Jonathan Pryor was probably the son of Spicy Taylor Pryor and William Pryor of Overton Co., TN. He first married Ellen Lee in Sumner Co. in 1847 and had three children. He married Eliza Beasley (widow of Irwin Beasley) in 1859. Jonathan is counted on the 1860 Census in Nashville Penitentiary, two of his children from his first marriage were living with Major Mays and family in Sumner County. Eliza was counted in 1860 also in Sumner County, living with her children form her first marriage and a son by Jonathan Pryor, possibly named Luke. Neither Jonathan nor Eliza were counted on the 1870 Census, so there whereabouts and the whereabouts of their son are not known.

Transcription of the Sumner Co., TN divorce of PRYOR, ELIZA N. vs. PRYOR, JONATHAN

Notes submitted by Shirley Anderson 12/4/2002

Eliza a. Pryor, citizen of Sumner County, Petitioner vs. Jonathan Pryor, convict in State Penitentiary, Defendant.

1861 and 1865 SUMNER COUNTY, TN LAWSUITS #13385

The substance of this lawsuit is that Eliza Pryor had filed for a divorce from Jonathan Pryor 25 Feb. 1861. The court record of this had apparently been lost or she did not proceed with it at that time or something. So Eliza and her attorney were back in court 24 Oct. 1865 to make the statements to the court to have the divorce properly recorded.

"Your petitioner respectfully shows to the court that she was married to Defendant Jonathan Pryor and on the day of 18 some 8 or ten years ago, and lived with Defendant in the relation of Husband and wife until the Defendant was convicted of a felony and imprisoned in the Penitentiary of the State as will be seen from the records of the circuit court of Sumner County. Said Defendant was charged with malicious stabbing as petitioner now remembers which however will be seen from the records above referred to. While said Defendant lived with Petitioner as her husband before said conviction he failed to provide for her as he ought to have done but Petitioner bore with it. Petitioner would state that she has one child the offspring of said marriage. For the above named reason said Defendant being now a convict in the State Penitentiary. Petitioner prays the court that she be divorced from Defendant, thus divorce be from the bounds of matrimony, that she be restored to all the rights of a single woman, that she be restored to her name before marriage with Defendant, Eliza N. Beasly, thus she have the custody and control of her child, that she have such ??? and further relief be granted her as justice may require and she will ever pray--- R. C. Sanders, attorney."

The records indicate that Jonathan Pryor was said to be in the state penitentiary in Nashville as a convict in 1861 and still there in 1865. The attorney states for Eliza Pryor that she was married to Jonathan Pryor some 8 or 10 years ago and lived with him as husband and wife until he was convicted of a felony and put in the penitentiary for malicious stabbing, saying the record of the conviction is in the Sumner County Circuit Court Minutes.

There is a marriage record in Smith County, TN for Pryor, Jonathan to Eliza A. Beasley on 13 Feb. 1859.



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