Leroy S. Pryor Military Records

Transcription of Civil War military records by Melody Pryor.

Best guess, Leroy is the son of John Pryor from Virginia and Hannah from Ohio. Leroy and his parents are on the 1860 Census in Decatur Co., IA.

Leroy Pryor - Military Record Leroy Pryor - Iowa, 3rd Cavalry, Co. L, Pvt.
Enrolled: August 5, 1861 at Garden Grove, Iowa Period of 3 years
Age: 18 years
Mustered In: 12 September 1861 at Keokuk, Iowa

Description: 5 feet 10 inches; grey eyes; light complexion; dark hair Born at: Wyandott County, Ohio

Remarks: Took prisoners to Rolla, MO - May 1862 To Springfield, MO to escort the train - August 1862

Oops, not quite a perfect record:
Charged $12.00 for losing his ordinance, a Remington Navy Revolver Pay for Nov/Dec 1862 - lost one month pay by order of court martial Pay for Jan/Feb 1863 - lost one month pay by order of court martial

Served his three years, then reenlisted as a veteran, age 21, at Little Rock, Arkansas by Maj. Duffield on
1 January 1864. Promoted to Corporal & received a 30-day furlough in Iowa for his reenlistment.
Furnished his own horse

Participated in:
Battle of Talahatchee River - August 18, 1864 Battle of Hurrican Creek, MS - August 19, 1864 Skirmish near Grenada, MS - January 1, 1865 Skirmish near Monterallo, AL - March 31, 1865 Skirmish at Mapleville, AL - April 1, 1865 Battle of Boger's Creek, AL - April 1, 1865 Battle of Selma - April 2, 1865

LEROY S. PRYOR - Military Pension Records

Birth: 3 October 1842 at Wyandotte County, Ohio
Died: 21 September 1915 at Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma
Buried: 23 September 1915 in cemetery at Carrier,  Oklahoma
Married: Sarah Ann McAllister at L. H. Sales, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa on 15 Mar 1866 by Robert Kinnear, County Judge. Age at marriage: Leroy - 23; Sarah - 16
Leroy's Mother: Hannah died about October 1890
Hannah's children and dates of birth:
Robert W. Pryor -  12 Feb 1838
Herrick L. Pryor - 22 Apr 1839
Leroy S. Pryor - 3 Oct 1842
Naoma R. Pryor - 15 Mar 1845
Ethen A. Pryor - 15 Nov 1847
Lelia S. Pryor - 28 Mar 1850
Franklin F. Pryor - 24 Sep 1852
Wayne B. Pryor - 3 Jul 1855

Before the war lived with his parents in Ohio until 1853 then moved to Decatur County, Iowa; stayed there until he went into the army; after coming home from the army, he resided in Decatur County, Iowa until October 1873 when he removed to Howard (now Chatagua) County, Kansas and in March 1874 he removed to Sedgwick County Kansas

Places of Residence after leaving the service:
Decatur County, Iowa 1865 -  to about 1873
Sedgwick, Kansas 1873-1893 (another documents say to  1903)
Garfield County, Oklahoma to present (3 October 1912)

Mustered out on 9 August 1865 at Atlanta, GA.

Disability:Loss of sight in left eye - eye disease in Alabama - treated  at East Fort, Tennessee March 1865


Born: 17 January 1850 at Morgan County, Ohio
Died: 29 June 1941
Married 2nd at age 71 to Henry D. Lacey age 75 on 19 February, 1921 at Enid, Garfield Co., OK.  Henry Lacey died on 13 February 1930
Sarah's Father/Brothers: Possibly William McAllister or Homer F. McAllister they signed an affidavit that they were  a near neighbor to Leroy Pryor and had known him since he was age 12 years.  The affiants moved to Kansas in March 1873 and Leroy followed in October 1873.  A John A. McAllister also was a witness on documents.
Names and dates of birth of all children living or dead:
No deaths
Ana - August 23, 1867
Ada - February 27, 1870
Ray - August 30, 1872
Gertie - November 26, 1875
Lloyd - January 17, 1878
Effie - February 22, 1882
Iva - January 15, 1888

Affidavit by daughter, Ada Fisher, she has been living with her parents since the death of her husband, James A. Fisher (dated 25 Jan 1916)

Affidavit by a surviving brother of Leroy Pryor, Allen Pryor.  Allen was born in Little Sandusky, Ohio on 15 November 1847. (dated 25 Jan 1916)

On 24 Nov 1914, George J. Gensman appointed as the guardian of Leroy S. Pryor who has been adjudged as incompetent. (had a stroke of paralysis summer 1914)



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