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Records of Estill Co., KY

1870 Census Estill Co., KY
Crooked Creek, House 143 Pleasant PRYOR 40 cabinet maker KY, Malissa 40 KY, Malinda 16 KY, James 13 KY (Death record in IL of Malinda Pryor Sams states her parents were Pleasant Pryor and Malissa Simpson. Pleasant Pryor died 1911 in Estil County)

1910 Census Estil County, KY
House 80 Pleasant PRYOR 80 KY VA KY, Nannie wife KY VA KY 58, Zolla step dau 18 KY, Lizzie Snowden servant 11 KY (Nannie Pryor died in 1928, her death record states parents were Jasper Todd and Miss Fisher.)

Records from Fayette Co., KY

1782 George Carrington of Cumberland Co., VA filed a will in Fayette Co., KY that mentions tracts of land purchased from John PRYOR and Samuel Taylor. (See Cumberland Co., VA. John Pryor is the son of David Pryor who was raised by Samuel Taylor after his father's death.)

1783 - Deed Book 2, page 50, dated 1-13-1783 - watercourse none - none surveyed to John Pryor. Entry for 6000 acres. --(from Elizabeth Pryor Harper's Twenty-Two Southern Families. This doesn't mention Lawrence Creek, so is this a different grant or are one or the other of these entries incorrect?)

1784 Land Grant in Fayette Co., KY- To John PRYOR 6000 acres on Lawrence Creek in Fayette Co., KY. 24 Oct 1784.(See Mason Co. KY 1796 land deed that names Maj. John Pryor also on Lawrence Creek. )

1780-93 12ZZ130 [John E. Finley] Table giving dates of entry, survey, and patent of lands entered by Bell, George Evans, John Pryor, Thomas Williams, Stuart and Thompson, S. Kenton, Galloway, Ed. Bynes, Joseph Frazor, Joseph McClelland, M. Black, Cunningham, John Marshall, James McAuley, William McConnell, Thomas Maxwell, John Williams, James Speed, M. Arnold, and Tibbs. A. D. 1 p. page 221 (The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, pub. 1915, Published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Vol. 1 - Google Books)

Jan. 13 1783. 12ZZ121 & 122. John PRYOR. Entry for land on treasury warrant. Witnessed by R. Parker (Robert Parker). Copy. 2pp.(The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, pub. 1915, Published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Vol. 1 - Google Books)

Oct. 26 1784. 12ZZ122. Morgan Simon and Thomas Marshall. Field notes of survey of land for John PRYOR. Witnessed by Robert Parker. Copy. 1 p. Page 227(The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, pub. 1915, Published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Vol. 1 - Google Books)

April 1799 (day not recorded) 12ZZ134 & 135 [John E. Finley] Field notes of surveys in [Fayette County, Ky.] Measurements of corn-field; course from Maxwell's, thence to Bell's, McCauley's, George Evans', and John Pryor surveys. A. D. 2 pp., page 243
No Date. 12ZZ89. [John E. Finley] Memorandum giving dates of land entries made by Ignatius Mitchell, George Evans, William Stuart, Stuart, and Thompson, John PRYOR, Thomas Williams, Simon Kenton, Speed, John O'Bannion, and Kenton. Lafferty, Maxwell, Bell, Galloway and Johnson. A. N. 1 p., page 302
(The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, pub. 1915, Published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Vol. 1 - Google Books. )

1883 The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church South met at Lexington last week, with 120 delegates present. Rev. Theodorick Pryor, D.D., of Virginia was chosen Moderator by acclamation. (The Bourbon News, 22 May 1883)

1900 Census Fayette Co., KY
Lexington Ward 2, Dist. 15, sheet 10b, house 137 Dr. Jos. W. PRYOR May 1856 44 md 2 yrs, MO GA WV, physician teacher, Ellinor wife Oct. 1876 24 1child, KY PA Eng, William P. son Jun 1899 11/12 KY (1880 Census Dr. Pryor was living in Marion Co., MO with his father Dr. Joseph W. Pryor Sr. First wife of Dr. JW Pryor was Maggie Cheney of Woodford Co., KY)

1910 Census Fayette Co., KY
Lexington Ward 2, Dist. 20 Joseph W. PRYOR 54, 2nd marriage, MO GA VA professor college, Ellenor wife 32, MO KY Eng.

1920 Census Fayette Co., KY
Joseph PRYOR 61 MO VA VA university professor, Eleanor H. wife 40 KY PA Eng.

Records from Floyd Co., KY

1810 Census Floyd Co., KY
Joseph Bailey 21201-11001 (married Patsy PRYOR)

1820 Census Floyd Co., KY
Joseph Bailey 0002010110103
Benjamin Bailey 1000102110001
Prior Bailey 2001001010001

1830 Census Floyd Co., KY
Wallace Bailey 3001-00001
Joseph Bailey 001010001-000010001 (oldest male and female 60 to 69 y.o.)

Records of Franklin Co., KY

1838 Revolutionary War Pension Application - James Haydon made his sworn declaration in front of James PRYOR, Franklin Co., Circut Court judge.

1850 Census Franklin Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 199a, house 809, Thomas B. Monroe 59 Judge US Court VA.... living in household Benjamin F. PRYOR 21 law student GA.

1880 Census Franklin Co., KY
Benson Dist., page 306a, house 132 John P. PRYOR 56 farmer AL VA TN, Mary E. wife 48 VA VA VA, Richard G. son 28 MS, Nettie O. dau 25 MS, Fendal M. son 23 TN. (This family is on the 1870 Census in Marshall Co., MS)

1882 News Item, Switzer, KY - Reported that William PRYOR of Bourbon County was visiting "his uncle, Dr. Wm. Pryor near this place." (The Franklin Roundabout, 23 Dec 1882)

1887 News Item - "Mr. Jack PRYOR of Bourbon county, who has been visiting his brother, Mr. Wm Pryor, near Woodlake, returned home last week." (The Franklin Roundabout, 20 Aug 1887)

1891 News Item, Personal - " Mrs. S. M. PRYOR and Miss Lizzie Pryor of Bourbon County, are visiting Mr. Wm. PRYOR on Clinton street." (The Franklin Roundabout, 26 Sept. 1896)

1894 Death - "The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tamblyn of Detroit, Michigan, died at the residence of its grandmother, Mrs. Mary E. Pryor on Cross street, Saturday night at 11:30 o'clock: The funeral took place Monday afternoon. Mrs. Tamblyn was formerly Miss Nettie Pryor, of this county, and her many friends deeply sympathize with her in the loss of this, her only child.

1918 Death - Green L Pryor (born about 1839), graduate of the the Kentucky School of Medicine in 1868 died at age 79 at the home of his daughter in Frankfort, KY. He practiced Medicine in Monterey, KY for 45 years ("Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 71, Part 2")

Records of Fulton Co., KY

1880 Census Fulton Co., KY
Hickman, Dist 3, page 364c, house 210 Benjamin B Tyson 34 TN TN TN, Perina (PRYOR) 34 TN ?? ??, Sallie 10 TN, Mattie 8 TN, David C 3 KY (Perina Pryor married Benjamin Tyson in Obion Co., TN on 23 Dec 1867. She is likely the P. Pryor in John Pryor's household in Obion Co. on the 1860 Census).

Records of Gallatin Co., KY

1810 Marriage - Sarah Duncan married John PRYOR on 21 Jun 1810 (Jack Pryor son of Samuel Pryor and Mary Curd, he is on the 1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

Records of Garrard Co., KY

1824 Birth - Civil War US Army Company Descriptive Book, William H PRYOR 37 (born 1824), born in Garrard Co., occupation Carpenter, pvt., Co. I, 19 Regt, KY Inf. Wounded in Vicksburg, In Dec 1863 left Brashear City, LA with baggage and reported absent without leave. Returned to duty in 1864. Served as a mechanic and in QM (quarter master?).

1828 Marriage - Thomas Jefferson Pryor married Martha Elizabeth Irvin on 2 Jan 1828 in Garrard Co., KY (They are on the 1830 and 1840 Census in Garrard Co. and in 1850 they were counted in Clinton Co., MO)

1829 Deed - 5 December 1829. Jeff Pryor, for self, and attorney-in-fact for Lucy, Jordan, and James B. PRYOR, Kentucky, to Wiatt Gatewood. This was for land on Lovelady Creek in Amherst Co., VA - Wiatt Gatewood married Malinda Pryor in Amherst Co., VA. Jordan, James B. and Thomas Jefferson Pryor are probably sons of David Pryor and Lucy Brown.

1830 Census Garrard Co., KY
John Brown 100010 - 11201
Lucy PRIER 020000 - 00001 (Lucy Brown, wife of David Pryor of Amherst Co., VA. Oldest female 45 years or older - born before 1765)
Jefferson PRIOR 00002 - 10001 (oldest males 20-29 years - possibly James B. Pryor living in the household)
Jordan PRIOR 30001 - 10001 (oldest male 20-29 years)
(On the same page with Jefferson and Jordan are other familiar Amherst Co. surnames: John Anderson, John Brown, Robert Brown, Joshua C. Rucker. Jordan Pryor was in Jessamine Co., KY in 1840)

1840 Census Garrard Co., KY
Jefferson PRIOR 110011 - 111001011
James PRIOR 100001 - 00001

1850 Census Garrard Co., KY
Div. 1, page 255b, house 775 Jourdon (Jordan) PRYOR 50 carpenter KY, Nancy 53 KY, Christina 15 KY, Eveline 12 KY, Mary A. 9 KY. (Jordan Pryor and family are on the 1860 Census in Madison Co., KY)
Div. 1, page 255b, house 776 Will PRYOR 22 cabinet maker KY, Eliza 22 KY, Isaiah 15 farmer. (Gatewood Pryor's death record states he was born 4/18/1852 in Garrard Co. and was the son of William Pryor and Elizabeth Harden)
Div. 1, page 227a, house 334-358, Ruth Hutcherson 64 KY
Div. 1, page 227a, house 334-359, John PRYOR 26 farmer KY, Polly 24 KY.
Div. 1, page 227a, house 334-360, Angelina PRYOR 38 KY, Liberty H. (male) 4 KY, Sally Carpenter 88 NC "pauper"

1862 Birth in Garrard Co., KY - Morgan Pryor born to William Pryor and Elizabeth Hardin on 4 May 1862.

Records of Grant County, KY

1820 Census Grant Co., KY
Henry Childers (married to Susanna Goolsby of Amherst Co., VA)
Robert Childers Jr (son of Robert Childers Sr and Nancy PRYOR)
Robert Childers Sr (husband of Nancy PRYOR. Probably the Robert Childers on the 1800 Tax List in Pendelton Co., KY)
Major Childers
Reuben Childers
Joshua Childers
William Childres
Harman Childres
Joseph Childres
Harry Childres
Susanna Childres
(SEE Harrison County, KY)

Williamstown, William Arnold (husband of Lucy PRYOR)

1830 Census Grant Co., KY
Wm Arnold 012001001 - 100000001 (oldest female 60-69 years, born 1760-1770)

1870 Census Grant Co., KY
Page 535a, house 194 Thornton PRYOR 55 KY, Mary 50 KY, Miranda 16, Mary 12, Thornton 9, James F 7, Emma 3, William 4/12, John 26 (Thornton Pryor and family are on the 1860 Census in NIcholas Co., KY)

Records of Graves County, KY

1830 Census Graves Co., KY
Page 286
Line 20 Crawford Anderson
Line 22 Jonathan PRYOR 0211001 - 000001

1835 Appointment - Jonathan Pryor, Crawford Anderson, Lewis Gray, Henry Wheeler, Elisha Hardy, and John Sample appointed county commissioners. (A digest of the statute laws of Kentucky, of a public and permanent nature, passed since 1834, with references to judicial decisions: together with an appendix containing certain laws of the United States, a list of claims payable at the treasury of the State, with instructions and forms for the authentication thereof, and for the accounts and reports of the jury fund; and forms of certain proceedings in county courts and before justices of the peace, published 1842)

1840 Census Graves Co., KY
Page 102 Blanton PRYOR 00001 - 00001
James PRYOR 01010001 - 011010011850
Page 106 Jeremiah PRYOR 00001 - 21001
Page 122 John PRYOR 00001 - 20001
Page 123 Jonathan PRYOR 00010001 - 00000001 (oldest male born 1780-1790)
Jonathan PRYOR Jr. 00001 - 00001
Page 125 John E. PRYOR 010101-30001 (John Blanton & Daniel and James Cargile counted on same page. )

1850 Census Graves Co., KY
Dist 1, house 214, Hotel N. M. Morse 45 inn keeper SC, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 39 KY, Nancy 18 KY, Jefferson 16 farmer KY, Amanda F. 14 KY, Samuel F. 39 clerk KY, Frances 32 KY (Graves County death record fo Nannie S. Morse Ballinger born 1832 states her parents were Nat Morse and Betty Pryor)
Dist. 1 #303 Jonathan PRYOR 62 farmer TN, Elizabeth 62 MD (Jonathan Pryor who married Elizabeth White in Logan Co., KY 1805. Jonathan is possibly a son of Richard and Mourning Thompson Pryor. Jonathan's mother remarried and is found in Logan Co. in 1810 listed as Mourning White)
Dist. 1. #305
W. PRYOR 25 KY, Caroline 21 TN, James 5 KY, Harriet 3 KY, Martha 1 KY.(William Pryor and wife Caroline Lockridge).
Dist 1, house 725
F. G. Sassene 28 farmer KY, Nancy (PRYOR) 25 KY, Josephine 1 KY (Death record of Nancy P. Sassene born 1825, parents were James Pryor born VA and Nancy Phelps born KY).
Dist. 1, page 448a, house 345 E. Anderson Sr. (Ervin) 44 KY, Mariah (PRYOR?) 42 KY, Jonathan 21 KY, Martha 19 KY, Nancy 16 KY, Newton 9 KY, Mary 8 KY, Eustacia 5 KY, Frances 3 KY.
Dist. 1, page 448b, house 346
J. PRYOR 32 KY, Mary 30 NC, Martha 14 KY, Frances 8 KY, James 3 KY.
Dist. 1 #349
B. PRYOR 39 KY, Catherine 36 SC, Sarah 18 KY, Mary 14 KY, Catherine 11 KY, Martha 9 KY, Jonathan 6 KY, Margaret 4 KY, William 1 KY, T. Goins 18 laborer (Blanton Pryor, son of Jonathan Pryor and Elizabeth White. Blanton Pryor was on the 1860 and 1870 Census in Mississippi Co., MO)
Dist. 1, page 443A, William Clapp 38 AL, Eustacia (PRYOR) 45 TN, Sarah A. 16 TN, Martha 14 TN, Mary F. 12 TN, Margaret H. 8 TN. (Eustacia "Stacy" is reported to be the daughter of Jonathan Pryor and Elizabeth White. Death record of Margaret E. Watson states her parents were William Clapp and Stacie Pryor.)
Dist. 2, page 382A, house 245 John S. PRYOR 41 KY, Susan (possibly Cargill) 36 KY, Margaret 14 KY, Martha 12 KY, Rachel 10 KY, Susan 2 KY, George 2/12 KY, John 16 farmer KY, Jonathan 7 KY, William 6 KY.
Dist. 2, page 382A, house 246
William L. PRYOR 31 KY, Nancy 24 KY, James 6 KY.
Dist. 2, page 384a, house 274
D. T. Cargill 47 SC, Sara (possibly PRYOR) 38 KY Elizabeth 16 KY, Mary 12 KY, Susan 10 KY, Eustacia 8 KY, Sarah 2 KY, F. M. Cargill (m) 14 KY, Thomas 6 KY, J. P. (m) KY.
Dist. 2, page 384a, house 274 James R. Cargill 44 SC, M. (possibly Marilla PRYOR) 34 KY, Nancy 15 KY, Sarah 10 KY, Eustacia 6 KY, Daniel 17 KY, William 13 KY, John 12 KY, Ervin 8 KY, Z. J. (m) 3 KY. (Death records of Stacy Minerva Cargill Huddleston born 1845 states her parents were James R. Cargill and Marilla Pryor).
Dist. 2 #312 Jonathan PRYOR Jr. 30 KY, Frances 31 NC, Richard 9 KY, Jeremiah 7 KY (Death record of Richard T. Pryor states he is the son of Jonathan Pryor and Mary Rozzell and that Richard +was born 24 Sept 1840)
Dist. 2, page 390B, house 363
John PRYOR 37 farmer KY, Elizabeth 31 KY, Nancy 13 KY, E. M. (f) 1 KY, James 11 KY, J. A. (m) 6 KY, W. E. (m) 11 KY
Dist. 2, page 399B, house 484
Richard PRYOR 25 KY, Elizabeth 23 TN, Mary 5 KY, James 4 KY, John 3/12 KY
Dist. 2, page 399B, house 485
James PRYOR Sr. 64 Farmer TN, Nancy 56 NC, A. J. (male) 17 KY (James Pryor who married Nancy Phelps. James is possibly a son of Richard and Mourning Thompson Pryor. Mourning remarried and is found in Logan Co. in 1810 listed as Mourning White)
Dist 2, page 402a, house 522 Richard Reynolds 48 farmer GA, Fanny 47 GA, Lucresia 19 KY, Eliza 17 KY, Sarah 7 KY, Flourney 21 KY, Amalichi 16 KY male, PRYOR Reynolds 13 KY, Henry 12 KY, Hardy 4 KY.
Dist 2, page 412a, house 667 James PRYOR Jr. 28 farmer TN, Elizabeth 23 TN, William 2 KY, J. R. (male) 1 KY. (Probably son of James Sr. above)

1860 Census, Graves Co., KY
Page 50, house 334 Richard PRYOR 20 KY, Mary 16 TN.
Page 71, house 471
J. R. Cargill (James) 54 SC, Milly 46 KY (possibly Marilla PRYOR), William 23 KY, Sallie 24 KY, John 20 KY, Ervin 16 KY, Eustacia 15 KY, Zack 13 KY.
Page 83, house 557
John S. PRYOR 51 KY, Susan 46 KY, Martha 22 KY, Rachel 20 KY, Jonathan 18 KY, William 16 KY, Susan 13 KY, Joseph 10 KY, Louisa 2 KY. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>Jonathan Pryor & 1st wife Elizabeth White>John S. Pryor and wife, possibly Susan Cargill)
Page 83, house 557 John H. PRYOR 26 KY, Mary 24 KY, John 3 KY, Mary 6/12 KY
Page 88, house 591
Daniel T. Cargill 58 farmer SC, Sarah (possibly PRYOR) 48 KY, Mary 22 KY, Susan 20 KY, Eustacia 18 KY, James 16 KY, Jonathan 14 KY, Sallie 11 KY, Daniel 9 KY, Sina 7 KY.
Page 114
Elizabeth Slaughter 42 KY, Mary F. 14 KY, Alfred PRYOR 8 KY
Page 207, house 1471 Richard PRYOR 37 KY, Elizabeth 35 TN, Mary F. 15 KY, Jas. W. 13 KY, John M. 10 KY, George W. 7 KY, Andrew J. 7 KY, Nancy 1 KY, Mariah 40 GA. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>James Pryor & Nancy Phelps>Richard Pryor & Elizabeth Watts)
Page 208, house 1174
Nancy PRYOR 67 KY, William 41, James 16 KY, Samuel B. 10 KY, Mary E. 5 KY, Eliza 1 KY, Simpson 33 KY, Louisa 36 KY, David 16 KY, F. (f) 13 KY, Emily 6 KY. (Nancy Phelps Pryor, widow of James Pryor, son of Richard & Mourning Pryor.
Page 226 John PRYOR 47 KY, Elizabeth 44 KY, James 19 KY, John A. 16 KY, William E. 14 KY, Elizabeth M. 12 KY, Thos. 9 KY, Lina/Sina E. 7 KY, Margaret E. 4 KY. (Death record of Thomas Jackson Pryor states his mother was Bessie Davidson)
Page 253, House 1775 Levi Wimberly 45 KY, Sinai (PRYOR) 45 KY, Lucretia 15 KY, Henry M. 13 KY. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>James Pryor & Nancy Phelps>Sinai Pryor Wimberly)
Page 260, House 1826
Jerry PRYOR 43 tavern keeper KY, Mary 40 SC, James 12 KY, Armina 8 KY, H. Farmer (m) 26 NY, J. Wilkerson (m) 26 NC, G. Davidson (m) 25 VA. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>Jonathan Pryor & 1st wife Elizabeth White>Jeremiah Pryor)
Page 261, house 1829 T. F. Watson 22 KY, Margaret 17 KY, Stacy Clapp 53 KY (Eustacia "Stacy" Pryor Clapp)
Page 289, House 2034 W. PRYOR (m) 38 merchant KY, Caroline 36 KY, James 16 KY, Harriet 14 KY, Martha 12 KY, John 8 KY, Oscar 6 KY, Louisa 4 KY, William Burns 22 KY, J. T. Bingo (m) 17 KY. (William Pryor and family are on the 1870 Census in Hickman Co., KY and later in Grayson Co., TX)
Page 289, House 2039 Jonathan PRYOR 72 VA, Mary 55, Mary Oliver 15 KY, Susan 16 KY, J. Franklin (m) 20 VA. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>Jonathan Pryor & 2nd wife Mary Wilson)
Page 329, house 2307
J. C. PRYOR (male) 39 KY, Emmeline 32 TN, William 12 KY, John 11 KY, Nancy 8 KY, James 6 KY, Mary 4, KY, Susan A. 1 KY. (Richard & Mourning Pryor>James Pryor & Nancy Phelps>James Calvin Pryor & Emma Goodwin)
Page 339, house 2379
John Eaker, 53 KY and family... A. J. PRYOR (m) 26 merchant KY.

1870 Census Graves Co., KY
Panther Dist., Clear Spring PO, page 14, house 101, James PRYOR 49 farmer, KY. Emmeline 43, KY, William 22 KY, John R. 20 KY, Jesse 18 KY, Nancy 16 KY, Mary 14 KY, Allice 11 KY, Jefferson 9 KY, Bernard 6 KY, Laura 3 KY.
Dublin Pct., page 44b, house 71 Mary PRYOR 55 VA, Marshall Hedge 26 works on farm KY.
Dublin Pct., page 44b, house 76/80 Polk PRYOR 21 grocer retail KY, Callecia 20 KY.
Dublin Pct., page 44b, house 76/81 Mary E. PRYOR 50 KY, Mary L. 13 KY.
Hanes Pct., page 119a, house 257 Daniel Cargill 67 SC, Sarah (PRYOR) 58 KY, Mary A. 30 KY, Susan M. 28 KY, Ustacia 25 KY, Sarah 20 KY, Daniel C. 18 KY, George Ann (f) 16 KY, Calvin Fowler 28 "works on farm" KY.
Mayfied Twp., James PRYOR 26 KY, Nancy 19 KY, Robert Lee 1 KY (James B. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Graves Co. with parents William Pryor and Caroline Lockrige.. James B. Pryor migrated to Texas - 1880 Census in Grayson Co., TX, and then to Memphis, TN for 1900 Census.)

1880 Census Graves Co., KY
Hayes & Pottsville, Dist. 6, page 228b, house 253 James R. Cargill 73 SC SC SC, Mila M. (PRYOR) 65 wife KY KY KY, James R. Jr. 23 grandson AR KY KY.
Haynes & Pottsville, Dist. 6, page 230c, house 280 Thomas J. PRIOR 29 farmer KY KY KY, Elvira V. 29 wife KY TN NC, Ida L. dau 6 KY, Henry H. son 3 KY, Susan E. 2 dau KY, Washington B. Dufee 23 hand KY ?? ??, Ed S. Lucas 20 hand MO Ireland TN. (Elvira V. Davidson Pryor is on the 1870 Census living with her mother Eliza Davidson in Graves Co., KY)
Water Valley, 1st Dist., page 37b Sarah Ivanhoe (Mrs. Sarah Pryor) 41 AR IL GA, Samuel PRIOR son 14 MS AL AR, Arthur Ivanhoe son 7 MS GA AR, Bird Ivanhoe son 5 TN GA AR, Alice Wade mother 65 GA GA GA, Margaret sister 27 AR IL GA. (Sarah Wade Pryor and Son Samuel are on the 1870 Census in Prentiss Co., MS. Samuel is on the 1900 Census living on the Choctaw Reservation with his wife and children.)

1920 Census Graves Co., KY
Symsonia, Pct. 24, sheet 4b, Paducah and Benton Rd, house 83 Thomas J. PRYOR 68 widow KY KY KY, Boone B. son 38 KY, Gideon M. son 32 KY, John E? son 28 OK? (Thomas age 9 is in the house of John and Elizabeth Pryor in Graves Co., in 1860. Thomas Jackson Pryor died in Graves Co. on 24 Feb. 1920- suicide by hanging, parents listed as John Pryor of Logan Co., TN and Bettie E. Davidson of Princeton KY.)

Records of Grayson Co., KY

1820 Census Grayson Co., KY
page 147 Simon PRYOR 12101101101
page 147 Alexander Probuz (Probus) 2100103001 (Simon Pryor and Alexander Probus were on the 1810 Census in Bullitt Co., KY. Alexander Probus was married to Mary Pryor. Revolutionary War Pension file of Simon Pryor states that in 1832 Simon was 72, born 19 Feb. 1760 in Essex Co.., NY, he joined the militia in May 1776 in New Jersey and was stationed at Elizabethtown. He was at the battle of Long Island (NY) and the Battle of Monmouth, that his wife was Susannah Pryor and that Siimon died on 10 Feb 1842)

1830 Census Grayson Co., KY
page 301
Simon PRYOR 0100100001 - 000010001
Moses PRYOR 200001 - 00001
Alexander Probus (married to Mary PRYOR) 1110001 - 101201
Jasper Floyd 100000001 - 20001001

1840 Census Grayson Co., KY - Pensioners of Revolutionary or Military Service
Simon PRYOR 80 head of household

1840 Census Grayson Co., KY
page 139 Alexander Probus (married to Mary PRYOR) 00120001 - 0010001 (oldest female was 40 - 49 years old).
page 142. Simon PRYOR 00000000001 - 0000000001
page 142, Jesse PRYOR 00001 - 10001

1850 Census Grayson Co., KY
Page 3a, house 36, Jesse T. PRYOR 30 farmer KY, Cynthia A. 29 KY, Mary E. 10 KY, Martha J. 5 KY, Zachariah T. 1 KY, Thomas J. 1 KY. (Thomas Jefferson Pryor married Mariah. Several Ancestry family trees name Jesse's wife as Cynthia Ann Gordon. Unsourced family trees also state Jesse T. Pryor is the son of Simon Pryor and Margaret Storms).
Page 26b, house 351 Andrew Burtle 42 KY, Margaret 30 KY, Simon PRYOR 20 KY.
Page 53a, house 712 Alexander Probus 65 MD, Mary (PRYOR) 56 KY (1855 Grayson Co. death record for Alexander Probus, son of William and Mary Probus, and Mary Probus daughter of Simon and Susan Pryor)
Page 62b, house 845 Moses PRYOR 55 farmer KY, Ruth 36 KY, Charles 16 KY, Susannah 14 KY, Leland 14 KY, Lewis 12 KY, Mary 9 KY, Andrew 6 KY, Martha 4 KY, Damy 1 (female) KY, Susannah 86 VA (widow of Simon Pryor, grandmother of Moses Pryor). (Andrew Pryor's 1917 KY death record states his parents as Moses Pryor and Ruth Gorley both born in KY).
Page 64b, house 869 Francis Sands 46 farmer KY and family... James PRYOR 19 farmer KY.

1855 Death - Mary PRYOR Probus, 65, female married, died in Grayson Co., parents recorded as Simon and Susan Pryor.

1860 Census Grayson Co., KY
Litchfield PO, sheet 52, house 336 Moses PRIOR 71 farmer KY, Rutha 50 KY, Andrew 16 KY, Martha 14 KY, Damma (female) 12 KY, Susannah PRIOR 107 VA, Hiram Harris 44 common laborer IN, Polly Harris 18 serving KY. (12/22/1861 Death record of Suzannah Morgan Prior in Grayson Co. states age 111, born in Monongohala, grandmother of Moses Pryor).
Litchfield PO, sheet 52, house 338 Louis PRIOR 22 farmer KY, Ann E. 26 KY, Charles W. 1/12 KY. (A son named Edward Pryor died in 1856, he was 9 years old and died of croup.)
Litchfield PO, sheet 52, house 339 Lelan PRIOR 25 farmer KY, Sarah E. 28 KY.
Litchfield PO, sheet 96, house 627
Robert Goode 58 farmer VA, Lucinda 56 VA, Eliza 20 serving KY, David C. 18 farm labor KY, Mary J. 13 KY, Zachariah T. PRIOR 11 KY, Thomas J. PRIOR 11 KY. (Zachariah and Thomas Jefferson Pryor are on the 1850 census in Grayson Co., probably sons of Jesse T. Pryor and wife Cynthia. Thomas Jefferson Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Grayson County.)
Big Clifty PO, sheet 164, house 1105 Sarah PRIOR 46 common laborer KY, Jane 24 domestic KY, Susan 19 domestic KY, Mary M. 17 KY, Elizabeth 11 KY, Ann Richardson 4 KY, William D. PRIOR 2 KY, John PRIOR 4/12 (Death record of Wiliam David Pryor states he was born 23 Sep 1858 in Grayson Co., Parents were William Pryor and Susan Phillip. Death record fro William Pryor states he died in 1853. Daughter Jane Pryor died in Larue Co., KY)

1861 Death - Susannah PRIOR white, age 111 (born 1750) died in Grayson Co. Widow. Died of old age. Place of birth Monongalia (Monongalia Co. is in WV) Parents Charles M. PRIOR and Unknown, parents place of birth unknown. (This is Susan Morgan Pryor wife of Simon Pryor. It's unclear who was Charles M. PRIOR)

1870 Census Grayson Co., KY
Haynes Pct, page 303b, house 287 Ruth R. PRYOR 63 KY, Martha J 23 KY, Diadem 20 KY (idiot), Moses 7 KY, George R 5 KY (Moses Pryor b. 1860 in Grayson Co., died in Grayson Co. in 1917. His death record states his parents were James Pryor and Betsy Bronze)
Litchfield, page 334b, house 380 Sarah PRYOR 56 NC, J. S. (f) 34 KY, S. A. (Susan) (f) 29 KY, E. F. (Elizabeth) (f) 21 KY, John 10 KY, M. J. (f) 3 KY, J. A. (f) 3 KY. (This family was on the 1860 Census in Grayson County)
Litchfield Pct., page 352b, house 613 Z T PRYOR 21 KY, Ferby 25 KY, W. M. (m) 7 KY, T. J. (M) 2 KY. (Zachariah T. Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Grayson Co., KY)
Litchfield, page 355b, house 654 Andrew PRYOR 26 KY, M. J. (f) 25 KY, G. E. 4 (f) KY, L. M. 3 (f) KY, R. M. 2/12 (f) KY. (Andrew is on the 1850 Census in Grayson Co., in the home of Moses Pryor)

1880 Census Grayson Co., KY
Page 423d, house 97 Thomas PRYOR 32 farmer KY KY KY, Mariah J. wife 26 KY KY KY, Martha J. 12 dau KY, Mary E. dau 10, Annetta R dau 2, Anderson B. 3/12 (Apr) son KY. (Thomas Jefferson Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Grayson County and in 1920 in Muhlenberg Co., KY)
Spring Lick, page 553d, house 29 Andrew PRYOR 37 farmer KY K Y KY, Martha J. 35 wife KY KY KY, Jemima 14 dau KY, Sarah M. 13 dau KY, Ruthy M 10 dau KY, John M. 9 son KY, Margaret 7 dau KY, Eliza D 6 dau KY, James M. 4 son, Catherine A 1 KY

1900 Census Grayson Co. KY
Short Creek, sheet 5b, house 90 Samuel PRYOR Oct 1864 35 KY KY KY, Sarah L wife Dec 1864 35 (3 children/ 3 living) KY, Asa son June 1895 6 KY, Emmet son Feb 1896 4 KY, Herman son July 1898 1 KY.
West Caneyville, sheet 3b, house 60 Allen McDaniel Jun 1822 77 KY KY KY, Martha J. (PRYOR) wife Nov 1845 54 married 13 years 4 children KY KY KY (Per death record in 1933, Martha was the daughter of Jessie Pryor and Cynthia Gordon)

1910 Census Grayson Co., KY
Page 17b, house 333 Perry V PRYOR 54 (md 34) KY KY KY, Rose J wife 51 (7 children/6 children) KY KY KY, Clancie H son 8 KY, Lydia A. Sands dau 20 KY, Asa B Sands son in law 23 KY KY KY. (Perry Virgil Pryor died 1926, his death record states he is the son of Simon Pryor and Lydy Ellen Bogarth, born 15 Jan 1856 in Grayson Co.).
Page 18a, house 338 living in the household of Aaron J. Layman ... Zachary T. PRYOR hired man 62 widowed KY KY KY.
Short Creek, sheet 4b, house 75 Sam T PRIOR 45 (md 18) KY KY KY, Sarah L wife (5 children/5 living) KY, Asa son 16 KY, Emmette son 14 KY, Hurmon son 11 KY, Homer son 9 KY, Vonnie dau 3 KY.

1912 Death - James M. PRYOR born 17 August 1849 in Grayson Co., died 22 Mar 1912 in Grayson Co. Parents' names not recorded on death record.

1920 Census Grayson Co., KY
Michel A Hearld 35 KY, Idella wife 41 KY, Edmond E. son 5 KY, Mildred A. dau 2 KY, Zachery T. PRYOR uncle 71, Fronia 41 aunt KY, Roma L. 4 cousin , Jacob L. cousin 9/12 KY.
Short Creek, page 159a, house 24 Willie E PRYOR 33 KY, Era E wife 23 KY, Mary C. mother 68 KY KY KY
House 25 Austin D PPRYOR 24 KY, Myrtle wife 21 KY, Jewel D dau 3 KY, Catherine L dau 1 KY
House 28 Samuel T. PRYOR 55 KY KY KY, Sarah L wife 55 KY KY KY, Asa son 26 KY, Herman son 21 KY, Homer son 19 KY, Vonnie dau 13 KY
House 29 Emmett PRYOR 23 KY, Elsie M wife 24 KY.

1930 Census Grayson Co., KY

Sheet 6b, Litchfield and Falls of Rough Roads, house 136 Emmett PRIOR 34 KY, Elsie wife 34 KY, Virginia H dau 8 KY
house 137 Asa PRIOR 36 KY, Essie wife 32 KY, Doyle R son 8 KY, Mildred dau 5 KY, Mabel dau 4 5/12 KY, Doris Anne dau 2 8/12 KY
House 138 S. T. PRIOR 65 KY, Lucinda wife 65 KY, Vonnie dau 23 KY (Samuel T. Pryor and wife Lucinda Carter)
House 141 Herman PRIOR 32 KY, Maggie D 32 KY
Sheet 7a, house 144 Floyd PRYOR 29 KY, Myrtle wife 29 KY, Vannah M dau 8 KY, Edith F dau 5 KY
House 152 Willie PRYOR 42 KY, Era wife 34 KY
House 153 Sam PRYOR 44 KY, Nooma wife 40 KY

Records of Green Co., KY

1830 Census, Green Co., KY
Page 54, Jesse PRYOR 111001 - 01001
Hezekiah PRYOR 2210001 - 1011001
Samuel PRYOR 0012001 - 0111001
Abram PRYOR 10001 - 00001
Page 55, Thomas PRYOR 0011101 - 0111011
Jesse PRYOR 000000001 - 010101 (oldest male 60-69 yrs., born 1761-1770)
George PRYOR 000001 - 001001
Lemuel Rucker 2100 0001 - 100022

1840 Census, Green Co., KY
Page 215, Samuel PRIAR 00010001 - 00110001
Page 216, Abraham PRIAR 11001 - 12011
Page 217, John H. PRIAR 00001 - 0001 (He is on the 1850 Census in Taylor Co. as John H. Prear)

Records of Hardin County, Kentucky

1808 Tax List
John PRYOR Sen. one white male over 21
John PRYOR Jun. one white male over 21

1810 Census Hardin Co., KY
Rich. May 0001 - 000001 (possibly the Richard Mays who was in Breckinridge Co., married to Juggy Pryor)

1850 Census Hardin Co., KY
house 866 Hiram Smallwood 21 farmer KY, Rebecca 22 KY, Hezekiah 2 KY, Infant unnamed 1/12 KY male
house 867 PRYOR McGuffin 53 VA, Susan 42 KY, John 12 KY, Marcus 10 KY, Bluford P. 8 KY, Mary 4 KY, Samuel 1/12 KY

Records of Harlan County, Kentucky

1930 Census, Harlan Co., KY
Loyall, Dist. 3, house 161 Nicholas PRYOR 23 (19) TN TN TN, Carrie wife 26 (23) TN TN TN, Joyce L. dau 2 KY, Lula 54 mother TN TN TN widow (Nicholals V. Pryor of Anderson Co., TN & Lula>Nicholas Jr.)

Records of Harrison County, KY

1795 Deeds - Deeds issued to John PRYOR, Robert Childers, Henry Childers (Childress), William Arnold (This land is now in Grant Co., KY and at one time in Campbell Co., KY)
Deed - 6 Jan 1795 Harrison Co KY
John A Pryor bought land from Nicholas Meriwether  [OrdBk A:3] (John A Pryor son of Samuel Pryor of Goochland County, VA?)

Records of Hart County, KY

1870 Census Hart Co., KY
Page 248a, house 110 J. A. PRIER 52 farmer KY, Louisiann 48 KY, William T. 26 KY, Robert L. 18 KY, Alex G. 16 KY, Alfred T. 14 KY, Sarah G. 12 at school KY, Albert S. J. 8 KY.

Records of Henderson Co., KY

1850 Census Henderson Co., KY
Henderson Twp., dist. 1, page 280b, living in "hotel and boarding house" William PRYOR 25 bar keeper KY.

1880 Census Henderson Co., KY
Robard's Stn., page 592c, house 143 George W. PRIOR 43 farmer NC NC NC, Polley 26 wife TN KY TN, Sarah A 4 dau TN, Mary K 2 dau IL, Elihue (Elihu) 26 brother NC NC NC (Elihu Prior was in Butler Co., MO in 1900. Elihu's death record states his parents were John Prior and Rebecca White)
Spottsville, page 616c, house Edward Smith 38 laborer VA Baden Ger, Mary 36 wife IN KY KY, Pauline 10 dau KY KY IN, Edward son 6 KY KY IN, Willie 3 son KY KY IN, Josephine PRYOR 20 servant TN TN TN.
Page 408a, Beverly PRIER (bl) 45 works in factory KY KY KY, Marilla 40 wife KY KY KY, Maggie 8 dau KY KY KY.

Records of Henry Co., KY

1800 Tax List Henry Co., KY
Samuel PRIER

1810 Census Henry Co., KY
Page 356
John PRYOR 001 - 0010001 (John Pryor md. Sally Duncan 21 Jun 1810 in Gallatin Co., KY. AWT records John as the son of Samuel Pryor and Mary Curd)
Willis Duncan 0001-001 (Willis Duncan md. Martha Pryor, 10 Mar. 1809 in Henry Co. Daughter of Sameul Pryor and Mary Curd.)
Page 357
Samuel PRYOR 310011 - 2201008 (Samuel Pryor md Mary Curd in Lincoln Co., KY on 30 Sept. 1785.)
Sally Gatewood
William Gatewood
Jesse Wright
William Layne
Samuel Wright
James Duncan 1001 - 2010002 (James Duncan md. Lucy Pryor 20 Jun 1805)
(These neighbors were noted in that their surnames appear in marriages between Pryors in Amherst Co., VA. )

Page 358
Richard Vest
Daniel Farely (Farely was a judge. He married Martha Pryor in Amelia Co., VA, daughter of Dr. Samuel Pryor and Frances Morton)
Moses Tandy (married to Catharine Pryor, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Mary Curd)
Page 359
Samuel Tanner 2001 - 1001 (married to Ann Alexandra PRYOR)
Creed Tanner 001 - 101 (Creed Tanner md. Martha PRYOR 27 Dec. 1809 in Henry Co.)
Patsey PRYOR 2012 - 22101

1813 Will - James Duncan Jr. Wits: Daniel Farley, Jacob PRIOR, Willis Duncan, probated in 1814.

1813 Will - Probate Samuel PRIOR, Feb. 1813. WB 2, page 23. Will, inventory and appraisal.

1816 Town of Bedford Established - Partially establisshed on the lands of Jack Pryor, Daniel Farley. Jack Pryor is recorded as a founder and trustee of the Town of Bedford.

1820 Census Henry Co., KY
West Port, page 202, Jno. R. (sp. Jack?) PRIOR 22112111110001
(On the same page are households named Gatewood, McClelland, Lane and Vest)
West Port, page 232 Samuel Tanner (husband of Ann Pryor) 210010201001

1830 Census Henry Co., KY
Page 316, Lucius Tanner 0002-0001
Page 316, Creed Tanner 1302-01 (wife Martha PRYOR deceased by 1820?)
New Castle, page 287, James PRYOR 00001- no females (James Pryor md. Eliza Samuel 13 Oct. 1831 in Henry Co.)

1833 Will - Probate Samuel PRYOR, May 1833. WB 5, page 236

1850 Census Henry Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 440b, house 1 William PRYOR 24 lawyer KY, Mary E. 25 KY, Joanah (f) 1 KY (William S. Pryor md. Mary C. Brinker on 28 Feb. 1848 in Henry Co., KY. On 1 Feb 1856 William S. Pryor md. Aphia Beasley b. abt. 1835 in KY)
Dist. 2, page 441b, house 19
, Joseph PRYOR 38 farmer KY, Harriet J. 30 KY, Edmund 12 KY, Mary E. 10 KY, John 8 KY, George T. 5 KY, Samuel 3 KY, Sarah J. 1 KY, Edmund Bartlett 54 KY, Jane Bartlett 54 KY, John C. Hanna 15 KY, Mary A. Philips 2 (Joseph F. Pryor md. Harriet Jane Sanford on 7 Feb. 1837 in Henry Co., KY) (Edmund Bartlett md. Mrs. Jane Speer 16 Jun. 1815 in Henry Co., KY)

1858 Death Record - Mrs Catharine Berryman, age 20, born in Henry Co., daughter of Capt. Joseph Pryor of died June 1st.

1860 Census Henry Co., KY
page 430B, house 1340 Joseph Bartlett 70 (mulatto) farmer KY, Elijah 18 (mulatto) KY
page 430B, house 1342 Joseph PRYOR 48 farmer KY, Harriet J. 41 KY, Jack 19 KY, Thomas 17 KY, Sarah 13 KY, Sam 11 KY, Joseph D. 9 KY, William 6 KY, Catherine 3 KY, Daniel 2 KY, Edmund Bartlett 65 farmer KY. (Joseph Pryor married Harriet Jane Sanford on Feb 7, 1837 in Henry Co.)

1880 Census Henry Co., KY
W. S. PRYOR 55 lawyer KY KY KY, Aphia 45 wife KY KY KY, Wm 19 son KY, Laura 16 dau KY, Robt 14 son KY, Mary 10 dau KY, Fannie 8 dau KY, James 6 son KY

Records of Hickman Co., KY

1850 Census Hickman Co., KY
Page 8b, house 113/117 Laura Humphreys 29 TN, G. W. Humphreys 49 NC, Jasper Humphreys 13 TN, A. (male) 10 KY, T. (male) KY, E.(male ) 1 KY, Jasper R. Sutton 55 farmer SC (5/6/1811 Jasper Sutton married Mrs. Susannah Pryor in Davidson Co., TN. Jasper R. Sutton was on the 1830 Census in Maury Co., TN.)
Page 9a, house 113/118 William Humphreys 21 TN, Mary 20 KY, David Brigham 13 TN

1870 Census Hickman Co., KY
Page 454a, William PRIOR 48 KY, Caroline 46 TN, John M. 18 KY, Turner O. 16 KY, Louisianna 14 KY (1860 family was in Graves Co., KY - William possibly son of Jonathan Pryor, grandson of Richard and Mourning Pryor. Family is on the 1880 Census in Grayson Co., TX. Death record of John M. Pryor states he was born in Graves Co., KY and William and Carolyn were his parents. John M. died 1941 in McCracken Co., KY)

1880 Census Hickman Co., KY
Spring Hill Dist. page 234a, house 51/51 James A. Allison 52 TN SC NC, Rebecca W. 43 wife KY, Sallie E. 16 dau KY, Billie A. 13 son KY, Henry W. 12 son KY, Nancy M. 9 dau KY, Frances M. 6 dau KY, James B. son 1 KY
house 52/52 J. M. PRYOR 29 KY KY KY, Marilla 28 wife KY KY KY, Willie F. 2 son KY.

1900 Census Hickman Co., KY
Spring Hill Dist., page 115a John M. PRYOR Oct. 1851 48 KY KY KY, Annie B. wife Nov 1865 KY KY KY Garine M. daughter Oct. 1899 KY (John is the son of William and Caroline Pryor or Carolyn Pryor, per his death Record. John M.'s death record states he was born in Graves Co., KY)

Records of Jefferson Co., KY

1781 Jefferson County Court, VA- Power of Attorney granted to Meredith Price by Nicholas Meriwether of Louisa County, VA. Dated 30 May 1780. Witnesses: John Floyd, John Deckey. Proved at Jefferson County Court 7 March 1781.

1782 Poll - A poll taken 2 Apr 1782 in Jefferson County for delegates of the Assembly of Virginia: John PRIOR voted for Isaac Morrison; John Pryor voted for John May (John Mays is on the 1810 Census in Amherst Co., VA... is this the same man?)

May 6, 1784 Court Record - Cox vs Newkirk, Judg. Cont'd & W. Eng. Same vs. Prior, same Order.

October 7, 1784 Court Record - Pittman vs PRIOR, judgt. 3pounds/15 and costs.

1789 Tax List Jefferson Co., KY
Benjamin PRYOR
William PRYOR
David Meriwether
Nicholas Meriwether
William Meriwether Sr and Jr
W. D. Meriwether
Charles Floyd
Robert Floyd
William Floyd
Samuel Oldham
William Oldham

1791 Jefferson County Land Records - Deeds that mention JOHN PRYOR
Military entries 1784-1794:
666 & 2/3 acres Book 1 p. 219, 8-1-1791 Skaggs Creek (withdrawn)
1,000 & 9/10 acres Book 1 p. 220, 8-2-1791 Beaver Creek (withdrawn)
500 acres Book 1, p. 238, 9-10-1791 Skaggs Creek surveyed East Fork Little Barren River (withdrawn)
2,166 & 2/3 acres Book 1, p. 257, 4-25-1792 Watercourse-none
(from Elizabeth Pryor Harper's "Twenty-Two Southern Families". Skaggs Creek is in present day Rockcastle Co and probably never part of Jefferson Co., Beaver Creek is in present day Pulaski Co and also probably never part of Jefferson Co.)

1791 Jefferson County Court Minutes - On July 6th Robert and Nathaniel Pryor, orphans of John Pryor were bound out to Obadiah Newman by the overseers of the poor. (Obadiah Newman married Martha Meriwether on 15 Oct 1795 in Jefferson Co., KY)

1793 Tax List Jefferson Co., KY
William Floyd
Nathaniel Floyd
Charles Floyd
Robert Floyd
William Meriwether
James Meriwether
Samuel Oldham

1795 Land Survey
John PRYOR (500 acres surveyed 9-27-1795)

1801 - Jefferson Co., KY Will
David Crawford, 14 Dec 1801 -- 20 Sept 1802; 4 Mar 1805.
To sons David and Reuben, land on Harrods Creek; to Nathan land in Shelby County where he now lives; to daughter Salley Cocke 80 pounds money, money also to daughters Elizabeth Davis and Nancy Jones; to son Charles land bought of Richard Talliaferro adjoining Elias Wells [or Wills]; to sons Nelson and William land in Amherst County, adjoining Buffalo Ridge, granted testator in 1789; to my wife part of land wer "I now live," bought of Robert Johnston and William Haynes; special gift to Nathan "for him not receiving assistance in setting out in life in a remote and distant country"; to son John one half of all lands in Kentucky seruveyed by him.
Exec. Sons John, William S., Nelson and Charles [Crawford]
Bondsman: Charles Taliaferro, Nathaniel Warwick
Witnesses: William Pryor, John Pryor, Stella Sullivan.
Codical dated 14 Mar 1802. Land to son William to be sold and "divided among my legatees"; son John to manage estate. Sons David and Reuben to be "gven equally as much as my other children."
Witnesses: William Pryor and John Pryor, Stella Sullivan.
(Today Harrod's Creek is a neighborhood of Louisville, it's near the Ohio RIver. It's a waterway used for recreational boating, so it's possible to assume that boats were used on the waterway by early settlers.) (Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky, Excerpted and reprinted from The Filson Club History Quarterly by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988)
Heirs named. Children: David Crawford, Reuben Crawford, Nathan Crawford, Sally Crawford Cocke
Elizabeth Crawford Davis, Nancy Crawford Jones, Nelson Crawford, William S Crawford, John Crawford , Charles Crawford

1803 - Nathaniel Pryor drafted with Cousin Charles Floyd to go on Lewis and Clark Expedition.

1783-1838 Jefferson Co. Deeds - undated, Kentucky (grantee) to James PRYOR (grantor), Book S, page 295, property description: 21x47 ft of half A lot 16

1818 Marriage - Prudence Pryor married John Tyson on 8 Jan 1818 at Louisville. (She is reported to be a daughter of John A Pryor)

1818 Military Enlistment - Mountfort S Pryor b. 1798 in Halifax Co., VA enlisted on 5 Jun 1818 in Louisville, KY. His rank was musician. 8th Inf, Co G, Capt. L B Willis. (Later he re-enlisted in Fort Crawford (now MN), was deeded land in eastern IL, and is on the 1836 state census in Dubuque, IA)

1818 Will, Jefferson Co., KY - Will of John M. Offand [of France. 23 Nov 1818-- 11 Mar 1822. Of Shippingport, KY. Estate to James PRYOR , William McKever, and Fortunatus Cosby in trust for wife Henrietta for life and then to children including what he shall receive from his father Thomas Offand of France, where testator was shortly going.
Executors: wife Henrietta, James PRYOR, Fortunatus Cosby, and William McKeever.
Witnesses: Thomas Phillips, David Jewell, J. W. Harrison, Samuel Tyler (Fortunatus Cosby was married at St. James Northam Parish in Goochland Co., VA. describe Shippingport as an industrial site located near the Falls of the Ohio that was named in 1803.)

1822 Will, Jefferson Co., KY
James PRYOR: brother Robert L. PRYOR, Nathe PRYOR (Nathaniel?), Nephew James B. Gilly, Eliza Oldham. (Robert L. Pryor is in Bullitt Co., KY 1803 - 1810)

1825 Newspaper Notice
- Published in the Louisville Morning Post on July 25, 1825.
Jefferson Circuit Set June Term, 1825
Daniel Wilson, complainant, against John B Gilly, executor of James Pryor, dec’d. Nathaniel Pryor and Robert McClelland and others defts.—in chancery.

This day came the complainant by his counsel and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that the defendants Nathaniel Pryor and Robert McClelland are non-residents of this commonwealth and they have not having appeared and answered the said complainant’s bills; It is therefore ordered that they appear here on or before the first day of the next October tern of this court, and answer the said complainant’s bill, otherwise the same will be taken for confessed as to and against them and the matters and things therein contained, decreed accordingly. And it further ordered, that a copy of this order, be published two months successively, in some public authorized newspaper of this state.
A copy --- Test.
Robert Tyler, d. e j. e e.
June 23
(Where had all the Pryors gone? Nathaniel Pryor was in Missouri territory. There's a Robert McClelland in Bourbon County on the 1810 Census. John B Gilly was in New Orleans for the 1820 Census.)

1850 Census Jefferson Co., KY
Louisville Ward 8, page 386a, house 7 Thomas PRYOR 46 laborer Ireland, Rose 36 Ireland, Ann 13 Ireland, Patrick 10 Ireland, John 8 Ireland, James 7 Ireland, Mary 3 Ireland

1860 Census Jefferson Co., KY

2nd Dist., St. Matthews PO, page 964, house 126, William Kent 38 farmer TN, Amanda Kent 30 KY, John 19 farmer TN, James (PRYOR?) farm laborer 16 TN (This may be the same William Kent and James Pryor who were on the 1850 Census in Greene Co., TN)

1870 Census, Jefferson Co., KY
Gillmans Pct,. St. Matthews PO., page 307a, house 81/75 James P. (PRYOR?) Kent 25 farmer TN, Sallie F. 20 KY, Georgie E. (female) 4 KY, Jno. W. 5 KY, Maggie 8/12 KY. (Death record of Maggie Kent Oehler in Jefferson Co., KY states her father was Pryor Kent and mother was Sallie Frazier.)

1880 Census Jefferson Co., KY
Gillmans Magisterial Dist., page 46d, house 198 James P. (PRYOR?) Kent 36 farmer VA VA VA, Sallie F. 40 wife KY KY VA, Georgetta 13 dau KY, John W. 12 son KY, Maggie 11 dau KY.
Louisville, page 577b, 6th St., A. B. Fontaine 68 attorney at law KY VA VA.... boarding in house Olivia Fenner 22 TN RI KY (Olivia P. Fenner was the daughter of Dr. Christopher Smith Fenner and Olivia M. Pryor of Nashville & Marshall Co., MS. She is on the 1860 Census in Marshall Co., MS)

1885 Louisville Directory - Jacob Pryor living near 15th and Oak

1900 Census Jefferson Co., KY
6th Dist., page 242a, Louisville City, house 325 Charles Oehler Mar. 1859/41 KY Germany Germany (md. 5 yrs.) vegetable peddler. Maggie wife Dec. 1869/30 (1 child) KY KY KY, Norman son Dec. 1889 10 KY KY KY, Mamie dau Oct. 1881 18 KY, John son Nov 1883/16 KY, Grace dau Aug 1887 12 KY, James P. (PRYOR?) Kent father-in-law Sept. 1837 62 widow KY KY KY carpenter. (On the 1910 Census in Jefferson Co., Norman is recorded as Norman Bess, step son of Charles Oehler).
Louisville, page 29b, 2nd St., Mary Fontaine Jan. 1817 83 widow Ireland, Ireland, Ireland....boarding in house Edward A. Lyon Dec. 1867 32 IN KY KY, Olivia P. Fenner Jan 1857 43 TN RI MS (Olivia P. Fenner was the daughter of Dr. Christopher Smith Fenner and Olivia M. Pryor of Nashville & Marshall Co., MS. She is on the 1910 Census in Union Co., NJ)
35th Dist., page 184a, Louisville City, East St. Catharine Street, house 705 James D. PRYOR Dec 1853 46 (md 10 yrs) ENG ENG ENG immigrated 1871 park guard, Emma wife Jan 1869 31 (4 children/3 living) KY GER GER, Emma dau Mar 1892 KY, Lena dau Jul 1894 5 KY, Frederick son Sep 1900 8/12 KY

1920 Census Jefferson Co., KY
Louisville, Dist 144, sheet 5b, house 648 South St. James D. PRYOR 66 (immigrated 1871) ENG ENG ENG watchman for stone cutter, Emma 57 wife KY GER GER, Frederick 20 son KY, Minnie 17 dau KY, Ethel dau 14 KY, Alvine dau 10 KY, Louise dau 7 KY. (This family is on the 1880 Census in Desoto Co., MS, 1900 in Louisville)
Louisville, Dist 144, sheet 5b, house 650 South St. Anna Epperson 43 widow KY KY KY, Nancy PRIOR grand-mo 70 widow KY KY KY

1930 Census Jefferson Co., KY
7th Dist., page 166a, house 1132 Seventh St., Henry S. McAdams 57 (md. 21) KY KY KY, packer at tobacco factory. Florence (PRYOR) wife 50 (md. 16) KY KY KY, Clinton son 22 KY laborer at box factory, William PRYOR father in law 88 widow KY, KY KY (Henry and wife Florence are on the 1900 Census in Breckenridge Co., KY)

Records of Jessamine Co., KY

1800 Tax List Jessamine Co., KY
Susannah PRIOR (Susannah Poythress Pryor sister of Francis Poythress who is mentioned in the book History of Methodism in Tennessee by John B. McFerrin, DD, published 1888. Researchers state Luke Pryor, son of Col. Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton, married Susan Poythress)

1810 Census Jessamine Co., KY
Susanna PRIAR 00111 - 00102 (25 slaves, whites one male and two females over 45 years. Susannah Pryor died Sat., Jan. 25, 1817 in Jessamine Co., aged almost 70 years per "The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society" - Page 72)

1840 Census Jessamine Co., KY
Jordan PRIOR 021101 - 111001 (Jordan Pryor is on the 1830 Census in Gerrard Co., KY and again in Gerrard Co. in 1850.)

1850 Census Jessamine Co., KY
Div. 1, page 33b, house 474, Adam Blakeman 27 KY, Matilda (PRYOR) 25 KY, John T. 7 KY, Betsy? A. Collins (m) 23 KY (Adam Blakeman md. Matilda E. Pryor on 4 Dec. 1846 in Jessamine Co., KY)
Div. 2, page 57a, house 267 Thos. Foster 60, farmer DE and in household Geo. R. PRYOR 10 KY. (George R. Pryor is the son of James B. Pryor and his wife Martha Foster)

1880 Census Jessamine Co., KY

Marble Creek, page 80c, house 116 John Flanagan 45 laborer KY KY KY, Chestina (PRYOR) 44 wife KY VA KY, David 10 son KY, Lula J. 7 dau KY (Chestina is the daughter of Jordan Pryor and Nancy Anderson, per her KY death record)

1900 Census Jessamine Co., KY
Nicholasville, page 4a, house 69 George R. PRYOR Jun 1840 59 KY VA KY married 25 years, Julia D wife Jul 1850 49 KY KY KY, Mary D dau Jan 1876 24, George R. son Aug 1877 22 KY, Julia D dau Oct 1881 18 KY, William D. son Apr 1884 16 KY, James B son Dec 1886 KY, Robert M son Nov 1887 10 KY, Anna N dau Sept 1895 4 KY (George R. Pryor and family are on the 1880 Census in Garrard Co., KY)

Records of Kenton Co., KY

1860 Census Kenton Co., KY
Page 610, Covington, house 626 James PRYOR 57 lawyer KY, Caroline 56 KY, William Tarvin 23 KY, Eliza 20 KY, James 7/12 KY, Solomon Bradley (bl) servant 64 NC. (James Pryor and family are on the 1850 Census in Carroll Co., KY)

1870 Census Kenton Co., KY
house 198 James PRYOR 68 lawyer KY, Caroline 68 KY

1880 Census Kenton Co., KY
Pg. 187a, James PRYOR 78 atty at law KY VA VA, Caroline 78 wife KY PA PA, Bettie Cleary servant 25 Ireland Ireland Ireland

Records of Larue Co., KY

1880 Census Larue Co., KY
Pg. 187a, J. F. PRIOR male 35 TN TN TN, Sarah wife 33 TN TN TN, Henry son 8 KY, John son 6 KY, George son 5 KY, Lafayette son 3 KY, Westeller son 1 KY. (John F. Prior is on the 1860 Census in Overton Co., TN living with Andrew C Davis and his wife Elizabeth Fox. Researcher on posted query in 1999 stating that John Franklin Pryor born in Jackson Co., TN, died April 1890 in KY and was married to Sarah Frances Thurman born May 20, 1848, died Jan. 18, 1917 in McLean Co., KY. This family is on the 1900 and 1910 Census in McLean Co.)

1910 Census Larue Co., KY
Charles Blanton 56 KY KY KY md 39 years, Ann (PRYOR) wife 55 KY KY KY, Sallie Spencer niece 23 KY KY KY, Jane PRYOR mother in law 75 2 children/2 living KY KY KY.

1914 Death - Jane Pryor died in Larue Co. Age "about 79". Died Dec 28, 1914. Parents: David Pryor b. KY and Sarah Sutton b. KY. (David Pryor and family are on the 1850 Census in Meade Co., KY)

Records of Livingston Co., Kentucky

1830 Land Grant in Livingston Co., KY - 130 Acres granted to Joseph E PRYOR on the Ohio RIver (There's a Joseph E. Pryor recorded in the War of 1812 as a 1st Seargeant, Capt Spriggs Co. Boathmen, Louisianna Volunteers)

1830 Census Livingston Co., KY
Smithland Twp, Joseph E. PRIOR 1000101 - 0100100101 (oldest male in household 40-49 years, oldest female 70 to 79 years, Joseph is on the 1820 and 1840 Census in Pope Co., IL)
Smithland Twp, Nicholas PRYOR 100001 - 222001 (oldest male 30 - 39 years)
Smithland Twp, Daniel PRYOR 201001 - 11001 (oldest male 30 - 39 years. Daniel Pryor is on the 1840 Census in Pope Co., IL)

1835 Land Grant in Livingston Co., KY - 500 acres on Givens Creek to Joseph PRYOR.

Records of Logan Co., KY

1793 Tax List Logan Co., KY
John PRYOR 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 6 horses, 21 cows, 200 acres

1794 Tax List Logan Co., KY -
John PRYOR 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 4 horses, 14 cows, and 200 acres
(If this is the Jonathan Pryor on the 1850 Census he would have been 6 years old in 1794, so this is likely NOT the son of Richard Pryor. However, his is possibly another relative of Richard Pryor since a John Sr. and John Jr. signed the survey of Richard's property in Logan Co. in 1796. See Christian County, KY-- there's an 1807 estate for John Pryor Sr.)

1796 Tax List Logan Co., KY -
Richard PRYOR 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 1 female over 21, one female under 21, 6 horses, 18 cows, 25 acres

1796 Land Grant in Logan Co., KY - To Richard PRIOR from James Ewing. Survey of 200 acres on 30 July 13, 1796 200 acres. The property bordered (Robert?) Cradock's property and "a conditional line made with William Ferguson." John Pryor Sr. and John Pryor Jr chain carriers. There is no watercourse mentioned on the survey. (Book No. 3) (There are land grants to John and Mary Ferguson on Muddy Creek in 1799. The Ewing Family Association website states that James Ewing purchased land from Robert Craddock in 1794.)

1796 Land Grant in Logan Co., KY - To Richard PRIOR from.... ? Survey of 200 acres on 15 Sept 1796. On a Branch of Rocky running into Muddy River. Near John Armstrong's line. John and James Armstrong chain carriers. (John Armstrong obtained a land grant on the Red River in Logan Co. on 24 Aug 1796, John Armstrong Sr. obtained a land grant on Rocky Creek on 27 Aug 1806.)

1797 Tax List Logan Co., KY -
Mourning PRYOR
1 male over 21, 1 female over 21, one female under 21, 6 horses, 25 acres on Red River

1799 Tax List Logan Co., KY
John PRYOR 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, no livestock, and no land
Morning PRYOR no one recorded in household, 25 acres

1799 Deed in Logan County, KY - James Ewing and heirs of Richard Pryor sold 250 acres on Red River for 90 pounds. (Book A1, page 258) on 13 Feb 1799.

1800 Tax List Logan Co., KY
(If these are the James and Jonathan Pryor who were on the 1850 Census in Graves County they were 12 and 14 years old in 1800. Were minors taxed?)
Thomas White
200 acres on Red River

1800 Marriage -
Rebecca Baily married John PRIOR on 11 Jan 1800 (see 1810 Census).

1800 Marriage - Polly Heathman married John PRIOR on 22 May 1800

1800 Marriage - Thomas White married Mourning PRIOR 19 Jun 1800

1803 Marriage - Elizabeth Crawford married John PRIOR on 12 Mar 1803

1806 Deed - John PRIER Jr. of Logan Co deeded 376 acres on the Caney Fork of the Cumberland (in TN) to Stephen Cantrell of Smith County, TN on 27 Mar 1806. Deed states land previously belonged to Howell Tatum. Wit. James Ewing. (Stephen Cantrell is on the 1796 Tax list in Sumner County near Richard White -- Mourning Thompson Pryor married Thomas White in Logan Co.)

1810 Marriage
- Nancy Phelps married James PRIOR on 2 Mar 1810 (James is a son of Richard and Mourning Pryor, per James death record in Graves Co., KY)

1810 Census Logan Co., KY
Page 163, James PRIOR 1101 - 13001
Page 163, Jonathan PRIOR 2101 - 3101
(James born 1786 in TN and Jonathan born 1788 in TN are possible sons of Richard & Mourning Pryor, later counted in Graves Co., KY Census records)
Page 175, Mourning White 232 - 00001 (Mourning Thompson, widow of Richard Pryor. Richard Pryor granted land in Logan Co. on Jul. 13, 1796)
Page 175, Richard West 01211 - 0211
Page 176, line 8 John Baily 2201 - 1101
Page 177, line 10 Cheatham Ewing 3121 - 2101
Page 176, line 15 Samuel Belew (Ballow, Ballew etc.) 1011-22111

1811 Deed - Logan Co., KY
An indenture filed 9 Nov 1811 to settle the estate of Richard PRIOR deceased. It names his "heirs"
Jonathan Prior of Logan Co., KY, William Prior, Thompson Prior, James Prior, Jeremiah Prior, Joseph Prior, James Prior, Calob Jobe (Caleb Jobe or Job), Elezbeth Ray (Elizabeth Rhea), Daniel Jobe (or Job), Henry Newby, William Newby. The document wasn't filed with the court until 29th day of July 1812.

1820 Census Logan Co., KY
Page 26, William J. Morton Jr. 10011111320-6 (William Jordan Morton died in Logan Co. in 1825, he was married to Martha Pryor born 6 April 1761, died March 15, 1800 daughter of William Pryor and Sarah Wood of Virginia. William J Morton Jr. is their son.).

1825 Death - William Jordan Morton died 3 Jan 1825 in Logan Co., KY, wife Martha Pryor. Morton was born Westmoreland county, November 15, 1754.

1850 Census Logan Co., KY
Page 55a, house 797 F. L. Alison 31 merchant KY, Maria L. 27 KY, Emmett C. 7 KY, Catharine 5 KY, James H. Morton 16 clerk KY (A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans: the leaders and ..., Volume 5 By Will Thomas Hale, Dixon Lanier Merritt provides an account that James H. Morton is the grandson of Wiliam Morton and Martha PRYOR from VA).

1880 Census Logan Co., KY
Russellville. Pleasant A. PRIOR, 25, TN VA TN, Nancy E. wife 25 TN TN TN, William B. son 3 TN, James P. son 1 KY (James & Nancy Pryor of Overton Co., TN>William Pryor & Martha Malone>Pleasant Andrew Pryor and possibly wife Nancy Ellen Harris)

Records of Lyon Co., KY

1930 Census, Lyon Co., KY
Eddyville, #75 Hugh L. PRYOR 48 (28) TN VA VA, Mary D. wife 35 (15) TN TN TN, Ruby dau 19 TN, Jewell dau 17 TN, Hugh L. son 15 TN, Pearl dau 12 TN, Thomas C. son 9 TN, Garnet dau 6 TN, Oscar D. son 4 TN.
(William & Margaret Curry Pryor>Thomas Jefferson & Permelia Talley Pryor>Hugh L. Pryor & Mary Dee Bundy of Sumner Co., TN).




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