TN Pryor Marriages - Part 2

This is a list of Pryor marriages in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.  The "bones" of this list was first posted on the internet by Pauline Phelps. I have "fleshed" out the list with marriage locations in bold type, additional marriages also in bold type, and any comments about the history of the union added in green type.  Unfortunately where there is no location information or further details, I have none.  Because there were no locations on the original list, some marriages may be grouped in with the wrong state on this list.

Pryor, John
Spouse : Trigg, Ann
Marriage date : Jul 7, 1835
Counted 1850 in Saline Co., AR. 1860 & 1870 in Ashley Co., AR.

Pryor, Jonithan T. (var. Jonathan Pryor)
Spouse : Boshears, Easter
Marriage date : Dec 19, 1839
1850 Census counted in Lewis Co., TN

Pryor, John P.
Spouse : Long, Eliza P.
Marriage date : Sep 19, 1845

Pryor, John C.
Spouse : Bullard, Ann E.
Marriage date : Mar 7, 1818 near Nashville, TN.

Pryor, Elizabeth H.
Spouse: Isaac Rainey
Marriage date: Dec. 21, 1824 in Lawrence Co., TN.

Pryor, Henry
Spouse : Pate, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Oct 22, 1829

Pryor, Matthew
Spouse : Williams, Henrietta
Marriage date : Sep 22, 1808 in Roane Co., TN 1850 Census counted in Marion Co., TN

Pryor, John H.
Spouse: Williams, Harriet
Marriage date: Aug. 1, 1817 in Roane Co., TN 1850 Census in Hamilton Co., TN. Harriet was counted in Walker Co., GA in 1860

Pryor, Belfield W.
Spouse : Ethridge, Elizabeth
Marriage date : Dec 21, 1848 in Shelby Co., TN 1850 Census in Shelby Co., TN

Pryor, David C.
Spouse : McKissick, Ema
Marriage date : Nov 2, 1841

Pryor, Allen L.
Spouse : Tally, Elizabeth A.
Marriage date : Dec 17, 1845 in Sumner Co., TN
1850 - 1900 Census in Sumner Co., TN

Pryor, Nicholas B.
Spouse : Thomas, Sally M.
Marriage date : Sep 16, 1813 in Sumner Co., TN
1830 Census in Davidson Co., TN. Sally and heirs were later counted in AR.

Pryor, William
Spouse : Bernard, Laura Elizabeth
Marriage date : Jan 6, 1850 in Tipton Co., TN
(William Oscar Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Ellis Co., TX)

Pryor, Laura L.
Spouse : Burnard, John (var. Bernard)
Marriage date : May 14, 1808 in Davidson Co., TN
(Laura Pryor Bernard is on the 1850 Census in Tipton Co., TN)

Pryor, John L.
Spouse : Smith, Lucinda Marriage date : Oct 19, 1846

Pryor, Tapley B.
Spouse : Peay, Martha M.
Marriage date : Dec 9, 1830



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