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Records of Madison Co., KY

1792 Tax List Madison Co., KY
Abraham PRIER

1860 Census Madison Co., KY
Jordan PRYOR 59 gate keeper VA, Nancy 63 Garrard Co., KY, Eveline 25 Jessamine Co., KY, Mary 19 Jessamine Co., KY, Christina Marchi? 30 Gerrard Co., KY, John W. 6 Madison Co., KY, James E. 6 Madison Co., KY, Curtis White 1 Madison Co., KY (Death record for Chestine Flanagan born 1834 states her parents were Jordan Pryor and Nancy Anderson. This family is on the 1850 Census in Garrard Co., KY)

Records of Mason Co., KY

Land Deed - JOHN PRYOR, Maysville & Mason County, 1780 Major John PRIOR Nov 14 1796 William Wood and Alexander D Orr, Article of agreement for division of land on Lawrence Creek in Mason County, Kentucky. The claim was in name of John PRYOR witnessed by Henry Lee D S 2 p Endorsed William Wood, and A D Orr agreement. [from Elizabeth Pryor Harper's "Twenty-Two Southern Families" ] (See Fayette Co. KY 1784 land grant to John Pryor also on Lawrence Creek)

1857 Death - Margaret L. PRIOR, white, 24, female, consumption, died 26 Apr 1857, parents Beverly PRIOR and Mary Ann PRIOR, born in Louisville, KY, died in Maysville, KY.

Records of McCracken Co., KY

1860 Census McCracken Co, KY
1st Dist., Paducah, page 971, house 465 J. G. Cole 50 stable keeper NC, Jane H. 49 TN, Lafayette 15 KY, Arabella 13 KY, Robert B. 11 KY, B. H. PRYOR 35 merchant KY, Laura 23 KY, R. H. 1 KY. (Bernard H. Pryor was on the 1850 Census in Trigg Co., KY. The 1860 census entry was made on June 17th, on December 14, 1860 the Clarksville, TN newspaper "Weekly Tobacco Leaf" reported that a Bernard Pryor once a resident of Clarksville and by then living in Paducah had gone on a drunken spree and killed a man named Pigg. McCracken County History Book states Bernard Pryor married Laura Jane Cole.)

1870 Census McCracken Co, KY
Paducah, page 142, house 697, Joseph G. Cole 61 grocer NC, Jane H. 59 NC, Lafayette 25 clerk in store KY, Robert 20 clerk in store KY, Isabella 22 KY, Burnard PRYOR 45 clerk in store KY, Laura 32 KY. (McCracken County History Book states Joseph G. Cole is the father of Laura Cole Pryor).
Paducah, page 168b, house 167 household of Thomas W. Morton 47 retail dry goods store KY... Rose PRYOR (mu) 18 nurse TN.

1880 Census McCracken Co, KY
Clarks River, page 202C, house 143 Burnett H. PRYOR 56 farmer KY VA VA, Laura J. 41 wife KY NC TN, Ruth 11 daughter KY, Joseph G. Cole 70 father-in-law NC NC NC, Jane 69 mother-in-law TN TN TN.
Woodville, page 225C, Hiram PRIOR 44 TN TN NC, Ibby 38 TN TN TN, William W. 21 TN, Jane M. 15 TN, Rachel F. 14 TN, James T. 10 TN, Ella D. 8 TN, Newton E. 2 TN (Hiram Pryor is a son of Cyntha Pryor of Smith Co., TN. In 1910 Hiram Pryor was in Red River Co., TX).

1900 Census McCracken Co., KY
Clarks River Magist. Dist., sheet 1a, house 2 Burnard PRYOR June 1823 76, married 41 years, KY VA VA, Laura J. wife July 1837 62, 2 children/0 living, KY NC TN.
Clarks River Magist. Dist., sheet 5b, house 98 William M. PRYOR Oct. 1848, 51, md. 30 yrs KY KY VA, Mary wife Nov. 1850 (7 children/7 living) TN NC TN, Hattie dau Nov. 1874, 25, KY KY TN, Mary dau May 1881, 19 IL KY TN, Henry son Jun 1886, 14 TN KY TN, Samuel son Jan 1888, 12 KY KY TN. (A report in the Daily Free Press (Cabondale, IL) reported that William Pryor age 57 was shot and killed by his neighbor Mrs. Ella Gholson who wanted a tree cut down and Pryor refused -- 22 Dec 1905)

1902 News Report - Will Pryor, colored, was charged with stiking Frank Walston with a brick (The Paducah Evening Sun, 10 May 1902)

1910 News Report - Taylor PRYOR, colored, confessed to breaking into Graham's tobacco warehouse (The Paducah Evening Sun, 8 Feb 1910)

1920 Census McCracken Co., KY
Paducah, Dist. 3, sheet 9b, house 194/199 Ellis B. Hall 42 KY TN TN, Cora L. wife 43 KY KY SC, Lola B. daughter 17 KY KY KY, Clayton PRYOR nephew 23 KY KY KY.
Paducah, Dist. 7, sheet 4b, J. M. PRYOR 68 KY KY KY, Annie wife 54 KY KY KY, O. T. brother 66 KY KY KY. (John M. Pryor is on the 1870 Census in Hickman Co., KY. Turner O. Pryor is on the 1910 Census in Grayson Co., TX)

Records of McCreary Co., KY

1920 Census McCreary Co., KY
Pct. 11, sheet 1A Anthony PRYOR 41 KY KY KY, Sally wife 27 KY KY KY, Willie son 21 KY, Jessie son 16 KY, Luther son 13 KY, Jim son 12 KY, Enoch (Enos) son 9 KY, Juno son 6 KY, Hattie dau 3 KY. (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Anthony Allen Pryor Sr>Anthony Allen Pryor Jr)
Yamakraw, pct. 17, page 53a, house 241, Sherman PRIOR 50 TN VA VA weighman for coalmine, Sarah wife 40 KY TN TN, Luther son 21 KY motorman for coal mine, Jimmie son 17 KY miner, Grace dau 12 KY, Simon son 6 KY, James Branson boarder 26 TN VA OH miner, Susie Kieth boarder 28 KY KY KY cook private family

1930 Census McCreary Co., KY
Dist. 1, sheet 4B. Living in boarding house... Enos PRYOR 20 single KY KY KY coal miner. (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Anthony Allen Pryor Sr>Anthony Allen Pryor Jr>Enos Pryor)
Dist. 2, sheet 17A Jesse PRYOR 26 (19) KY KY KY laborer in coal mine, Maddie wife 21 KY KY KY, Gracie dau 4 8/12 KY, Perlie M. dau 3 10/12 KY, Jessie Jr. son 1 7/12 KY. (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Anthony Allen Pryor Sr>Anthony Allen Pryor Jr>Jesse Pryor)
Dist. 2, sheet 41A James PRYOR 21 (20) KY KY KY coal miner, Flora wife 16 (15) KY K Y KY (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Overton Pryor>Anthony Allen Pryor Sr>Anthony Allen Pryor Jr>James Pryor)
Dist. 3 #458 Silas W. Jones 45 (20) KY KY KY, Nancy 40 (17) TN TN TN, Clyde son 9 KY, Parker PRYOR fa-inlaw 75 (21) TN TN TN, Arvizine mo-inlaw 65 (25) TN TN TN (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor & 2nd wife Arvizine Bowden)
Dist. 3 #463 Sherman PRYOR 45 (20) KY KY KY, Maggie wife 20 (16) KY KY KY, Flora dau 1 11/12 KY, Sarah J. Jackson half-sister 8 KY KY KY
(Sherman is a son of Parker Pryor and Mary Elizabeth Garrett, Sherman married Maggie Jackson, daughter of J. C. Jackson in house 70. She was a daughter from his first marriage.)
Dist. 6 #67 W. M . PRYOR 30 (24) TN TN TN, Bidie wife 25 (21) TN TN TN, Ed son 3 KY (William M. Pryor was on the 1910 Census in Pickett Co., he's a son of John M. Pryor. William married Verdie/Bidie Jackson, a daughter of J. C. Jackson below.)
Dist. 6, House 70 J. C. Jackson 60 (married 46), TN TN TN, farmer. Martha (PRYOR) wife 34? (married 21) TN TN TN. Orie son 12 TN. Bessie daughter 10 TN, Mary E.? daughter 8 TN, Hester? Daughter 5 TN, Maude Daughter 2 KY. (Spicy & Wm Pryor>Chesley Pryor>Parker Pryor>John McHenry Pryor>Martha M. Pryor. This family is on the 1920 Census in Pickett Co., TN)

Records of McLean Co., KY

1844 Death - Henrietta Pryor Waltrip died in McClean County (she is on census records in Daviess Co., KY)

1900 Census, McLean Co., KY
Magisterial Dist. 7, Calhoun, sheet 126b, house 205 Lafayette B. PRYOR Apr. 1877 23 KY TN KY, Sarah F. mother May 1848 52 widow 12 children/10 living KY AR KY, Virgil Warren boarder Sept. 1876 23 single KY IN KY farm laborer, Cansada Pryor sister Oct. 1882 17 KY TN KY, Sarah E. sister May 1887 13 KY TN KY, James C. brother Dec. 1890 9 KY TN KY.

1910 Census, McLean Co., KY

Vienna, ED#107, page 77a, house Conrad? PRYOR 18 single KY KY KY, Sarah F. mother 63 widow 12 children/10 living KY KY KY.
(Sarah Frances Pryor widow of John Franklin Pryor. The family is on the 1880 Census in Larue Co., KY)

Records of Meade Co., Kentucky

1850 Census, Meade Co., KY
Hosue 561 David PRIOR 41 laborer KY, Sarah 38 NC, William 17 KY, Jane 15 KY, Susanna 9 KY, Mary 7 KY, Rebecca 3 KY, Elizabeth 1 KY (Death record for David Pryor aged 47, born in Bullett Co. KY was the son of Simon and Susan Pryor. David died 23 Sept. 1855. Son William died in 1853 in Grayson Co., KY. Daughter Jane Pryor died in Larue Co., KY. Her death record IDs her parents as David Pryor and Sarah Sutton. Sarah Sutton Pryor and her children are on the 1860 Census in Grayson Co., KY.)

Records of Mercer Co., Kentucky

It's possible that that these Pryors are connected to those in Woodford, Jessamine, Oldham, and Garrard Counties

1795 Tax LIst - Gabriel Slaughter's District.
no blacks, 3 horses, 5 cattle
(Early Kentucky Tax Records: From The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. By Kentucky Historical Society. Google Books. Gabriel Slaughter became governor of KY in 1816-- relative of another governo Luke Pryor Blackburn.)

1800 Tax List Mercer Co., KY


1803 Will - Mercer Co., will of Thomas Thickston 3-28-1803 Legatees: 2 sons Jacob and William, 1 daughter Catharine. Wit: David Duncan; JOHN PRYOR; Levi Hale p 346
(In 1782 John Thickston and John Pryor cast their votes for John May as a Virginia Delegate from Jefferson County, KY. John Prior and a John Thickston signed the "Low Dutch Petition" in 1783.)

1810 Census, Mercer Co., KY - census is in alpha order
page 327 John PRIER 11110 - 1001 (oldest male 26 - 44 years, born 1766-1784)

1811 Marriage - Rebecca PRYOR to William Martin

1812 Mercer Co., KY Marriage
George Philips to Agnes PRYOR - 6 Aug 1812

1814 Mercer Co., KY Marriage

John McKinney to Nancy PRIOR - 16 Sept. 1814 (Mercer County, Kentucky marriages, 1785 to 1852. L.K. McGhee)

1820 Census, Mercer Co., KY - census is in alpha order
George Philips (married to Agnes PRYOR) 20103 -112
William Martin (married to Rebecca PRYOR) 310001210113
page 101 John McKinney (married to Nancy PRIOR) 200001- 1001

1822 Marriage -
Nicholas Burns md. Matilda Pryor  22 Oct 1822. (1850 Census in Washington Co., KY)

1830 Census Mercer Co., KY

William Martin (married to Rebecca PRYOR) 001000001 - 0030001
George Philips (married to Agnes PRYOR) 02110001 - 1200101

1840 Census, Mercer Co., KY
page 166, Matthew PRYOR 011001 - 233001 (oldest male 30-39 years) (Possibly the Matthew Pryor who was in Washington Co., KY in 1850)
page 214, Henry PRYOR (Af. Am) - 24 - 35 years old. No other family members.

1853 Marriage in Mercer Co., KY - Benjamin B Ball married Mary H Pryor whose parents were born in Garrard Co., KY.

1856 Death in Mercer Co., KY - Jordan Pryor born Feb 1,1856 and died a day later.

1860 Death in Mercer Co., KY - Isaac Pryor born May 1860, stillborn.

1869 Marriage in Mercer Co., KY - Thomas Brown married Sarah Pryor on 8 Jan 1869

1880 Census, Mercer Co., KY
page 77b, Pleasant Hill Community of Shakers, B. B. Dunleavy 75 trustee minister OH OH OH... Charles R. PRYOR 48 member physician VA VA VA. (Charles Pryor is on the 1860 census in Dallas, TX, brother of Samuel B. Pryor first mayor of Dallas, TX)

Records of Monroe Co., Kentucky

1920 Census, Monroe Co., KY
Brush - Pct. 3, House 187: Bee (Ben?) PRYOR 21 TN TN TN farmer, Earlie wife 21 KY KY KY
West Thompkinsville - Pct. 5
House 171 Bennett PRYOR 45 TN TN TN farmer, Alice 42 wife TN TN TN, Daisy dau 20 TN, Gervis son 17 TN, Conner son 14 TN, D--ard son 9 TN, Willie D. son 7 TN, Wylie son 4 TN,
(William Burnett and family are on the 1900 &1910 Census in Jackson Co., TN. 1930 in Macon Co., TN)
House 172 Overt PRYOR 33 TN TN TN farmer, Ora wife 32 KY TN TN, Mae dau 10 KY, Edgar son 11 KY, Allie dau 8 KY, Mabel dau 4 KY. (William and Spicy Pryor>Overton Pryor>Alvin Pryor>Tilford Overton Pryor)

1930 Monroe Co., KY
Brush, House 192 B. PRYOR 31 (18) TN TN TN, Erlie wife 31 (18) KY KY KY, Hugh son 6 KY

Records of Montgomery Co., Kentucky

1800 Tax List Montgomery Co., KY

Records of Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky

1920 Census Muhlenberg Co., KY
Skilesville, Dist. 2 , Drakesboro Twp., Page 32A, house 110 Edward C. PRYOR 31 TN TN TN loader at coal mine, Nellie 27 TN TN TN, Veda dau 9 TN, Verdis son 8 TN (Edward Pryor>Chesley A. Pryor of Overton Co., TN>Edward C. Pryor of Scott Co., TN)
Central City, page 212a, house 21 Thomas Jefferson PRYOR 71 KY KY KY, Mariah wife 66 KY KY KY (KY death record for Thomas Pryor age 73 in 1921, died in Muhlenberg Co. His parents information not included on the record. Thomas Jefferson Pryor is on the 1880 Census in Grayson Co., KY)
Central City, page 212a, house 22 Anderson Blaine PRYOR 39 KY KY KY, Allis wife 32 KY KY KY, Lealann dau 14 KY, Elva son 11 KY, Unis dau 10, Lorene dau 8, Zanda dau 4 KY, Willie son 1 6/12 KY. (Anderson Pryor, son of Thomas Jefferson Pryor. Anderson registered for the WWI draft in Butler Co, KY)

1930 Census Muhlenberg Co., KY
Dist 12, page 138a, Rochester and So. Carollton Rd., house 165 Blane PRYOR 50 (md 24) farmer KY KY KY, Alice wife 46 (md 20) KY KY KY, Shelby son 22 KY, Maurine dau 17 KY, Lyndell dau 14 KY, William son 12 KY, Parodine dau 7 KY, Leonard son 5 KY, Jake N. son 3 11/12 KY. (Anderson Blane Pryor registered for the draft in 1918 in Butler Co., KY)

Records of Nelson Co., Kentucky

1792 Tax List Nelson Co., KY

1850 Census, Nelson Co., KY
Nazareth Female Academy, Bardstown, page 303b... student Medora PRIOR 13 MS (The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 7 By Virginia Historical Society states Medora Pryor is the daughter of John C. Pryor of DeSoto, MS. Rachel Medora Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Bexar Co. TX with husband Richard Taylor.)

Records of Nicholas County, Kentucky

1836 (See 1843 court case below) - Tavern House erected by William WHITTEMORE and when mortgaged Dec 17 1836, occupied by saidGREEN L PRYORas a tavern (Green L (Lewis?) Pryor is reported to be the son of Thornton Pryor and Mary Nance. Green Pryor is on the 1830 Census in Bourbon County, KY)

1839 Newspaper Notice - A C PRYOR, Mrs. (1839) Blue Lick Springs Kentucky, p. 3 The Kentucky Gazette Vol 54 no 29 July 18 1839 Advertisement: Her table shall be at all times supplied with anything the country affords - and in addition it will be furnished with vension and fresh fish whenever they can be had. Her bar … with the choicest and best liquors and wines … Boarding per day $1.25 per week $8.00. [from Elizabeth Pryor Harper's "Twenty-Two Southern Families" ]

1840 Newspaper Notice - "Mrs. C. A. PRYOR would respectfully inform her friends and the public generally, who are in the habit of frequenting these delightful Springs, that she is at this time prepared, in much better style, to accomodate those who may resort to them, either for health or pleasure, than at any time heretofore. Her Tavern House has undergone, since the last season, very material alterations, and is now fitted up in the handsomest style, and in addition, a number of pleasant and comfortable cottages have been erected and furnished, which are as agreeable as any at any other watering place in the State. She has attentive and accomodating agents to attend to her visiters (sic). Her table shall be, at all times, supplied with everything the country affords---and in addition, it will be furnished with VENISON AND FRESH FISH Whenever they can be had. Her Bar shall be supplied with the choicest and best of LIQUORS and WINES, and on the whole, she promises that no exertions, expense or trouble shall be spared to render the BLUE LICK SPRINGS equal in accomodation and comfort to those of any other watering place in the State. She respecfully solicits a share of public patronage.
June 11, 1840.
N. B. It has not been considered necessary to speak of the character of the Blue Lick Water. It is most extensively known as the finest mineral water, conducing, in a more eminent degree, to the restoration of health, and its preservation, than any other in the United States. As an evidence of this fact, it need simple be told that there is a constant supply of it kept in all principal cities, not only in Kentucky, but in the adjoining States." (Kentucky Gazette, 5 Nov. 1840)

1840 Census, Nicholas Co., KY
Catherine PRYOR - 0000211 - 0000211 (oldest female 40-49 years old)

1843 Court Record - GREEN L PRYORdeceased May 1843 in Circuit Court of U S District of Kentucky - suit in Chancery, etc. James M WHITMORE heirs, William Whittemore, deceased. vsCATHERINE A PRYOR,MARY PRYOR,JOHN PRYOR, andELIZABETH PRYOR, tract of 30 acres at Lower Blue Lick in Nicholas County, lots 123, 421, 21, 22, 23 in Bartlettsburg … Tavern House erected by William WHITTEMORE and when mortgaged Dec 17 1836, occupied by saidGREEN L PRYORas a tavern … [from Elizabeth Pryor Harper's "Twenty-Two Southern Families" ]

1844 Deed - C A PRYOR, Mary, John & Elizabeth residents … 1-4-1844 acres 30 - Book 27 page 381 Lower Blue Lick watercourse.

1845 Marriage - Lucien Tanner married Ellizabeth PRYOR on 10 jun 1845 (They are on the 1850 Census in Nicholas Co. in the household of Jonathan Tanner)

1850 Census Nicholas Co., KY
Dist. 1, page 478a, house 435 Thornton PRYOR 33 farmer KY, Mary 27 KY, Sarah 8 KY, John 5 KY, Alonzo 3 KY, Juliet 1 KY (Thornton Pryor md. Martha C. Duvall on 22 Sept. 1841 in Owen Co., KY. Son of Thornton Pryor and Mary Nance of Owen Co., KY)
Dist 1, page 478a, house 438 Sarah Williams (PRYOR) 35 KY, Mary C. 9 KY, Elizabeth 8 KY, Sally 5 KY, Frances 3 KY (Death Record of Mary C. Williams Green states her father was Isaac Williams and mother was Sarah Pryor. Death record of Sallie Elvira Williams Kemper born 1844 states her father was Isaac Williams (born in VA) and mother was Sallie Pryor born in KY. Death Record of Elizabeth Hays Williams Nix born 1843 states her parents were Isaac Williams and Sallie Pryor.)
Dist. 1, page 481, Edward PRYOR 26 KY, Eleanor 21 KY, John 2 KY (Edward Pryor died May 28, 1911 in Nicholas Co. His death record states he is the son of John Pryor and Sallie Nance both of VA. Death record of John C. Pryor b. 6/4/1847 states parents were Edward Pryor and Eleanor McClanahan)
Dist. 2, page 410b, house 290 Jonathan Tanner 55 farmer KY, Lucien E. 30 KY, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 23 KY, Byron 3 KY, Mary E. 5/12 KY George V. Thompson 16 laborer KY. (Lucien Tanner md. Elizabeth Pryor on 10 Jun. 1845 in Nicholas Co.)

1860 Census Nicholas Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 405, house 46 Jonathan M. Tanner 64 farmer KY, L. E. Tanner 35 farmer KY, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 35 KY, Byron 13 KY, J. Harvey 6 KY, Sarah F. 3 KY, Mary PRYOR 76 VA. (Mary Pryor is likely Mary Nance Pryor, widow of Thornton Pryor and grandmother of Elizabeth Pryor Tanner, daughter of Green Lewis Pryor.).
Dist. 2, page 416, house 122 Thornton PRYOR 43 KY, Martha 37 KY, Sarah 17 KY, John A. 15 KY, Alonzo 13 KY, Julia 12 KY, Lucian 9 KY, Clay M. 6 KY, Elizabeth 4 KY, Mary 2 KY. (KY Death record for Mrs. Clara M. Arnold states she was born 1/25/1850 to Thornton T. Pryor and wife Martha Clark. Thornton Pryor and his family are on the 1870 Census in Grant Co., KY)

Records of Ohio County, Kentucky

1850 Census Ohio Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 58a, house 98 Phocian Morgan 32 KY, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 28 TN, Lycurgus 6 TN, Ferdinand 4 TN, Salathiel 2 TN, Thomas 1 KY. (Phocian Morgan md. Elizabeth Pryor on 22 Dec. 1842 in Wilson Co., TN)

1860 Census Ohio Co., KY
Hartford Dist., page 594, house 54, Phocian Morgan 41 farmer KY, Elizabeth W. (PRYOR) 37 TN, Lycurgus P. 17 KY, Ferdinand F. 15 KY, Salathel 12 KY, Nancy 8 KY, Zelma E. 6 KY, James O. 4 KY, William B. 2 KY.
Adams Fork, page 519, house 39 Courtney L Seaton 24 KY, America (PRYOR) 26 KY, Elizabeth A 2 KY, John W. 6/12 KY (Courtney Seaton married America Pryor in Breckinridge Co., KY in 1856)

1870 Census Ohio Co., KY
Page 503b, house 46 Phocian Morgan 51 livery stable KY, Ferdinand P. 27 sawyer TN, Nancy E. 17 KY, Zelma E. 14 KY, Jno. O. 13 KY, Wm. B. 11 KY.

1880 Census Ohio Co., KY
Ellis Dist, page 648b, house 31 Louis S PRYOR 45 farmer KY KY KY Ann Eliza 43 wife KY KY KY, Laura A dau 13 KY, John H B 10 son KY.
Page 575c, house 6 Phocian Morgan 52 farmer KY KY VA, Elizabeth S. wife 50 KY KY KY, Nancy E. dau 28 KY, Zelma E. dau 26 KY teaching school, Jno. O. 24 KY farming.
Cromwell Twp., Page 507d, house 1 F. P. Morgan 34, police judge TN KY TN, Helen F. wife 38 KY KY KY, Elizabeth Foreman 84 KY, Louis P.25 grandson salesman KY KY KY, William P. 50 son butcher KY KY KY, Emanuel Nall (mu) servant 9 KY KY KY. (Ferdinand P. Morgan, son of Phoecian Morgan and Elizabeth Pryor).
Rosine Twp., Page 608d, house 394 Salathiel Morgan 31 school teacher, TN KY TN. (Salathiel Morgan, son of Phoecian Morgan and Elizabeth Pryor).

1900 Census Ohio Co., KY
Louis S. PRIOR Jul 1836 63 KY KY KY, Ann E. wife May 1833 37 married 48 9 children/2 living KY KY KY, Laura A dau Feb 1866 KY. (Louis and Ann Pryor and wife Ann Eliza Brown are on the 1860 Census in Grayson County, KY, daughter Laura Ann Pryor died in Grayson Co. in 1911)

1921 Ohio County Circuit Court
- Divorce J. S. Pryor vs. Callie Pryor. Grounds abandonment. Married in 1919 and separated 1920 (The Hartford Republican, September 16, 1921)

Records of Oldham County, Kentucky

1828 Deed - 20 Feb. 1828, Joseph Lane and wife Martha to Willis Duncan, all Oldham Co. KY, 18 acres on Barebone Creek, part of John Roberts, James Patton and Alexander Pope's 10,000 acre claim, adj. Joseph Lane. Wit. Daniel F. Pryor, James Pryor, Nelson Wright, Wm. Gatewood.

1828 Deed - 20 Feb. 1828, Willis Duncan and wife Martha (Pryor) to Joseph Lane, all Oldham Co. KY, $100, 18 acres, part of John Roberts, James Patons and Alexander Pope's 10,000 acre survey, on Barebone Creek, adj. Joseph Lane's corner and in the division line of John Roberts. Wit. Wm. Gatewood, Jack Pryor, Daniel F. Pryor, Nelson Wright.

1828 Deed - 28 June 1828, Jack Pryor of Oldham Co. KY of 1st part, and Samuel Pryor and wife Nancy of Henry Co. KY, and Charles S. Dorsey and wife Mary (Pryor) of Hardin Co., KY and Tavner B. Young and wife Nancy (Pryor) of Oldham C. KY and Moses Tandy and wife Catherine (Pryor) of Oldham Co. KY, of 2nd part; for $200 to each of them of 2nd part paid, to Jack Pryor all their right, title and interest accruing from their ancestor, Samuel Pryor decd, to land on waters of Corn Creek and Barbone in Oldham Co. KY, part of Robert Patton and Popes 10,000 acre survey, beg. in center of lower end line of the 10,000 acre tract ... 1,000 acres, not (already deeded) by said Saml. Pryor, decd, to the said Jack Pryor. /s/ Samuel Pryor, Chas. S. Dorsey, T.B. Young, Moses Tandy. Wit. Wm. Gatewood, Willis Duncan. Release by Nancy Pryor (wife of Saml. Pryor) and Mary Dorsey (wife of Charles S. Dorsey); proved on oath of witnesses.

1829 Deed - 7 Oct. 1829, William Duncan of Oldham Co. KY to Cyrus Tubbs of same, $20, the tract of land said Tubbs now lives on, adj. S. fork of Corn Creek, Meachams? branch, lands of William Johnson; being part of 10,000 acre survey in name of Robert Patton and Pope. Wit. Jack Pryor, Samuel ??, Moses Tandy. Release by Polly Duncan, wife of William Duncan.

1830 Census Oldham Co., KY
Page 287, Wallis Duncan 1001001 - 112001 (Willis Duncan married Martha Pryor, they are on the 1810 Census in Henry Co., KY)

1833 Court Document - States "Jack Pryor: Late Sheriff of Oldham Co"

1834 Marriage Bond - 8 March 1834 Bond of Francis Duncan and Joseph F. Pryor for marriage of Francis Duncan to Miss Nancy A. Tandy, dau. of Moses Tandy, he having consented (consent note). Witnesses Henry Pryor, Joseph F. Pryor

1834 Land Record - 3 March 1834 Willis Duncan and wife deeded land to Henry W. Pryor.

1834 Land Record - 20 October 1834 Seany Dunchan deeded land to Jack Pryor.

1834 Deed - 23 Oct. 1834, William T/F Bennett and wife Elizabeth of Oldham Co. KY to Willis Duncan of same, $450, land on Corn Creek, part of John Roberts 10,000 acre survey, adj. Virgil Coleman corner, line of Turner Young, Thomas Chandler's corner & line, to have & hold 5 undivided equal shares out of seven to the above-named parcel ... Wit. Wm. Gatewood, Moses Tandy, Frances Duncan.

Records of Owen County, Kentucky

1830 Census Owen Co., KY
Thornton PRYOR 10100001 - 1111101 (oldest male 50 - 59 years, born 1771-1780. Son of Joseph Pryor and Mary Flemming of Botetourt Co., VA and Bourbon Co., KY)

1850 Census Owen Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 190b, house 376, James M. PRIOR 40 KY, Nancy 38 KY, Sarah 13 KY, Green 11 KY, John 9 KY, Margaret 7 KY, James 5 KY, William 3 KY.(James Madison Pryor born in Bourbon Co., KY married to Nancy Webster from Owen Co., KY, per death record of daughter Sarah Frances Pryor Orr, died 12/29/1932 in Owen Co., KY. James Madison Pryor was the son of Thornton Pryor.)
Dist 2, page 187a, house 272 Amos E. Gross 30 farmer TN, Susan (PRYOR?) 25 KY, Mary 7 KY, Abraham 6 KY, Martha 5 KY, Margaret 4 KY, Riley 2 KY, Eliza 6/12 KY (Death record of Riley S. Gross states his parents were unknown Gross and Mary Pryor born in Nicholas Co., KY)

1860 Census Owen Co., KY
Dist. 2, page 282, house 841 Nancy Smith (PRYOR) 50 KY, J. P. (f) 28 KY, Madison 22 KY, Willis 18 KY, W. O. B. (m) 15 KY (Death record of Willis Smith born 1842 states he is the son of Willis Smith and Nancy Pryor born in KY)
Dist 2, page 272b, house 778 J M PRYOR 51 KY, Frances 24
Dist 2 page 272b, house 779 Green PRYOR 21 KY, Margaret 16, James 14, William 12, Mary 8 (Green L Pryor b 1839)

1870 Census Owen Co., KY
Owenton, page 30, house 209 Madison Smith 33 KY, Ann May 22 KY, Malinda 8 KY, John Willis 7 KY, George L. 5 KY, Joseph H. 2 KY, Mattie W. 1 KY
Owenton, page 30, house 210 Willis Smith 27 farmer KY, Malinda 26 KY, Albert S. 7 KY, Emma J. 4 KY, Mary A. 2 KY, Wm Price 1 KY.
Page 200a, house 52, Green L PRYOR 31 physician KY, Martha A 31 KY, Dennis Saunders 43 farmer KY.

1880 Census Owen Co., KY
Page 186a, House 6, L Green PRYOR 41, physician, KY VA KY, Mattie 41 wife KY KY KY, Sallie H 8 KY, Hattie Hockinsworth 12 niece KY, D. Benj. Head 26 son in law store clerk KY.
Page 111d, house 14 James M PRYOR Sr 71 farmer KY VA VA, Nancy 68 wife KY VA VA, Margaret 36 dau KY, Mary E 28 KY, Mary E. 5 grand dau KY
Page 112a, house 15 James M PRYOR Jr 34 farmer KY KY KY, Mary M 28 wife KY KY KY, Hollie 6 dau KY, Claud 4 son KY, John 2 son KY.

1900 Census Owen Co., KY
Monterey Town, Page 236b, House 39 Green L PRYOR Feb 1839 61 KY KY KY physician, James M father June 1809 90 KY KY VA, Mary E sister Sept 1841 58 KY KY KY, Elizabeth K niece Mary 1877 23 IL KY KY.

1918 Death - Green L Pryor (born about 1839), graduate of the the Kentucky School of Medicine in 1868 died at age 79 at the home of his daughter in Frankfort, KY. He practiced Medicine in Monterey, KY for 45 years ("Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 71, Part 2")

Records of Pendleton Co., KY

1800 Tax List Census Pendleton Co., KY
Richard PRYOR
Robert Childress (possibly the same man who was on the 1820 Census in Grant Co., Ky and married to Nancy PRYOR)

1850 Census Pendleton Co., KY

Dist. 1, page 384a, house 486 Silas Parker 64 NY, Elizabeth (PRYOR) 51 KY, Sallanna 18 KY, Charles A. 14 KY, John J. 11 KY, Philander Kidwell 1 KY (Silas Parker md. Elizabeth Pryor on May 12, 1825 in Campbell Co., KY)

1880 Census Pendleton Co., KY
Page 494c, house 58, Frederick A. PRYOR 39 KY KY KY, Margaret J. wife 36 KY IL TN, Richard W. 16 son KY, William C. 15 MO, Elizabeth E. 12 KY, George A. 10 son KY, Mary A. dau 8 KY, Lenora dau 6 KY, Thomas B. son 3 KY, Louis H. son 8/12 KY. (Son William C. died in Montague Co., TX. His widow was in Red River Co., TX in 1900)
Page 494c, house 59, Robert PRYOR 24 KY KY KY, Sarah A. wife 23 KY TN VA.

Records of Pulaski Co., Kentucky

1823 Will Filed in Pulaski County - PRYOR, John (of the City of Richmond). Will proved there March 1823. Names wife, Elizabeth Graves; nieces, Dorcas Bryan, Elizabeth Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Charlotte Morrison (of Williamsburg, Va.), Elizabeth Hazelwood; nephews, Thomas Pryor and Archer, William, Romert, John, and Pryor Hankins. Friend, Lewis Burwell. First wife was names Ann. (Major John Pryor of Richmond whose first marriage was Anne Beverly Whiting. His neice Charlotte Morrison and nephew Pryor Hankins were on census records in York Co., VA)

1848 Birth - Eaton Coleman PRYOR born Feb 1848 in Pulaski Co., KY (died 1922 in Newton Co., MO)

1900 Census, Pulaski Co., KY
Harrison, Dist. 106, sheet 17b, house 308/308 William A. PRYOR 3/1865 35, md. 10, TN VA SC, Permelia A. wife 1/1869 31 (5 children/4 living) KY KY KY, Mary E. dau 11/1891 8 KY, George B. son 12/1893 6 KY, James K. son 8/1896 3 KY, Mattie E. dau. 12/1899 4/12 KY. (William Anderson Pryor's obituary stated he was the son of Edward and Eliza Pryor Knight of Overton Co., TN. William md. Permelia Black on 27 Nov. 1890 in Pulaski Co., KY. William died in 1950 in Pulaski Co.).

1910 Census Pulaski Co., KY
Whitley, Dist. 211, sheet 1b, house 12/12 Albert L. Thompson 31 TN TN TN, carpenter, bridgework... living in household William S. PRYOR boarder, 25, TN TN TN, laborer, odd jobs.
Harrison, Dist. 190, page 193a, house 170/170 William M. PRIOR 44, md. 19, KY KY KY, Permelia wife 40 (9children/8 living) KY KY KY, Geo. B. son 16 KY, James R. son 14 KY, Mattie L. dau 11 KY, William W. son 8 KY, Zelpha dau 6 KY, Oscar son 3 KY, Homer son 1 7/12 KY. (William W. Pryor b. 1902 died 1975 in Pulaski Co., KY)

1920 Census Pulaski Co., KY
Salene, Dist. 205, page 18a, house 131/131 William PRYOR 53 KY KY KY, Permelia wife 49 KY KY KY, Wesley son 18 KY, Oscar son 13 KY, Homer son 11 KY, Fannie dau 7 KY.

1930 Census Pulaski Co., KY
Magesterial Dist. 2, page 6A William M. PRYOR 63, aged 25 at first marriage, TN TN TN Permelia wife 60, aged 21 at first marriage, KY KY KY, Ola Wall g-dau 9 KY KY KY
Magesterial Dist 2 page 6b, house 162 George P West 34 KY KY KY, Nora D. 35 TN TN TN (Nora Hoover West was a daughter of Tennessee Pryor of Overton Co., TN and a neice of William M. Pryor in Pulaski Co., KY.)

Records of Russell Co., KY

1880 Census Russell Co., KY

Creelsborough, page 26b, house 233 Allen A. PRIOR 34 farmer KY KY KY, Elizabeth 47 wife KY KY KY, Elizabeth 21 dau KY KY KY (Allen Anthony Pryor is the son of Overton Pryor, he is on the 1860 Census in Overton Co., TN and in 1870 in Adair Co., KY. He married Elizabeth Wilkerson and are living near Wilkerson family on the 1880 Census)
1900 Census, Russell Co., KY
Creelsborough, page 280, house 280 Anthony A. PRYOR Jan 1840 60 widow KY KY KY, Betty grand dau Feb 1882 18 KY KY KY.
House 281, Anthony PRYOR Jr. Mar 1878 22 md 2 yrs. KY KY KY, Anna wife Arp 1881 19 KY KY KY, Williw son Nov 1899 8/12 KY KY KY
1910 Census, Russell Co., KY
Creelsborough, page 58a, house 163 Anthony A. PRYOR 66 widow TN TN TN, blacksmith, own shop,
Creelsborough, Anthony A. Jr. 29 TN TN TN, Annie B. wife 27 KY KY KY, Willie A. 10 KY, Jessie C. 4 KY, Luther F. 3 KY, Jimmie A. 1 11/12 TN.

Records of Scott Co., KY

1810 Census Scott Co., KY
Cornelius Duvall 31210 - 1211 (Cornelius Duvall married to Ann Pryor daughter of Joseph Pryor of Botetout Co., VA and Bourbon Co., KY)
1820 Census Scott Co., KY
Cornelius Duvall 120111102004
1850 Census Scott Co., KY
Dist. 1, page 407b, house 175 Thomas J. Barkley 32 druggist KY, E. A. 20 KY, A. E. 1 6/12 female KY, Julia A. Elgin (PRYOR) 43 KY, Joseph 21 clerk KY, George 23 clerk KY, William J. 14 KY. (Joseph Elgin married Juliet Pryor on Mar. 30, 1828 in Owen Co., KY)

Records of Shelby Co., KY

1790 Birth - Death record (Trimble Co., KY 1858) of Jack PRYOR states he was born in Shelby Co., KY and that his father was Samuel PRYOR.

1792 Will - Robert Daniel 8 Aug 1792, probated August 1797. Legatees: Thomas Daniel, Coleman Daniel, and Martin Daniel (bros.), James Daniel (father), Sukey Morris, Besty Merriweather, Martin, Reuben (last 3 children of his sis. Clark). Ex: Martin Daniel, Nicholas Merriweather, Wit: Daniel Farley, Samuel PRYOR. (Nicholas Meriweather was the son and stepson of Frances Morton and Dr. Samuel Pryor of Gloucester Co. and Goochland Co.,VA. Dr. Samuel Pryor and Frances Morton were the parents of Samuel Pryor who was in Henry Co., KY by 1810. Samuel Pryor's sister Martha Pryor was married to Daniel Farley.)

1795 Shelby Co., KY Tax List (name, watercourse, acres of land)
Daniel Farley of Mulberry 50 acres, (husband of Martha Pryor of Amelia Co., VA, daughter of Col. William Pryor and Frances Morton Pryor. )
Nicholas Meriweather of S. Fork Clear Creek 500 acres
Nicholas Meriweather of Clear Creek 760 acres
Nicholas Meriweather of Ohio 3000 acres (Nicholas Meriwether, son of Frances Morton Pryor from her first marriage to to Nicholas Meriwether Sr. Nicholas in Shelby County is the step-brother of Martha Pryor and Samuel Pryor.)
Samuel PRYOR of Mulberry 275 acres (Samuel Pryor, son of Col. William Pryor and Frances Morton Pryor)

1804 Marriage - John PRYOR
married Elizabeth Colbert on 14 June 1804

1804 Birth - PRYOR Burnett,
parents James Cunningham Burnett and Keziah Pulliam.

1870 Census Shelby Co., KY

House 69/78 Robert PRYOR 65 (bl) KY, Frances 63 (mu) KY

Records of Simpson Co., KY

1820 Census Simpson Co., KY
Matthew Newby 000110101
(Simpson County is next door to Logan County. This is possibly the James Pryor who is speculated to be the son of Richard and Mourning Pryor)



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