The following are RECORD EXTRACTIONS of Pryor families. Counties that contain a TN Pryor are featured in red font.

Records from Barbour County, AL

1850 Census, Barbour Co., AL
Div 23, Needham Lee Sr. 64 farmer SC, Sarah 49 GA, Martha 15, AL, Jane 9 AL, Sarah 8 AL, Columbus 6 AL, Winnifred 4 AL, John J. Terry 25 GA. (Needham Lee was the widower of Lydia Pryor per History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Volume 4 By Thomas McAdory Owen, Marie Bankhead Owen)

1900 Census, Barbour Co., AL
Faulk, page 331b, house 317 Thos PRIOR (bl) 1843 57 AL AL AL, Mary wife (bl) AL GA GA, Artis son 16 AL, Alice dau 13 AL, Thos son 1888 12 AL, Homer son 1892 8 AL, Nora dau 1893 7 AL, Mary dau 1896 4 AL, Flossie dau Nov 1899 5/12 AL. (Tom Pryor died 1933 in Barbour County. Death record index states his wife was Mollie Slater and his parents were Gus Pryor and Lydia Belle Pryor, both born in AL and that he was born 10 Mar 1850. Tom Pryor marreid Mollie Slater 28 Feb 1897 in Dale County. See death record for Rosie Corbitt in Dale County, AL)
Faulk, page 331b, house 318 George Ann PRIOR (bl) (f) 1863 37 AL GA GA, Jennie dau 1879 21 AL, Luranie dau 1877 23 AL, Aaron g-son 1892 8 AL, Joe g-son 1894 6 AL, Leila g-dau 1897 3 AL, Willie g-son 1898 2 AL (George Ann Pryor died 1919 in Barbour County)

Records from Blount County, AL

1820 Marriage - John PRYOR to Dicey White married 19 Jan 1820.

1826 Deed - JOSEPH PRYOR and wife Sarah deed to JOHN PRYOR of Blount County for land in Fayette Co., AL on January 13, 1826. (This is likely Jospeh Pryor who married Sarah Odle. His son John Pryor married Dicy White in Blount Co. See Fayette and Tuscaloosa County Records.)

Records from Butler County, AL

1860 Butler Co., AL
Pct 15, house 2 Francis PRYOR 30 farmer GA?, Caroline 25 GA?, M. Pryor (f) 5 AL, Geo. Pryor 3 AL, Francis Pryor 1 AL. (George Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Escambia Co., FL, Francis "Frank" Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Nashville, TN)
House 3 Geo. Mayes 37 GA, Susan 31 GA, N. A. (f) 14 GA, J. T. (m) 9 GA, W. G. (m) 7 GA, Martha 5 GA, G. W. (m) 1 GA
House 7 J. M. PRYOR 33 GA, S. Pryor (f) 26 GA, J. T. (male) 8 GA, J. R. (f) 7 AL, T. J. (male) 6 AL, W. G. PRYOR 6/12 (m) AL.

1870 Census Butler Co., AL
Greenville PO, Twp 9, page 353b, House 64 Allen PRIOR 76 farmer GA, Sarah 61 GA, Patrick 25 GA, Allen 23 GA, Martha 20 GA. (Allen Pryor b. 1794 is on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., AL and in 1850 in Pike Co., GA)
Greenville, page 403b, house 39 Hammon Dorkmeir 36 grocer born Brunswick... living in household John PRIOR 17 clerk in grocery AL.
Greenville, Twp 8, page 341a, house 194 John Halsi? 47 farmer NC... living in household Robt. PRIOR 6 at school AL.
Greenville, Twp. 8, page 341b, house 199 Pat'k Drake 70 farmer VA, Martha 70 GA, Celisa 15 AL, Frank 12 AL. (head of household Patrick Henry Drake, Celisa Pryor and Frank C. Pryor, children of Francis Pryor and Caroline)

1880 Census Butler Co., AL
Greenville, Beat 2, page 350c, A W PRYOR 86 farmer GA GA GA, Allen W. 33 son GA, Martha E 34 daughter GA, Patrick H. 36 farmer GA GA GA, Sarah J. 25 wife AL AL AL, Henry A 2 son AL (Allen W. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., AL. Is son Patrick H. named for Patrick Henry Drake who Pryor children were living with on the 1870 Census?)
Beat 2, page 18a, William PRYOR 47 farmer GA, Callie 28 wife GA, Winnie 10 dau AL, Mary 8 dau AL, Sarah 1 dau AL (William Pryor and wife Caledonia Ewing, see 1870 Census Crenshaw Co., AL)
Greenville, page 34c, house 351 Frank C. PRYOR 18 clerk in store AL, Wiley Payne (bl) 21 servant drives wagon AL, Jno. B. Upshaw 16 at school AL (son of Francis and Caroline Pryor)
Greenville, page 40d, house 404 Wm R. Martin 28 confectionary GA, Amanda W. wife 27 GA, Geo. W. PRIOR boarder confectioner AL, D. S. Crumm 21 boarder clerk in store AL AL AL, Joseph Cook 18 brother in law works in mill GA, Eula Garrett 24 sister widow GA, Jimmie P. ---- 2 dau AL. (son of Francis and Caroline Pryor)

1881 Marriage - Mary Pryor md George Washington Pryor born 1858 on 12 Nov 1881 (This couple is on the 1900 Census in Escambia Co., FL)

1900 Census Butler Co., AL
Page 260b, house 51/51 Mary E. Knight head Jun 1840 59 widow 5/5 living children AL SC SC, Thomas son May 1870 29 AL GA AL, David H.son Mar 1873 27 AL, John A. son Mayr 1875 25 AL, Matilda Majors mother Mar 1816 84 widow SC, Allen W. PRIOR boarder Spet 1845 54 GA, James Knight grandson May 1889 11 AL

Records from Chambers County, AL

1850 Census, Chambers Co., AL
19th Dist., page 343a, house 1693 Mary PRYEAR 55 VT, Susan A. 13 GA, Charles B. 11 GA

Records from Cherokee County, AL

1819 Alabama Territory Census, Cherokee Co., AL

Records from Clarke County, AL

1816 Alabama Territory Census, Clarke Co., AL
William PRIOR 2513 - 11 - 4 4 - 19 (William Pryor of Stewart Co., TN who was married to Betsy Trammell and later moved to Texas as one of Austin's Old 300)

Records from Covington County, AL

1900 Census, Covington Co., AL
Andalusia Twp., page 177A, house 24/25 William G. PRYOR Feb. 1862 38 TN TN TN, Alice wife May 1875 25 (no children) AL GA AL, E. C. Davis mother in law May 1836 64 widow (1child) AL SC SC. (Probably William Pryor son of Andrew John Pryor of Jefferson Co., TN. William Pryor was on the 1880 Census in Jefferson Co. and also recorded as a carpenter).

Records from Crenshaw County, AL

NOTE: Crenshaw County was formed out of part of Butler Co., AL

1868 Marriage - Caledonia Ewing md William D. PRYOR

1870 Census, Crenshaw Co., AL
Twp 8, page 56a, House 251 Washington Holland 21 farming AL, Mary 21 keeping house GA, James 1/12 AL born in MAY
Twp 8, page 56a, House 252 John Pickett 53 farming and dep. shff (deputy sheriff?) NC, Harriet 29 AL, Stephen 9 AL, Barbary 5 AL, Elizabeth 5 AL, Malvina Coville/Calwell 22 AL, Mary 9 AL, Thomas PRYOR 15 farm hand, Green Cowart 57 57 farm hand GA
Twp 8, page 56a, house 253 John Cleghorn 46 farming AL, Elizabeth 53 GA, Mary 23 AL, Elizabeth Burgan 5 AL, Clementine 9 AL, William 5 AL, Martha 36 AL
Twp. 7, page 20, House 162 Samuel Ewing 44 farming in household William PRYOR 37 physician GA, Caledonia 19 AL (William Pryor, son of Allen W. Pryor who was in Pike Co., AL on the 1860 Census and in Butler Co., AL in 1880

Records from Dale County, AL

1937 Death Dale Co., AL
Rosie Corbitt died 10 Jan 1937, born abt 1880, daughter of Tom PRYOR and Georgie Ann Slaytor

Records from Dekalb County, AL

1860 Census, DeKalb Co., AL
Northern Div., page 51, house 319 Jesse L. Hibbs, 41 TN, Jeremiah 106 VA, Rhoda (PRYOR) 27 TN, Joseph 8 TN. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Johnson Co., AR. Jeremiah Hibbs age 73 is on the 1850 Census in DeKalb Co.)

1870 Census, DeKalb Co., AL
Twp. 4, Range 10, Sulpher Springs PO, page 894b...boarding house Henry PRYOR (bl) 27 works in smith shop TN.

Records from Fayette County, AL

1830 Census, Fayette Co., AL
Page 206 John PRIOR 100001 - 13001 (oldest male 30-40 yrs, born 1790-1800)
Page 209 Johnson Strong (See 1833 Revolutionary War pension notes)

1833 Revolutionary War Pension Application for Johnson Strong, John PRYOR a clergyman, gave an affidavit testifying to Strong's veracity. Johnson Strong b. 1758 in Hanover Co., VA and volunteered in 1776 in that County and served under Charles Dabney. In 1777 he volunteered to work " in the public iron works in Buckingham County, VA."

1850 Census Fayette Co., AL
15th Div, Page 89a, house 463 D Coggin 42 lawyer TN, Mary 36 TN, Martha 11 TN, Mary 9 TN, Manda 7 TN, George 1 AL (Daniel Coggin, his 1855 estate names John and Richard W. Pryor. There are Coggin marriages among the Pryors in Pike Co., GA)
Page 44b, house 610 David J. PRIER 49 NC, Jince J. 29 NC, Frances Bretherton 9 NC, John L. White 21 NC. (Jincy Pryor is named in her father, Nelson Shelton's will signed 1832 in Lincoln Co., NC. David and Jincy are on the 1870 Census in Sanford Co., AL. In 1860 Frances Bretherton was living with Samuel Shelton and family who were also from NC -- there are several Shelton and Bretherton families in Lincoln Co.)

1855 Estate - John PRYOR and a Richard W. PRYOR appear in the estate of Daniel Coggans, as claimants, June 1855, Fayette Co., AL (Rootsweb has posted Daniel Coggin came to AL from TN in about 1845. He was a lawyer and senator.)

1860 Census, Fayette Co., AL
Eastern Division House 143 John PRYOR 64 miller $4000/$5000 TN, Dysey 58 NC, Dysey M. 20 AL, Rebecca 15 AL, Alford Dodds 21 GA. (At this point there appear to be possibly two Pryor families in Fayette Co. This John was born in about 1795 in TN. John Pryor married Dicey White in Blount Co., AL in 1820.0Daughter Dicy Melissa Pryor married John Anderson Welch.)
Western Division House 35 D. J. PRIOR 59 farmer $5200/$1815 NC, Juliann 55 NC, Juliann P. 14 NC, Mincyann 11 NC, John W. 21 GA, Martha R. 22 AL, Mahalia 1/12 AL. (This is probably the David J. Pryor who was on the 1850 Census)

1867 Voter Registration
John PRYOR (wh), age 67

1870 Census, Fayette Co., AL
page 420B House 104 John PRYOR 75 farmer TN, Dicy 68 NC.

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Records from Greene County, AL

1816 Resident in Greene Co. - William PRYOR

1822 Estate Archibald PRIOR, administratix Mary P. Prior. William Allen, administrtor. Estate inventory dated 8 Sept. 1823. Creditors' surnames: Harris, Peck, Leaman, Cavanaugh, Allen, Crawford, Aaron Higginbotham, Harper, Lovell, et al.

1850 Census, Greene Co., AL
"Boarding School" Page 313A Christopher J. D. PRYOR 35 Teacher VA, America B. 26 VA, Christopher J. D. 6/12 AL. (C.J.D Pryor married A. B. Wilkinson in York Co., VA on Sep. 29, 1845. Christopher J. D. Pryor attended William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA. He returned to teach in VA and was in James City, VA in 1860 and in Marengo Co., AL in 1870)

Records from Hale County, AL

1853 Birthh, Hale Co., AL - Mary E. Pryor, daughter of Christopher J D Pryor born in Greensboro. At this time CJD Pryor was the president of the Greensboro Female Academy.

1880 Census Hale Co., AL
Greensboro page 328A Samuel PRYOR 80 VA VA VA, F. V. (female) 42 VA VA VA, W. H. Tisdale (male) 26 VA VA VA livery, John Bell 21 clerk in stable AL AL AL. (Samuel Pryor, son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland. He is on the 1860 Census in Dinwiddie Co., VA. F.V. is daughter Fannie Virginia Pryor)

Records from Henry County, AL

1850 Census Henry Co., AL
Page 452b&c, house 1075 P. B. Skipper, 30 sheriff... counted in household, was this person a prisoner? W. E. PRIOR 50 farmer, male, SC. (Patrick B. Skipper died about 1870, his estate was filed in Henry Co. Orphans Court)

Records from Jackson County, AL

1830 Census Jackson Co., AL
Philip Hamons (Hammon) 1200000001 - 00200001 (oldest male in household is 70-79 years, born 1751-1760. Philip Hammon was a Point Pleasant, now in West Virginia when he and John Pryor dressed as Indians to sneak out and warn the residents of Greenbriar of an impending Indian attack.)

1860 Census Jackson Co., AL
Bridgeport, Page 340&341, house 16/16 Augustus Gunter 45 farmer TN, Elizabeth 47 VA, Montague 16 AL, Caldean? J. male 14 AL, John H. 12 AL, John W. McNutt 27 teaches com. school TN, Benj. (Benjamin) F. PRYOR 22 merchant TN. (Possibly Benjamin Pryor son of Philip Pryor who was on the 1850 Census in McNairy Co., TN)

Records from Jefferson County, AL

1900 Census, Jefferson Co., AL
Birmingham, ward 2, ED#135, sheet 3b, house 1724 Carrie McLemore Feb 1873 29 widow WI WI WI boarding house, Walter son Dec 1893 6 AL AL WI, Jas. Sutton boarder Jan 1873 26 NC NC NC, O. M. PRYOR 1860 FL FL FL (Obed M. Pryor counted twice in 1900. See Escambia Co., FL)

Records from Lawrence County, AL

1860 Census Lawrence Co., AL
Courtland PO, Northern Div., page 1019, house 203 Lucy Armstrong 29 farming TN, Andrew 6 AL, James 4 AL, Joe Cottinghome 30 overseer AL, David PRYOR 10 LA, Isaac PRYOR 8 FL (David C. and "Ike" Pryor sons of David C Pryor and Emily McKissack. They were in DeSoto Co., MS in 1850. Isaac Pryor was in Travis Co., TX in 1870 and 1880, later in Bexar County. Also in the household was 20 y.o. Lucy McKissack who may be the same person recorded as Lucy Armstrong in 1860. A biographical sketch of the Pryor brothers report they were sent to live with an aunt after their mother's death, so Lucy is probably their aunt.)

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Records from Limestone County, AL

1830 Census Limestone Co., AL
Page 169, James PRIOR 00011 - 1121001 (oldest male 20-29, oldest female is 40-49)
Page 237, Luke PRYOR 01000001 - 20220100001

1840 Census Limestone Co., AL
Page 24 Luke PRIOR 0001000001-00111001
(aged 70 to 79 years, born 1761-1770)
Page 143 Wm (William) D. Allison 010001 - 21001 (husband of Martha Pryor)
Isabella Allison no males - 00010001
F. R. Shelton 000001 - 02001 (husband of Ann Batte Pryor)

1850 Census Limestone Co., AL
House 401 Luke PRYOR 30 Lawyer b. AL, Isabella V. 24 AL, Anna 4, William R. 2, Luke 80 VA, Anna B. 40 VA, Mary J. 33 VA, Harriet B. 31 VA.(Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Hon. Luke Pryor)
Page 79a, house 378 Frederick Shelton 45 merchant VA, Ann (PRYOR) 37 VA, Mary A. 17 AL, Virginia 16 AL, William B. 10 AL, Haywood J. 3 AL, Frederick 9/12 AL. (Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Ann Pryor Shelton)

1860 Census Limestone Co., AL
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 453b, house 384/384 Fredrick Shelton 49 merchant VA (widow of Ann Pryor Shelton)
House 386/386 Henry W. Kimbell 45 farmer NC, Mary D. (PRYOR) 43 VA, William E. 12 AL, John H. 9 AL, Huldah G. 6 AL, Ann E. 4 AL, Allen Sanders 28 overseer AL, John Boyce 27 day laborer AL (Luke Pryor & Ann Batte Lane>Mary Pryor. Mary Pryor md. Henry W. Kimbell 9 Nov 1859 in Limestone Co.)
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 472b, house 534/534 Thomas S. Malone 47 Physician VA, Harriet B. (PRYOR) 40 VA, Susan S. 20 AL, Ellen T. 18 AL, Nicholas D. 15 AL, Lizzie W. 13 AL, Mary R. 11 AL, Laura B. 5, Emily P. 2 AL, William McHiney 15 MS, Samuel D. Ogburn 28 M. E. Clergyman TN, Susan 22 TN. (Harriet Bolling Pryor was living with her parents in her brother's household on the 1850 Census)
Div. 1, Athens, Shoal Ford PO, page 477b, house
Luke PRYOR 40 lawyer AL, Isabella V. 35 AL, Aurora 13 AL, William R. 11 AL,, Memory 10 AL, Ann B. 8 AL, Fanny S. 5 AL, Mary 1 AL, Ann B. 70 VA, Haywood Shelton 13 AL, Fredrick Shelton 12 AL.

1870 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, page 78a, house 21/21 Luke PRYOR 50 lawyer AL, Isabella 44 AL, Aurora 22 AL, Memory 19 AL, Ann 17 AL, Fanny 14 AL, Mary 10 AL, Harriett 4 AL, Nathan Harlan (bl) 35 teamster TN, Richard PRYOR (bl) 70 gardener VA, Sally Malone (bl) 35 domestic servant AL, Jane Roberts (bl) 40 laundress AL, James Malone (bl) 14 day laborer AL.
Athens, page 86a, house 2/2
T. S. Malone 58 Physician VA, Harriet B. (PRYOR) 52 VA, Mary 21 AL, Laura B. 15 AL.
Athens, page 100b, house 148/145 H. W. Kimble 55 farmer NC, Mary D. (PRYOR) 54 VA, William E. 21 AL, John H. 18 AL, Huldah 14 AL, Ann E. 13 AL
Twp. 2, Range 4, page 52b, house 33/26 Alex Maclin (mu) 64 KY, Rebecca (mu) 55 TN, Emma PRYOR (bl) 19 AL, James PRYOR (bl) 22 VA, Rebecca (bl) 9/12 AL
Twp. 2, Range 4, page 52b, house 36/29 Marco PRYOR (bl) 45 farmer AL, Mariah (bl) 43 VA, Paralee (bl) 15 AL, Lucinda (bl) 9 AL. (Mariah Pryor is in the household of Arch Pryor on the 1880 Census in Limestone County).
Twp. 4, Range 4, page 103b, house 130/130 Peter Woodroof 50 (bl) farmer MS, Arch PRYOR 50 (bl) TN, Narcissa 40 (bl) MS, Amanda 18 (bl) MS, Winny 17 (bl) MS, Jessie 14 (bl) AL, Henry 12 (bl) AL, Darcus 11 (bl) AL, Susan 9 (bl) AL, Sophronia 7 (bl) AL, Infant-female 12/12 (bl) AL born Dec. 1869.

1880 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, Beat 1, page 430a & b, house 92/113 Luke PRYOR 59 US Senator AL VA VA, Isabella 54 wife AL VA VA, Memory Peebles 29 daughter AL AL AL, Com S. Peebles 7 gr son AL AL AL, F. Snow Pryor 24 daughter AL AL AL, Mary D. Pryor 21 daughter AL AL AL, Hattie Pryor 13 daughter AL AL AL, Mary D. Kimble (PRYOR) 63 sister VA VA VA, Susan Frazier 18 servant house maid AL AL AL, Matilda Mason 60 cook AL Unk Unk, Robert Wood 36 coachman, MS Unk Unk
Beat 11, page 514a, house 198 Alex PRYOR (bl) 60 NC VA NC, Narcissa (bl) 38 wife MS VA VA, Amanada (bl) 27 daughter AL, Froney (bl) 15 daughter AL, Louveny (bl) 11 daughter AL, Rose (bl) 8 daughter AL, Angeline (bl) 5 daughter AL, William (bl) 1 son AL, Gabe Irvin (bl) 30 AL AL AL, Mariah PRYOR (bl) 75 VA VA VA..
Page 514b, house 199 Henry PRYOR (bl) 26 AL NC MS, Lucy (bl) 21 AL AL AL, Carrie (bl) 3 AL, Anderson (bl) 1 AL.

1900 Census Limestone Co., AL
Athens, Beat 1, sheet 8b, house 92/113 Col. Luke PRYOR July 1820 70 widow 8 children/5 living AL VA AL farmer, Francis S. daughter Jun. 1856 44 AL AL AL.

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Records from Macon County, AL

1860 Census, Macon Co., AL
Page 745, house 526 Wesley G Cox 35 overseer GA, Mrs. Ellen H 30 (Elizabeth A PRYER?), Fanny 13 AL, Mary 11 AL, Charles 8 AL, Mattie 5 AL, Sidney 2 AL (Wesley and Elizabeth married in Harris Co., GA and are on the 1870 Census in Pike Co., AL.)

Records from Madison County, AL

1830 Census, Madison Co., AL
Page 129, Richard PRYOR 001001 - 000001 (oldest male 30-39 yrs. Born 1791-1800)

1836 Death - Beverly Pryor murdered in a dispute at a racetrack. (account published in the Mississppi Free Press)

1837 William Weeden sold land to Richard Pryor (see Huntsville History Collection)

1840 Census, Madison Co., AL
Richard PRYOR 0000101-10001001 (on the same page is the name Banister Winn... I recognized this name from research in Mecklenburg Co., VA. There is a marriage record from that county for a Richard Pryor to Virginia Boyd in 1821).

1850 Census, Madison Co., AL
34th Dist., page 434, house 37 Dolly PRYOR 52 VA, Dolly B. 15 MS. (House 38 Susan Pollard 50 VA, House 39 Sally Bibb 52 VA pauper and Lavina Bibb 54 VA pauper.)
Dist. 36, Town of Huntsville, page 476, house 641 Martha PRYOR 35 VA, Margaret F. 10 AL, Thomas H. 6 AL
Dist 36, Town of Huntsville, page 469b, house 548, Joseph Carothers, gin maker, 52 NC.... counted in household James C PRYOR 45 manufacturer of shining machines England (estate records indicate James C. Pryor was the husband of Martha Pryor, father of Margaretta F. Pryor and Thomas H. Pryor)

1853 Letter of Administration: Estate of John PRYOR, filed by Jarvis J. Milam of Marshall, MS and Thomas M. Monday? and David H. Evans of Madison Co. Milam was the administrator of the estate of John PRYOR in DeSoto Co. on about 19 June 1843

1860 Census Madison Co., AL
City of Huntsville, page 191B, house Martha PRYOR 45 mantua? maker, VA, Margaret 14 AL, Thomas 10 AL.

1870 Estate Documents - Filed Jan 4, 1870, Estate of James C. PRYOR, administrator James Johnston. Heir Thomas H. PRYOR. Guardian, J. A. Hobbs. Widow Martha PRYOR and 2 children. Margaretta F. PRYOR of full age, wife of George Kennard-- also referred to as Maggie Pryor on receipts. Contains receipts and statement that indicate James was deceased about 1859-- a reciept dated 29 Apr 1859 for a rosewood burial case.

1870 Census, Madison Co., AL
Twp. 3, Range No. 1 West, Huntsville PO, page 318, house 183 Martha PRYOR 53 keeping house VA, Thomas 30 printer AL,
House 184 George Kenard 27 printer AL, Margaretta (PRYOR) 24 keeping house 24 AL, Harry 6 AL, Thomas 3 AL, Mattie 9/12 born Sept. 1869 AL. (In 1892 Maggie F., "widow of George W. Kennard" is on the Memphis, TN Directory. George died 3/27/1888 and was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery)
Twp. 2, Range No. 1 West, Huntsville PO, page 233a, house 5/5 John PRIOR (bl) 52 farmer AL, Mira (bl) 59 TN.

1880 Census Madison Co., AL
Huntsville page 392C George W. Kennard 36 policeman AL AL AL, Margaretta 33 wife AL Eng VA, Thomas 13 son AL, Mattie 10 dau AL, Martha PRYOR 65 mother in law VA VA VA.
Huntsville, Beat 4, page 324a, house 45 Arthur PRYOR (bl) 27 farming AL AL AL, Martha (bl) wife 22 AL AL AL, Clarissa dau 7/12 October AL.
201st Ennumeration Dist, page 66b, house 159 Lizzie PRIOR (bl) 25 works on farm AL AL AL, Florence (bl) dau 3 AL, Gussy (bl) dau 2 AL, Lou (bl) dau 1/12 May AL.

Records from Marengo County, AL

1870 Census Margengo Co., AL
page 281A, Dayton PO, C. J. D. PRYOR 70 Teacher VA, A. B. 47 VA, Mary E. 17 AL, Sarah P 15 AL, William A. 13 AL, E. S. (male) 8 AL (Christopher J. D. Pryor was in Green Co., AL in 1850 and in James City, VA in 1860.)

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Records from Mobile County, AL

1830 Census, Mobile Co., AL
Page 383 Asa PRIOR 0000101-010001 (Asa Prior was from Barnstable, MA. See his 1835 Will below.)

1832 Death - Death notice in the Huntsville, Democrat for Asa Pryor, published 22 Mar 1832 (This notice should be checked by interested researchers because an Asa Pryor signed his will in 1835-- see below. The 1832 date is from the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library obituary index. The original obit can be ordered from them for verification.)

1835 Will, Mobile Co., AL - Asa Pryor, will signed 2 Dec 1835. Names widow Sarah H. Prior and his sister Rhoda Bodfish in Barnstable, MA (Rhody Bodfish born abt. 1790 is on the 1850 census in Barnstable, MA. Town records state she named a son Asa Prior Bodfish b. 1817, perhaps after her brother? Rhoda's place of birth was recorded as MA)

1850 Census Mobile Co., AL
City of Mobile, page 386b, W. E. Rutherford 24 merchant born Scotland, C. J. D. PRIOR 25 clerk born VA. (Christopher J D Pryor was the son of Samuel Wyatt Pryor. He was orphaned in Charles City, VA in 1838. His guardian was Christopher J D Pryor b. 1800 and living in Greene Co., AL in 1850)

1860 Census Mobile Co., AL
Christ. J. D. PRYOR 32 Clerk VA, Alice V. 24 VA, Walker 5 AL, Minne A., 1 AL.

1870 Census, Mobile, AL
17th Ward, page 228b, house 148/170 C L. Plum female 58 NJ, Henry L. Plum 26 boat --? NY, Sarah H. PRIOR 70 NJ, Mary Morris 65 NJ, Maggie Morris 15 NY, Sara 12 NY, Mary 35 (bl) domestic servant AL (Sarah H. Prior is the widow of Asa Pryor. She is named as his wife in his 1835 will.)
8th Ward, House 470/473 Charles Gazzman 37 bank teller OH, Mary 28 NY, Warren 7 AL, Mary 2 AL, Clement 1 AL, Rachel James 45 (bl) servant AL, Peter 40 (bl) servant AL, Sarah 16 (bl) servant AL, Christopher PRYOR 45 rail road agent VA, Alice 35 VA, Walker 16 AL, Minnie 11 AL, Wyatt 9 AL, Lizzie 4 AL, Howard 4/12 AL.

1878 - Administratior account of estate of C. J. D. Pryor. Your petitioner further states that Mrs. Alice Pryor who resides in this co. is the widow of said decedent and that the heirs of the deceased are his four children to wit Eliza Ann, Minnie A, and Christopher H who are under the age of 21 years and reside with their mother. Emmett W. Pryor who is of full age place of residence unknown. Your petitioner therefore prays your honor that a day may be set for making such final settlement that notice of the same may be given and published as is required by law that some suitable person may be appointed by the court at the proper time to act as guardian ad litem for siad minors in this proceeding that after this statement said schedule and said accounts vouchers and other written evidence have been duly audited examined and considered your honor will be pleased to pass and allow said account in such form as may.
J. D. Haynie, administrator. Documents signed by Alice B. Pryor
Some payments made out of the estate as early as 1874
Administrator acct, book 46, page 258, May 11, 1878

1880 Death - Sarah H. Pryor, widow of Asa Pryor died 5 Feb 1880. Heirs named in the Adminstration of her estate: "Moses Lyon deceased the Brother of Mrs. Sarah H. Prior viz Sarah H. Cornell (or Connell?), Elizabeth W. Kellogg, Mary F. Hoe?, Moses Lyon, Jas. W. Lyon, Martha J. Lyon, Asa P Lyon, Kate L Doggs, and John H. Lyon all of whom reside in the state of New York and in or near the City of New York and the children of Richd. Lyon dec’d the brother of Mrs. Sarah H. Prior who resides in the State of Michigan." (This may be connected to the Pryors named in a NJ Chancery Court case reported in The Evening Post, NY on 4 Feb 1850. The case involved Michael Prior and Jasper Prior, infants. It also names a Joseph Lyon, defendant)

1880 Census, Mobile Co., AL
Mobile, dist. 133, house 1 George Nason 35 husband general agent rail road MS ME SC, Minnie (PRYOR) 25 wife AL VA VA, Harry 8 son AL, Elizabeth Fisk 50 boarder school teacher VA VA VA, Reuben Nason 63 boarder retired ME ME ME, Sidney Smith (bl) (female) 54 servant cook and wash NC NC NC. (Minnie Pryor daughter of Christopher Pryor)
Mobile, dist 137, page 305d, St. Francis St., house 97 Alice B. PRYOR 44 VA VA VA, Lizzie A. 14 dau AL VA VA, Christopher 10 son AL VA VA, Robert L. Keen 43 boarder bookkeeper LA, Lawrence Hammond 19 boarder clerk AL, James P. Garsley? 40 clerk AL, Sallie R. 29 wife AL, Mary Bagby 50 boarder school teacher AL, Sallie Watson 42 boarder AL, John F. Watson son 17 AL, Robert C. Walker 40 boarder bookkeeper AL VA VA, Susan Walker 25 wife MS, Ci Thurgood 14 boarder clerk MS, Parthenia Boyd (bl) 50 servant AL. (Alice is the widow of Christopher Pryor)

1887 - 1899 Mobile City Directories, Moble, AL
Alice B. PRYOR, widow of Christopher D. Pryor, west side St Joseph 3 s St Louis (Also Recorded as 111 St. Joseph St.)

1900 Census Mobile co., AL
Mobile, ward 2, page 275a, St. Louis St., M. A. Nason (female) Dec 1860 39 widow AL VA VA boarding house, Georgia dau Nov 1881 AL MS AL, Alice B. PRYOR mother Oct 1835 64 widow (6 children/4 living) VA VA VA, A. J. Alexander boarder May 1860 40 AL GA GA clerk at railroad office. (Millie A. Pryor Nason, daughter of Christopher J D Pryor b. 1825.)
Mobile, ward 5, page 308a, house 351 Monroe St., Celissa Morris (PRYOR) Feb 1855 45 divorced AL AL AL 4 children/4 living, Robert P. Owen son Sept 1878 21 AL AL AL, Truman C. dau married Dec 1880 19 2 children/2 living AL AL AL, Lula Owen dau Jul 1883 13 AL AL AL, Queenie V Owen dau Mar 1885 15 AL AL AL. (Melissa/Celissa Pryor daughter of Francis and Caroline Pryor of Butler Co., AL)

1910 Census Mobile Co., AL

ED #112, sheet 14a, "Supplemental" sheet -- House 360 Obed M. Pryor roomer 45, md 25 AL GA GA manager saw mill, Sally roomer 42 11 children/8 living AL AL AL, Rich roomer 8 FL FL FL, Edward roomer 1 MS MS MS (Obed M. Pryor is buried in Escambia co., FL. In 1910 Obed M. Pryor was also counted in Harrison Co., MS)

1910 News Article - 14 year old Fanny May Pryor, daughter of Owen W. PRYOR of Mobile, Ala. died early Weds. from the effects of chloroform administered by an intruder. (The Manning Times (Manning, SC), July 27, 1910)

1920 Census Mobile Co., AL
House 201 Charleston St., Sallie PRYOR 50 widow, AL AL AL, Richard son 20 AL, Edward son 11 FL, William Bowen son in law 30 AL, Aulean wife 20 FL (widow of Obed M. Pryor)
House 456 Franklin St., Celsia J. Morris (PRYOR) 62 widow AL AL AL , Ridley Huggins grandson 16 AL, Dulsie Huggins grand dau 14 AL, Pryor Huggins grandson 12 AL, Victoria Asinger dau 29 AL, Henry Reiner lodger 24 AL, Hettie wife 22 AL, Maurin dau 5/12 AL, Claud Renauld 23 grand son in law Al, Carrie wife 20 AL, Claud Jr. 0/12 great grandson AL

Records from Montgomery County, Alabama

1920 Census Montgomery Co., AL
3rd Ward, ED#101, page 22a, house 1122 Robert M Vandiver 42 AL AL AL, Eulalia P wife 42 md. 27 years TN, TN, TN, Orlean S. dau 13 AL, Frances W dau 8 AL, Frank C PRYOR father in law 57 AL AL AL, Orlean R. PRYOR mother in law 58 TN NC TN

1930 Census Montgomery Co., AL
Pct 3, ED#8, page 238a, house 520 Merritt R Vandiver 52 AL AL AL, Eulalia P wife 52 md. 27 years TN, TN, TN, Orlean S. dau 27 AL, Frances W dau 18 AL, Frank C PRYOR father in law 65 AL AL AL, Orlean R. PRYOR mother in law 60 TN NC TN (Frank and Lena/Orlean Pryor are on the 1900 Census in Davidson Co., TN. Franklin Cornelius Pryor died 1935 in Montgomery Co., AL.. Death record states he was born in Greenville, Butler Co., AL)

Records from Perry County, Alabama

1822 Probate - Archibald PRYOR

1840 Census Perry Co., AL
Page 254, Wm. (William) S. PRYOR 00001- 2001
(William S. Pryor was possibly from Putnam Co., GA)

1850 Census Perry Co., AL
page 353b, Heard's Beat, house 18/18 Wm (William) S. PRIOR 39 GA, Tiletha 26 GA, Nancy J. 12 AL, Robert Q. 9 AL, John W. 7 AL, George A. 5 AL, Benjamin 4 AL, Wm (William) K. 1 AL.

1860 Census, Perry Co., AL
Page 663, Heard's Beat, house 232 Charles C. Heard 25 AL, Nancy J. (PRYOR) 21 AL, Thomas J. 4 AL, Martha A. 2 AL, Mary Jane 1 AL, William S. 6/12 AL. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Union Co., LA)
Page 665, Heard's Beat, house 247
William S. PRYOR 48 farmer GA, Talitha wife 37 GA, Robert 18 laborer AL, John 16 AL, George 15 AL, Benjamin 13 AL, William 10 AL, Thomas 8 AL, James W. 6 AL, Jesse S. 10/12 AL, J. M. Fulton (male) 25 school teacher AL. (William Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Union Co., LA. Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 48 By James Shannon Buchanan, Oklahoma Historical Society states this is William Stokes Pryor father of Robert Quarles Pryor. It also states that William Stokes Pryor was the son of William H. or William Nathaniel Pryor of and Nancy Melton who married 1811 and divorced in Georgia 1818. The book attempts to ID William Nathaniel as the Lewis and Clark explorer.)

1867 Voters Registration -
Charles PRYOR (bl), Pct. 11, age 70
R. O. PRYOR (wh), Pct. 10, age 55 (Robert Quarles Pryor?)

1870 Census Perry Co., AL
Heard's Beat, page 467b, house 59/59 Robt. PRYOR 27 farmer AL, Martha 23 AL, Thomas 4 AL, Mary 3 AL, Sarah 1 AL,
Heard's Beat, page 467b-468a, house 60/60 Sandy PRYOR 23 farm laborer AL, Jersey Heard (male) 20 AL, Luvesia Heard 26 AL, Charles PRYOR 26 AL, Amenda 24 AL, Samuel 9 AL, Charles 3 AL, Thomas 1 AL (African American household)
Heard's Beat, page 168a, house 61/61 Eliza PRYOR 46 NC, Liddia 21 AL, Stephen 14 AL, Hellen 11 AL (African American household)

1880 Census Perry Co, AL
Perryville, Beat 11, page 410a, house 1/1 Robert Q. PRYOR 38 farmer AL GA GA, Martha M. 34 wife AL TN GA, Mary 12 dau AL, Talitha 10 dau AL, Zuletta 9 dau AL, Ach---? 7 son AL, James M. 5 son AL, Nancy 4 dau AL, Josie 2 dau AL, Robert 7/12 (Nov 1879) son AL.

1910 Census Perry Co., AL
Perryville Pct. 11, sheet 11b, house 207/208 Robert Q. PRYOR 67, married 2x, md. 16, AL AL AL, Ida F. 51, md. 16, AL AL AL. Margaret daughter 25 single AL AL AL

1920 Census Perry Co., AL
Perryville Pct. 11, page 162a, house 131/133 Robert PRYOR 77, married, AL AL AL, Ida 63? wife AL AL AL, William grandson AL AL AL. (Robert Quarles Pryor)

Records from Pickens County, Alabama

1850 Census Pickens Co., AL
Page 130, House 1767 Thomas PRYOR 50 NC, Mary 48 NC, Robert 26 NC, David 24, Wilson 22 NC, Frances 20 NC, Elizabeth 18 NC, Margaret 16 NC, Susan 14 NC, Jane 10 NC. (This is probably the Thomas J. Pryor who was in Lincoln Co., NC in 1840 and in Saline Co., AR in 1860. Son Wilson and Daughter Margaret are on the 1860 Census in Hot Springs Co., AR. He is probably related to David Pryor in Fayette Co., AL.)
House 1768 Emory PRYOR male 29 NC, Margaret 22 AL, Elizabeth H. 6/12 AL.
Page 19b, house 146, Samuel PRYOR 32 farmer NC, Jane 28 NC, Harriet 7 NC, Martha A. 5 NC, Zachariah 1 AL.

1870 Census, Pickens Co., AL
Reform PO, Page 46B, House 83 Alex Richardson 26 AL, Sarah R. 26 AL, William D. 1 AL, Margaret (PRYOR) Doughty 53 TN, Dock Richardson 8 (black) AL.(Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Margaret Pryor Doughty)

1880 Census, Pickens Co., AL
Beat 8, page 549B, house 108 Margaret (PRYOR) Doughty 64 TN TN TN, Matilda 26 dau AL, James 21 son AL, Jestin 16 grand-dau AL. (daughter Sarah and husband Alex Richardson are in house 106)

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Records from Pike County, AL

1840 Census Pike Co., AL
Henry B. PRYOR 0201201-2100001

1850 Census Pike Co., AL
Page 280B, House 821 Robert PRIER 26 farmer SC, Prudy 20 VA. (Robert Pryor md. Prudence Turner on 21 Jun. 1849 in Pike Co., AL. Son of Henry B. Pryor.)
House 816 Joel Hurley 65 NC, Emily 45 SC (unclear handwriting for children's names) ----? male 15 AL, Rozella 12 AL, Nancy 11 AL, Joel 9 AL, Robert 7 AL, Malissa 5 AL, Robert King 45 mechanic NC (Emily Williams Hurley married Luke Pryor. She is on the 1860 and 1870 Census in Carroll Parish, LA and in 1880 in San Jacinto Co., TX)
House 822 Henry PRIER 60 farming SC, Anna 30 SC. (Henry B. Pryor from Marion Dist., SC)
House 823 Allen PRIER 20 SC, Martha 20 AL, John 2 AL, Amanda 4/10 AL. (Allen Pryor md. Martha Bartlett on 12 Dec. 1847. Son of Henry B. Pryor)
House 825 Noah Davis 74 NC and family, Luke PRIER 30 SC and John Grigens 58 SC (Luke Pryor is on the 1860 and 1870 Census in Carroll Parish, LA)
House 890 Regins/Regius PRIER 30 SC, Sarah 45 GA, Elizabeth 18 GA, Ann 16 GA, Gordon 13 GA, Pickens 11 AL, Nancy 9 AL, Martha 7 AL, Henry 3 AL, Angeline 1 AL. (Regius Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Jasper Co., MS. Son of Henry B. Pryor)

1860 Census Pike Co., AL
Eastern Div. Page 292, house 922 Bibb Wade PRIOR 62 GA, Rebecca 55 GA, Hayden 30 GA, John 18 GA, Robert 14 GA, William 12 GA, Maria Green 22 GA (Wade Pryor & Rebecca Poythress. They are on the 1850 Census in Harris Co., GA)
House 923 Wade PRIOR Jr. 25 farmer $100/$2000 GA.

Page 369 Brundridge, Allen W. PRIOR 63 farmer GA, Sarah 50 GA, William 26 physician GA, Colquitt (male) 19 GA, Patrick 16 GA, Allen W. 13 GA, Martha 10 GA. (Allen Pryor and family are on the 1850 Census in Pike Co., GA. Allen Pryor owned 42 slaves in 1860)

Western Div. page 98 Robert PRYOR 32 SC, Sarah 46 GA, Nancy M. 18 GA, Peter C. 16 AL, Henry B. 12 AL, Charles W. 8 AL. (This is actually Regins/Regius Pryor)
Page 155A, Orion PO Allen PRYOR 35 SC, Martha 28 AL, John 14 AL, Amanda 12 AL, Alda 10 AL.

1870 Census Pike Co., AL
Page 255a, Orion PO, Benja. Holman 20 AL, Alda (PRYOR) 17 AL, Armisted Ried (bl) 32 mill laborer VA. (Henry B. Pryor>Allen Pryor>Alda Pryor Holman. This family is on the 1880 Census in Walton Co., FL)
Page 255a, Orion PO, John PRYOR 20 farmer AL, Maranda 19 AL, Robert 8/12 AL.
Page 274b, Orion PO, William Holman 58 SC, Martha 38 AL, Amanda 27 AL, Amanda (PRYOR) 19 AL, James 13 AL. (Martha Bartlett Pryor Holman, widow of Allen Pryor b. SC and their daughter Amanda Pryor. They are on the 1880 Census in Walton Co., FL)
Page 357b, Brundridge PO, house 389 Wesley G. Cox 44 farmer GA, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann PRYER) 38 GA, Mary P 18 AL, Charles 17 AL, Martha 13 AL, Simeon (Sidney?) 12 AL, Belle 9 AL, Pinkney 6 AL (Wesley and Elizabeth married in Harris Co., GA. They are on the 1860 Census in Macon Co., AL)

1873 Estate - Wade PRIOR. E. H. PRIOR (Edward Haden), administrator, Names heirs who all received 1/8 share. E. H. Prior 1/8, T. J . Prior 1/8, Robert Prior 1/8, E. A. Cox wife of Wesley Cox 1/8, William W. Prior 1/8, John T. Prior 1/8, Sarah Lawrence wife of J. M. Lawrence of Panola Co., TX, Wade Prior of Panola Co., TX. Contains sheets of accounts to J. M. Lawrence & Co. for years 1859, 1860. Names specific items for specific names: Spanish brown for John, calico and needles for Sarah, spoons and silk for wife, filates? for Robert, boots for John, Hanks of something for Haden. 1860 promissory note to Wade Prior. Dr? W. D. PRIOR appeared before justice G. C. Collier in 1863. Wade may have been deceased by 1861: "Received of E. H. Prior Adm. of the Estate of Wade Prior dec'd." Filed 9 Oct 1873. (Son Wade is on the 1880 Census in Panola County, TX)

1880 Census, Pike Co., AL
Dixons, Beat 7, page 32c, house 577 Zach Stallings 33 mechanic AL AL AL, Silas J. Stallings 25 mechanic AL AL AL, Theil? PRIOR (bl) 7 servant AL AL AL.
Dixons, Beat 7, page 32c, house 583 George PRIOR (bl) 70 farmer AL ? ?, Ellen (bl) 66 wife GA ? ? , Andrew Lawrence (bl) 12 grandson day hand AL ? ?, Wilie Lawrence (bl) 11 grandson day hand AL ? ?, Biny Colston (bl) 20 niece working AL ? AL.

Records from Russell County, AL

1852 Marriage in Russell Co., AL - William Sawyer married Massa L. Pryor on 15 Jan 1852 (They are on the 1860 Cesus in Houston Co., GA)

1853 Marriage in Russell Co., AL - Caroline Sims married William F. PRYOR on 11 Dec 1853

1880 Census Russell Co., AL
Beat 2, sheet 14b, house number?, D.D. Kent (male) 42 farmer GA NC NC... living in household O. M. Pryor 19 farm hand AL GA AL (Obed M. Pryor son of Francis and Caroline Pryor of Butler Co., AL)
Girard Twp., Beat 1, sheet 2B, house 10 Parella Ward 42 SC SC SC, Ella O dau 19 works in cotton mill AL, Ida E dau 17 works in cotton mill AL, Philip PRYOR 33 boarder laborer GA

Records from Sanford County, AL

1870 Census Sanford Co., AL
Page 324b House 14 David J PRYOR 69 farmer NC, Jincy J. 58 keeping house NC, Sarah F. McAdams 20 seamstress AL, James Philips 17 AL (Jincy Shelton Pryor is named in her father's 1832 will in Lincoln Co., NC)
house 15 John McAdams 79 farmer SC, Elizabeth 47 keeping house SC, Daniel W 9 MS, Bartus 27 teaching school AL.

Records from Tallapoosa County, AL

1850 Census Tallapoosa Co., AL
Page 125A House 1845 Joseph PRYOR 45 SC, Sarah 30 SC, William 19 SC, Ann 17 GA, Robert 16 GA, Elizabeth 14 GA, Eliza 12 GA, Francis 7, GA, Louisa 6 GA, Jasper 4 AL, Christopher 2 AL.

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Records from Tuscaloosa County, AL

1820 Road Crew - Joseph Pryor and son John ordered to work on the road from the west side of Henderson's Creek to where the north boundary line of Capt.Trawick's crosses the road

1824 Land Record - Joseph Pryor purchased land April 26, 1824.

1830 Census, Tuscaloosa, Co., AL
Page 698, Joseph PRYER 000000001(60-69 years) - 002100010001 (90-99 years)
(Was Joseph Pryor's mother or mother in law living in the household? Joseph Pryor fist bought land in Tuscaloosa Co. on Apr. 26, 1824)
Eli Langford 000001 - 32101 (Eli Langford married Mourning Pryor daughter of Joseph Pryor. Eli Langford is in Choctaw Co., MS in 1840)

1840 Census Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Page 192, Thomas Alexander (wife Rachel PRYOR) 21110001 - 120001
Page 195, John Bryant (wife Mary PRYOR) 002110001 - 2100001
Page 227, Joseph PRIOR 0000000001-000000001
Page 228, John PRIOR 1110001-211101
Page 234, Zachariah Simpson (wife Elizabeth PRYOR) 2111001 - 022001
Page 242, Tobias Watson (wife Hannah PRYOR) 111001 - 20201

1850 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Dist 2, page 219A, house 406 Zachariah S. Simpson 57 farmer SC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 47 TN, Elizabeth 18 AL, Martha J. 16 AL, John T. 14 AL, William 12 AL, Mary L. 9 AL, Marion C. 7 AL, Nancy 5 AL(Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Elizabeth Pryor Simpson)
Dist. 2 Page 226B, house, 478 Joseph F. Doughty 39 farmer SC, Margaret (PRYOR) 34 TN, Elizabeth 16 AL, Nancy 14 AL, Jasper 12 AL, Martha 9 AL, Mary 7 AL, Sarah 5 AL, Newton 2 AL.(Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Margaret Pryor Doughty)
Dist. 2, Page 233B, house 579 Manning Clements 49 SC Baptist Minister, Nancy (PRYOR) 45 TN, Sarah 22 AL, A. P. (m) 20 AL, S. M. m) 19 AL, Liddie 16 AL, William 15 AL, Elizabeth 12 AL, Caroline 10 AL, Mary 7 AL, Clementine 4 AL, Jacob P. 2 AL. (Manning Clements married Nancy Pryor on 12 Sept. 1824 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL. This family is on the 1860 & 1870 Census in Greene Co., AR)
Dist. 2, page 239A, house 692 James L. Clements 43 TN, Sarah (PRYOR) 37 TN, Jacob P. 18 AL, Sarah J. 16 AL, Francis E. 14 MS, Joseph H. 13 AL, Levin B. 7 AL, Maria (Mariah?) B. 5 AL, Not named 3 AL. (son Jacob was in Anderson Co., TX in 1860, living amongst several Freeman families)
Dist. 2, page 241B, house 702 Thomas Alexander 62 KY, Rachel (PRYOR) 52 TN, Sarah 22 AL, Rebecca 21 AL, Eliza 19 AL, Martha 8 AL, Ina 14 AL, Ann J. 11 AL, Dennis 9 AL.
Dist. 2, page 258A, house 342 Joseph PRYOR 84 SC, Catharine 60 GA.
Dist. 2, page 258B, house 348 M. F. Doughty 37 SC, Rebecca (PRYOR) 33 AL, John 15 AL, Sarah C. 13 AL, Jeremiah 11 AL, Nancy 9 AL, Mary 7 AL, Joseph F. 5 AL, William 4 AL, Rebecca 3 AL, George 1 AL.(Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Rebecca Pryor Doughty)

1860 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Western Div., page 667B, house 620 Joseph F. Doughty 49 farmer SC, Margaret (PRYOR) 44 TN, Elizabeth 20 AL, Mary J. 18 AL, Joseph J. (Jasper?) 22 AL, Sarah 15 AL, John N. (Newton?) 12 AL, George C. 9 AL, Matilda 7 AL, James 3 AL, Joel N. 1 AL. (Margaret is on the 1870 Census in Pickens Co., AL. Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Margaret Pryor Doughty)
Western Div., page 669A, house 624 Morgan F. Doughty 47 SC, Rebecca (PRYOR) 42 AL, John B. 25 AL, Sarah 23 AL, John N. 21 AL, Nancy 19 AL, Mary 17 AL, Joseph 15 AL, William 14 AL, Rebecca 12 AL, George 10 AL, Martha 8 AL, Melissa 8 AL, James 6 AL, Man--- 4 (male) AL, Josephine 2 AL, Adline 6/12 AL. (Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Rebecca Pryor Doughty)
Western Div., page 675B, house Zachariah Simpson 66 SC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 57 TN, Mary M. 18 AL, Marion 17 AL, Nancy 14 AL, James 22 AL. (Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Elizabeth Pryor Simpson)
Western Div, page 401A, house 859 Rachel (PRYOR) Alexander 61 farming TN, Albert J. 22 AL, Dennis 20 AL, Martha 18 AL. (Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Rachel Pryor Alexander)

1870 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Pct. 3, page 240A, house 73 Rachel (PRYOR) Alexander 67 farmer, TN, Boswell Freeman 25 farmer AL, Martha Freeman 20 AL, William J. Freeman 3 AL.(Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Rachel Pryor Alexander)

1880 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Beat 3, page 531C, house 226 B. M. Freeman 36 AL SC SC, Martha 37 wife AL TN TN, William J. son 12 AL, Joseph A. son 8 AL, Nancy C. C. dau 5 AL, Rachel (PRYOR) Alexander 84 mother in law AL TN TN. (Joseph Pryor of Tuscaloosa Co.>Rachel Pryor Alexander)

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