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Records from Elbert County, GA

1805 Death - DAR Patriot Haden Prior from NC. (DAR ancestor #A093323)

1805 Estate - Harden PRIOR. Inventory taken 16 Jan 1805 signed by Clem Glenn, Charles Haynie, Bridg-r Hanee? Return of 117 1/2 acres in Applington, GA. Archd Prier (Archibald) went into court to swear on the return during the July 1805 term.

Records from Floyd County, GA

1860 Census Floyd Co., GA
Livingston PO, page 216, house 1458, Thomas M Foster 54 SC, Martha C 46 domestic SC, C S PRYOR (female) 58 domestic SC.
Cave Spring, page 353, house 1522 Robert W Hage 62 farmer VA... counted in household Lucius A PRIER 34 boarder (deaf and dumb) GA, Mary 23 boarder (deaf and dumb) (Lucius Pryor was in Paulding Co., GA in 1850)
Barkers, page 94, house 621 J H PRIOR (male) 25 machanic SC, F (female) 20 GA, C F (female) 1 GA

1870 Census Floyd Co., GA

Subdivision 141, page 38, house 237 Thomas M Foster 64 farmer SC, Martha C 56 SC, Charlotte S PRIOR 68 no occupation SC.
Subdivision 141, page 66, house 464 Shepherd PRIOR 55 black works on farm GA, Seva 40 GA, George 19 GA, Mary 18 GA, John 16 GA, James 14 GA, David 12 GA, Albert 10 GA, Willie 8 GA.
Subdivision 141, page 58, house 409 Columbus PRIOR 32 black works on farm GA, Anney 30 GA
Subdivision 141, page 58, house 465, Caroline Bruge 15 black GA... living in household PRIOR Infant 10/12 born in Sept. GA.
Subdivision 141, page 58, house 466 Lewis PRIOR 24 black GA, Frances 23 AL, Johnson 6 GA, Thomas 1 GA, Mitchell 2/12 GA.
Subdivision 141, page 59, house 468 Liza PRIOR 21 black no occupation GA, James Smith 4/12 GA born Jan, John Shepherd 4/12 GA born Jan
Subdivision 141, page 149, house 1056 Kinchin Rambo 68 farmer SC, Mary A (PRYOR) 62 wife SC (married 1824 in SC. 1840 Census in Gwinnett Co., GA)
Subdivision 141, page 288b,house 587 Daniel Lewis 62 (bl) works on farm NC, Rinda 40 (bl) GA, Lucy 18 (bl) GA, Emeline 14 (bl) GA, Henry L 11 (bl) GA, John 1 (bl) GA, Lethia M 1/12 (bl) GA born April 1870, Martin PRIOR 21 (bl) works on farm GA, Joanna PRIOR 21 (bl) keeping house GA, Lucinda 4 (bl) GA, Ceily 2 (bl) GA, Sabria 3/12 (bl) GA born Dec 1869,

1880 Census Floyd Co., GA
Barkers, page 46b, house 440 Kinchin Rambo 78 farmer SC SC SC, Mary H (PRYOR) 72 wife SC England SC, Frank C Lloyd grandson 12 GA (married 1824 in SC)

Records from Forsyth County, GA

1850 Census Forsyth County, GA
house 1525 Abner PRIER 62 NC farmer, Sally 64 NC.
(Semi-Weekly Standard, Raleigh, Sept 9 1857 - Abner Pryor was killed when a steam boiler exploded at a sawmill near Germantown. Abner was described as a neighbor who was visiting the mill.)

Records from Greene County, GA

1799 Marriage - Allen PRYOR to Elizabeth Cole 18 Sept 1799 (this is possibly the Allen Pryor who was in Obion Co., TN in 1826?)

1809 Court Case - George Tuggle and Duke Cole are the executors of John Cole's estate, which includes Lucy, valued at $500, and her three children, each worth $200. The petitioners claim that in December of the previous year, they "casually lost" the slave, who fell into the possession of Allen PRYOR. They allege that although Pryor knew that the slaves were their property, he "converted the said negroes to his own use." They sued for $2,000 in damages.

1810 Court Case - Allen PRYOR was the owner of four slaves, Lucy and her three children, Judy, Jacob and Jane. He contends, however, that the slaves were taken out of his possession and they ended up in the possession of Duke Cole "by finding." Pryor claims that Cole intended to deceive him by not returning the slaves and that he has "converted & disposed of the said goods & Chattels to his own use." Pryor claims damages of $1,500, and asks that Cole be required to appear in the Superior Court to answer his allegations.

1816 Marriage - Marlow PRYOR to Mary Armor 12 Sept 1816 (they are on the 1820 Census in Baldwin Co., GA)

1817 Marriage
- Susan PRYOR to John Patterson 25 Nov 1817

1820 Census Greene Co., GA
Capt Awtrey's Dist: William Pryor 12010140001
Next page: Benjamin Stringfellow (he was in Oglethorpe Co., GA on the tax list with Edward Pryor in 1791)
Captain Leftwick's Dist. : illegible word... Duke Cole (named in lawsuit against Allen Pryor)
Captain Leftwick's Dist. : George Tuggle (named in lawsuit against Allen Pryor. George Tuggle was counted in Oglethorpe Co., GA in 1830 and 1840)

Records from Harris County, GA

1830 Census, Harris Co., GA
Page 181, Waid PRIOR 100001-10001 (Wade Pryor married Rebecca Poythress 4 Mar 1829 in Columbia Co., GA)

1840 Census, Harris Co., GA
Hamilton Dist. 1, page 283, W. B. PRIOR 000001-00001

1847 Marriage -
Wesley G. Cox and Elizabeth Ann PRYER on 21 Dec 1847 (They are on later census records in Macon Co., AL and Pike Co., AL)

1850 Census, Harris Co., GA
Goodman Dist., page 89B, house 560 Wade PRIOR 53 farmer GA, Rebecca 40 GA, Edward 20 farmer GA, Jeremiah 14 GA, Sarah J. 12 GA, John 10 GA, Robert 5 GA, William 1 GA. (Wade Pryor married Rebecca Poythress on Mar. 4, 1829 in Columbia Co., GA. Wade Bibb Pryor and  family are on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., AL.  Wade Pryor purchased land in Montgomery Co., AL on June 1, 1849)

Records from Houston County, GA

1860 Census Houston Co, GA
House 759 William Sawyer 28 sawyer GA, Massey (PRYOR) 28 AL, Massy 5 AL, Laura 1 GA (This couple married in Russell Co., AL. They are on the 1870 Census in Pulaski Co., GA. Massy Prior is on the 1850 Census in Russell Co., AL)

Records from Jackson County, GA

1818 Estate - Estate of John Thornton (born about 1775), Penelope Thornton, PRIOR Thornton, John Rogers, James H. Perdue, George Haney, William Sailors, William Grimes, Sarah Thornton, Polly Thornton, Jackson County Inventories, Appraisals, and Returns 1800-1839. (Possibly born in Lunenburg Co., VA)

Records from Jasper County, GA

1815 Marriage - Nancy PRYOR married Isaac Weldon on 28 February 1815

1816 Church Record - Concord Primitive Baptist Church, John Pryor member.

1820 Census Jasper County, GA
Isaac Weldon 311211 - 1301 (Isaac Weldon married Nancy Pryor)

1822 Marriage - William PRYOR married Lucy Cross 26 May 1822

1825 Marriage - John Coats married Lydia Pryor. (They are on the 1850 Census in Lauderdale Co., GA. DAR ancestor #A132900 states Lydia Pryor is the daughter of patriot John Pryor.)

1827 Land Lottery in Carroll Co., John Pryor obtained land 23 May 1827 (Roster of Revoloutionary Soldiers in Georgia Vol. III, page 300)

1829 Tax List - Isaac C. Weldon - (married to Nancy Pryor)

1830 Marriage - Wilson Coats married Susan PRYOR 17 Dec 1830

1830 Census Jasper Co., GA.
Isaac Weldon one male counted age 80 to 90 years. No females in household.

1832 Marriage - William PRIOR married Margaret Coats 8 January 1832 (they are on the 1850 Census in Catahoula Co., LA)

Records from Jefferson County, GA

About 1796 - Counted among the earliest settlers of Jefferson County, Robert PRIOR (The Story of Georgia and the Georgia People 1732-1860, by George G Smith, publ. 1900)

1820 Will - Will of Richard Lowery, husband of Patience Lowry witnessed by Absolom Pryor, George Wright, Christopher Lowery, William Lowery. Exr. Robert Lowery.

1820 Census Jefferson Co., GA
Page 43, Nancy PYOR 100111-21011
Page 44, Absolom PRYOR  000001  - 00001

1821 Marriage - Arrency PRIOR to Isaac Davis 15 Nov 1821

1827 Land Lottery
in Lee, Mary Pryor, widow obtained land. (This is probably the Mary Pryor who was 85 years old on the 1850 Census).

1830 Census Jefferson Co., GA
Page 424, Mary PRYOR   0001-000000001 (eldest female between 60-69 yrs. Counted near Isaac B. Davis and Felman? Bostick. Roster of Revoloutionary Soldiers in Georgia Vol. III, page 308)

1840 Census Jefferson Co., GA
77th Dist., page 101, Mary PRYOR  0000000001 - (no females counted. Perhaps Mary Pryor was accidently counted as the male between 70 - 79 yrs.)

1839 Marriage
- Mary PRIOR to Lewis Gunns 4 Sept 1839

1845 - Deed/Instrument.
Sarah Smith was to marry Travis Guilliams, hence she deeded her property to Allen S. B. Prior. Was this a way of keeping her property in her family rather than going to her new husband or his family? Sarah Guillams (sic) is on the 1850 Census in Burke Co., GA. Travis Guillams was probably a weathly man as he owned numerous slaves per the 1850 Slave Schedules.

1845 Revolutionary War Pension Application for Moses Crawford filed by his wife Nancy in Cleveland, TN (Bradley County). Includes deposition of Mary PRYOR of Jefferson Co., GA. Mary Pryor swore she became acquainted with the Crawfords when they lived in Burke Co., GA.

1850 Census Jefferson Co., GA
48th Dist., page 157a, house 365 Mary PRIOR 85 born Hannricker Co., VA (Henrico County?), Martha Lindsey 22 born Burke Co., GA.
48th Dist., page 144b, house 163 Allen S. B. PRIOR 39 born Burke Co., GA, Caroline 36 born Burke Co., GA, Benjamin F. 17 born Burke Co., GA, Emily J. 9 born Burke Co., GA, Frances E. 6 born Jefferson Co., GA, Caroline 3 born Jefferson Co., GA, George W. 1 born Jefferson Co., GA.
48th Dist., page 158b, house 383 Isaac B. Davis 52 SC, Narcissa Davis 20 b. Jefferson Co., GA (widower of Arrency Pryor?)
48th Dist., page 144b, house 160 Lewis F. Gunn 38 born Jefferson Co., GA, Mary 47 born Cabarrus County, NC. Bathshaba 20 born in Jefferson Co., GA.




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