Civil War Index Of Tennessee Pryor Men

This is a list of Pryor men who were Civil War veterans from Tennessee who applied or their heirs applied for a military pension. Try a Google search of the company and unit number to find troop may find that other kin or your ancestor's neighbors served in the same regiment.

Albert PRYOR, US Calvary, pension application filed in TN.

Amos PRYOR, Jackson Co., TN and Allen Co., KY.
Served in 1st TN Mtd Infantry, Co., F. Oct. 1890 filed for Invalid Pension. Application No. 957442. Filed in KY. Sept. 1911? filed fro Window's Pension1033598. Widow Nancy E. Pryor filed in KY.
(Per his death record, Amos was the son of Caleb Pryor and Nancy "the weaver")

Chesley PRYOR, Overton Co., TN Union Army. Private in 3rd KY Inf., Co., D. (Chesley was living in the household of Spicy Taylor Pryor of Overton County TN in 1850. His relationship is unknown.)

Edgar L. Pryor 15th TN Inf. and Co. H, 3rd TN Inf. Widow Rickie Pryor aka Rickie Thornie. Pension application filed in Utah. (Co. H of 3rd TN Inf. was formed in Knox Co., TN)

Edward Pryor of Overton Co., TN - see his pension transcription

Edwin A. Pryor, Co. B of the 3rd TN Inf. Pension filed in TN. (Co. B of 3rd TN Inf. was formed in Jefferson Co., TN)

Gabriel Pryor, Co. K of the 2nd TN Cald H. Art'y. Pension filed 1888 in KY.

George W. Pryor, Co. B and D of the 9th TN Cav. Widow Mary Pryor, filed for pension in 1900 in MO.

Green Pryor, 13 USC CA. Widow Adaline filed for pension in 1873 in TN.

Pryor, Unk. TN Vol. Widow Mary A. filed for pension in 1891 in TN.

Jackson Pryor, Co. D of 13th KY Inf. Widow Mary filed for pension in TN. (This may be Henry Jackson Pryor, son of Overton Pryor of Overton Co., TN)

James Pryor, Co. B, 3rd TN Cav. Widow Dorcas I. Pryor. Application filed 1/2/1880. Application no. 257.876. Certificate 351.122. (James and Dorcas Isabelle were on the 1860-1870 Census in Knox Co., TN. Dorcas was in Sevier Co., TN by 1880)

James PRIOR/PRYOR, Overton Co., TN. Confederate Pension S6956, Widow Margaret, Confederate Pension W4387. Service 25th Inf., Co. B, C, D, or H. (The TN Board of Pension Examiners was established in 1891. James is not on the 1891 Voter's List)

James D. Pryor, Co. A, 4th Regiment TN Calvary.

James Y.
Pryor, 28th Regiment of the TN Infantry (2nd Mount. Volunteers) (Possible son of Alfred Pryor of Jackson Co., TN)

John N. Pryor. Mother Elizabeth Pryor filed 6/5/1880. Served in Co. B and H TN Calvalry.

John Pryor.
Mother Mary Pryor filed 10/22/1881. Served in Co. I 10th TN Infantry.

John Pryor.
Mother Elizabeth Pryor filed Jan. 3 1895. Filed in TN. Served in Co. K, 1st TN Mtd Inf.

Pryor, Missouri (formerly of Jackson Co., TN). Polly N. Prior gdn. Co. B, 2nd US Vol. Inf.
Invalid claim filed 8/2/1891, widow's claim filed 3/9/1900, minor's claim filed on 4/22/1900.

Shade C. PRYOR, Pickett Co., TN. Union Service 1st TN Inf., Co. D. 1890 Veteran's Schedule Pickett Co., TN (Shadrick C. Pryor, son of Edward Pryor of Overton Co.?)

William A.
Pryor. Widow Celia Pryor filed on 2/14/1888 in TN. Served in Co. A 10th TN Calvalry.

William H. PRYOR, Clay Co., TN (formerly of Overton Co.) Private in 2nd TN Inf., Co. H. Served December 31, 1861 to December 19, 1864 (Husband of Rutha Dial)

William H.
Pryor. Filed by Mary F. Pryor gdn. on 5/26/1884 in TN. Served in Co. K, 2nd TN Inf.

William M. (Middleton) Pryor. Filed by widow Rebecca on 5/21/1908 in TN. Served in Co. I, 57th Ill Inf.

William M.
Pryor. Filed by widow Lucy J. in 1904 in TN. Served in Co. B, 3rd TN __? (Probably the Wm. M. Pryor and wife Lucy J. of Knox. Co., TN. Last counted on the 1900 Census)



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