Please check the Missouri Census records by clicking on "UP".  Many census records for these Pryor families have been researched and transcribed on the census pages of this website.

Pryor, Elizabeth Wood, John 20 May 1838 Cass County
Bassett, Oliver H. Prior, Marion 14 Nov 1846 Clark County
Powell, Polly Pryor, Walton 17 Jan 1831 Clay County
Prior, Abel Vorass, Sarah 31 May 1836 Clay County
Morton, Richard C. Prior, Sally Ann 15 Nov 1849 Clay County
Baldwin, Catharine Prior, Charles 31 Jul 1834 Clinton County
Pryor, Martha J. Riley, Miranda C. 27 Dec 1848 Clinton County
McDaniel, Genith Pryor, Stephen 08 May 1836 Cole County
Pryor, Bennett D. Ray, Mary Ann 22 Apr 1847 Daviess County
James, William Prior, Louza B. 20 Sep 1846 Franklin County
Baley, James Prior, Martha Maria 10 Feb 1848 Franklin County
Alderman, Charles Pryor, Mary Jane 17 Mar 1849 Franklin County
Edmondson, Patsy Pryor, John 23 Mar 1823 Gasconade County
Capharte, Thomas Pryor, Agness 19 Jul 1827 Gasconade County
Pryor, Mary Tackett, George 14 Aug 1828 Gasconade County
Huffman, John Pryor, Agness 23 Jun 1831 Gasconade County
Hughs, Polly Pryor, John 14 Feb 1833 Gasconade County
Massie, Cinthiann Pryor, Daniel 05 May 1833 Gasconade County
Pryor, Sarah Simpson, Samuel 06 Jul 1834 Gasconade County
Pryor, John Stringer, Ann 30 Apr 1835 Gasconade County
Pryor, Elizabeth Simpson, Daniel 29 May 1836 Gasconade County
Griffey, Mary Ann Pryor, John Jr. 03 Oct 1837 Gasconade County
Gooch, Phil Pryor, Rosannah 06 Jan 1839 Gasconade County
Crawford, Tabitha Pryor, Daniel 28 Feb 1841 Gasconade County
Pryor, James H. Simpson, Rachel Jane 27 Dec 1846 Gasconade County
Prior, Benjamin Smith, Hannah 31 Oct 1850 Laclede County
Buck, Elizabeth Pryor, David 08 Aug 1850 Lawrence County
Byant, Martha Jane Pryor, William R. 15 May 1845 Osage County
Babcock, Mrs. Thankful Prior, Samuel 08 Oct 1844 Ray County
Kitting, Florantine L. Prior, John William 24 Dec 1844 Warren County
Pryor, Pleasant Swinford, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1845 Warren County
Prier, Linsey W. Renfro, Jane 16 Apr 1826 Washington County
Glossup, Jane Pryer, Samuel 15 Sep 1846 Washington County



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