Co. H, 1 (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry

Company H. of the 1 Arkansas Infantry (Colquitt's) was a Confederate company. This list was gleaned from the Internet and may contain duplicate entries for individuals under multiple spellings of their name.  Their rank follows their name.  If their age and location is know at the time of the 1860 Census, it is noted in red to the right of the name

Robert L. Allen, private (23, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

Sutton J. Allen, Lt. (21, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

William P. Almond, pvt. (28, Prairie, Arkansas Co.)

Wiley B. Anderson, pvt.

Henry C. Andrews, pvt.

John Beason, pvt.

James J. Beason, sgt.

James Benson, pvt.

William H. Blair, pvt.

Hiram F. Bodry, pvt.

Robert J. Booth, sgt.

Benjamin J. Brown, pvt.

Bridges? J. Brown, pvt.

Daniel E. Brown, pvt.

R. H. Burks, pvt.

Robert A. Burton, surgeon

J. Buson, sgt.

Ephraim A. Carpenter, pvt. (20, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

Reuben E. Carter, pvt.

Reuben B. Carter, pvt.

Bryant Clark, pvt.

John Clauson, pvt.

John H. Coxen, pvt.

John Coxon, pvt.

Robert H. Crockett, capt. (28, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

John C. Crouson, pvt

J. M. Crowsen, pvt.

John Crowsen, pvt.

B. F. Daniels, pvt.

Benjamin F. Daniels, pvt.

B. F. Dannels, pvt.

Alexander Davidson, pvt.

William Dawson, pvt.

N. C. Edwards, sgt.-discharged 2nd Lt.

James Elliott, pvt.

E. F. English, pvt.

W. T. English, corporal (W.H. English,

John T. Ferguson, pvt.

Frank Foster, pvt.

Absalom Fowler, pvt.

Albert N. Fowler, pvt.

Thomas H. Friar, pvt.

Thomas H. Fryer, pvt.

Carmon Gammon, corporal-discharged private.

Mitchell P. Garrett, pvt. -discharged captain

Goodrich, pvt.

Andrew J. Gunnell, 1 sgt.-discharged 1 lt.(27, Crockett, Arkansas Co.)

James M. Gunnell, pvt.(20,  Polk, Arkansas Co.)

Shemon H. Haggard, pvt.

Solomon H. Haggart, pvt.(35, Washington, Carroll Co., AR)

George B. Haigh, pvt.(22, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

Refues (Rufus?) J. Hardy, pvt.

T. D. Harney, pvt.

Asa Harrell, pvt.

Asa D. Harrill, pvt.

John M. Harrington, pvt.

John B. Harrison, pvt.--- discharged corporal

Asa D. Harroll, pvt.

Little D. Harvey, pvt.

John M. Hearington, pvt.

Robert C. Hearn, pvt.

Robert J. Hearn, pvt.

Chapel Heath, pvt.

James C. Heath, pvt.

A.D. Hearington, pvt.

John M. Herington, pvt.

William A. Herman, pvt. (27, Prairie, Arkansas Co.)

William D. Herman, pvt.

Asa Herrald, pvt.

A.D. Herrald, pvt.

J.D. Hicks., pvt.

Alexander H. Hill, pvt.

Louis H. Hillman, pvt.

Lewis Hillman, pvt.

James P. Howard, pvt.

Christopher C. Hudson, pvt.

Aaron C. or E. Jenkins, pvt.

Robert L. Johnson, pvt.

William R. Johnson, pvt.

W. R. Johnston, pvt.

Thomas J. Jones, 2nd Lt.

E.A. Jordan, Pvt.

Benjamin F. Keaton, Pvt.

Thomas W. Keaton,  Pvt.

Osmond B. Kemble, pvt.

O. B. Kimbell, pvt.

Osmond B. Kimble, pvt.

Rufus J. King, pvt.

Rufus W. King, pvt.

F. H. Kinney, pvt.

F. H. kinny, pvt.

Samuel Lacey, pvt.

Thomas Lacey, pvt.

S. H. Lacy, pvt.

Samuel Lacy, pvt.

Thomas Lacy, pvt.

Joel R. Lane, pvt.(18, Crockett, Arkansas Co.)

Joseph R. Lane, pvt.

William J. Lane, pvt.

Napoleon B. Marshall, pvt.

Robert H. Maxwell, pvt.

James T. McCowen, pvt.

George W. McDowell, pvt.

S. McDowell, pvt.

Thomas McGee, pvt.

G. W. McIntire, pvt.

A.J. McKinney, pvt.

John L. McKinney, pvt.

H. M. McMillan, pvt.

Haywood M. McMillen, pvt.

John McQuade, pvt.

John McQuaid, pvt.

John McQuaide , pvt.

William D. McRae, pvt.

William D. McRay, pvt.

John McWade, pvt.

John McWay, pvt.

Thomas W. Michel, pvt.

John H. Miller, pvt.

Thomas G. Miller, pvt.

E. M. Mitchell, pvt.

Edwin M. Mitchell, pvt.

Thomas W. Mitchell, pvt.

Thomas E. Montgomery, pvt.

William B. Montgomery, pvt.

William R. Moore, pvt.

William J. Muse, pvt.

Willis J. Muse, pvt.

Moses B. Myers, pvt.

Levi H. Nafus, pvt.

Levi H. Neal, pvt.

Benjamin S. Norsworthy, pvt.

Wyatt Oates, pvt.

Wyatt Oats, pvt.

N. E. Osborn, pvt.

Jesse Parker, pvt.

Marion Parker, pvt. (24, La Grue, Arkansas Co.)

R. F. Parker, pvt.

A. R. Perry, pvt.

John L. Phillips, pvt.

G. W. Pike, pvt.

James G. Pike, pvt.

John M. Pike, pvt. (17, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

W. H. Pike, corporal

William A. Pike, corporal (19, Polk, Arkansas Co.)

Levi Prewitt, pvt. (30, Prairie, Arkansas Co.)

Elijah M. Price, pvt.

Peter W. Price, pvt.

Elijah M. Prince, pvt.

H. M. Pryer, pvt.

Henry M. Pryor, pvt.

John A. Ramsour, pvt.

John A. Ramsuer, pvt.

J. A. Ransau, pvt.

James A. Ransower, pvt. (18, Prairie, Arkansas Co.)

Daniel Richardson, pvt.

James Rudd, pvt.

Andrew G. Tappan, pvt.

Thomas C. Tatom, pvt.

John P. Taylor, pvt.

Alexander G. Thompson, pvt.

Allen H. Toombs, pvt.

Horace B. Toombs, pvt.

George D. Waites, pvt.

George D. Waits, pvt.

Jester A. Walls, pvt.

Juster A. Walls, pvt.

James Ward, pvt.

Wiley A. Washburn, pvt. (There is only one Wiley Washburn in the Ancestry census index for 1860: 18, Washington Co., IL. I have traced him for another line: he married Annice Williams in 1862. He may have died in the Civil War in that she remarried in 1866)

J. J. White, pvt.

Marcus L. Willis, pvt.

R. H. Wolfolk, pvt.

Robert H. Woolfork, pvt.

James Word, pvt.

J. N. Worthy, pvt.

John Worthy, pvt.(15, Prairie, Arkansas Co.)

William T. Worthy, pvt.

William Yancy, pvt.





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