This is a list of Pryor marriages in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.  The "bones" of this list was first posted on the internet by Pauline Phelps. I have "fleshed" out the list with marriage locations in bold type, additional marriages also in bold type, and any comments about the history of the union added in green type.  Unfortunately where there is no location information or further details, I have none.  Because there were no locations on the original list, some marriages may be grouped in with the wrong state on this list.

Pryor, George M.
Spouse : Lewis, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Apr 28, 1826

Pryor, Robert
Spouse : Shepherd, Polly
Marriage date : Oct 8, 1803 in Bullitt Co., KY

Pryor, Richard
Spouse : Sapp, Polly
Marriage date : Jul 20, 1798 in Campbell Co., KY

Pryor, Harvey W.
Spouse : Robbins, Barbary
Marriage date : Nov 30, 1843

Pryor, James
Spouse : Butler, Caroline
Marriage date : Jan 18, 1846

Pryor, Claborne
Spouse : Faughn, Mahala J.
Marriage date : Nov 8, 1848

Pryor, John
Spouse : Duncan, Sarah
Marriage date : Jun 21, 1810 in Gallatin Co., KY

Pryor, Jefferson
Spouse : Irvin, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Jan 2, 1828 (1840 Census counted in Garrard Co., KY. 1850 Census counted in Clinton Co., MO)

Pryor, Jordon
Spouse : Anderson, Nancy
Marriage date : Nov 16, 1819 (Counted in Jessamine Co., KY in 1840)

Pryor, Nancy
Spouse : Tavener, Young
Marriage date : Dec 29, 1814 in Henry Co., KY. (Kentucky History, 1922. History of Kentucky Vol. 3: "His wife Lucy Morton Greenwood-Belt is his cousin being the granddaughter of Nancy Pryor and Tavener Beale Young, her husband. Nancy Pryor was a sister of Judge James Pryor and aunt of Judge William S. Pryor.)

Pryor, James
Spouse : Samuel, Eliza
Marriage date : Oct 13, 1831

Pryor, John
Spouse : Tanner, Anna in Henry Co., KY
Marriage date : Sep 10, 1802 (1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Pryor, Martha
Spouse: Tanner, Creed
Marriage date: Dec. 27, 1809 in Henry Co., KY

Pryor, Ann Alexandera
Spouse: Tanner, Samuel
Marriage date: Sep 29, 1802 in Henry Co., KY (1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Pryor, Lucy
Spouse: James Duncan
Marriage date: Jun 20, 1805 in Henry Co., KY (1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Pryor, Martha
Spouse Duncan, Willis
Marriage date: Mar 10 1809 in Henry Co., KY (1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Pryor, Joseph F.
Spouse : Sanford, Harriett Jane
Marriage date : Feb 7, 1837 (1860 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Pryor, Samuel
Spouse : Samuel, Nancy
Marriage date : Jun 22, 1824

Pryor, W. S.(William S.)
Spouse : Brinker, Mary C.
Marriage date : Feb 28, 1848 (1850 Census in Henry Co., KY. Wm S. Pryor became the Cheif Justice of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky)

Pryor, William
Spouse : Lockridge, Caroline
Marriage date : Jan 13, 1842

Pryor, Nathaniel
Spouse : Patten, Peggy
Marriage date : May 17, 1798 in Jefferson Co., KY

Pryor, Samuel
Spouse : Curd, Mary
Marriage date : Sep 30, 1785 in Lincoln Co., KY

Pryor, Jonathan
Spouse : White, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Sep 28, 1805

Pryor, William T.
Spouse : Milliken, Nancy
Marriage date : Aug 14, 1843

Pryor, Peyton
Spouse : Martin, Mary
Marriage date : Oct 12, 1791 in Nelson Co., KY

Pryor, Simon
Spouse : Morgan, Susanna
Marriage date : Aug 16, 1783 in Nelson Co., KY

Pryor, Edward
Spouse : Mcclanahan, Eleanor
Marriage date : Sep 17, 1846

Pryor, Henry
Spouse : Tandy, Arcly M.
Marriage date : Jan 12, 1829

Pryor, Thornton
Spouse : Duvall, Martha C.
Marriage date : Sep 22, 1841

Pryor, Richard
Spouse : Barker, Nancy
Marriage date : Feb 11, 1813 in Pendleton Co., KY

Pryor, John
Spouse : Colbert, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Jun 14, 1804 in Shelby Co., KY

Pryor, George W.
Spouse : Connell, Mary C.
Marriage date : Mar 12, 1842



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