Edward Pryor of Overton Co., TN

Biographical and transcription of Civil War military records.

Edward Pryor is believed to be a son on William and Spicy Pryor of Overton Co., TN.  He was counted on the 1850 Census in Clinton Co., KY and in 1860-1900 in Overton Co.  Edward's son Shadrick was counted with the family in 1850, but is not seen on subsequent census records. It is suspected that he is the Shade C. Pryor who married Sarah Walker and counted in Pickett Co. in 1900.  Daughters Samantha Pryor Smith and Melissa Pryor Garrett were counted with their husbands and children in Overton Co. 

Mysteries remain as to the identity of other children attributed to Edward Pryor and his wife Eliza.  It is noted on the 1880 Census that both Edward and Eliza were divorced and living in separate households. Eliza was enumerated with three additional children who are not mentioned in Edward's pension application.  Descendants of William Anderson Pryor of Pulaski Co., KY have confirmed that his parents are stated as Edward Pryor and Eliza Knight in his obituary.  It is suspected that Eliza's additional children were born out of wedlock, but carried the Pryor name.  It is likely that Edward was not the father of the two children born during the Civil War, in that his military records clearly state him as hospitalized out of the state of Tennessee during that time.

And yet another mystery surrounding Edward's children remains.  It is also suspected that Chesley Allen Pryor born Nov. 1847 is a son of Edward Pryor.  Chesley's death certificate states his father to be "Edd Pryor."  Chesley Pryor married Jane Catherine Walker of Overton Co. in about 1872 and is first found on the 1880 census in in Wayne Co., KY.  It has been suspected that Chesley Allen is the same person as Shadrick or Shade C. Pryor.  Perhaps the "C" stood for Chesley?  However, no explanation exists as to the whereabouts of either man from 1850 until 1880 and 1890.

Researcher Catherine Gunter obtained a copy of the pension and has provided the following extraction:  Edward's wife was Eliza Knight. They were married in 1845 by J. C. Parris of Overton Co., TN.  They had 3 children: Shadrick  born 1847, Elizabeth born 1852, and Ellen born 1857.  At the time of Edward's pension application (1890) Eliza was listed as deceased. (Per Catherine: I now see why Eliza was living with the William Wilson Gunter family in 1860.  William's wife was Cyntha Knight. Probably Eliza and Cyntha were sisters).

Obtained 10/29/2002 from the NARA

Company Muster-in Roll

Priv., Co. F, 4 Reg't East Tenn. Cav.  Age 39 Years.
Roll dated nashville, Tenn, June 30, 1863.
Muster-in to date June 30, 1863
Joined for duty and enrolled: Feb. 24, 1863 at Liberty, KY for 3 years.

Company Descriptive Book
Edward Prior, Co. F, 4th Reg't Tenn. Cav.
Description: Age 31, height 6 feet, complexion fair, eyes blue, hair dark, born Overton Co., TN, Occupation shoemaker.
Enlistment. Feb. 24, 1863 at Liberty, KY by Lt. J. W. Isbell, term 3 years.

Detachment Muster Roll, April 10. 1863, present.
Company Muster Roll June 30, 1863, present
Company Muster Roll July and August 1863, absent. Remarks: Sick in hospital at Nashville.
Hospital Muster Roll of No.2 USA General Hospital, Nashville, Tenn. July & Aug. 1863, present. Patient.
Hospital Muster Roll of Brown USA General Hospital, Louisville, KY Mar & Apr. 1864, present.
Hospital Muster Roll of  No.4 USA General Hospital, New Albany, Ind. May & June 1864, present.
Hospital Muster Roll of  No.4 USA General Hospital, New Albany, Ind. June 30 to Oct. 31, 1864, present.
Hospital Muster Roll of  USA General Hospital, Qunicy, Ill Nov and Dec. 1864, present. Patient
Hospital Muster Roll of  USA General Hospital, Qunicy, Ill Jan and Feb. 1865, present. Patient.
Co. Muster-out Roll dated Nashville, Tenn., July 12, 1865. Last paid Aug 31, 1864. Remarks: discharged at Quincy, Ill, Feb. 5/65 for disability.

Company Returns
Notes that he was in hospital at all rolls. Also notes that his names appears as "Edward Pryor, Edward Price and Edmond Pryer"

Medical Descriptive List

Ward 3, Bed 147, General Hospital at Quincy, Ill.
Edward Pryor, age 41, rank private, Co. F, Regiment 4, Tenn. Cav.
Admission Date: Dec. 8, 1864.  Discharge from service Mar. 31, 1865.
Disease or injury: Chr. Bronchitis.  Result: unfavorable.
Treatment: Tonics, Expectorants.
Diet: full
Remarks as to condition: Continual cough on subsequent examination. It was found he had bronchitis and has now several severe hemorages since admittance.  Had liver oil and beer and nourishing diet has been the treatment.

Honorable Discharge
I certify, on honor, that Edward Prior, a Private of Captain --- Company F of the 4 Regiment of Cavalry Volunteers, of the State of Tennessee, born in ---, State of ---, aged 40 years; --- feet --- inches high; --- complexion, --- eyes, --- hair, and by occupation a ----, who joined for service and was enrolled (see Note 9) on the 24th of February 1863 at Liberty KY, by J. W. Isbell, for the period of Three years, and mustered into the service of the United States on the 30th day of June 1863, at Nashville, Tenn, by Capt. Paxton 15th inf.; and having served honestly and faithfully with his Company to the present date, is now entitled to a Discharge by reason of Phthisis pulmonalis haemoptysis Description roll affords no information of cause of Disability.  The said Edward Prior was received into this Gen'l Hospital Dec. 8th, 1864 and has pay due him to include the first day of November 1864 and in accordance with Gen'l Orders No. 36 War Dept. A. G O dated April 7th 1862, paragraph 5 has pay due from that time to the present date; he is entitled to pay and subsistence for Traveling to place of enrollment, and whatever other allowances are authorized to volunteer soldiers, drafted men, or militia, so discharged.  He has received from the United States clothing amounting to $12.96 since his entry into this Gen'l Hospital.  He has received from the United States --- dollars advanced bounty. Given in duplicate at U. S. Gen'l Hospital Quincy, Ill the 31st day of March 1865.




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