - "A valuable freehold estate, situate at Charlwood, about 7 miles from Reigate, at a short distance from the high road to Crawley, in the county of Surry; consisting of 3 desirable Farms, containing 334 acres of rich arable, meadow, and pasture land... To be views on application to Mr. PRIOR, one of the Tenants, at Charlwood." (The Times, London, 15 Aug 1804)

1814 Resident at Christ Church, Surrey - "Yesterday George Smith was charged with stealing 12 ducks, the property of MR. PRIOR of Hatfield Street, Christ Church, Surrey. The prisoner was stopped on Sunday morning about three o'clock, in the Strand, by the patrole, with several ducks in his posession. The prosecutor identified the ducks. Committed for trial." (The Times, London, 11 Oct 1814)

1851 UK Census, Surrey
Banstead, Burgh Heath, Susanna PRYOR widow 77, pauper b. Reigate (Surrey). Ed Vernon lodger unmarried postman b. Chipstead.

Records from Sussex, England

1841 UK Census, Sussex
All Saints, Lewes, Dist. 8, East Gate Street John PRYOR Jr. 32 china man b. Sussex, Mary 31 b. Sussex, Sarah 6 b. Sussex, Naomi 5 b. Sussex, John 1 b. Sussex, Eleanor 4 months b. Sussex, Mary Ann Lintott? 15 F. S. b. out of county, George Cooper 19 ap (apprentice?) b. Sussex.
All Saints, Lewes, Dist. 8, East Gate Street John PRYOR Sr. 58 shoe'm b. Sussex, Sarah 56 b. Sussex, Hannah 23 b. Sussex, Nanny 21 b. Sussex, Sarah 15 b. Sussex.
Wadhurst, Dist 3 John PRYOR 43 ag lab b. Sussex, Sarah 39 b. Sussex, Hannah 14 b. Sussex, David 12 b. Sussex, Ann 9 b. Sussex, Sophia 7 b. Sussex, Sarah 4 b. Sussex, John 1 b. Sussex.

1851 UK Census, Sussex
Heathfield, West Street Lane, John PRYOR widow 65 pauper, Ag Lab b. Heathfield, Sussex. ( has interpreted his age as 85)

Records from Yorkshire, England

1851 UK Census, Yorkshire
Handsworth, William Pryor (married) 26 gardner, born Cropston, Liecestershire
Sarah Pryor (wife) 30, born Bakewell, Derbyshire
Mary Pryor (daughter) 5, born Hoyland, Yorkshire
Sarah Jane Pryor (daughter) 3, born Mearbrook, Derbyshire
James Pryor (brother) 16 gardner, born Leicester
James Pennington (visitor) 21, gardner, born Retford, Notinghamshire
Charles Dennis (visitor) 19, gardner, born Alford, Leicestershire.
(This family is on the 1860 US Census in Jo Daviess Co., IL)



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