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Records from Taylor County, KY

1850 Census Taylor Co., KY
Div. 1., page 164a house 215 Jesse PRIEAR 60 cooper KY, Michael 18 laborer KY, Jacob 16 KY (He is on earlier census records in Green Co., KY)
Div. 1, page 164b, house 219 Ambrose Harding 52 KY, Emily 52 NC, Amelia 18 IL, Benj. F. 15 IL, F. M. 13 (m) KY, Spicy 9 KY, L. A. PRIEAR 10/12 (m) KY
Div. 1, page 164b, house 223 A. H. PREYEAR 38 brick mason KY, Lucinda 38 KY, Lydia A. 16 KY, Elvira 14 KY, Philip 11 KY, M. A. (f) 11 KY, Felix 10 KY, Hezekiah 9 KY, J. F. (m) 9 KY, Aylett? 6 (m) KY, Sarah 6 KY, Eliza 4 KY, William 1 KY.
Div. 1., page 473a, house 339 Benjamin F. Cheef 24 farmer KY, Lucinda P. (PREYOR) 19 KY, Lydia A. 1 KY, William A. 3/12 KY (Benjamin F. Cheif md. Lucinda Preyor on Jan. 17 1848. Their marriage was recorded in Green Co. and in Washington Co.)

Records from Todd County, KY

1860 Census, Todd Co., KY
Elkton PO, Page 698, house 185 I. R. Jefferson 69 farmer 20,000 real estate/ 30,000 personal estate VA, S. A. (f) 52 VA, Wm A 24 lawyer KY, W. B. 19 student KY, S. E. (f) 17 KY, Nanie 13 KY, West 8 KY. (Isham Randolph Jefferson, son of John Randolph Jefferson (brother of President Thomas Jefferson). 2nd wife of John Randolph Jefferson was Mitchie Pryor of Buckingham County, VA. Isham probably died in 1862, an obit published in Memphis Daily Appeal, 19 Aug 1862)
Elkton PO., Page 698, house 189 William PRYOR 47 TN, Frances 21 KY, M. J. (f) 2 KY, J. L. 1w? (m) KY, J. N. Harris 21 male farmer KY. (Is this the William Pryor who was married to Alsey on the 1850 Census in Jackson Co., TN?)

1870 Census Todd Co., KY
Trenton Twp. Page 461A. Samuel D. PRYOR 35 farmer VA, Elizabeth 32 VA, Richard G. 11 VA, Elizabeth V. 9 VA, Mary C. 6 VA, Samuel 4 VA, Pattie 2 VA, Samuel Gains 28 lawyer VA, Ada S. 22 VA, Frances 1 VA. (This family is on the 1860 Census in Charlotte Co., VA)

Records from Trigg County, KY

1840 Census, Trigg Co., KY
Page 285 Wesley PRYOR 11001 - 00001 (Wesley b. 1811-1820. This appears to be the same Wesley who is on the 1850 Census)
Also on page 285 Jesse Cox, John J. Cannon, John Ladd, Absolom Ladd (these surnames appear on deeds with Abraham Childress in Albemarle Co., VA. Unknown if there is a connection)
Page 306 James PRYOR 000011-00010101 (James b. 1801-1810) (Older woman living with James, born between 1781-1790, possibly Mary who was living with him on the 1850 Census. Brother Jonathan living with him on this census?)
Page 306 William PRYOR 211001-011001 (Wm b. 1801-1810)

1846 Birth - George PRYOR (bl) (George Pryor born in Trigg Co. married Mary Tewell in Graves Co., KY)

1850 Census, Trigg Co., KY
1st Dist., page 290a, house 5/5 Bernard H. PRYOR 23 occupation "none" KY, Frances A. 23 KY (Bernard H. Pryor is on the 1860-1900 Census in McCracken Co., KY)
2nd Dist., house 214 William PRYOR 46 KY, Mary 42 VA, Adaline 22 KY, Delia C. 17 KY, Jonathan E. 15 KY, James R. 13 KY, William L. 10 KY, Jospeh P. 7 KY, Lucy A. 3 KY (son Joseph P Pryor was in Stewart County in 1900 and died there in 1917 Joseph's death record states his father was William Pryor and mother Olive Elliott)
House 215 Richard Hudson 38 NC, Hannah E. Hudson 35 TN
House 216 A. W. McCain 24 TN
House 217 James PRYOR 47 TN, Elizabeth 40 NC, Mary 72 MD, Henry Coleman 16 KY (Mary Pryor age 88 died in 1861 in Trigg Co.)
House 218 Jonathan PRYOR 37 TN, Frances J. 21 TN. (Death record for James Hartwell Pryor b. 1852 states his parents were Jonathan Pryor and Frances Campbell and that his father was born in Stewart Co., KY)
House 227 James Ladd 32 IL, Julia A 33 KY, James 2 KY (Is this family related to C. PRYOR of Christian Co., KY who in 1860 had a James Ladd (not the same one) living with him? Death record for Jamed Ladd b. 1848 states his mother was Julia Smith. James Ladd married Elizabeth Bromley in Stewart Co., TN in 1865. This James Ladd and his mother were living in Christian Co. in 1880)
House 260 Wesley PRYOR 39 TN, Frances 39 VA, Sarah J. 15 KY, Frances A. 5 KY, William Grant 27 KY (Death record for Frances Pryor Smith states her parents were Wesley Pryor and Fannie Elliott)
Mortality Schedule: Dist. 2, John PRYOR 20, born TN, died May 1850, Occupation farmer, illness "chronic"

1855 Marriage - 30 Dec 1855, Elbert J PRYOR married Rebecca Neely

1860 Census, Trigg Co., KY
Cadiz P. O. (page 165)

House 1220 S. Neely 65 NC
House 1221 S. Neely 23 TN
House 1226 J. PRYOR (Jonathan Pryor) 47 TN, F. J. (Frances) 28 VA, G.B (Gathelia Bradford Pryor) 9 f KY, J. J. (James Hartwell Pryor) 7 m KY, J.F. (John Frazer Pryor) 5 m KY, E.G. 3 m KY, D. A. m 1 KY. (Jonathan Pryor and wife Frances Campbell. Names of children from their KY death records)
House 1227 J. PRYOR Sr. 56 TN, E. 49 NC, M. 80 f NC, M. Heathman 32 TN.
House 1228 W. PRYOR 58 KY, Mary 50 VA, J. R. 23 m KY, W. L. 20 m KY, J. P. 18 m KY, L. A. 14 f KY,
House 1229 J. E. PRYOR 25 KY, R. 24 TN, M.W. 3 f KY, A. A. 10/12 KY. (Elbert J Pryor and wife Rebecca Neely)
House 1333 W. (Wesley) PRYOR 49 KY, Frances 49 VA, F. A. (f) 15, R. A. (f) 9, J. W. (m) 7, M. C. (f) 4 , G. Knight farm laborer 16.
Cadiz P. O. (page 166)
House 1235 J Coleman 28 KY, C. (PRYOR) 26 TN, B. (Joseph B.) 8 KY, R. A. (Rufus Allen) 5 KY, A (Adaline) 3 KY. (Death record for Rufus Coleman states his mother was John Coleman and Clementine Pryor. Rufus died in Stewart Co., TN. Death record for Adeline Coleman Barbee in Stewart Co., TN also states the same parents.)

1870 Census, Roaring Springs Pct., Trigg Co., KY
Page 112A, house 6 Wesley PRYOR 60, farmer, KY, Nancy K. 60 VA, Frances A. 25 school teacher KY, Rebecca A. 19 KY, John W. 18 works on farm KY Margaret C. 15 KY
Page 120A, house 125 Elbert PRYOR 37 KY, Manerva 25 KY, Ann 11 KY, Mary W. 13 KY, Arbell (f) 7 KY, Cinthia L. 5 KY, Lucy F. 5 KY, Othelia 1 KY (Elbert Pryor born 2 Feb 1835 married Minerva Hargrove, per Christian County, KY Vol. 2)
House 130 Jonathan PRYOR 56 TN, Frances J. 40 VA, Gathelia B. 18 KY, James H. 17 KY, John F. 15 KY, Della F. 11 KY, Velivious C. (m) 9 KY, Nancy E. 6 KY, Clementine R. (m) (Clem Irenous) 3 KY. Lelia V. 1 KY. (Clem Irenous death record IDs parents as Jonathan Pryro and Frances Campbell)
House 133 William PRYOR 64 TN, Mary 63 VA
House 134 James PRYOR 60 TN, Mary C. 41 TN
House 137 William L. PRYOR 30 KY, Mary A. 24 KY

1880 Census, Trigg Co., KY. Roaring Springs Pct.
Page 358A James PRYOR 76 TN TN NC, Mary 50 wife KY VA VA, Mattie Pryor 11 servant KY, Jean Keaten 54 boarder TN SC TN, Charlie Russell 21 (black) KY laborer.
Page 358A John PRYOR Sr. 66 TN TN NC, Frances wife 50 KY TN VA, Braddie 29 dau KY, James 28 son KY, John 26 son KY, Della 20 dau KY, Willie 18 son KY, Nancie 15 dau KY, Cleman 12 son KY, Lealia 10 dau KY, Joseph Cammel 8 nephew KY. (Clem I. Pryor d. 25 Jan 1950 in Trigg Co. Certif. No. 3704, age 83)
Page 359C Fannie PRYAR 70 VA VA VA, John son 28 KY, Emerline wife 25 KY, Sallie dau 4 KY, Margaret other 25 boarder KY, Martha other 2 KY (Frances/Fannie is the widow of Wesley Pryor. John Pryor and family are on the 1900 Census in Stewart Co., TN)
Page 359C James PRYAR 37 farmer KY TN TN, Haner Hudson other female 61 TN NC NC, Thomas Hudson other 23 KY NC TN. (Hannah and her husband Richard Hudson were living near the Pryors on earlier Trigg Co. census records.)
Page 362B Joe PRYOR 36 farmer KY KY KY, Emilie wife 26 KY NC KY, Ozella dau 7 KY, Albie dau 5 KY, Oscar son 3 KY. (TN Death Record - Stewart Co., TN 1952 - for Ozella Pryor Joyner states her parents were Joseph Pryor and Emily Cain)
Page 362B William PRYAR 40 farmer KY KY KY, Bell wife 30 KY KY KY, Cath Davenport female 50 KY KY KY housekeeper. (Possibly the Willie R. Pryor age 68 who died 1907 in Trigg Co., son of William and Polly Pryor)
Long Hollow, Page 357D Elbert PRYOR 46 KY KY KY, Manerva wife 37 KY KY KY, Mary dau 23 KY, Ann dau 20 KY, Arbell dau 16 KY, Lucie dau 14 KY, Ofedia dau 11 KY, Charlie son 9 KY, Thomas son 7 KY, Incice dau 5 KY, Leema dau 2 KY. (Jonathan Elbert Pryor died 14 Dec. 1919 in Trigg Co. Death Certif No. 33895, age 89. Elbert married Minerva Hargrove. Son Charles Wesley Pryor).

1886 Birth - Joe Wesley Pryor born in Cadiz (Trigg Co.) on 3 Feb 1886. (He registered for the WWII draft in Detroit, MI in 1942. He is on the 1900 Census in Stewart Co., TN)

1910 Census Trigg Co., KY
Sheet 5b, 5th Dist., house 104 Earnest PRYOR 25 KY KY KY, Callie wife 17 md 1/1 child none living KY KY KY, Ardell son 8 KY KY KY, Burbon son 5 KY KY KY, Emett son 3 KY KY KY (Obit for James Bourbon Pryor states he was born 15 Aug 1905, father was Ernest Elbert Pryor, mother Julia Mathias, stepmother living at the time of his death Lee Pryor of Elkton. James died 3 Jan 1993 - obit in Kentucky New Era on 4 Jan 1994. Obit for Emmett Pryor born 28 Mar 1907 also states he was as son of Ernest Pryor and Julia Mathias. Emmett died 10 Sept. 1985, obit in 11 Sept Kentucky New Era )

Records from Trimble County, KY

1832 Witness on Revolutionary War Pension Application - Jack PRYOR of Trimble County stated that he had heard an old man named Daniel Farley testify that he had served in the Revolution with applicant William Butler (of Amelia Co., VA).

1850 Census Trimble Co., KY
Dist 1, page 412b, house 166 Jack PRIOR 60 farmer KY, Sarah 61 VA. (Jack Pryor son of Samuel Pryor and Mary Curd of Amelia Co., VA)
Dist 1, page 412b, house 167 George PRIOR 29 farmer KY, Mary 23 KY, William 7 KY, Sarah 5 KY, Nancy 3 KY, Mary 1 3/12 KY.
Dist. 1, page 424b, house 247 Isaac PRIOR 64 (bl) farmer KY, Easter 66 (bl) VA.
Dist 1, page 434b, house 500 Milton Tandy 27 KY, Katherine Tandy (PRYOR) 54 KY (Milton Tandy son of Milton Tandy and Catharine Pryor Duncan Tandy)
Dist 1, page 435b, house 519 Willis Duncan 64 farmer VA, Mary 31 KY, Eliza 27 KY, Martha 20 KY
Dist 1, page 435b, house 520 Tavner B. Young 55 farmer VA, Mary (PRYOR?) 47 KY, Thomas 23 farmer KY (Death record of Tom Young born 1827 states his parents were Tavner B. Young and Nancie Pryor)

1852 Witness on Revolutionary War Pension Application - Jack Pryor of Trimble Co. swore he knew Jesse Law and his wife Polly. Jesse would have been about 70 and he guessed they were married in about 1794.

1880 Census Trimble Co., KY - Mortality Schedule
George W. PRIOR, 57, KY VA VA, died July of diabetes, Dr. Hancock
Jack PRIOR, 19 KY KY KY. died March of consumption, Dr. Hancock

Records from Union County, KY

1870 Census, Union Co., KY
Caseyville PO, page 264A, Riley Love 50 com laborer TN, Nancy 54 TN, Samuel 21 TN, Minerva 17 TN, John 16 TN, Mary 11 TN, William 7 KY, Matilda PRYOR 27, domestic servant, TN, James W. 5 TN. (Sons of American Revolution Membership Application states Matilda Dill Pryor was born 16 Oct 1840 in TN, she married Levi L. Dempsey in 1874 in Union Co., KY. This is the Matilda Dill Pryor who was on the 1860 Census with husband Alfred M. Pryor in Jackson Co., TN)
Raliegh PO, page 356A, William C. PRYOR 27, farmer KY

1900 Census Union Co., KY
Caseyville, page 129b, house 36 Levi Dempsey 5/1846 54 md 27 KY Ireland Ireland, Matilda (Mrs PRYOR) wife 10/1840 59 7 children 4 living TN TN NC, Cansada dau 5/1879 21 KY KY TN.

Records from Wayne County, KY

1880 Census Wayne Co., KY
ED# 107, page 515D Allen PRIAR 26 TN VA TN, Catherine wife 29 TN VA TN, Mary O. dau 8 TN, Louisa E. dau 4 TN, Malissa E. 10mo. KY.
(Allen is Chesley Allen Pryor. He is possibly related to the Pryors of Overton Co., TN. He appears on the 1900 Census in Pickett Co., TN and is in Scott Co., TN at the time of the 1910 Census.)

Records from Warren County, Kentucky

1802 Deed - John Curd appointed Daniel Curd of Barren Co KY his attorney to divide the lands that John Curd, dec'd left his children by will and make good the agreements I made respecting given Catherine Bradshaw and Molly Pryor a part of the land. [DB B; p.99 16 Oct 1802] - (Mary Curd Pryor, wife of Samuel Pryor in Trimble Co., KY)

Records from Washington County, Kentucky

1786 Grant, Powell's Valley - Washington Co., VA - now KY. April 26 and April 27 Granted total of 10,000 acres, Charles PRYOR. (Annal of Southside Virginia)

1787 Land Grant (Washington County, VA) Land grant, 3 May 1787, Lieutenant Governor Beverley Randolph to Samuel Young, assignee of Charles Pryor, 6000 acres

1798 Birth - See 1850 Census in Edgar Co., IL, Edward H PRYOR stated he was born 1798 in Washington Co., KY

1810 Census Washington Co., KY

Page 302, Jesse PRYOR 1001 - 2001

1830 Census Washington Co., KY
Page 138, Jesse PRIER 00000001 - 00000001
(Jesse Pryor granted land on Glenns Creek in Washington Co. on Jan. 13, 1830)

1840 Census
Washington Co., KY
Page114, Jesse PRYOR 000000001 - 000000001 (Jesse Pryor 60-69 yrs., born 1771-1780)

1850 Census Washington Co., KY

Page 146b, house 234, Peter Smith (Small?) 70 PA, Julia 66 VA, Polly 30 KY, Jane PRYOR 20 KY, Jordan Burns 21 KY, Sally A. Burns 2 KY (Jordan Burns md. Rhody Pryor in Mercer Co., KY on Feb. 11, 1847. Rhody is possibly the mother of Sally A. Burns. Jordan Burns then married Emily Jane Pryor on Oct. 14, 1850 in Washington Co., KY)
Page 149b, house 275 Nicholas Burns 52 farmer deaf and dumb KY, Matilda (Matilda PRYOR) 44 KY, Mary J 19, William 17, Ailsy A 13, Elizabeth 11, John 10, Nathan 25, Eartha 3 (Nicholas and Matilda Pryor married 1822 in Mercer Co., KY)
Page 166A, Matthew PRIOR 48 TN, Sarah 45 KY, Elizabeth 23 KY, Mary 21 KY, William 20 KY, James 19 KY, Sally 14 KY, Frances 14 KY, Hannah 11 KY, Eliza 10 KY, George C. 8 KY, John 4 KY, Mordecai 1 KY (Possibly the Matthew Pryor who was in Mercer Co., KY in 1840 and Caldwell Co., KY in 1830. Matthew Prior and family were in St. Louis, MO for the 1860 Cenus)

1860 Census Washington Co., KY
Dist. 1, page 140, house 334 Jordan Burns 29 KY, Emily J. (PRYOR) 30 KY, Sarah A. 12, India A. 1/12 KY (Sarah A. Burns is the daughter of Rhody Pryor, Jordan Burns' first wife.)

1870 Census Washington Co., KY
Mackville Pct., page 305a, house 8 Jordan Burns 41 KY, Jane (PRYOR) 40 KY, Matilda 6 KY, Mary 2 KY. (Jordan Burns and a 3rd wife were in Mercer Co., KY in 1900)

Records from Webster County, Kentucky

1870 Census Webster Co., KY
Dist. 5, Clay PO., page 249a, house 133 Jane Nelson (PRYOR) 45 TN, Solomon 15 TN, John 14 TN. (Jane Nelson widow of Robert Nelson is on the 1850 Census in Overton Co., TN with her husband. In 1880 The family was in Iron Co., MO)

Records from Whitley County, Kentucky

1900 Census Whitely Co., KY
East Pine Knot Pct., page 6b house 95 William Young 8/1865 34 TN TN TN, Tennessee (PRYOR) wife 1/1872 TN TN AL, Zora Hoover dau Apr 1891 TN, Nora Hoover dau 4/1894 TN, Raymon Young son 2/1897 TN, George son 8/1899 KY (Tennessee Hannah Pryor was the daughter of Edward Pryor and Eliza Knight of Overton Co., KY. The father of her first 2 children who were born in Scott Co., TN was George Hoover)
East Pine Knot Pct., page 6b house 101 James Brown Feb 1873 27 (md 5 yrs) KY KY KY day laborer RR railroad, Vina (PRYOR) wife Apr 1875 25 TN TN TN, Ethel dau Oct 1895 4 TN, Bessie dau May 1898 2 KY, Gertrude dau Apr 1900 1/12 KY, Stephen Williams boarder Nov 1878 21 KY KY KY day laborer. (This family is on the 1910 Census in Campbell Co., KY. Vina Pryor is possibly the daughter of James Pryor and Dorcas Isabelle of Sevier Co., TN. She is on the 1880 Census in Sevier Co.)

1910 Census Whitley Co., KY
Pleasant View, page 251a, house 256 John White 55 TN TN TN, Mary (PRYOR) 48 TN TN AL, Cordelia dau 20 TN, Hoffman son 13 TN, Silvy M dau 11 TN, Carp son 8 TN (Mary Lucinda Pryor daughter of Edward Pryor and Eliza Knight in Overton Co., TN)
Gatiff, ED#252, George W. PRYOR (bl) 40 (md. 19) TN US US coal miner, Belle (bl) wife 39 (md. 19) 8 children/7 living TN US US, Fannie dau 16 TN, Lantha dau 13 TN, Alice dau 10 TN, Walter son 8 TN, George son 6 TN, Radena dau 4 TN, Mary dau 2 TN, Frank son 4/12 KY.Violet Brown (bl) boarder 13 TN US US.

Records from Woodford County, Kentucky

1791 Church Charter - Robert Childers (Childress) and wife Nancy PRYOR were charter members of Dry Ridge Baptist Church.

1800 Woodford Co., KY Tax List
George Blackburn (married to Prudence Berry, daughter of William Berry and Mary Pryor, Prudence is the grand-daughter of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton)
Joseph PRYER (Joseph Pryor Sr. and wife Mary Fleming Pryor, son of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton)
Samuel PRYER (Samuel, son of Joseph Pryor Sr)
Elisha Woolridge
Josiah Woolridge

1800 Woodford Co., KY Will
Will of Luke PRYOR, Feb 14 1800 June 1800 Book B will named brother EDWARD & JOSEPH, Uncle LUKE, Aunt Susanna. Executor: brother Joseph Wit: Lewis CRAIG, James PAXTON, Elisha WOOLRIDGE (Note exectuor [sic] was brother JOSEPH PRYOR of Woodford Co., above). (Luke PRYOR is the son of Joseph Pryor and Mary Fleming. Susannah Poythress Pryor was in Jessamine Co., KY in 1800 and 1810. Since he died in 1800 he was not named in his father's 1813 Will in Bourbon Co., KY. Lewis Craig, son of Toliver Craig, was jailed in Fredrickburg, VA for preaching without a license. Elisha Woolridge was from Chesterfield Co., VA)

1808 Marriage in Woodford Co., KY - Major Cheatham married Martha "Patsy" Wooldridge on 17 Mar 1808 (Major Cheatham, son of William Cheatham and Frances Pryor of Chesterfield Co., VA)

1810 Census Woodford Co., KY
page 10
Josiah Woolridge
Major Cheatham (son of William Cheatham and Frances PRYOR. Major Cheatham named a daughter Mary Pryor Cheatham. Major Cheatham, his wife and some of his children were on the 1850 Census in Bad Ax, Crawford Co., WI)
Elisha Woolridge

1816 Birth - Luke Pryor Blackburn, 28th Governor of KY, born in Woodford, County to Edward M. Blackburn and Lavina Bell.

1820 Census Woodford Co., KY
Edward Mitchell (page 2) (possibly son of Molly Pryor and James Mitchell, grandson of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton)
Zachariah Taylor (page 4) (cousin of Jonathan Taylor who married Ann Berry, grand-daughter of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornthon)



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