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Records from Edgecombe Co., NC

1750 Deed - Edgecombe County, Deed Book 4, page 74-5, date of deed 6 March 1750, date recorded May Ct. 1751, Henning Ferette, merchant, of Nansemond County, Virginia to Seth PRYOR, planter, of Edgecombe County for 50 pounds current money of the colony of Virginia, all that Plantation and tract of land lying on the south side of Morattock River beginning at a white oak on the road leading to Johnson's Ferry, then down a branch to Cullon Pollock's line then along his line to John Pope's corner then along Pope's line to William Murphy's along Murphy's line across a narrow Bridge to the beginning, which land was conveyed to the said Henning Ferette by from William Taylor dated the 15th day of May 1750... a tract of 100 acres. Signed H. Ferrette, wit. John Pope, Wm. Kinchen, Jr. (This is probably the same Seth Pryor who was in Halifax Co., NC)

1751 Deed Joseph Lane, Sr, Edge. Co to Joseph Lane, Jr, county aforesaid for 20 pds VA and me hereunto moving, a tract containing 205 acres beginning at the center of three trees in William Taylor's line. Signed Joseph Lane (mark), wit John PRYOR, Barnaby Lane. (1757 will for Joseph Lane names Lane and Pope family members. See Halifax Co., NC Pryors)

1752 Deed - John PRYOR of Edgecombe Co to Samuel Hackney, adj. William Kinchin.Wit. John Pope, James Lane, Sherrod Haywood.

Records from Forsythe Co., NC

1850 Census, Forsythe Co., NC
Page 301B, House 1521 Martha Banner 67 NC, Martha E. Bredlove 35 NC, Martha J 13 NC, Sarah A. 12 NC, Ellen B. 11 NC, Eliza 9 NC, Mary S. 5 NC, Elizabeth M. 2 NC.
House 1525 Abner PRIOR 52 farmer NC, Sally 54 NC. (Abner Pryor married Sally Banner Apr 10, 1813 in Stokes Co., NC)

1857 Estate Inventory - Abner PRYOR. Inventoried 25 Sept. 1857. Administrator: James W. Crews.

Records from Franklin Co., NC

1850 Census, Perry Mills, Franklin Co., NC
Page 389A, House 1081 Nancy Tucker 60 NC, Prissy 30 NC, Lucy 4, NC, Albert PRIAR 25 Farmer NC. (There are Pryor and Tucker marriages in Lincoln Co., NC)

Records from Gaston Co., NC

1850 Census, Gaston Co., NC
Page 429B, House 570 Wiley PRYOR 52 NC, Martha 50 NC, Millie 24 NC, Ephoney 22 NC, Mary P. 19 NC, Albert 17 NC, Eliza 15 NC, Sophia 12 NC (Wiley Pryor married Patsy Tucker Sept. 21, 1821 in Lincoln Co., NC - Wilson Tucker bondsman.  Wiley is on the 1840 Census in Lincoln Co. Wiley Pryor and family are also on the 1870 and 1880 Census in Gaston Co. In 1880 Wiley lists his parents born in NC and Martha stated both of her parents were born in VA)

1860 Census Gaston Co., NC
page 81, Castania Cove PO, house 1230 Wiley PRIOR 62 farmer born "New Bern" (Craven Co., NC) Martha 52 Iredell (Co., NC), Euphema 29 Paulina 27, Albert 25 carpenter, Eliza 23 (See the Pryors in Lincoln County and Craven Co., NC)

1870 Census Gaston Co., NC
River Bend Twp, Dallas PO, page 774A, house 229, Wiley PRIOR 73 farmer NC, Martha 73 NC, Ufaney 30 NC, Pollina 28 NC, Eliza 24 Nc, Albert 22 NC, David 21 NC, Sarah Johnston 18 black domestic servant NC, Samuel Johnson 16 black domestic servant NC. (David age 21 isn't in the household in 1860)

1880 Census Gaston, Co., NC
Page 108a, River Bend Twp. house 235, Wiley PRYOR 82 farmer NC NC NC, Martha 81 wife NC VA VA, Uphamia 51 dau keeping house NC, Pauline 49 dau weaving NC, Eliza 47 works on farm NC

1889 Estate - Wiley PRYOR. Estate administration papers filed by Mary P. Pryor. Names heirs Stewart Pryor, Sofia wife of Abel Shereford and Albert J. Pryor of Lincoln County, Martha Ann wife of William Nance, Willie P. wife of Aaron Sifford, Euphronia C. Pryor, Liza B. Pryor. Filed 6 Nov. 1889.

Records from Granville Co., NC

1748 Deed - William Gill 25 Mar 1752 480 acres in Edgecombe County, joining the Thicket swamp and (a point) near Fishers Mill Swamp OR: /s/ (mark) Wits: Jno. Haywood, Jno. PRYOR surveyed 17 Jan 1748 CC: Edwd Roberson (Edward Roberson or Robertson?), Thos. Gill (Thomas Gill), Wm Williams (William Williams) Survr. Patent Book 11: 771 pg. 18

1752 Deed - John Hatcher 25 Mar 1752 160 acres in Edgecombe County on the N. side of White Oak Swamp, joining Mclemores line and the sd. swamp OR: John Hatcher Wits: Jno. Haywood, Jno. PRYOR surveyed 29 June 175- (?) SCC: Benjamin Williams, John McNyall, James Conner Surveyor. Patent Book 11: 788 pg. 186

1752 Deed - Thomas Parker 26 Oct 1752 231 acres in Granville County in the Parish of St John on the S side of Tar River, joining the mouth of Mill Creek and the sd river OR: /s/ Thos Parker Wits: Jno Haywood, JNO PRYOR surveyed 9 May 1749 SCC: Robt Parker, Thoms Harden, John Wade Surveyor. Patent Book 14: 2544 pg. 23

1753 Deed - JOHN PRYOR 26 Oct 1753 640 acres in Granville County at the head of Aarons Creek OR: /s/ JNO PRYOR Wits: Sherwood Haywood, Jas Paine surveyed 27 May 1751 SCC: Richard Griffin, Samuel Griffin, Dan Weldon Surveyor Plat reads " Surveyed for Ralph Griffin" Patent Book 14: 2538 pg. 21 (These name are also on deeds in Orange County, NC)

1754 Orange Co. Deed - Philip PRYOR of Granville County 29 Apr 1754 300 acres in Orange County on both sides of Mayo Creek OR: /s/ Philip PRYOR Wits: Jno Haywood, Will Haywood surveyed 15 June 1751 SCC: Phil PRYOR, Gab Davy, Dan Weldon Surveyor Plat reads "...Land in Granville County". Patent Book 12: 2069 pg. 17

1755 Tax List
- Philip PRYOR.

1758 Will - Philip PRYOR executor of estate of Patrick Lasily (wife Lidda).

1759 Birth - Matthew PRYOR Sr. born in Granville Co.

1762 Deed - 16 June 1762. 45 Pds. Va. money for 276 A. in Granville Co. on branches of Grassy Creek, adj. JOHN PRYOR, CHARLES SMITH. Wit: WILLIAM PERSON, ROBT. PRYOR Ack: Halifax, 12 Sept. 1764, MONTFORD EILBECK, A.J. (There's a Mountford S. Pryor IL and later IA, born 1798 in Halifax, VA, enlisted in the military in Louisville and later was in Dubuque, IA. Monford is also a surname in Halifax Co., NC-- a Montford was the Clerk of the Court in the 1760's into 1770's. The Eilbecks were also in Halifax County. Charles Smith married Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of John Henry Pryor and Margaret -possibly surname Gaines.)

1764 Land Grant - Earl Granville to Phillip PRYOR, 238 acres, proved: May 15,1764 Nothing further in Weeks. 

1765 Occupation - Philip PRYOR sheriff of Granville Co.

1767 Tithe List - Robert PRYOR, Philip PRYOR, Haden PRYOR

1768 Court Record - County court record for petition of a road from Mrs. Pryirs (sic) to Bumpasses.

1768 Marriage - Ann Pitcher married Humphrey Bearding on 13 Aug 1768, Ann PRYOR gave her consent.

1769 Marriage - Micajah Bullock (or Blackwell) md. Frances PRYOR on 21 Jun 1769 with concent of Anne PRYOR.

1769 North Carolina State Papers - This day came Robert HARRIS before me one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County and made oath that he had paid the several persons who had subscribed their names to the within receipt - HADEN PRYOR and others.

1769 Marriage - Haden PRYOR and Elizabeth Wade on 9 Sept. 1769. Consent of father John Wade.

1771 Court Case - William Wharton and Robert PRYOR charged with passing counterfeit proclamation money and public bills of credit

1771 Will - John Henry PRYOR left son Robert PRYOR land in Granville Co. in his will (probably the John Pryor who lived in Orange Co., NC).

1772 Will - Nov 1772, estate of Robert Pryor, deceased. Sale of the estate, Jacob Winfrey purchased. (1-10)

1772 Will
- Will book. Anne PRYOR to Haden PRYOR

1778 Oath of Allegiance to North Carolina (Oath against Great Britain) 22 May 1778.
Country Line District: Haden PRYOR and several Puryear men.
Goshen District: Absolom PRYOR.
(The State Records of North Carolina, Volume 22 edited by Walter Clark, William Laurence Saunders, Stephen Beauregard Weeks)

1780 Court Case- John Henry Pryor, brother of Robert Pryor dec'd, made guardian of Robert's orphaned daughters Elizabeth Pryor and Olive Pryor on Aug 7, 1780

1782 Deed - Records sale of slaves from the estate of Robert PRYOR to Mrs. Olive PRYOR and to Is. Pope.

Records from Guilford County, NC

1800 Birth - Samuel PRYOR, he's on the 1850 Census in Wilkes Co., NC with wife Theresa Nicks.

1820 Marriage - Betsy Geringer married Thomas Pryor 8 Dec 1820. Bondsman Samuel Pryor.

1820 Marriage - Emery D PRIOR married Jane Knight on 13 Mar 1820. (Emory D Pryor is on the 1850 Census in Henry Co., TN)

1820 Apprentice Bond - Alson PRIER (male orphan, age 13 on 4-5-1820). Master and date of Bond (John Waggoner 2-21-1820) witness Jno. Hanner) On page 56 Denard PRYOR (male orphan no age) Master and Date of Bond Andrew Waggaman 11-20-1820) Witness Jno. Hanner (Denard Pryor is on the 1840 Census in Clay Co., MO) [North Carolina APPRENTICE BONDS & PAPERS 1817 - 1870]

1822 Marriage - Samuel PRYOR married to Theresa Nicks.

1828 Marriage - Alson PRYOR married Lucinda Nicks on 24 Sept 1828.

1830 Birth - James T. PRYOR, son of Denard Pryor states on his Civil War description card that he was born in Guilford Co., NC. The 1900 Census stated that he was born in Jan. 1830.

1831 Births
Calvin W. PRYOR first child of Alson Pryor was born in Guilford Co.
Emsley R. PRYOR second child of Denard Pryor was born in Guilford Co.

1840 Census, Guilford Co., NC
Alson PRYOR 030001 -210001

1850 Census, Guilford Co., NC
Southern Div., page 292b, house 64 Alson PRIOR 43 tailor Rowan Co., NC, Lucinda 44 Guilford Co., NC, Calvin W. 19 Guilford Co., NC, Melinda J. 18 Guilford Co., NC, George 17 Guilford Co., NC, Alson M. 16 Guilford Co., NC, Sarah Ann 13 Guilford Co., NC, Mary E. 10 Guilford Co., NC, Laura Ann Nicks 23 Guilford Co., NC.

1853 Marriage - David L. Hale married Malinda J PRYOR 14 Nov 1853. Calvin N Pryor, bondsman. R T Woodburn, witness.

1860 Census, Guilford Co., NC
North Div., page 60, Alson PRYOR 53 tailor Iredel Co., NC, Lucinda 54 Guilford Co., NC, Sarah A. 20 Guilford Co., NC, Lydia Hale 7 Guilford Co., NC.
South Div., page 142... living in household Joseph PRYOR 35 miner England.

1866 Marriage - Alson PRIOR married Martha Brady on 31 May 1866, John Clark was the bondsman.

1870 Census, Guilford Co., NC
Rock Creek, page 251b, house 7/7 Alson PRYOR 63 tailor NC, Martha 35 keeping house NC, Jane Hayes 38 without occupation NC, Lydia Hayes 15 without occupation NC, Sarah Hayes 14 NC, John Hayes 9 NC.

1880 Census, Guilford Co., NC
High Point, page 327b, house 124 William PRYOR 56 rail road master VA VA VA, Margaret 46 wife VA VA VA, William 19 son VA, Peachy 13 son VA, Carter 10 dau VA, Kate 7 dau VA, James Callum son-in-law 27 depot agent VA, Maggie dau 20 VA. (William Hamlin Pryor and wife Margaret Heth Walker)
Jefferson, page 151c, house 64, Alson PRYOR 73 tailor NC NC NC, Malinda J. 47 dau NC NC NC (NC Apprentice Bonds, Alson Pryor orphan aged 13 was bonded to John Waggoner)

Records from Halifax County, NC

1754 Birth - Henry Lansford born in 1754 in Halifax Co. to Henry Lansford and Catherine PRYOR Lansford (Catherine born 1725 in Lunenberg Co., VA. See 1793 Deed in Henry Co. /Wilkes Co., GA. Henry Lansford is named on the deed with a John Pryor)

1762 Will - John Waller's will ( WB 1, p. 50) was witnessed by John PRYOR, Luke PRYOR, and Seth PRYOR. Wife Ann Waller Executor. (Note: There was a John Waller Pryor in Marlboro Co., SC, possibly a son of John Pryor and Mary Waller, daughter of John Waller and Ann --?. Also a Luke Pryor in Marlboro Co., SC in 1786. Possibly the Seth Thornton Pryor who was in Colleton Co., SC by 1800 and on earlier records in Edgecombe Co., NC)

1762 Will - 20 April 1762: Will of Richard Pope made; proved July Ct. 1763. Leaves to brother Jordan Pope "land where on I now live and land and plantation where on Widow Waller now lives after the death of mother-in-law Patience Pryor." (Patience Lewis married Robert Pryor, her first marriage was to Jacob Pope)

1763 Deed - Deed, March 16, 1763, from Thornton PRYOR, of Halifax County, North Carolina to Samuel PRYOR of Goochland County, Virginia, conveying that portion of the estate of their father, Samuel PRYOR, deceased, which he bequeathed to the said Thornton PRYOR, and which at the time of making the deed, was in possession of their mother, Prudence PRYOR. [Vol. 7, No. 1, July 1899, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, pages 75 through 79]

1769 Will - John PRYOR, his children Elizabeth, Luke PRYOR. Executor wife Lucretia. Sept 3 1769. Witnessed by William PRYOR. Proved in court May 1770.

1772 Deed - Thornton PRYOR of the province of North Carolina, conveys to John Thweat, of Prince George County, land bought of ----- Ellis, except that sold to Shelton. (Amelia County Deed Book 11, page 365)

1773 Deed - 1773 June 12, William Pettypool of Halifax County, to Haden PRYOR of Halifax County, for 3 pounds 6 shillings and 3 pence, a certain tract of about 5.75 acres of land in Halifax, bounded by Aarons Creek, Pryors Spring branch. Signed: William PettyPool (his x mark). Witnesses: Peyton Tally (his TA mark), Benjamin PettyPool (his x mark), Martha PettyPool (her M mark); recorded 17 June 1773

1777 Deed - 1777 January 7, William Pettypool and Haden PRYOR of Halifax County to James Jones of Granville County, North Carolina, for 50 pounds about 210 acres in Halifax, and bounded by Wm Pettypool, Pryor's spring branch, Aarons Creek, Pryor's Fish dam, Reedy fork. Signed: William (his x mark) Pettypool, Haden Pryor, Sarah (her X mark) Pettypool. Witnesses: Obadiah Overby, Benjamin (his X mark) Pettypool, Peter Overby. Sarah, wife of said William, voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed; recorded 17 June 1777

1777 Will - Thomas Gardner wife Martha (possibly Pryor?), his son Pryor Gardner mentioned in his will. Will Witnessed by Willims Hargrove, George Gardner, Thomas Haile. Provedin court May term 1777.

1785 Land Deed - 26 Aug 1785 - John Rogers, Sr. of Halifax County VA to Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie County VA, for 15 Pounds, 100 acres on north side of Hico Creek adjoining John PRYOR, Country Line Creek. Halifax County Deed Book E., page 14. (Roger Atkinson was the father of Lucy who married Theodorick Bland Pryor and John who married Mary Ann Pryor. Both Theodorick and Mary Ann were children of Richard Pryor of Dinwiddie Co., VA)

1786 Census - PRYOR Gardner.

1786 Will - William Lane, names heir David Lane. (Is this the same David Lane who married Elizabeth Pryor at St. James Northam in Goochland Co., VA?)

1787 Deed - "John Liddle and Susannah his wife and John Pryor and Mary his wife of the one part and William Perkins of the other part." Robert Wray sold land to Joseph Kid on behalf of Susannah (Wray) Liddell, Mary (Wray) PRYOR, and their minor sister Martha Wray.

1800 Census Halifax Co., NC
William PRYOR 001

1810 Census Halifax Co., NC
Page 39, Joseph PRYOR - no white males, no white females, 8 non-white/non-Indian, no slaves
Page 39, Peter PRYOR - no white males, 1 white females, 1 non-white/non-Indian, no slaves
Page 39, Jacob Pope - 3 white males, 5 white females, 11 non-white/non-Indian, 11 slaves
Page 40, Ezra Pryor 2 white males, 3 white females, 2 non-white/non-Indian, 5 slaves (Ezra Pryor died 1830, married to Mildred E. died 1834)

1820 Census Halifax Co., NC
NOTE: Census was recorded in alpha-order
Page 162
Izra Prior (Ezra) 000001 - no white females (oldest white male age 45 or older, engaged in agriculture.
Joseph Prior - no white males, no white females.1 free colored male under 14 years, 1 free colored male 45 years old or older, 2 free colored females under 14 years, 1 colored female 45 years old or older.

1824 Advertisement - Five Cents Reward for indentured black boy named Nat Harvey. Ezra Pryor of Halifax County in in the North Carolina Free Press.

1830 Census Halifax Co., NC
Ezra PRYOR - 0000001001 - 10010101001 (oldest male age 70 to 79, born 1751- 1760. Oldest female age 80-89.)
Joseph PRYOR - one free colored male age 55 to 100 (Observation: There were 34 free colored people counted on just the sheet containing Joseph Pryor. Surnames included Lawrence, Manley, Smith, Wilkins, Locklin, Hogg, Flood, Richardson, Adams, Hawkins)

1830 Will - Ezra PRYOR, wife Mildred Pryor, land adjoining William Harvey and Charles Isles. (Ezra Pryor married Milly Pryor? 5 Feb 1810 in Warren Co., NC. Notice of Ezra's estate published (Will proved in court, Nov 1830, notice of Ezra's estate published 16 Dec 1830 in the Roanoke Advocate, Halifax, Mildred executrix)

1831 Marriage - John Powell to Mary Pryor on 11 Jul 1831

1832 Notice - "By virture of a deed of Trust executed to Ezra Pryor dec'd, from Abner Harvey, bearing date the 15th day of February 1830 for purposes therein contained I shall proceed to sell to the highest bidder for cash on Thursday the 15th of March next at the residence of the said Abner Harvey the tract of Land on which he resides containing six hundred and fifty nine acres, also nine Negroes, three Horses, seven head of Cattle, twenty Sheep and forty Hogs or as much thereof as will satisfy the aforesaid deed of Trust. Mildred Pryor, Ex'r" (Roanoke Advocate, 23 Feb 1832)

1832 Marriage - Jeremiah Brinkley to J. Martha PRYOR on 9 April 1832

1840 Census, Halifax Co., NC
Nancy PRIOR - no white males, one white female age 70 to 80 years. There were 7 free colored persons living in the household: 3 males under 10, 1 male 10 to 24, 1 male 36 to 55, 1 female under 10, 1 female 36 to 55. 5 slaves were also counted in her household. 3 persons were engaged in agriculture and 1 was engaged in manufacture/trade
Page 12 Jeremiah J. Brinkley 000101 - 1000100011 (two elderly females living in household. Jeremiah Brinkley married Martha Pryor)

1848 Marriage - Harry Jones to Betsy Pryor, 19 Dec 1848

1850 Census, Halifax Co., NC
Page 54b, house 1040 Harry Jones 30 (mulatto) b. Halifax, Betsy 30 (mulatto) b. Halifax, Jones Pryor (or Pryor Jones?) 7 b. Halifax. (Harry Jones and Betsy Pryor married in Halifax in 1848)
Page 77b house 1492 Edith PRYOR 60 m (mulatto) Halifax, Sally 30 m (mulatto) Halifax, Mary 12 m (mulatto) Halifax. John Pryor 10 m (mulatto) Halifax, Mary Pryor 18 m (mulatto) Halifax. (Mary Pryor b. 1831 married James Lynch in 1853)
Page 78a, house 1499 Nancy PRYOR 30 m (mulatto) Halifax, Caroline 11 m (mulatto) Halifax, Edwin 8 m (mulatto) Halifax, Dolly 6 m (mulatto) Halifax
Page 78b house 1506 Ambrose Hawkins 47, he and all his family members are recorded as "m" (mulatto)
Page 78b House 1507 Nancy PRYOR 77, born in Northampton (born 1773)
Page 78b house 1508 Will Harwell 45, he and all his family members are recorded as "m" (mulatto)
Page 78b house 1509 Elizabeth Gammon 30 spinster, she and all her family members are recorded as "m" (mulatto)
Page 78b house 1510 Willie Butts 24 overseer

1853 Marriage - Jame Brewer to Salley Pryor on 5 Jan 1853. Surety John Brewer.

1860 Census, Halifax Co., NC
Page 437a. house 427 Nancy PRIOR 40 B (black) farm laborer NC. Evaline 20 B (black) spinner NC. David 5 M (mulatto) NC
Page 437b. house 431 Sarah PRIOR 40 M (mulatto) farmer NC, Enoch 22 B (black) farm laborer NC. William 20 B (black) farm laborer NC (Possibly, Sarah is the 30 year old Sally Pryor in Edith Pryor's houshold on the 1850 Census)

1870 Census, Halifax Co., NC
Enoch PRIOR 25 B (black) farm hand NC. Della 60 B (black) domestic NC. Pattie Goins 19 B (black) farm hand NC. Madison 21 B (black) farm hand NC.

1880 Census, Halifax Co., NC
Page 618a, house 4 Robert Smith mu 55 NC NC NC. Dilly PRYOR mu 65 NC NC NC.

1917 Death - Nat Allen born May 17 1834, before the Civil War he married Mary Powell, daughter of John and Mary Powell, nee Pryor (The Warren Record, 6 Nov 1917)

Records from Iredell Co., NC

1807 Birth - Alson PRYOR stated he was born in Rowan Co., NC on the 1850 Census and then stated born in Iredell Co. on the 1860 Census.

Records from Lincoln Co., NC

1817 Marriage - Thomas J PRYOR and Polly Tucker married 20 Oct 1817. Daniel Tucker bondsman, V. McBee witness.

1821 Marriage - Wiley PRYOR and Martha Tucker married 21 September 1821. Wilson Tucker, bondsman. V. McBee witnesss. (They are on the 1850 Census in Gaston Co., NC)

1827 Marriage - John PRYOR married Liza Hord/Hood on 8 Jul 1827. (Their son Robert Pinkney Pryor was living in Cleveland County in 1862)

1827 Marriage
- Burton PRYOR married Catherine Kincaid 8 Jul 1827. John M. Jacobs, bondsman. V McBee, witness. (Burton Pryor is on 1880 Census in Mecklenburg Co., NC)

1827 Marriage - David Kincaid married Golsey PRYOR (Gadsey Pryor) 14 Nov 1827. Isaac Lowe, bondsman. V McBee, witness. (1850 Census and 1870 Census indicate her name was probably Gadsy or Gadsey)

1830 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Page 180 Thomas PRYOR 320001 - 211001 (oldest male born 1790-1800)
Page 190 Nelson Shelton 0211101 - 2011001 (his daughter Jincy, married David Pryor.)
Page 190 Wiley Pryor 110001 - 21001d
Page 202, Samuel PRYOR 0000100001- 001100001
Page 205, Burton PRYOR 10001 - 10001
Page 206, David Kincaid 10010001 - 00001 (David Kincaid and wife Gadsey Pryor)

1832 Marriage - David J. PRYOR married Jinsey Janet Shelton on 23 May 1832. George W. Kincaid, bondsman. L. McBee, witness. (Later census records state David J. Pryor born about 1801 in NC. Probably the David Pryor and wife Jincy who are on the 1850 Census in Fayette Co., AL)

1832 Will - The will of Nelson Shelton names a daughter Jincy/Jinsy Pryor among his heirs. (This may reveal the surname of one of the Pryors in Lincoln County. Family trees found online for Nelson Shelton state he was born in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Jincy and her husband David Pryor are on the 1850 Census in Fayette Co., AL)

1840 Census Lincoln Co., NC
page 112, Lower Regiment, David Kincaid 011010001 - 1100001 (David Kincaid and wife Gadsey Pryor)
Page 124, Lower Regiment, Edmond Waggoner
Page 124, Lower Regiment, Samuel PRYOR 00000000001 - 0000000001
(Oldest male 80 to 89 yrs - born 1751 - 1760. Samuel Pryor age 83, Revolutionary War pensioner.)
Page 124, Lower Regiment, Alfred H. Burton
Page 125, Lower Regiment, Wiley PRYOR 0101001 - 2121001
(Two lines below is a William Haskins - there are Haskins/Hoskins with the Pryors in Roane Co., TN. Martha Tucker md. Wiley Pryor 1821 in Lincoln Co. In 1850 Wiley was in Gaston Co., NC)
Page 125, Lower Regiment, Burton PRYOR 111001 - 00001
Page 130, Moses H. Sherril (or Sherrill)
Page 130, David PRYOR 00000001 - 00001 (oldest male born 1790-1800)
Page 130, Thomas PRYOR 0220101 - 1231001 (oldest male born 1790-1800)
Page 130, Fanny Shelton

1850 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Page 217b, house 444 David Kincaid 78 farmer, G. Kincaid (female) 56, James 20, Mary C. 18, David 15, Martha E 14. (David Kincaid married Golsey PRYOR 14 Nov 1827)
Page 224a, house 561 Burton PRIOR 43 NC, Catharine 44 NC, Samuel 18 NC, David 16 NC, Sidney 13 NC, Robert 11 NC, Hannah C. 2 NC.
Page 235a, house 725/739 Willaim Nantz 31, Martha A 25, James M 7, Susan S 6, Wiley P Nantz 4, John C 2, Nancy 23. (Death record for Wiley Nance states his parents were Martha Tucker and William Weaver. Wiley Nance is listed as an heir Euphemia Pryor in 1907, she was the daughter of Wiley Pryor. Wiley Pryor was married to Patsy/Martha Tucker.)
Page 235a, house 727 David A Haynes 35 farmer, Mary M. 31, Geo. M. 10, Temperance 55, Sidney Shifford blacksmith 22, Noah Shifford 24, Lewis Shifford 30
Page 235a, house 728 Stewart L. PRIOR 27 millwright, Susan 22, Martha B. 3, --? 1/12. (Stewart Love Pryor and family is on the 1870 Census in Spartanburg Co., SC. Stewart married Susan Catharine Haynes per son's death record.)

1860 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Page 108a, house 576 David Kincaid 89 farmer born Lincoln Co., Gadsey 66 born Lincoln Co., James 30 born Lincoln Co. teacher of p--- school, Mary C. 26 born Lincoln Co., Martha E. 23 born Lincoln Co., David 25 teacher in common school.

1870 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Catawba Springs, page147a, house 190 Gadsy Kincade 73 NC, David 36 farmer NC, Martha 32 NC, Elmira (David's wife both noted as married in Jan) 30 NC. Theodore Abanathy (bl) 15 male farm laborer. NC

1880 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Catawba Springs, page 254c, house 142 Albert PRYOR 47 NC NC NC, Angeline 39 wife NC NC NC, Oliver 7 son NC, Wiley 5 son NC, Albert 3 son NC, Robert 1 son NC (Probably the son of Wiley Pryor and Martha Tucker. He is counted in their household on census records in Gaston Co., NC)

1900 Census Lincoln Co., NC
Catawba Springs, page 22a, house 5/5 Luther Sifford Sept 1866 33 NC NC NC farmer, Eleanor wife May 1867 33 6 children/6 living NC NC NC, Maggie E. dau Nov 1888 NC, Lula L dau Aug 1890 9 NC, Julia M dau May 1892 8 NC, Lucy E dau Sept 1894 5 NC, George A son Feb 1897 3 NC, John son Aug 1899 9/12 NC, Asbury PRYOR hired man Sept 1877 22 NC NC NC (Asbury is recorded as Asbury A. Pryor on the 1910 Census, son of Albert and Angeline Pryor)
Catawba Springs, page 34b, house 221 Oliver C PRYOR Dec 1872 27 NC NC NC, Margaret R. wife Jul 1871 28 NC, Addie L dau Aug 1894 5 NC, James E son Jan 1896 4 NC, Albert P son Mar 1897 2 NC
Catawba Springs, page 34b, house 226 Albert PRYOR Dec 1832 67 md 30 NC NC NC, Angeline wife Dec 1839 60 6 children/6 living NC NC NC, Robert son Jan 1879 21 NC, Luther son June 1880 19 NC, Willie son Oct 1882 17 NC
Reepsville, page 60b, house 198 Sophia Shuford Apr 1838 62 widown NC NC NC, Lizzie dau Jan 1859 41 NC NC NC, Ida Shuford dau Dec 1879 20 N NC NC (Sophia Pryor Shuford, probably daughter of Wiley Pryor and Martha Tucker)



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