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Records from Madison County, GA

1813 Tax List Madison Co., GA
Capt. George Eberhart's Dist: John PRIOR

1817 Deed - Daniel Orr to Dabney Gholson. Wit: J. H. PRYOR, William Harvie, Benjamin Gholston, page 132, (Possibly Daniel Orr who served in Revolution. He was born in Wake Co., NC and lived in GA since 1784)

1818 Deed - Zachariah Clift to Dabney Gholston. Wit: J. H. PRYOR, Joseph (x) Tolbert, Samuel Whitehead, Benjamin Gholston page 131 (Dabney Gholston was from Spottsylvania Co., VA per Sons of American Revolution application)

1818 Deed - William Brown to Phillip PRYOR, both of Madison Co. Wit: Sam Williford, Edward Ware, Sr., Wm. Higinbotham (probably spelled Higginbotham). page 167

1818 Deed - George Durskel of Jackson Co., Ga. to John W. Streetman of Madison Co., for $150, tract in Madison Co. on South Fork of Broad River, 147 acres, beg. pine cor., S5W to post oak cor., S85E to pine cor., N85W, N5E to beg., adj. Martin Streetman, Joseph Johnson & Joseph Moon, part of a 1000 acre survey orig. granted to Joseph PRYOR. (signed) George Durskel. Wit: M. Streetman, Wm. Fleming. Proved by William Fleming 29 Jan 1820, Charles Polk, magistrate. Rec. 21 Apr 1820.

1824 Will - Dabney Gholston. Witness: J.H. Pryor, M.T. Wilhite, John McLeroy. Recorded: Mar 23, 1825

1824 Tax List Madison Co., GA
Defaulters in Capt Orr's (?) Dist.
PRYOR Crittendon
(Pryor Crittendon/Crittenden was born in Charlottesville, VA. He enlisted in the millitary in 1815 in Elbert Co., GA. He is on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Wilson Co., TN)

After the Revolutionary War...
Jesse Womack (married to Dorthy Pryor) b. 1739, d. 1815 Madison Co., GA. Served in American Revolution in GA Line under Gen John Twiggs. Received land. Date of Land grant not noted. (Roster of Revoloutionary Soldiers in Georgia Vol. III, page 249)

Records from Mitchell County, GA

1860 Census Mitchell Co., GA
Pryor's PO., Page 26, House 182 Green E. PRIOR 33 physician TN, Harriet E. 28 GA, Wm. A. Gains 15 GA, George Gains 13 GA, Charles J. Gains 11 GA, Sarah J. PRIOR 4 GA, Emma M. 2 GA, Horace B. 11/12 GA. (Green E. Pryor was living in Henry Co., TN for the 1850 Census)

Records from Morgan County, GA

1820 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Captain Harper's Dist.
John PRIOR 311010 - 0201 3 boys under 10 years
1 boy 10 - 16 years
1 male 16 - 26 years
1 male 26 - 45 years
1 girl 10 - 16 years
1 woman 26 - 45 years

1830 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Asa Prior 1111101 - 101111 (42 slaves)
Elizabeth Prior w. (widow?) 0111 - 001101

1831 Probate - Louisa F. PRIOR, deceased. Administrator Robert A PRYOR, surety on bond John Radford, Archibald B Wood.

1840 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Dist. 280, Page 230, G. H. PRIOR 10001-0001
Dist. 280, Page 230. Robert A. PRIOR 000021-110001
Dist. 399, Page 240, Mrs. E. PRIOR 0001-00000001
(The widow Elizabeth Prior obtained land in Morgan Co. through the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery.  Land was also obtained by and Ephraim W. Prior)

1850 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Dist. 12, Page 111B, House 136 Benjamin M. Peeples 48 farmer $11440 GA, Nancy 43 GA, Reuben 33 clerk GA, Oscar 19 clerk GA, Mary R. H. 17 GA, Emily M. 15 GA, Samuel G. 12 GA, Caroline M. 11 GA, Ernestine 8 GA, Eliz. Ad. 3 GA, Marion Jackson (f) 20 GA, Lucy Hudson 13 GA, Martin Boyan 18 GA, Martha Scott 15 GA, Caroline Davis 16 GA, Mariah PRYOR 16 GA, Frances Tuggle 15 GA.
Dist. 12, page 112A, House ?? Robert A. PRYOR 39 farmer $4500 GA, Mary 40 GA, Mary L. 15 GA, Martha M. 13 GA, Reuben C. 10 GA, Elizabeth A. J. 6 GA, Alexander S. 3 GA, Robert L. 4/12 GA.   (Robert R. Pryor married Mary P. Massey on Nov. 3, 1831 in Morgan Co.)
Dist. 13, page 138A, house ?? Garland J. PRYOR 33 farmer $1500 GA, Elizabeth 33 GA, Robert R. F. 10 GA, Susan E. 8 GA, Lucretia A. 5 GA, Lucinda C. 3 GA, Garland 4/12 GA.
Dist 62, page 122a, house ??, Felix W. PRYOR 30 farmer GA, Nancy J. 26 GA, John T. 3 GA, Mary E. 7/12 GA, Elizabeth 66 VA.

1860 Census Morgan Co., GA
House 49 Robert A. PRIOR 49 farmer and merchant GA, Mary P. 50 GA, Martha M. 22 GA, Corneilia R. 18 GA, Eliza 15 GA, Allick 12 GA, Robert T. 10 GA, Thomas Edwards 25 clerk GA.
Askew Twp. house 170 Felix W. PRIOR 40 GA, Nancy J. 37 GA, John T. 13 GA, Mary E. 10 GA, William H. 4 GA
House 314 Elizabeth W. PRIOR 42 GA, Robert F. 20 teacher in com school GA, Lou A 15 GA, Leonidas 13 GA, Garland 11 GA, Fannie 8 GA, Madora 6 GA.

1870 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Madison Twp., house 917 Felix W. PRIOR 49 farmer FA, Nancy J. L. 46 keeping house GA, John T. 23 GA, Mary E. 20 GA, Willy H. 13 farm laborer GA, Anna C. 9 GA, Felix M. 7 GA, Robert H. 4 GA.
Madison Twp., house 1071 Mary E. PRIOR 60 GA, Eliza 22 GA, Robert 20 farm labor GA, R. Lovick Peacock 28 farmer GA, Nealy R. Peacock 29 GA, Robert E. 3 GA, Nancy Fannin? 26 domestic assistant GA, Clara L. 2/12 GA.
House 204 Elizabeth W. PRIOR 52 GA, Garland H. 20 farmer GA, Fanny M. 17 GA.

1880 Census, Morgan Co., GA
Askew, house 97 Felix W. PRIOR 60 farmer GA GA GA, Nancy J. 57 wife GA GA GA, Anna 19 dau GA, Felix 17 son GA, Robert 14 son GA.

Records from Muscogee County, GA

1827 Land Lottery
Ann Carolline PRYOR, widow obtained land 17 May 1827. (Baldwin Co.)
Wade PRYOR, obtained land 16 April 1827 (Columbia)
Mary P PRYOR, widow obtained land 23 May 1827 (Columbia Co.)
John PRYOR's orphans obtained land 23 April 1827 (Burke Co.)

1840 Census Muscogee Co., GA
4th Ward of Columbus Twp., page 293, Ann C. PRYOR 001-001201
page 327 Prior Dozier 01010001 - 00110001

1845 Muscogee Co. Property Tax

Russsell's Dist.
PRYOR Dozier for Edwar (Edward Dozier?) and Pryor Dozier
Edward Dozier
(Prior Dozier was on earllier records in Edgefield Co., SC, son of Caty Pryor and Thomas Dozier)

1850 Census Muscogee Co., GA
Columbus, page 299a, Mrs. A. C. PRYOR 60 GA, A. P. (male) 40 GA, C. S. (male) 38 GA, P. W. (male) 28 GA, C. C. (female) 26 GA, Sarah 24 GA.
Columbus Twp., page 329B, house 544 Mrs. Jane PRYOR 22 GA, Alexander 3 GA, George 1 GA (A. G. (Alexander?) Pryor & Mary Jane>George Crawford Pryor born 6 Mar 1849)
Columbus Twp., page 331A, house 654 Ellen PRYOR 35 NY.
Russells Twp, page 358a, house 99 PRIOR Dozier 66 miller SC, Elizabeth 61 SC, Frances L 19 SC,
Russells Twp page 358a, house 100 Edward Dozier 28 farmer SC, Hester 23, Harriet E 5 Muscogee Co., GA, M Emalie 4 GA, Sarah A 3 GA

1860 Census Muscogee Co., GA
Columbus Twp., page , house 1166 Ann C. PRYOR 69 GA, Elizabeth 41 GA
Columbus Twp., page , house 1167 Lane M. PRYOR 45 gentleman GA, C. L. PRYOR (male) gentleman GA. (Lane M. Pryor was granted 320 acres in Harris Co., TX in 1844)
Columbus Twp., page 297, house 1228 P. W. PRYOR 37 gentleman GA, Nancy 35 GA, Celeste 18 GA, Anna 14 GA, Mary 8 GA, Phillip (sic) 16 GA

1860 Marriage - Alexander Pink PRYOR married Mary Jane Sneed 16 Jan 1860 (Muscogee Co., GA marriage records)

1870 Census Muscogee Co., GA
Columbus, page 699b, house 601 Philip PRYOR 48, Nancy 47 TN, Calista 28 GA, Philip 25 GA, Anna 23 GA, Mary 17 GA, John Holt 30 (bl), Amanda 28 (mu), Frank 2 (bl)

Columbus ward 4, page 621a, house 217/312 Pink PRYOR 59 carpenter GA, Mary J 45 GA, Alick (male) 23 GA, George 20 GA, Louis 19 GA, Thomas 17 GA, Robert 13 GA, George Wynn? 9 GA.

1875 Convict Register
- Alexander PRYOR age 29, 5 ft 8 in, dark hair, blue eyes, convicted of Voluntary Manslaughter. Sentence ends 23 Jun 1875 (This may be the male named "Alick" in Pink Pryor's household in 1870)

Records from Newtown County, GA

1850 Census Newton Co., GA
Page 470A, Philip H. PRIOR 24 farmer $500 GA, Mary 21 GA, Elizabeth 2 GA, Frances 46 GA, Telitha 19 GA, Barwell 17 GA. (This family is on the 1860 Census in Dallas Co., AR)

Records from Oglethorpe County, GA

1827 Land Lottery in Troup, Elizabeth Pryor illeg., widow obtained land.

1850 Census, Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dist. 66, House 166/167 G. F. Platt 38 merchant $5000 NY, Mary 21 GA, Mary A. 10 GA, Ellen C. 6 GA, Robert H. 4 GA, Susan A. 2 GA, Edwin 28 merchant CT, Susan A. 19 GA, Thomas W. Landrum 18 GA, John Crawford 20 GA, James H. PRIOR 13 GA, Wm. Landrum 17 clerk GA, Robert B. Harnes 18 student GA, James Oglesby 21 student GA.

Records from Paulding County, GA

1840 Census, Paulding Co., GA
Dist. 848, Page 100 Asa PRIOR 02000201-no females
Dist. 848 , page 102 H. W. PRIOR 00002-10001
Dist. 848, page 102 A. J. PRIOR 200001-00001

1850 Census, Paulding Co., GA
Page 70b, 848th Dist, house 258 George W. West 41 GA, Matilda G. 41 GA (Matilda PRYOR), Francis J 17 GA, Mildred O 15 GA, Benjamin T. 14 GA, John R. 12 GA, Eugenia J. 10 GA, Middleton 8 GA, Sarah Jane 6 GA, Lucius Q 4 GA, Alexander L 2 GA (Matilda named as daughter in Asa Pryor's will).
Page 71b, 848th Dist, house 272 Asa PRIOR 66 farmer NC, Ephraim 43 laborer GA, Middleton 41 GA, Lucius 23 GA, Abigail 21 GA, Angeline 19 GA, Daniel Witcher 54 postmaster NC, E. R. King school teacher 24 SC. (All of the Pryors living with Asa Pryor are recorded as "deaf and dumb" on the census record. Asa Prior born 1783 in Caswell Co., NC, married Sarah Abigail Witcher. Per "Deaf Census" completed for Lucius Pryor, Sarah died in NC and Asa in Sabine, TX. Angeline Pryor was also born deaf and completed the "Deaf Census". Angeline lists her siblings as Middleton, Ephraim, Abigail, Angeline (self), Lucius, Hayden, and John. Asa son of Haden Pryor and Elizabeth Wade. Ephraim, Middleton and Abigail Pryor are on the 1860 Census in Polk Co., GA. Lucius Pryor was in Floyd Co., GA in 1860)
Page 71b, house 276 William H. C. PRIOR 25 physician GA, Ann C. 19 NC, Henry C. 2 GA, Helen 3/12 GA, Hezekiah Witcher 26 medical student GA, Landford Parrish 55 overseer VA (Son of Asa Pryor, recorded as son in his will)
Page 72 b, house 293 John P Veasy 32 GA, Martha (Martha PRYOR) 32, Thomas J. 12 GA, William F. 10 Ga, Malinda Jane 6 GA, Arminta A 4 GA, Middleton P 2 GA. (Martha named as daughter in Asa Pryor's will).
House 315 Andrew J. PRIOR 36 farmer $8000 GA, Sarah 33 GA, Wilson 13 GA, William 11 GA, Hampton 9 GA, Sarah 7 GA, Minerva 5 GA, Tabitha 3 GA, Lucius 1 GA (This family was counted on the 1860 Census in Rusk Co., TX. Death Record for son William Pryor b. 1839 states his father was AJ Prior and mother Miss Watily and William was born in Cedartown, GA. Son of Asa Pryor, recorded as son in his will)
House 327 Haden M. PRIOR 38 farmer $8000 GA, Ann L. 33 GA, Sarah A. 12 GA, John T. 10 GA, Mary J. 8 GA, James M. 6 GA, Rebecca A. 4 GA, Asa L. 1 GA. (John T. Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Polk Co., GA. Son of Asa Pryor, recorded as son in his will)

Records from Pike County, GA

1826 Tax List Pike Co., GA
Capt. John Hartsfield's Dist. - John PRIOR, 215 acres adjoining Rolane Jackson on Burch Creek (also adjoining Jordan Driver, Jesse Kirk)

1832 Marriage - Matthew Coggin married Martha PRYOR 18 March 1832

1832 Marriage - John H. PRYOR married Ellender Coggin 15 April 1832

1838 Tax List Pike Co., GA
Capt. Humphrey's Dist
Burnell Coggin
Moses Maxey
John Coats
Wilson Coats
William PRIOR

1840 Census, Pike Co., GA
Page 119. Allen W. PRIER 20001-0001 (Allen W. Pryor purchased land in the Tallapoosa Dist., AL on Jun. 24, 1840.  Allen W. Pryor also obtained Cherokee land in Pike Co. in 1836 Land Lottery.)
Page 125, William PRIER 3031001-001001
Page 125, John Coats 111001-112001 (wife Lydia Pryor) 1850 John Coats is on the Lauderdale Co., MS Census.
Page 125, Wilson Coats 10001-02101 (wife Susan Pryor, married in Jasper Co.)
Page 126, John PRIOR 000000001-000000001 (John Pryor and wife Lydia Dossy, see Wilkes Co. and Henry Co., GA records)

1843 Marriage - Edmond Crawford married Elizabeth PRYOR on 21 Dec 1843

1848 Marriage - Andrew J. PRYOR married Mary Ann Baker on 5 March 1848

1850 Census, Pike Co., GA
Page 147A, house 336/336 Allen W. PRIOR 47 attorney at law $4500 GA, Sarah 37 GA, William 17 student GA, W. J. Colquist Prior 11 GA, Patrick 8 GA, Allen 4 GA, Martha 8/12 GA.
Page 164B, house 587 Wilson Coats 39 farmer SC, Susan (PRYOR) 39 GA, Peggy A. E. 18 GA, Lydia E. 15 GA, Lucy J. 12 GA, Martha F. 8 GA, William A. 5 GA, Susan 1 GA. (Wilson Coats married Susan Pryor on Dec. 17, 1830 in Jasper Co., GA. John Coats married Lydia Pryor on Aug. 11, 1825 in Jasper Co., GA. They are on the 1850 & 1860 Census in Lauderdale Co., MS).
Page 186, house 886 John PRYOR 41 farmer $400 GA, Penelope 40 GA, Martha S. 16 GA, James M. 13 GA. (John Pryor and son James are on the 1870 Census in Columbia Co., AR)
House 887 Amos J. PRYOR (Andrew J. PRYOR) 20 farming GA, M. A. (f) 20 GA, T. A. (m) 1 GA.
House 888 William PRYOR 52 farmer $9000 GA, Lucy 45 GA, Thomas J. 18 student GA, Madison 11 GA, Richard B. C. 10 GA, Elizabeth Crawford (Elizabeth PRYOR) 22 GA, John C. C. Crawford 2 GA, Edward C. Crawford 9/12 GA, H. W. Baker (m) 24 school teacher GA. (John Pryor & Lydia B.>William Pryor md. Lucy Cross on May 26, 1822. They are also on the 1860 Census in Pike Co., GA. Elizabeth Pryor married Edmund Crawford in 1843.)
House 909 James Shipp 50 farmer $2500 GA, Rhody 52 GA, Richard PRYOR 12 KY. (James Shipp married Rhoda Parker on Dec. 6, 1819 in Columbia Co., GA)

1860 Census Pike Co., GA
Zebulon PO, page 62, house 425/409 William PRYOR 63 farmer GA, Lucy 54 GA, Thomas J. 24 GA, Madison 20 GA, Richard C. 18 GA, John C. Crawford 12 GA, Edmund C. 10 GA.
Zebulon PO, page 62, house 426/409 Andrew J. PRYOR 30 farmer GA, Mary A 30 GA, Jonathan 9 GA, George W. 7 GA, Thomas J. 5 GA, Harris L. 3 GA, Lucy J. 1 GA
Zebulon PO, page 63, house 434/419 Matthew Coggin 54 farmer GA, Martha Coggin (Martha PRYOR) 53 GA, William J. 24 farm laborer GA. (Matthew Coggin married Martha Pryor 18 Mar 1832 in Pike Co., GA)
House 1329 Allen W. PRIOR 63 farmer GA, Sarah 50 GA, William 26 physician GA, Colquitt 19 (male) GA, Patrick 16 GA, Allen W. 13 GA, Martha 10 GA. (Allen Prior/Allen Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Butler Co., AL)

Records from Polk County, GA

1837 - Asa Prior arrived in Polk County and asked Milton Ramie to to build him a mill (source "The Old Mill", The Anniston Star, Anniston, AL, page 5- 24 Jan 1976. It should be noted that Polk county was not formed from Paulding county until 1851 and Asa Pryor is on records in Paulding)

1860 Census Polk Co., GA
house 271 H. M. PRIOR 48 farmer GA, Ann 43 domestic GA, Sarah 21 GA, John 19 GA, James 16 GA, Rebecca 13 GA, Asa 11 GA, Abigail PRIOR 43 domestic GA. (deaf and dumb) (Head of household is Haden Pryor. His son John T. Pryor appears on subsequent census records in Polk Co. Abigail Pryor is in the home of Asa Pryor in Paulding Co., GA on the 1850 Census)
house 272 Ephraim PRIOR 60 farmer (deaf and dumb) (Ephraim Pryor is in the home of Asa Pryor in Paulding Co., GA on the 1850 Census)
house 273 Middleton PRIOR 58 farmer (deaf and dumb)(Middleton Pryor is in the home of Asa Pryor in Paulding Co., GA on the 1850 Census)
Cedar Town, house 69 Martha Childers 50 GA, Jane W. 21 SC, Robert F 20 SC, William A 11 GA. (Jane W. Childers named in probate records of Haden M. Pryor in Clark Co., AR.)

1865 Murder -
According to an account told by John T Prior, his father Haden Prior was murdered by "desperados" near the end of the Civil War on 6 April 1865. John T. alledges that he went out and hunted down the men who killed his father and killed them to advenge his father's death. This account was published in the Rome, Georgia Tribune on 18 April 1897

1870 Census Polk Co., GA

Page 314b, Cedar Town, house 979 Alfred PRIOR 35 (bl) farm labor GA (married Jan), Minerva 16 (bl) keeping house GA, (married Jan).
Page 319 Cedar Town, house 1053 Charles Gideon (bl) 35 farm laborer GA, Ellen PRIOR (bl) 32 farm laborer GA, John 9 GA, William 4 GA
Page 319 Cedar Town, house 1056 Washington PRIOR (bl) 32 GA, Emaline (bl) 27 GA, Alexander 8 GA, John 6 GA, Jordan 3 GA
Page 319 Cedar Town, House 1057 John T PRIOR 31 farmer married in June GA, Mary G 23 GA (John T. Pryor is the son of Haden Pryor and is on the 1850 Census in Paulding Co., GA. John T. is a nephew of Lucius A Prior below.)
Page 325a, Cedar Town, House 1133 Lucius A PRIOR 43 GA deaf and dumb, Mary T 34 AL deaf and dumb, Sarah A 8 GA, Robert H 6 GA, Matilda A 2 GA, Joseph A 4/12 GA, Missouri Carter 24 domestic servant GA.
Page 330a, Cedar Town, house 1205 November PRIOR 54 (bl) farm laborer GA, Rebecca 48 (bl) NC, Adeline 17 (bl) GA, November 11 (bl) farm laborer GA, William 7 (bl) GA
Page 330a, Cedar Town, house 1206 Lund PRIOR 40 (bl) GA, Hannah 45 (bl) SC, Georgia A 5 (bl) GA, Sophronia 25 (bl) farm laborer GA, Samuel 12 (bl) GA.

POLK CO., GA TAX LISTS (1878-1880)
No. District 1075, Georgia Militia. It is divided by the name of employer and the free man.
Emp. GW West – FB Burks Prior
Emp. W Reid – FB Alford Prior
Emp. SS Gibson – FB Loudon Prior, Dennis Prior, Israel Prior
Emp. A T Baker – FB Wash Prior
Emp. T Colbert – FB Charley Prior
Emp. JA Peek – FB Ledger Prior, Martin Prior
Emp. AR Brooks – FB November Prior Sr, November Prior

1880 Census Polk Co., GA
Page 172d, Hampton, house 93 Lucius PRIOR 53 GA GA NC, Mary 43 wife AL VA TN, Robert 18 son, Matilda 13 GA, Joseph 10 son GA, William 2 son GA (Lucius Pryor from Paudling Co., GA. He married Mary Hoge on 20 Jan 1859 in Cave Springs, GA. Lucius was deaf and dumb, all 7 of their children were hearing. Mary Hoge Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Cleburne, AL)
Page 172d, Hampton, house 94 Thomas PRIOR (mu) 65 GA VA VA, Mary (bl) wife 40 NC NC NC, Martha 14 dau, Emmanuel 13 son, Thomas 11 son, George 8 son, Benjamin 6 son, Matthew 6 grand child, Adaline 5 grand child
Page 172d, Hampton, house 97 Seborn PRIOR (bl) 46 GA GA GA, Anica 45 wife GA, Callie dau 15, Josia son 13, Nelus 12 son, Moreen 11 dau, Columbus 8 son, John 1 1/2 son GA.
Page 173b, Hampton, house 117 John T PRIOR 39 GA GA GA, George L 9 son GA, Annie 7 dau GA, George W. Glover 18 TN TN TN, Alford Stafford 18 GA TN NC
Page 173b, Hampton, house 118 Nancy A PRIOR 60 GA NJ GA, Virginia Montford 16 GA, Abner Montford 18 GA
Page 173b, Hampton, house 121 Thaeus Gosett (mu) 36 GA GA GA, Emma (bl) wife 27 GA, Augustus (bl) 10 son GA, Cora (bl) 9 dau GA, Mahala PRIOR (bl) 15 orphan GA GA GA, Harriet (bl) 13 orphan GA GA GA.
Page 259d, ED 169th, house 186 Alf PRIOR 39 (bl) works on farm GA GA GA, Mary 20 (bl) works on farm GA GA GA, Carrie 5 dau (bl) GA, Hattie 2 dau (bl) GA, Louisa 40 hired hand (bl) GA GA GA (This family is on the 1870 Censuss in Polk Co., GA)
Page 260a, ED 169th, house 166 Martin PRIOR 30 (bl) works on farm GA GA GA, Josey 30 (bl) wife works on farm GA GA GA, Cindy 13 (bl) dau at school GA, Sely 11 (bl) dau at school GA, Sabry 10 (bl) dau works on farm GA, Martin Jr 8 (bl) son GA, Annie 7 (bl) dau illness:burnt GA, Polly 5 (bl) dau GA, Emma 3 (bl) dau GA, Mamie 10/12 (bl) (born Aug 1879) GA (This family is on the 1870 Census in Floyd Co. GA and in 1900 they are in Rusk Co., TX)

1890 Census Deaf Family Marriages and Hearing Relatives
Samuel F. Potts, married to Angeline PRIOR daughter of Asa Prior. 2nd marriage to Thomas Payne. 3 children, all 3 hearing.

1900 Census Polk Co., GA
Page 326a, house 97, John T PRIOR Jul 1840 59 GA GA GA, Annie L. dau Apr 1873 27 GA

1924 Death - Robert H. PRIOR born 1862, died 13 Dec 1924. Parents were Lucius Pryor and Mary Hogue.

Records from Pulaski County, GA

1870 Census Pulaski Co., GA
Page 447a, house 804 William Sawyer 35, sawyer at Steam Mill GA, Amassa (PRYOR) 35 GA, Laura 11 GA, Henry B. 9 GA, Martha A. 5 GA, Thomas 2 GA, Lillace 3 GA (This family is on the 1860 Census in Houston Co., GA. 1880 on the census in Dodge Co., GA)

Records from Putnam County, GA

1811 Marriage - William Pryor married Nancy Melton on 23 February 1811. They are alledgedly the parents of William S. Pryor.

1818 Divorce - "A Libel for a divorce . . . Nancy B. [sic] Pryor, by her father,
William Melton vs. William H. Pryor", posted in the Georgia Journal. Georgia legislature granted the divorce in Dec. 1818. (Find A Grave memorial to William Melton states he was from Orange Co., NC. He settled in Putnam Co. around 1800 and died in Walton Co., GA in 1836.)

Records from Richmond County, GA

After the Revolutionary War? - Matthew PRYOR b. 1759 states on his military pension application that he was born in Granville Co., NC, moved to Richmond Co., GA, moved to Granville Co., NC, moved to Washington Co., VA, back to NC, then to Roane Co., TN and finally to Marion Co., TN.

1850 Census, Richmond Co., GA
Page 460b, house 300 Benjamin J. Easterling 28 merchant SC, Barary (PRYOR) 21 SC, John 8/12 GA (Benjamin Easterling md. Barbary Pryor on Nov. 9 1848 in Richmond Co.)
Page 495B, house 871 Anson Mobley 58 gardener NC, Emily PRIOR 39 GA, Augustus 17 printer GA.  (Augustus may have been counted twice in Burke Co. & Richmond Co. 24 Jun 1857 Edgefield Advertiser ran article that Augustus Pryor was being sought for murder in SC.)
Page 497B, house 910 William PRYOR 70 VA, Elizabeth 40 ??, Jackson 25 GA, Pamelia 23 GA, Susannah 19 GA, Eliza 17 GA, Lucinda 15 GA, Selena
Page 509B, house 1192
Esther Bright 70 GA, Lucinda Price or PRIOR 40 GA, Esther Bright 35 GA, Nancy 30 GA, Catharine 25.

1920 Census Richmond Co., GA  
Augusta, ED#99, house 920 Ridley PRYOR 21 TN TN TN motor man/street car, Minnie 18 TN TN TN, Ridley Jr., under 1 GA
(James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>William Henry Pryor & Martha Hollars>Ridley Pryor)

Records from Screven County, GA

1788- 1793 Record of Robert PRIOR in St. George, Burke, Scriven
(The Story of Georgia and the Georgia People 1732-1860, by George G Smith, publ. 1900)

1850 Census Screven Co., GA
House 353 W. PRYOR 36 farmer SC, Emily 26 SC, Johana 6 SC, Mary 4 SC, Emily 2 SC.

1860 Census Screven Co., GA
Militia Dist. 36, Black Creek PO, house 43, W. PRIOR 40 farmer GA, E. 38 GA, Joanna 16 GA, Elizabeth 14 GA, Luther 10 GA, John 8 GA, Cate 5 GA, Columbia 5/12 GA.

1870 Census Screven Co., GA
House 709 William PRIOR 51 SC, Mary 28 GA, William 21 GA, John 17 GA, Catie 14 GA, Columbia 10 GA, Clifford 8.12 GA (born Oct). Mary E. Pryor marreid William T. Sowell.

Records from Spalding County, GA

1870 Census Spalding Co., GA
Page 447, house 38/38 David H. Johnson 49 auctioneer GA... living in household Lizzie PRYOR 13 (bl) domestic servant GA
Page 447, house 39/39 Rosanna PRYOR 35 (bl) farm hand GA, Lewis 25 (bl) farm hand GA, Tishia? female 6 (bl) at home GA, Queen 5 (bl) at home GA, Easter 60 (bl) farm hand GA
Page 451a, house 1117/1117 Alexander PRYOR 45 (bl) farm hand VA, Milley 45 (bl) VA, John 18 (bl) GA, Granason 21 (bl) RR hand section GA, Edna 17 (bl) GA, James 13 (bl) GA, Alfred 9 (bl) GA, Mate female 8 (bl) GA, Bosan? female 5 (bl) GA, Ida 3 (bl) GA.
Africa, page 493b, house 904/904 Josephus PRYOR 27 (bl) GA, Henryetta 22 (bl) GA, Allice 7 (bl) GA, Robert Lee 2 (bl) GA.
Page 498a, house 968/968 Berry PRYOR 50 farm hand GA, Mariah 35 (bl) farm hand GA, Forrest 9 (bl) GA, Henryetta 2 (bl) GA

1880 Census Spalding Co., GA

House 223/229 Lewis PRYOR (bl) (32) GA GA GA, PUss (bl) (40) wife GA GA GA, Queen (bl) dau 11 GA GA GA (My notation of race from the census is (bl), however there are also parenths around ages of older African a-Americans in households on this page. My speculation is that these are estimated ages)

1900 Census Spalding Co., GA
Orrs Dist., Page 95a, house 170/171 Louis PRYER (bl) Aug 1835 64 md 40 yrs GA GA GA farmer, Puss wife (bl) Aug 1820 79 GA GA GA garden laborer, Elner dau (bl) May 1888 12 GA GA GA at school.
Orrs Dist., Page 95a, house 171/172 Berry PRYOR (bl) Jun 1823 76 GA GA GA farm laborer

Records from Sumter County, GA

1840 Census, Sumter Co., GA.
75th Militia Dist. page 185 Robert PRYOR 101101-020001

1850 Census 15th & 16th Dist., Sumter Co., GA
Page 216A, #1017 Spencer PRYOR 35 farmer NC, Lucinda 39 GA, William 8 GA, Samuel 7/12 GA, Shepherd Pryor 21 GA. Mary 19 GA. Francy 17 GA (Spencer Pryor is reported to be a son of John Pleasant Pryor and Elizabeth Palmer who were on the 1820 & 1830 Census in Smith Co., TN. Spencer lists his place of birth as TN on the 1880 Census).

1860 Census, Sumter Co., GA
16th Dist, page 448a, house 653 Shep PRYOR 32 farmer GA, Penelopy 25 GA, Ada 5 GA, Ella 5 GA, Robert 1 GA, Laura 8 GA, Elizabeth Finch 10 GA, Rebecca Finch 8 GA.

1870 Census, Sumter Co., GA
Militia Dist. 687, Americus PO., #1380 Spencer C. PRYOR, 56 farmer NC, Lucinda 60 GA, Laura L. 18 GA, Richard Bass 76 NC

1880 Census Sumter Co., GA
Page 183D. Spencer PRYOR Self M Male W 62 TN Farmer NC NC, Lucinda PRYOR wife M Female W 68 GA GA GA, James S. MEAD Nephew S Male W 14 GA Farm Laborer GA GA, Ellen SCARBORD Other W Female W 40 GA Housekeeper GA GA , Emma PRYOR Other S Female B 16 GA Domestic Servant GA GA , Augustus N. WOLLET Other S Male W 23 GA Farm Laborer --- VA
15th Dist., page 145A, S. G. (Shepherd Green) PRYOR 52 GA TN GA, P. E. (Penelope Eudora) wife 56 GA TN GA, R. L. (Robert L.) son 20 GA, S. G. Jr. (Shepherd Green) 18 son GA, M. J. 13 (Minnie) dau GA, Eudora 8 dau GA, G. S. 6 son GA, Lenore 1 dau GA

1900 Census Sumter Co., GA
Militia Dist. 687, page 12b, house 239  William P. Willet Mar. 1875 25, md. 1 yr. Etta wife Feb. 1880 20, 1 child.  Jarrett son Oct. 1899 7/12, Spence PRYOR grandfather ??/1816 84 widow, Minnie Williet sister Sept. 1876 23.  (Dittos used in all birth fields to indicate GA)
Milita Dist. 756 , page 71a, house 317 S. G. PRYOR Dec. 1829 70 GA GA GA, Penelope wife July 1834 65 9 children/0 living GA GA GA. (Shepherd Green Pryor and wife)
1910 Census Sumter Co., GA
Militial Dist. 756, page 11a, house 82 Shepherd G. PRYOR 82, married 56, GA TN GA. Penelope E. wife 75 married 56 9 children/7 living, GA GA GA.



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