The following are CA RECORD EXTRACTIONS of Pryor families.

Records of Alameda County, CA

1866 CA Voter Registration -
Jeremiah PRYOR,
age 22, born MA, farmer, resided Brooklyn
Jeremiah PRYOR, age 26, born MO, farmer, resided Brooklyn

1909 Marriage - Percy Church Pryor 25 and Florence B MacKinni 19, both residents of Oakland (Sausalito News, 9 Oct 1909)

Records of Amador County, CA

1882 Travel - R. PRYOR of Amador, traveler to Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Herald, 30 Jul 1882)

1883 Marriage - John L Murphy to Amanda PRYOR on 19 Nov 1883 (Sacramento Daily Union, 22 Nov 1883)

1908 Death - Richard PRYOR, "many years a resident of this place". (Amador Ledger, 5 Jun 1908)

1910 Death - In Jackson Twp., Richard PRYOR, age 53, a native of Cornwall, England (Amador Ledger, 25 Feb. 1910)

Records of Butte County, CA

1872 CA Voter Registration -
Jeremiah H PRYOR, age 31, born MO, resided Forbestown.

1886 CA Voter Registration -
Jeremiah PRYOR,
age 43, born MO, miner, resided Forbestown
Guilford PRYOR, age 25, born MN, carpenter, resided Chico

1896 CA Voter Registration -
Jeremiah PRYOR, miner, age 54, 5' 8", fair, blue eyes, gray hair, born MO, resided Berry Creek

1908 Death - Richard PRYOR age 64, a native of England, died in the I. O. O. F. No. 31 home. His wife and a son are interred in the Amador Cemetery.(Amador is in Yuba, Co., CA- Death noticed published in Amador Ledger, 5 June 1908)

Records of Calaveras County, CA

1852 CA State Census, Calaveras Co.

Jos. PRYOR 25 miner ENG ENG, Pris. 24 ENG ENG, Jos. H. 1 CA, A. PRYOR male 30 ENG ENG. (Joseph Pryor and family are on the 1860 Census in Shasta Co.)

Records of Colusa County, CA

1880 Census Colusa Co., CA
Spring Valley page 467D (this looks like housing for farm labor)... William PRYOR 29 VA TN VA, Frank D. PRYOR 21 VA TN VA, Charles PRYOR 19 VA TN VA, Robert A. PRYOR 27 VA TN VA, Benjamin PRYOR 25 VA TN VA. (William, Robert, & Benjamin are sons of Benjamin Pryor who appears on the 1850 & 1860 Census in Henrico Co., VA)
Freshwater page 482A Sarah Clark 48 MO NC NC, Thomas Smith 23 son MO MO NC, Mary E. Smith (PRYOR) dau-in-law 23 VA TN VA, Rowena PRYOR 1 VA VA VA, Frances PRYOR 60 "other" widow VA VA VA (Frances Clark Pryor is the mother of Mary E. Pryor Smith  and the Pryor men counted in Spring Valley)

1900 Census Colusa Co., CA
Maxwell Twp., page 69b, house 160 William M. PRYOR Sept. 1850 49 VA TN VA, Margaret D. wife (md. 9 yrs) (3 children/2 living) Germany Germany Germany, John G. son Nov 1891 8 CA, Irene D. B. dau Apr. 1895 5 CA
Maxwell Twp., page 70a, house 162
, Benj. P. PRYOR Jan 1855 45 VA TN VA, Cora L. wife Dec. 1863 36 (md. 15 yrs) (6 children/4 living) MO VA MO, Edna A. dau Nov. 1885 14 CA, Frances S. dau Feb. 1887 13 CA, Roger E. son Feb. 1891 9 CA, Jean dau May 1897 3 CA
Maxwell Twp., page 70a, house 163, Frank B. PRYOR Oct. 1858 41 VA TN VA, Clara W. wife Nov. 1862 37 (md. 12 yrs) (6 children/6 living) Eng Eng Eng, Mary G. dau Aug 1888 11 CA, Thomas W. son Jan 1890 10 CA, Robert P. son Dec. 1891 8 CA, Clara R. dau Aug. 1893 6 CA, Francis B. son Apr. 1895 5 CA, Alice V. dau Oct. 1898 1 CA. (Robert P. Pryor b. 1891, died 10/26/1962 in Colusa Co.)
Maxwell Twp., page 70a, house 169, Robert PRYOR Sept. 1852 47 widow VA TN VA, Rowena dau Sept. 1878 21 VA VA VA, Fannie B. (nee Clark) mother Nov. 1820 79 (6 children/6 living VA VA VA, Mary E. (PRYOR) Smith sister Jan 1847 53 widow (6 children/5 living) VA TN VA, Percy L. nephew Nov. 1881 18 CA MO VA, Frank P. nephew May 1884 16 CA. Marion E. nephew Oct. 1886 13 CA, Harrel B. nephew May 1884 16 CA, Mary niece Jun 1889 10 CA (Rowena Pryor above is recorded as a teacher in the CTA Journal of 1907)

1910 Census, Colusa Co., CA
Maxwell Twp., page 192B, 152/152 Benjamin P. PRYOR 55 (md. 25 yrs.) VA VA VA farmer/stock raising, Cora wife 46 (8 children/6 living) MO VA MO, Edna A. dau 24 CA, Frances S. dau 23 CA, Rodger E. son 19 CA, Jean C. dau 13 CA, Benjamin P. son 9 CA, ??? son 3 CA. (Benjamin Pryor & Frances Clark>Benjamin P. Pryor)
Maxwell Twp., page 192B, 153/153  William M. PRYOR 59 (md. 19 yrs) VA TN VA, Margaret D. wife 39 (5 children/4 living) Germany Germany Germany, John G. son 18 CA, Ione D. B. dau 13 CA, Gretta R. dau 7 CA, Owen son 5 CA.

1920 Census Colusa Co., CA
Williams Twp., page Charles E. PRYOR 50 VA TN VA, Ada M. wife 50 KS MO MO, Charles Y. son 12 CA, Florence A. dau 10 CA, Esther A. dau 8 CA. (Florence A. Pryor born in Calusa Co., in 1910, Robin Pryor born 1913 in Calusa Co., mother's maiden name Brown)

Records of El Dorado County, CA

1850 Census, El Dorado Co., CA
On the South Fork of the American River, page 391B, house 12/12 William Ingram 49 RI, Ambrose Barnaby 48 RI, Charles PRIOR 28 RI, George P. Champion 39 RI, Nathan Saunders 20 RI. Martin Luther 48 RI.  All men listed their occupation as miners.

1860 Census, El Dorado Co., CA
Mud Springs, Page 980B, House 2367 G.H.H. Forester 45 miner MA, Patrick Donner 47 miner Ireland, R. A. PRYOR (male) 26 TN. (Possibly Alex Pryor from Blount Co., TN?)

Records of Fresno County, CA

1893 - Voters Registration - John Cornelius Pryor 27, born KY
1893 - Voters Registration - William Holman Pryor 66, born KY

Records of Humbolt County, CA

1860 Marriage - Mary Creighton married PRIOR DAVIS on Jan 1st in Eureka, CA (Sacramento Daily Union, 19 Jan 1860)

1860 Census Humboldt Co., CA
house 193/176 Peter J Davis 40 NC, Elaine 32 KY, PRIOR N 21 TN, Mary 17 IL, Laura V Robinson 4 half ind. CA.

1861 Birth - On Eel River, Wife of PRYOR N Davis gave birth to a son on 27 Jul 1861. (Sacramento Daily Union, 19 Aug 1861)

1862 Military - PRYOR N Davis joined military 18 Apr 1862 in Eureka. California 1st Mountaineers Battalion

1867 Birth - On Yaker Creek, Wife of Pryor N Davis gave birth to a son on 4th July 1867 (Sacramento Daily Union, 24 Jul 1861)

1872 Murder - James Kleese shot James PRYOR at Orleans Flat, Eureka Twp. on 13 Dec 1872. George Foster spread rumors about Pryor's wife and then blamed Kleese for the rumors. Kleese shot Pryor in claimed self defense.

1920 Census Humbolt Co., CA

Fourth St., Fortuna Town, page 4a, Floyd PRYOR 33 KS MI MI carpenter, Ida W. wife 31 CA OH IL, Maxine C. dau 9 CA (Maxine C. Pryor born in Humbolt Co in 1910, mother's maiden name Williams)

Records of Kings County, CA

1917 - Mrs. Grace Pryor admitted to State Hospital. Husband was W. A. PRYOR of  Lemore, CA.

Records of Lake County, CA

1880 Lake Co., CA
A. E. PRYOR 22 CA Eng Eng clerk of mine, (son of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor of Shasta Co., CA)

Records of Los Angeles County, CA

BAPTISM 1/20/1836
Subject: Miguel Nathaniel Luis Pryor, Origin Louis-Vill en los Estados Unidos del Norte, ciudad de
Ethnicity: Anglo Americano
Place: Iglesia  
Age:  30
Father: Miguel Nathaniel Pryor
Mother: Maria Davis
Margin Notes: Miguel Luis Nathaniel Pryor
Godparent: Juan Luis Vignes
Officiant: Alejo Bachelot

BAPTISM 6/24/1837
Subject:  Juan Pryor
Place: Iglesia  
Father:  Miguel Pryor, Origin Americano, Ethnicity Anglo Americano, Mission LA
Mother: Juana Montalvo
Godparents:  Accension Sepulveda
Officiant: Thomas Eztenaga

MARRIAGE 2/02/1838
Groom:  Miguel Nathaniel Pryor
Bride: Maria Teresa Sepulveda
Groom’s Parents: none recorded
Bride’s Parents: none recorded
Officiant: Thomas Eztenaga

BAPTISM 2/8/1839
Subject: Pablo Praya [Pryor]
Place: Iglesia de la ciudad de los Angeles
Father: Pablo [Miguel] Praya [Pryor]
Mother: Teresa Sepulveda
Godparents: Maria Ygnacia Abila, Manuel Guitierres
(Maria Ygnacia Abila [Avila] married Joseph Dolores Sepulveda in 1813 and later in 1825 married Antonio Horchaga [aka Machado] in Los Angeles She was the mother of Teresa Sepulveda)
Officiant: Thomas Eztenaga

DEATH 6/19/1840
Subject:  Manuel Praya [Pryor]
Place: Iglesia de la ciudad de los Angeles
Age:  died same day as born “el mismo dia”
Father: Miguel Praya [Pryor]
Mother: Teresa Sepulveda
Officiant: Navarro, Jose Maria, Recorder: Thomas Eztenaga

BURIAL 9/5/1840
Subject: Teresa Sepulveda (wife of Nathaniel Miguel Pryor)
Place: Yglesia (Plaza Church), Los Angeles
Officiant: Thomas Eztenaga

MARRIAGE 8/10/1848
Groom:  Miguel Praya [Pryor], Origin: Estados Unido de Quintoquin, Ethnicity: Anglo American
Previous Wife: Teresa Sepulveda, married at Mission San Gabriel, died in Los Angeles.
Bride: Maria Paula Romero
Previous Husband: Jose Reis
Groom’s Parents: Dataniel Praya, Maria Devis
Bride’s Parents: Domingo Romero, Francisca Felis
Witnesses: Luciano Valdes, Luis Vines [Vignes]
Officiant: Blas Ordaz

BAPTISM 10/29/1848
Subject: Daniel Juan Praya [Pryor]
Place: Iglesia  
Age:  15 (Is this days or months or years? Is this the child recorded as Natalien aged 3 on the 1850 Census? or is this the John Pryor recorded on the 1852 State Census?)
Father: Miguel Praya [Pryor], Origin Estados Unidos, Mission LA, number 00586X
Mother: Paula Romero, Origin Los Angeles
Godparents: Maria de Los Angeles Dominguez, Luis Vignes

1850 Death Schedule, Los Angeles Co., CA
Line 34, page, Miguel PRIOR 45, born Louisiana, died May, occupation Silversmith, cause of death Ep Fits, duration of illness 12 mos.

1850 Census Los Angeles Co., CA
City of Los Angeles, page 10a, house 131 Felipe Paula PRIOR (female) 34 CA, Interdada 13 CA, Tomasa 13 CA, Natalien 3 CA, Ramon Ramirez 21 Mexico, Desiderio Balenzuela (Valenzuela) 29 CA, Maria 24 CA, Luis 4 CA, Josefa 23 CA. (widow of Nathaniel M. Pryor who was born in KY and came to Los Angeles in about 1828 with Richard Laughlin's party. He was a silversmith and trapper, in 1847 serving as Alderman in Los Angeles. He died May 1850. Referred to in some histories as Miguel Luis Nathaniel Pryor.)
San Juan Twp. "Capistrano" (now Orange County), Page 465b, John Foster? 45 England farmer... living in household Paul PRYOR 11 CA (Pablo Pryor is the son of Nathaniel Miguel Pryor and wife Maria Sepulveda)

1852 CA State Census, Los Angeles Co.
Paula R. de PRYOR 37 CA CA, Tomasa Ruiz 15 CA, Nathaniel 4 CA, D. Balasuela 26 CA, Louis 7 CA, Juan infant CA.
Dist. 52 John PRIOR 16 CA.
Page 54, line 1 Juan Forster 44, white rancher, England, last residence CA. Isodora Pico 36 CA, Marco Antonio 12 CA, Franco Forster 10 CA, Juan Foster 8 CA, Pablo PRIOR 13 CA, Jesus Gerarrdo 26 merchant Mexico, --- ? Foster (male) 25 rancher England. (The records of the Catholic church held at the Huntington Library confirm that John "Foster" was married to Ysidora Pico, their son Marcos Antonio was baptized in 1839, and Francisco was baptized in 1841. A Wikipedia article explains that Forster married the sister of Pio Pico, governor of CA, and acquired numerous land grants in the 1840's onward.)

1853 Court Case: Pryor vs. Downey
Names Nathaniel Pryor, infant son of Nathaniel PRYOR and Paulo Romero de Pryor, widow. Also names Paul PRYOR an infant son of Nathaniel Pryor represented by his guardian John Forster.

1856 Court Complaint - PRYOR Kyle summoned to appear before C. O. Cunningham the Justice of the Peace in El Monte to answer complaint of Jacob Elias and Rafael Elias. Second complaint filed by Edward Hunter. (Los Angeles Star, 28 June 1856. See Yuba County for additional information on Pryor Kyle)

1860 Census Los Angeles Co., CA
City of Los Angeles, page 397a, house 989 Paula PRYOR 44 CA, Nathaniel 9 CA, Jesus Romero 21 vaquero "herdsman" CA, Pilar Feliz 47 CA, Nicolas Romero 30 CA, Desiderio Valenzuela 40 laborer CA, Luis 10 CA, Joaquina Hendrahan? 5 CA, Maria A. 4 (Jesus Romero was baptized at Mission San Gabriel on 1/20/1839 and he is a son of Gregorio Romero and Pilar Feliz. Nicolas Romero was baptised at Mission San Gabriel on 9/10/1830, he's the son of Gregorio Romero and Maria del Pilar Feliz.)
San Juan Twp., page 466, house 1570 John Forster 45 Eng, Isidora 45 CA, Mark A. 20 CA, Francisco 19 CA, Juan F. 14 CA, Paul PRYOR 21 farmer CA, Dolores Madril 25 Mexico, Jesus Guirardo 40 clerk Mexico, Jose J. Cota 21 vaquero/herdsman CA, Trinidad Simon 30 cook Mexico, Fecunda Corrillo 11 CA, Griselda Pico 19 CA.

1870 Census Los Angeles Co., CA
City of Los Angeles, page 526b, house 473 Paula Romero 51 keeps house CA, Joaquina 16 at home CA, Antonia 15 CA, Nathaniel PRIOR 21 CA.
San Juan Twp. (now Orange County), house 15, Paul PRYOR 31 farmer CA, Rosa 34 CA, Miguel 5 CA, Teresa 3 CA, Reginaldo 2 CA.

1880 Census of Los Angeles Co., CA
City of Los Angeles, 2nd Ward, page 155a, Alemeda St., house 50 Nathaniel PRYOR 31 laborer CA England CA, Librada 23 wife, Mexico Mexico Mexico, Natalia 3 dau at home CA CA Mexico, Rosie 3/12 (Feb 1880) CA CA Mexico (Son of Nathaniel Miguel Pryor. Nathaniel Pryor was living at North Alameda bet Jackson and Requena per 1888 Directory)
house 51 Pauline PRYOR 60 widow CA CA CA, Antonia 23 daughter CA NY CA, Joaquina Carasco 25 dau CA NY CA, Esudaco Valenzuela 59 lodger Mexico NY CA, Francisco Carasco 35 son Mexico NY CA, Joaquina 1 grand dau CA Mexico CA.
San Juan Twp. (now Orange County), page 238b, house 83 Rosa PRYOR 45 CA CA CA, Miguel son 16 CA, Teresa dau 14 CA, Reginaldo son 12 CA, Dolores son 10 CA, Alberto son 8 CA, Soledad dau 4 CA, Nieves Yorba servant 19 CA, Juan Cota servant "vaquero" 55 CA, Santos Cota servant "vaquero" 50 CA (Rosa widow of Paul Pryor, son of Nathaniel Pryor Jr.)

1900 Census of Los Angeles Co., CA
City of Los Angeles, 8th Ward, page 104a, 404 Lafayette St., Peter Lazos 1862 38 md 17 yrs CA Mexico Mexico, Joaquina (PRYOR) wife ?? 1860 40 (6 children/5 living) CA CA CA, Angel son Sept 1877 22 CA, Raphael son Jan 1880 20 CA, Richardo son Mar 1888 12 CA, Aurelia dau Mar 1891 9 CA, Peter son Aug 1894 5 CA.
City of Los Angeles, 8th Ward, page 118b, 404 Lafayette St., Nathaniel PRYOR Sept 1850 49 md 23 years CA England CA, Librada wife Mar 1857 43 (13 children/ 9 living) Mexico Mexico Mexico, Claudina dau Oct 1882 17 CA CA Mex, James son Sep 1886 13 CA CA Mex, Josefa dau Oct 1888 11 CA CA Mex, Virginia dau May 1994 6 CA CA Mex, Carlotta dau Jul 1896 3 CA CA Mex, Rosa Ouen (or Queen?) dau Feb 1880 20 married CA CA Mex.
City of Los Angeles, 8th Ward, page 131a, 620 Commercial St., Albert PRYOR Apr 1872 28, md 6 years CA CA CA, Natalie wife Apr 1877 CA CA CA, Pablo son May 1896 4 CA. (Albert and his family were living in San Juan, Orange County in 1910)
Pacific Branch, Dist. 131, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, page 240a... Samuel T. PRIOR born May 1840 60 VT VT VT

1910 Census Los Angeles Co., CA
1920 13th St., C B PRYOR mu 28 TN US US janitor, Agnes wife mu MO MO MO, Cleo step dau 8 CO NM MO.
San Antonio, Dist. 0336, sheet 50b, house 512 E 69th St., Benjamin C. PRIOR 38 md 2x, lineman for Street, WI VT VT, Sarah R. wife, md 10 years no children, 45 md 2x OH PA Germany.
Los Angeles, Pct 22, page 141a, house 432 Ducommon St. Frank Cuen 30 md 14 CA Sp Spanish Sp Spanish. Rosa wife 29 4 children/4 living CA CA Mex CA. Pearl 9 CA. Lena 8 CA. Frank 5 CA. Eleanora 11/12 CA. (Frank Cuen and Rosa Pryor announced their marriage in the Los Angeles Herald on 16 Jan 1900. Rosa is on the 1920 Census recorded as Rosa Sepulveda. Rosa is listed in a 1912 Directory of Los Angeles at 1411 E 27 St and as the widow of Frank Cuen.)
Los Angeles, Pct 208, page 111a, 414 E. 63rd St., James Eads 32 IL MO IL, Claudia (PRYOR) wife 24 CA CA France, Birdie dau 3 CA, Eleanor 2 CA (Claudia Pryor, daughter of Nathaniel Pryor b. 1848 and Librada Mascarel)

1920 Census Los Angeles Co., CA
W. 48th St., ED#371, House 348 John C. PRYOR 78 TN TN VA, Malissa L. 69 VA VA VA, Bessie P. Fletcher 40 dau widow IA, Raliegh H. Pryor 28 son IA. (This family is on the 1880 Census in Hamburg, Fremont Co., IA, page 145C. Son of Thomas & Margaret Pryor on the 1850 Census in Cocke Co., TN and in 1860 in Jefferson Co., TN. CA Death Index shows John Clark Pryor born 15 Jun 1841 died in Los Angeles Co. on 17 Apr. 1942.  Mother's maiden name was Clark. John's brother Thomas D. is recorded below...)
W. 52nd St., ED#369 House 256 Robert L. Chaning 56, Sara R. 50 SD, Jack 9 nephew, Thomas D. PRYOR 76 widow TN TN VA, John B. Pryor 24 brother in law SD  TN VA (Thomas D. Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Lead City, Lawrence Co., Dakota Territory.  Son of Thomas Pryor and Margaret Clark?)
San Antonio, ED#556 (East 52nd St.) House 182 John H. PRYOR 52 TN TN TN, Fannie wife 51 VA VA VA, Lillie Russell dau 27 divorced TN, Nona H. gr-dau 8 CA, Glen D. gr-son 5 CA, Lois A. gr-dau 3 9/12 CA, William G. PRYOR son 21 TN. (John Henry Pryor son of Philip Green Pryor & Temperance Prigmore of Marion Co., TN)
73rd Dist., Frank G. PRYOR 34 TX, Olive L. wife 28 CA PA TX, Ardyth dau 6, John W. Crawford 23 brother in law CA PA TX. (Ardyth Pryor born 1913 in San Diego Co., mother's maiden name Crawford)
Los Angeles, ED#346, page 183a, house 3840 Walton St., Olive C. PRYOR 77 widow OH VA OH, Harry A. son watchmaker at jewelry store 45 MI WI OH
Los Angeles, ED#346, page 183a, house 1096 W. 59th St. (Same page as Olive Pryor above) James B. Eads 44 IL IL IL truck driver for oil supply company, Claudia (PRYOR) wife 36 CA CA CA, Kathryn dau 13 CA, Elinor dau 11 CA, Virginia dau 6 CA. (Claudia Pryor, daughter of Nathaniel Pryor b. 1848 and Librada Mascarel)
Pomona, page 140a, B. C. PRYOR 47 WI Eng Eng electrician, Mary C. wife 37 WI Austria Austria, Benny son 5 CA, Donald son 4 CA, Garner 3 son CA (Benjamin C. Pryor born in Los Angeles Co in 1914, mother's maiden name Murzer. Benjamin and family are on the 1930 Census in Snohomish Co., WA and in 1910 in Los Angeles Co., CA)
N. Griffin Ave., ED#109 House 165 James M. PRYOR 55 TN TN TN, Hettie or Nettie wife 55 MA MI MA, Gertrude W. Peck friend 41 widow RI RI RI.
Huntington Park, ED#562 David E. PRYOR 37 TN TN TN, Ada B. wife 36 Eng Eng Eng, Robert son 13 CA, Edgar W. son 11 CA, Nellie M. dau 6 CA, Arthur R. son 1/12 CA. (Per CA Death Index, David's mother's maiden name was Prigmore)
Albany St., Huntington Park, ED#561 Page 17A: Mary E. PRYOR 38 single TN TN TN, Temperance S. mother 75 widow TN TN TN (Temperance Shelton Prigmore b. 6/6/1842, md. Philip Green Pryor of Marion Co., TN.)

1930 Census Los Angeles, Co, CA
Page 179a, 316 S. 81st St., George F. PRYOR 28, md 23, CA CA CA salesman sash & door, Clara wife 22 CA CA CA, Reginaldo father 60 widow CA CA CA night watchman at electric railway company. (Reginaldo Pryor grandson of Nathaniel Pryor Jr. and son of Pablo and Rosa Pryor)
Dist 170, N. Kingsley Dr., page 18A
Lindley PRYOR 37 (md 20) TN TN TN Supervior for City Water, Elsa M. wife 37 IL Eng IL. (Thomas M. Pryor of Franklin Co., TN>James J. Pryor of Davidson Co., TN>.Lindley H. Pryor born 2 Feb 1893 in TN was counted on the 1920 Census in Guam as a 1st Lt. in the Marines. His US Residence was 1717 Greenwood Ave., Nashville, TN. He is on the 1900 & 1910 Census with his parents in Davidson Co., TN)
Dist. 563, Grape St., page. 6A
Lawrence S. PRYOR 49 (md 37) TN TN TN switchman for Pacific Electric Railroad, Anna P. wife 35 MO Ger Ger, Lawrence S. Jr. son 11 MO. (Lawrence Pryor and family were in St. Louis, MO in 1920)
Dist. 597, Upper Reservation" Fort MacArthur (San Pedro),page 2B
John R. PRYOR 36 (md 27) TN TN TN soldier in US Army/Served in WW I, Hortense C. wife 35 (md 21) CA DE CA, Lawrence B. Riley step-son 11 CA TX CA, John R. Pryor son 8 CA
Dist. 1330, Huntington Ave., Huntington Park, page 7A.
Alton L. PRYOR 36 (md 26) TN TN TN inspector for city electrical dept., Lucille wife 33 TN VA TN, Nancy M. dau 9 MI, Alton L. Jr. son 7 CA, Margaret mother 61 widow (md 16) TN TN TN (William Alexander Pryor & Margaret Jane Gott of Marion Co., TN>Alton L. Pryor born 28 Jan. 1894)
Dist. 1340, 55th Pl, Maywood, page 8B
James H. PRYOR 62 (md 21) TN TN TN carpenter, Fannie wife 62 VA VA VA, Lillian Russell dau 37 wd (md 16) TN, Nona gr-dau 18 CA, Glen D. gr-son 15 CA. (See 1920 CA Census entry and CA Death Index)
Dist. 1351, San Antonio, South Gate, page 13A
William G. PRYOR 31 (md 22) TN US VA mechanic at saw & knife works, Grace B. wife 28 (md 19) MO MO MO, Wesley R. son 6 CA, James L. son 5 CA (Philip Pryor & Temperance Prigmore of Marion Co., TN>John Henry Pryor>Willaim G. Pryor)
Monrovia, sheet 10B, house 166 Sunset Pl., William F. Palmer 68 IN KY IN md 27, Bessie P. (PRYOR) wife 51 IA TN VA md. 21 (this was the second marriage for Bessie Pryor as she was counted as Bessie Fletcher and a widow on the 1920 Census in Los Angeles) John C. PRYOR father in law 89 md. 27 TN TN VA, Melissa mother in law 78 md 17 VA VA VA. (John Clark Pryor died in 1942. He was the son of Thomas and Margaret of Cocke Co, TN on the 1850 Census)
Pasadena, 59a, Maryland Hotel, Joseph H. PRYOR 78 married 29 CA Eng Eng Publisher Magazine (Probably son of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor of Shasta Co. Probably the same Joseph H. PRYOR who was in Marin Co.)

Records of Marin County, CA

1900 Census Marin Co., CA
Sausalito, sheet 3b, Joseph H. PRYOR Aug 1855 45 CA Eng Eng editor, Flora C. wife Jul 1863 CA RI WI, Perry C. son Nov. 1883 16 CA, Dan Soosue servant (bl) April 1861 Samoa Samoa Samoa cook. (Joseph H. Pryor applied for a passport in 1906. Stated he was born in Sonora, CA on 9/28/1851...but 55 years old so the math doesn't work. Son Percy Church Pryor states on passport application that he was born 11/13/1883 in Red Bluff, CA. Joseph H. is probably son of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor of Shasta Co. This may be the same Joseph H. Pryor who was in Pasadena, CA in 1930)

1905 Mrs J PRYOR, wife of the editor of the Sausalito News left for the east to settle the million dollar estate of her uncle Thaddeus H. Church in Adamsville, RI (Reported in the San Francisco Call, 23 Jul 1905. There's Thaddeus H. Church in RI, born 1815 on the 1900 Census)

1912 Announcement - W. A. PRYOR an employee of the the Northwestern Pacific Railroad moved his family to the Claremont Dist., Oakland. States that he is a brother of Judge J.H. PRYOR.

1921 Death - Mrs. Priscilla PRYOR, mother of judge Joseph H. PRYOR, manager of the the Pasadena Star news, She died at her home in Ocean View at age 92. States she came to San Francisco in Feb. 1850 from England with her husband Joseph PRYOR. Survived by sons Joseph H PRYOR, Will A PRYOR of San Francisco, Alfred PRYOR. Buried in family plot in San Mateo, Co. (Sausalito News, 28 May 1921)

Records of Mariposa County, CA

1850 Census, Mariposa Co., CA
Page 83A, house 618/618 Living in house with several men described as miners... Lewis PRYOR 28 miner MA.

Records of Mendocino County, CA

1860 Census, Mendocino Co., CA
Ukiah Twp., Page 802B, House 91. Elijah PRYOR 35 miller TN. (possibly Elijah W. Pryor who was on the Bates Co., MO census in 1850 and was in Vernon Co., MO in 1880)

Records of Monterey County, CA

1880 Census, Monterey Co., CA
Salinas City, page 26B, Leonadus Barrigus? 32 grain dealer IA NY NY, Jennie 30 wife MO TN TN, Sarah Keith (PRYOR) 67 mother in law TN NC VA (Sarah is the widow of James Keith and the daughter of Matthew Pryor and Henrietta Williams of Marion Co., TN)

1910 Census, Monterey, Co., CA
Pacific Grove Twp, sheet 5b, house house 429 Ocean Blvd John P PRYOR 50 TX US US, Eliza S wife 47 VA VA TN, John P jr son 20 VA, Fredrick H son 16 VA, T. Aubrey son 18 VA, Frances dau 10 CA (Frank Pryor, son of John P Pryor, made an application for the Sons of the American Revolution- He states his mother was Eliza Sappington)

1920 Census, Monterey Co., CA
Pacific Grove Twp., page 224a, house 429 Ocean Blvd John P Pryor 59 TX VA VA real estate/officer, Elizabeth wife 57 VA VA TN, Aubry son 27 VA, Frances dau 20 CA TX, VA. (this family was on the 1900 Census in San Mateo Co., CA. The CA death index states John Porter Pryor was born 6 July 1859 in TX. His mother's surname was Davis. John Porter Pryor applied for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution--he states his father was Frank Jones Pryor and that he was born in Bexar Co., TX. He is on the 1860 Census in Bexar Co., TX)

Records of Napa County, CA

1868 Probate - Cassandra J J PRYOR, deceased. Petitioner Josiah S. Trubody, father of Cassandra PRYOR. She died about 12 April 1868. Heirs Frances J. PRIOR, John S F PRIOR. (Gravemarker states CJJ Trubody was the wife of J. G. PRYOR. Josiah Trubody and daughter Cassandra were on the 1852 CA State Census in Napa County -- she was 11 and born in MO)

1880 Census Napa Co., CA
Hattie E. PRYOR, 24 school teacher CA ENG ENG (Daughter of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor of Shasta Co., CA. Hattie was on the 1920 Census in San Franscico married to George Taylor. Hettie was counted twice in 1880... she was also living with her mother in Tehama Co.)
Yount, page 380d... living in the household of George Linn 51 farmer Ireland Ireland Ireland... John T. PRYOR 33 Baptist Minister, Editor, Evangel GA GA GA

1920 Census Napa Co., CA
Vetrans' Home... Jeremiah PRYOR 79 MO TN TN unmarried retired

1925 Napa Directory - Jeremiah PRYOR

CA Death Index - Jeremiah PRYOR
died 24 Jun 1925 (Find A Grave memorial for Jeremiah Pryor buried in Veteran's Memorial Grove Cemetery in Yountville. Co. C. 2n Cal. Inf. CA military register state Jeremiah Pryor was a miner, same death date, In 1912 he was 69 and had been in CA 56 years. He joined the military in 1864 in San Francisco.)

Records of Nevada County, CA

1860 Census, Nevada County, CA
house 904 Rebecca PRYOR 50 widow OH, Charles 26 miner OH, John 21 musician OH, Missouri 18 OH, Bennet 16 OH.

1867 Birth - Frank John Pryor born 1867 in Grass Valley, CA. He moved to Kings Co., CA in 1873 (obituary in May 16, 1953 The Fresno Bee)

1868 Marriage - Bennett A PRYOR to Mollie L. Evans on 18 Nov 1868

1869 Event - "George Pryor and John Whipley exchanged nine shots at Truckee yesterday. Pryor had his left shoulder broken and Whipley hit in the stomach, and it is feared will prove fatal. Cause, jealosy." (Marysville Daily Appeal, 7 Jul 1869. Another article identifies the woman that came between these men as Carrie Pryor whose real name was Carrie Smith and AKA Spring Chicken. She was described as a dangerous and violent woman prone to drunkedness and unseemly behavior in Truckee.-- Daily Alta California on 13 Apr 1873.)

1870 Census, Nevada Co., CA
Bridgeport Twp, page 105a, house 161 Benj. A. PRYOR 26 express agent OH, Mary 22 keeping house OH, Lettie Evans Pryor 9/12 born Nov CA, Rebecca PRYOR 60 house keeper OH
Grass Valley, page 229a, house 1799 Andrew Huson 38 sawyer Norway.... living in household Elijah PRYOR 35 lumbernam MO.
Grass Valley Page 142b, house 17 Peter Brunstetler 38 machinist PA.... living in household Athanasus PRYOR 48 quartz miner England (There are several Athanasus Pryors on the 1841 and later UK Census in Cornwall)
Grass Valley Page 145a, house 39 "hotel"... John PRYOR 29 quartz miner England
Grass Valley Page 170a. house 530/499 John Thomas 27 quartz miner England, James PRYOR 22 quartz miner England, John Richards 32 quartz miner England.

Records of Oakland County, CA

1930 Census, Oakland Co., CA
Dist. 186, 34th Ave., page 13B
Edward PRYOR 43 (md 21) TN TN TN, Nellie wife 36 TN TN TN, Verdis son 18 TN, Veda dau 19 TN, Gordon son 9 CO, Hazel dau 7 CO, Viola dau 6 CO, Aleda dau 5 CO.
(Chesley Allen Pryor and Catherine>Edward Gustav Pryor and Nell Deane Thomas.  This family is on the 1920 Census in Muhlenberg Co., KY and the 1910 Census in Scott Co., TN.)

Records of Orange County, CA

1886 Murder - Miguel Pryor questioned in the murder of his friend Francisco Olivares. Pryor was reported to be drunk when he stabbed Olivares. Olivares died 13 days later of an infection. (Los Angeles Herald, 16 Dec 1886)

1900 Census, Orange Co., CA
San Juan Twp., page 132a, house 88 Rosa A PRYOR May 1836 64 CA CA CA, Reginaldo O. Son constable Mar 1868 CA CA CA, Nancy E. dau in law Dec 1871 28 md 4 yrs, CA WV CA, Trinidad Burrell boarder Jul 1859 CA Mexico CA
San Juan Twp., page 132a, house 89 Miguel J. PRYOR farmer Jul 1864 CA CA CA, Amelia wife Dec 1864 35 md 17 yrs CA Mexico CA, Pablo son Jan 1884 CA, Rosa dau Mar 1885 15 CA, Raul son Sept 1886 13 CA, Ernesto son Dec 1888 11 CA. (In 1910 this family was living in the the City of Los Angeles)

1910 Census, Orange Co., CA
San Juan Twp., page 2a, house 28 Occidental Ave., Albert PRYOR 38, md 16 yrs, CA CA CA general farm, Natalia wife 32 (2 children) CA France CA, Paul son 13 CA, Albert Jr. son 7 CA (Albert Pryor son of Nathaniel Pryor, step-brother of Pablo Pryor who was married to Rosa below. Albert was living in Los Angeles in 1900).
San Juan Twp., page 2a, house 29 Occidental Ave., John Landell 45 PA PA PA, Soledad (PRYOR) 35 CA CA CA, Charlie son 9 CA, Gladys dau 2 CA, Rosa PRYOR mother in law 75 widow CA CA CA spanish speaking. (See Los Angeles County above... San Juan was previously counted in Los Angeles County. Rosa Pryor widow of Pablo Pryor, her daughter Soledad)

1930 Census, Orange Co., CA
San Juan Twp., sheet 3b, house 72. Miguel Yorba 62 md 30 CA CA CA farmer, Terresa (PRYOR) wife 62 CA CA CA
San Juan Twp., sheet 3b, house 73. John Landell 63 PA PA PA justice at police court, Soledad (PRYOR) wife 53 CA CA CA, Gladys dau 22 CA, John P. son 19 CA.

Records of Oxnard County, CA

1930 Census, Oxnard Co., CA
Ventura, Pct. 2, sheet 27a, house 227 F Street, Fred F. White 28 TX MO AR police man, merchants police; Louise F. wife 25 OK MS MO, Mildred N. dau 3 OK, Norma G. dau 2 OK, Betty J. dau 11/12 CA, Olivia PRYOR mother in law, 67, widow, MO US US, George M. PRYOR brother in law 38 divorced TX MS MO, policeman City of Oxnard (Samuel and Olivia Pryor are on the 1900 Census of the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory)

Records of Riverside County, CA

1930 Census, Riverside Co, CA
Dist. 30, Squadron 70, March Field, Perris, CA. page 5A
John PRYOR 40 divorced (md 30) TN TN GA, soldier US Army, served in WW I.

Records of Sacramento County, CA

1860 Census Sacrament County, CA
Page 19b, 1st Ward of Sacramento, house 213 Robert Fisher 39 (bl) blacksmith D. C..... living in household J PRYOR 22 male miner MO (This is possibly Jeremiah PRYOR who was in Alameda, Butte, and Napa Counties)

1895 Death - John PRYOR
filed $250 as the administrator of the estate of Celina PRYOR, deceased. (Sacaramento Daily Union, 3 Aug 1895). San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records states her year of birth as 1842 in NY. Her gravemarker in Elder Creek Cemetery, Sacramento Co. states her date of death as 15 Jul 1895 and that she was the wife of John Pryor.

1896 Probate Record - John PRYOR died 14 February 1896 in London, England. His will was written and filed in England. He appointed William Benjamin Dewey the trustee of his estate. Named heirs, his cousins, Emily Dewey, Rebecca Dewey, Ellen Dewey, Sarah Dewey, Charles Dewey Sr., Charles Dewey Jr. His "natural" son John William PRYOR.

1910 Census, Sacramento, CA
Oak Park Village, Sutter Twp., page 124a, house 25 Jacob PRYOR black 8/1875 24 TN AL Unk porter at dry goods, Campbell B. brother black 5/1880 20 TN AL Unk porter dry goods, Jonah brother black 7/1885 14 TN AL Unk at school, Hugh brother black 7/1889 11 TN AL Unk. at school. (Jacob Pryor died in San Bernardino Co., CA per CA Death Record, Mother's maiden name unknown.)

Records of San Diego County, CA

1910 Census, San Diego Co., CA
San Luis Rey Twp., page 31a, house 56 Reginaldo O. PRYOR 42, md 14 yrs, CA CA CA deputy constable, Nancy wife CA WV CA, George F. son 7 CA. (Grandson of Nathaniel Pryor Jr., son of Pablo Pryor)

Records of San Francisco County, CA

1880 Census, San Francisco, CA
ED 164, page 246a, Sixteenth St., John L PRIOR 41 sailmaker MD Eng Eng, Nellie R. 28 NY Ire Ire, Clark C. son 3 CA, Mabel dau 1 CA. (CA Death Record of Clark Churchill Pryor b. 9/3/1876 in CA, d. 1/20/1955, mother's maiden name Pennington).

1897 News Article -
Frank Rodericho was hit over the head with a pipe by John PRYOR. The two had an old quarrel over a woman named Lizzie Gomez. (San Francisco Call, 19 Nov 1897)

1900 Census San Francisco, CA
ED#179, page 301A.  660 Broderick St., house154/219 Russell A. PRYOR Aug. 1835, 64, md. 30 TN TN TN watchman (day), Margaret wife Mar. 1850, 50, 4 children/4 living Scotland Scotland, Scotland, Laurence W. son Feb. 1870, 30, NV, Florence dau Sept. 1871, 28, NV, Margaret dau Sept. 1876, 23 NV.  (William Pryor of White Co., TN>William Pryor of Bates Co., MO>Russell Pryor and wife Margaret Jinerson were on the 1880 Census in Humboldt Co., NV)
Dist. 203, South St. Alfred PRYOR ship owner, May 1858 42 widow CA ENG ENG, Priscilla mother Sept. 1828 71 widow 6 children/4 living ENG ENG ENG. (Priscilla widow of Joseph Pryor of Shasta Co., CA. Alfred E. Pryor born 28 May 1857, mother's maiden name Thomas.)

1912 Estate - Mary, widow of James K. PRYOR had filed suit to obtain control of a lot owned at Eddy St and Mason St. (San Francisco Call, 31 Dec 1912)

1920 Census San Francisco, CA
Dist. 390, San Jose Ave., sheet 6b
George Taylor 66 OH OH Germ, Henrietta (PRYOR) wife 64 CA Eng Eng, Priscilla PRYOR mother in law 91 Eng Eng Eng immigrated 1850. (Joseph & Priscilla Pryor were in Shasta Co. in 1860, 1870)

1930 Census, San Francisco Co., CA
Dist. 371, Ellis St., page 1A
David PRYOR 47 (md. 40) TN MS TN retired Psychotherapist, Archibald PRYOR 52 lodger single TN MS TN electrician. (Archibald Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Las Animas Co., Co. and on the 1920 Census in Denver, Co.)
Dist. 402, Bush St., page 7A
Verne M. PRYOR 39 lodger, single female TN TN TN office worker at Women's Club.

Records of San Mateo County, CA

1900 Census San Mateo Co., CA
San Mateo, page 291a, house 292 John P PRYOR Jul 1859/40, married 15, TX VA TN, Eliza wife May 1862/38 VA VA TN, Frank D son Aug 1886/19 VA TX VA, John P son Dec 1889/10 VA, Fred H son May 1893/7 VA, Thomas A son Apr 1895/5 VA, Frances V dau May 1899/1 CA (This family is on the 1910 Census in Monterey, CA)

Records of Santa Cruz County, CA

1860 Census Santa Cruz Co., CA
Watsonville and Pajaro Twp., page 535b, house 110 Nathaniel PRIOR 26 farmer AL, Jane Ann 20 England, John J. 5/12 CA.  (Nathaniel West Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Lafayette Co., MS and in 1880 in Iron Co., UT).

1904 Event - Al PRYOR, a contractor badly injured in a dynamite explosion near Bourlder Creek. (San Francisco Call on 17 Mar 1904)

Records of San Joaquin County, CA

1910 San Joaquin Co., CA
Stockton, W. Vermont St., Pct. 3, page 46, Alfred E. PRYOR 50 CA Eng Eng, Augusta M. wife 38 NY Ger Ger, Mary Statermann mother in law 68 widow NJ Ire Ire (Alfred son of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor of Shasta Co., CA)

Records of Shasta County, CA

1860 Census Shasta Co., CA
Page 695A, house 488/477 Joseph PRYOR 34 farmer $3000/$1900 England, Priscilla  32 England, A. PRYOR (m) 38 farmer  England, Joseph 9 CA, William 7 CA, Henrietta 4 CA, Alfred 2 CA, D. A. Brown 26 miner NY. (This family was on the 1850 Census in Tuolumne Co., CA. Joseph Pryor became a Naturalized American Citizen on Oct. 18, 1856 in Shasta Co., CA. Funeral record of son Alfred states mother's maiden name Priscilla Thomas )
1870 Census, Shasta Co., CA
Page 481B, house 219/219 Joseph PRYOR 43 miner England, Priscilla 40 keeping house England, Henrietta W. 14 CA, Alfred E. 12 CA.
1900 Census Shasta Co., CA
Dist. 105. house 21 William A. PRYOR Jun 1853 46 CA Eng Eng druggist, Josephine C. wife Oct. 1858 41 md 15 CA Ger Ger, Mary A. dau Apr. 1886 14 CA, Bernice E. dau Jul 1896 3 CA. (Son of Joseph and Priscilla Pryor)

Records of Solano County, CA

1860 Census, Solano Co., CA 
Page 232B, House 249, Living in household of 20 male farm laborers...William PRYOR 40 laborer TN. (Possibly son of John & Massa Pryor of Sumner Co., TN or Nichoas Ballow Pryor of Davidson Co., TN.  All of Nicholas' sons were "white collar" professionals...this may rule out this William.)

Records of Stanislaus County, CA

1870 Census, Stanislaus Co., CA
San Joaquin Twp., page 77B, house 199/134 William L. PRYOR 41 farmer MO, Marion 37 keeping house Ireland, George 9 CA, Annie 7 CA, Frank H. 4 CA, Katy 2 CA, Helen? 1 CA, Ah Sing 30 male cook China,  Philip Smith 37 farmer Ireland, Eli Warder 28 farm laborer, MO (This family is on the 1880 Census in Tulare Co., CA. Sacramento Bee Newspaper announced marriage of W. L. Pryor to Mary Duffee on 31 Jan 1859)

Records of Sutter County, CA

1850 Census, Sutter Co., CA
Auburn & Vicinity, page 50A, house 873/873 William Banks 40 mining IL, P. F. PRIOR 28 trader NY, A. B. Hall 38 mining PA, Jas. Brown 32 mining IN.

Records of Tehama County, CA

1860 Census, Tehama Co., CA
Cottonwood Twp., Page 897B, House 278 T. J. Price 30 farmer Canada... counted with laborers living in household W. C. PRIOR 28 teamster TN
1880 Census, Tehama Co., CA
Red Bluff, page 467c, Mary PRYOR 51 Eng Eng Eng, Joseph 28 printer CA Eng Eng, William A. 27 son printer CA Eng Eng, Hettie 24 dau school teacher CA Eng Eng (Mary Pryor is Priscilla widow of Joseph Pryor of Shasta Co., daughter Hettie was counted twice in 1880... she was also in Napa Co.)

Records of Tulare County, CA

1880 Census Tulare Co., CA
Hanford PO. Waymon L. PRYOR 57 TN TN TN, Mary 48 wife Ire Ire Ire, George W. 18 son CA, Annie S. 15 dau CA, J. Franklin 13 son CA, Kate 11 dau CA. (This family was in Stanislaus Co., CA in 1870.  Waymon Leftrick Pryor aged 51, is on the Hanford Dist., Tulare Co. Voter Registration in 1890. Voter Reg noted birthplace as TN. Son George William Pryor aged 27 was also on the same Voter's list. )

Records of Tuolumne County, CA

1850 Census, Tuolumne Co., CA
Twp. 2, page 138A, house 846/846 Living in a household of miners... Henry PRIOR 43 miner England.
Twp. 1., page 151B, house 994/991 Joseph PRYER 25 miner England, Priscilla PRYER 22 England, A. PRYER (m) 30 miner England, Jos. Thomas 30 miner England, John W. Richards 20 miner England, J. Richards (m) 25 miner England. (Joseph Pryor and family are on the 1852 CA State census in Calaveras Co. Joseph Pryor and family are on the 1860 and 1870 Census in Shasta Co.)

1860 Census,Tuolumne Co., CA
Township 2, page 408A, house 3939/3755 George Battenfield 50 PA and family... Wm [William] PRYOR 34 garden laborer $100 AR.

1870 Census Tuolumne Co., CA
House 1224 Edward Doyle 40 farmer Ireland, Ann (Ann PRIOR) 41 Ireland, John 12 WI, OP 11 WI, Edward 8 WI, Thomas 7 CA, J. F. 5 CA. (Social Security record for Edward b. 1862, states mother was Ann Prior and that he was born in Columbia Tuolumne County.)

1930 Census, Tuolumne Co., CA - Dist. 14
#278/280 Gilbert C. PRYOR 39 (19) TN TN TN, Myrtle wife 34 (21) TN TN TN, Billie S. son 10 WY (Gilbert is on the 1920 Census in Sweetwater Co., WY)

Records of Yuba County, CA

1850 Census, Yuba Co., CA
Nevada City, page 301A, house 818/818 James Norwood 28 miner IL, D. D. PRYOR 27 miner IL, Edward Dodson 26 miner IL, F. E. ???? 31 miner IN, B. M. Saks 28 miner, Seymour Irons? miner 32 IN.
1900 Census, Yuba Co., CA
Foster Bar, page 173b, house 354 James PRYER Jul 1841 58 MO MO MO, miner.



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