Tennessee Pryor Marriages - Part 1

The following are Pryor marriages from Tennessee. They are in order by county and if lineage is known comments have been added next to the marriage in green font. Many thanks to Eugene Byers for contributing the Jackson County marriages. Please let me know if you have marriage dates you would like to contribute. Can you help identify the couples where we are missing their lineage?


PRYOR, Laura L. to Burnard, John, 14 May 1808
(John & Laura L. Bernard are on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Tipton Co., TN)

PRYOR, Susannah to Sutton, Jasper, 6 May 1808
(Jasper R. Sutton is a head of household on the 1830 Census of Maury Co., TN and is living with a Humphreys family in Hickman Co., KY on the 1850 Census)

PRYOR, John C.to Bullard, Anne E., 7 March 1818
(John C. Pryor and wife were recorded in Franklin Co., TN in 1820. He may be the John C. Pryor who later lived in DeSoto Co., MS)


PRYOR, Lydia to Minor Bibb, 24 Jun. 1840
(Lydia and Minor Bibb were on the 1850 Census in Dickson Co., TN)

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Pryor, William J. to Estill, Jennie, 11 Sept 1867
(This couple is on the 1880 Census, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX. William J. Pryor was the son of Thomas M. Pryor - born in Ireland. In 1860 he and his brother James were living in Nashville, working as clerks)


Prior, Louisa Jane to Wisdom, Leander, 25 Nov 1856
(This couple is on the 1860 Census, Northern Div., Giles Co., TN. In 1870 & 1880 Jane was counted in Pope Co., AR)

PRYOR, C. M. to Petty, David S., 1860
(This couple is on the 1860 Census in Giles Co., TN. Henry N. Pryor and wife Susan Taylor>Grissy Meadris Pryor)

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Pryor, Martha E. to Alexander, James H, Sept. 1837


Pryor, Amos to Hensley, Louisa B, on 18 Nov 1893
(Caleb? Pryor & Nancy>John Pryor & Mahala>Amos C.)

Pryor, Andrew to Emerton, Brocket, 28 Dec 1897
(James of Overton>Wm>Pleasant Andrew Pryor - 2nd marriage.)

Pryor, Bill to Hardcastle, Adaline,02 Aug 1910
(Pleasant Andrew Pryor>William Barlo Pryor)

Pryor, Charley to Warren, Sena, 14 Dec 1884

(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Charlie Pryor)

Pryor, Charley to Hensley, Vina, 17 Feb 1905
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Charlie Pryor)

Pryor (Pyron?), Cisero to McCoin, Josie, 20 May 1907
(Cicero divorced Mary, date unknown. - Jackson Co. Court Records. Cicero Pyron, not Pryor, was counted on the 1860 Census in Macon Co., TN, aged 6)

Pryor, Davy to German, Lena Belle,19 Mar 1916
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Sidney Stanton Pryor>David Pryor)

Prier, Dent to Gentry, Eva, 24 Dec 1886
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Denton Pryor)

Prior, Dent to McCoin, Maggie L, 02 Sep 1902
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Denton Pryor)

Pryor, Dentto to Taze, Martha, 03 Mar 1908
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Denton Pryor & Martha Gennett Tayes)

Pryor, Elizabeth to Hailey, Jessee, 14 Jul 1881
(A widow, Elizabeth A. Haley aged 54 in 1920 Census Dist. 4 of Jackson Co)

Pryor, Emma to Garrison, Cowon, 14 Jul 1907
(Cowan Garrison & Emma aged 19 are on the 1910 Census in Jackson Co., TN)

Pryor, Etta to Denson,Wm D., 31 Oct 1909

Pryor, Felix to Denson, Mary, 07 Oct 1911
(Robert F. Pryor who appears on the Jackson Co. Census records)

Pryor, Geo. to Wade, Delia, 06 May 1916

Prior, Jane to Scott, E H, 24 Feb 1876

Pryor, L.T. (bride) to Denson, W B, 18 Jun 1910

Pryor, Mary to Baker, S S, 19 Sep 1905

Pryor, Maryto Scarlett, James, 19 Nov 1894
(James Scarlett and Mary aged 22 are on the 1900 Census in Putnam Co., TN)

Pryor,Mary to Lynn, J P, 27 Sep 1908
(Joseph P. Lynn, a widow is on the 1930 Census in Jackson Co., TN. He was 45 and married at age 23 which puts the marriage year as 1908. He was living with his mother Sarah E. Lynn aged 70. Lynn is on page 4B with Silas Gentry and wife Mattie Pryor. Valentine Pryor (son of Andrew Pleasant Pryor) is on page 5A)

Prior, Mattie to Gentry, Silas; 6 Oct 1907
(James & Nancy Pryor>Wm>Pleasant Andrew>Mattie Pryor)

Pryor, Minnieto to Hancock,George; not solemnized

Pryor, Nannie to Sidwell, Ben; 7 Sep 1895
(Benjamin Sidwell age 10 on the 1880 Census in Dist. 9 of Jackson Co. He was living with his grandfather William A. Roberts. On the same page is William Loftis and wife Polly Pryor. I found Nannie Sidwell aged 60 TN TN TN widow on the 1930 Census living in White Co., Tn. Children Campbell 21, Maudie 18, Benton 16)

Pryor, Roscoe to Biggs, Candady; 20 Sep 1907
("Co" Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Jackson Co., TN - Dist. 9. "Coe" Pryor is on the 1930 Census in Dist. 11 of Jackson Co. It looks like he had a younger wife in 1930)

Pryor, Ruth to Speakman, Alice; 14 Apr 1898

Pryor, Sam to Scott, Annie B; 25 Mar 1916

Pryor, S.S. (groom) to Scott, Abbie; 03 Jan 1878
(Wm & Alsey Pryor>Wesley Pryor>Sidney Stanton Pryor. This couple divorced in 1880 in Jackson Co.)

Prior, Sarah to Harp,George; 23 Mar 1881

Pryor, Sarah to Sutters, Jn Lafayette; 26 Dec 1880

Pryor, Sarah to Elis, J W on 2 May 1890

Pryor, Sarah Bell to McBroom, RF on 13 Dec 1888
(They're on the 1910 Census in Putnam Co. with her mother Elizabeth Pryor who is the Elizabeth Pryor TN TN GA on the 1880 Census in Dist. 1 of Jackson Co,TN)

Pryor, Sid to Skimerhorn, A E 12 May 1894
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Sidney Stanton Pryor)

Pryor, Sidney to Chapman, Ella 20 Jul 1901
(Wm & Alsey Pryor >Wesley Pryor>Sidney Stanton Pryor)

Prior, Thomas to Burris, Nannie 11 Apr 1887
(James & Polly Pryor 1880 census Jackson Co. & 1900 Putnam Co.>Wm. Thomas Pryor)

Pryor, V.T. to Lynn, Velar 10 Jul 1910
(James of Overton>Wm>Pleasant Andrew Pryor>Valentine Pryor)

Pryor, W.T. to Rush, Lucy 17 Sep 1895
(James & Polly Pryor on the 1880 Jackson Co. Census > William Thomas Pryor)

Pryor, Wm to Loftis, N J 12 Sep 1896
(Caleb & Nancy Pryor>John & Mahala Pryor>William Y. Pryor)

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PRIOR, Nathan C. to Lucinda Boshears, 23 Aug. 1842

PRYOR, Jonathan T. to Easter Boshears, 19 Dec. 1839

Pryor, Elizabeth H. to Isaac Rainey
(Isaac & Elizabeth Rainey are on the 1850 Census in Henry Co., TN)

PRYOR, D.B.B. to Hilliard Hammon

PRYOR, Frances to Berry Brashears, 13 Aug .1836
(Berry and Frances Brashears are on the 1850 census in Lawrence Co.)

PRYOR, Martha to Dennis Belew, 18 Jun 1853
(Dennis & Martha Belew are on the 1860 Census in Lawrence Co. Dicy Tripp Pryor Manuel was living with them)

PRIOR, Dicy to Payton Manuel, 21 May 1843
(Dicy was Dicy Tripp, widow of Thompson Pryor)


PRYOR, Ann R. to Thomas M. Horton 21 Mar. 1867


Pryor, Ester to Miliken, John C. on 16 May 1860
(1870 & 1880 Census, District 11, Maury Co., TN. Easter Brashears Pryor, widow of Jonathan Pryor. John C. Milliken was living with the Pryor family on the 1850 Census.)

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Pryor, Chesley to Young, Susan A. on 7 Aug 1851, by John Garrett, J.P.
(William & Spicy Pryor>ChesleyPryor)
Pryor, Edward to Knight, Eliza on 1845 by J. C. Parris (per pension appl.)
(William & Spicy Pryor>Edward Pryor)

Pryor, Jno. to Crawford, Sarah on 6 Aug 1880
Pryor, Nancy C. to Story, William on 15 Feb 1891
(William & Spicy Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Nancy Clementine Pryor)
Pryor, Shadrack C. to Walker, Sarah on 6 Jul 1872
(William & Spicy Pryor>Edward Pryor>Shadrack/Shade Pryor)


Austin L. Greene md. Emily R. Pryor on Jan. 13, 1850
(This family is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Roane Co., TN)

Adam Craig md. Betsey Pryor on 21 Apr 1809, James Robinson surety


Pryor, John to Rebecca Cook on 8-26-1823
(John Pryor died in Christian Co., KY in about 1850)

Pryor, Amanda to Bette, William on 28 Feb 1827
(Overton W. Crockett surety for marriage.)

Pryor, Sophia S. Keyser, Ezra 3-6-1838
(Ancestry.com. Family Trees has Sophia Weston Pryor as a daughter of John Hughes Pryor of Goochland Co., VA In 1850 they were recorded as follows: Fulton Co., KY. page 130, #284 Ezra Keyser, 33 PA, Sophia Keyser, 32, VA, Sally Keyser, 3, TN, Reuben McClure 20, laborer, TN. 1870 Census, Gonzales, Co., TX., page 415B, Ancestry image 32 Ezra Keyser, 53, PA, hotel keeper Sophia W. Keyser, 52, VA Mary R. Keyser, 11, TX Susan Ayres, 78, TX, keeping house Sallie Kit Blythe, 24, TN Keyser R. Blythe 1 TX Daniel Brock (black) 28, TX, servant Ann Brock (black) 28, TX, cook). 1880 Census, Gonzales Co., TX, page 372C Ezra Keyser, 63 PA, PA, PA, hotel keeper, Sophia W. Keyser, wife, 62, VA, VA, VA, Sallie K. Blythe, dau, 33 TN, Keyser R. Blythe, grandson, 11 TX, KY, TN, Mary V. Blythe, granddau., 9, TX, Mary R. Keyser, dau., 19, TX, Paul R. Jerange, other, 30, France, hotel cook.)

Pryor, James L to Winston, Mary E. 12-22-1851

Pryor, Henrietta to Goodman Davis on Sep. 14, 1934, Thomas Smith surety.
(They are on the 1860 Census in Bedford Co., TN)

Pryor, William to Byers, Mary A. 6-18-1856

Pryor, Martha to Potter, Benjamin H. Nov-2-1835, W. G. Crockett surety.


Pryor, Jonathan to Beasley, Eliza on 13 Feb. 1859
(William and Spicy Pryor of Overton Co.>Jonathan Pryor)

Pryor, Dorinda A. to Duncan, George W. on 31 Aug 1860
(William Pressley Puryear and Mary Ann Pierce > Dorinda Puryear. Dorinda Puryear is on the 1860 Census of Sumner Co. This couple is on the 1880 Census, Franklin, Simpson Co., KY. Dorinda, wife, 44, TN, TN, TN)

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Pryor, Alfred to Stark, Sarah on 27 Sept 1847
(Alfred died in 1850 and was on the Sumner Co. Mortality Schedule)

Pryor, Allen L. to Talley, Elizabeth A. on 15 Dec. 1845
(John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor)

Pryor, Allen L. to McWhirter, Margaret on 25 Dec. 1871
(John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor)

Pryor, Eliza/Louisa to McCulley/McCullough David on 12 Jun 1850
(John & Massy Pryor>Eliza/Louisa Pryor)

Pryor, Elizabeth to Elliott, William S. on 16 May 1872
(John & Massy Pryor>William Pryor>M.E/Elizabeth Pryor)

Pryor, George to Odell, Mary on 25 Sept 1847
(John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor. Mary brought 2 sons to the marriage and was probably married before)

Pryor, George W. to Chennyworth, Lucy on 23 May 1859
(John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor)

Pryor, George W. to Lilah Satterfield on 24 Dec. 1910
(John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor>James W. Pryor>George W. Pryor)

Pryor, James W. to Branham, Mary Susan on 31 May 1880
(John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor>James W. Pryor)

Pryor, Jenny to Fairly, George on 14 Feb 1794
(William Pryor was surety for the marriage of Mary Pryor to John Hannah on 20 Jan 1791. Later he was surety for Jenny Pryor to George Fairly on 14 Feb1794. In Nov 1794 he obtained a land grant from the State of TN. In 1796 he signed a bond for Richard Pryor. In the first deed book of Sumner Co. (page 185), William Pryor bought land from William Fort and Howell Tatum ( land bordered John Pryor and John Hannah. John Pryor in Jan. 1791 was bonded in a Sumner Co. court case involving John Cotton and Howell Tatum).

Pryor, Jonathan to Lee, Ellen on 27 Jun 1847
(William and Spicy Pryor of Overton Co.>Jonathan Pryor)

Pryor, Jonathan to Phelps, Jane on 20 Mar 1858
(Probably the son of John and Massy Pryor who was living with Massy on the 1850 Census and has not yet been found afterwards)

Pryor, Lycurgus L. Essex, Pattie 22 Jul 1874
(John & Massy Pryor>Allen L. Pryor>Lycurgus Lafayette Pryor)

Pryor, Margaret Hunter, John Calvin 17 Jun 1853
(Margaret was the ex-wife of William Pryor - see below)

Pryor, Mary Hannah, John 20 Jan 1791

Pryor, Mary Johnson, Jesse C. 10 Mar 1849
(Mary "Polly" and Jesse are on the 1850-1870 Census in Wilson Co., TN)

Pryor, Monroe Stanson, Mary 04 Jul 1871
(John & Massy Pryor>George W. Pryor>Monroe Pryor)

Pryor, Nancy Swan, John 28 Nov 1825
(Lawson Barlow was the Bondsman)

Prier, Nancy Walton, Douglas 21 Feb 1832
(Nancy was a daughter of Elijah Puryear)

Pryor, Nicholas B. Thomas, Sally M. 16 Sept 1813
(David Pryor of Buckingham Co., VA>Nicholas Ballow Pryor)

Pryor, Samuel D. Cardwell, Susan F. 14 Dec 1865
(John & Massy Pryor>Samuel D. Pryor)

Pryor, Thomas J. Talley, Permelia A. 27 Dec 1870
(John & Massy Pryor>William Pryor>Thomas Jefferson Pryor)

Prior, William Curry, Margaret 23 May 1843
(John & Massy Pryor>William Pryor. William and Margaret divorced in 1848)

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Clementine PRYOR to John Colman on 28 Dec. 1850
(the Pryors in Stewart Co., TN appear connected to the Pryor in Trigg Co., KY. There is a Henry Coleman living in a Pryor household in Trigg Co., in 1850)

Jane PRYOR to Josiah J. Dunn on 17 Feb. 1859
(Josiah is on the 1860 Census in Stewart Co. with wife Sarah. Is this the Sarah J (Jane?) Pryor on the 1850 Census in Trigg Co., KY?)

Mary E. PRYOR to I S Kenedy on 22 Aug 1849


William Oscar Pryor to Laura E. Bernard 6 on Jan 1850
(William Pryor and wife Laura are on the 1850 Census in Ellis Co., TX)


Pryor, Mary Ann to Crocker, William B. on 22 Jun 1852
(Mary Ann "Polly" Pryor was living with Wm & Alsey Pryor on 1850 Cen. Jackson Co., TN)

Pryor, Rhoda H. to Crocker, Thomas W. on 18 Jul. 1853
(Rhoda Pryor was living with Wm & Alsey Pryor on 1850 Cen. Jackson Co., TN)

Pryor, Sarah to Squier, David on 13 Nov 1816

Pryor, Virginia W. to Hill, Thomas W. on 3 Mar 1842
(1880 Census, Logan twp., Phillips Co., Kansas. Virginia W., wife, 57, TN, VA, VA)

Pryor, Elizabeth to Robertson, Burges on 13 Dec. 1827
(possibly Burgess and Elizabeth Robinson in Hickman Co., KY)


Pryor, Parthena to McDowan, Sampson on 27 Apr. 1829

Prior, Elizabeth to Graves, Joseph on 22 Feb 1837
(Elizabeth may be a Puryear. Joseph Graves is on the 1840 Wilson Co. Census)

Prier, Sarah to Caruth, Walter on 17 May 1833
(Sarah may be a Puryear. Walter Caruth is on the 1850 Census of Wilson Co. He is 48 born in TN and his wife's name is Nancy aged 40, born in NC. In 1860 they are on the Census in Pct. 9 of Collin Co., TX. By 1880 there were also Pryors from Johnson Co., AR -- Sumner Co., TN-- and White Co., TN & Bates Co., MO living in Collin Co.)

Pryor, Elizabeth to Morgan, Phocian on 22 Dec 1842
(1860 Census Phocian & Elizabeth Morgan were in Ohio Co., KY)

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