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Records from Mecklenburg County, NC

1831 Estate - William PRIOR. Isaac Alexander, executor. Will not in the estate file. Document dated 1 March 1831

1835 Arrested Slave - Taken up and committed to the Jail of Mecklenburg county, on the 12th instant, a negro boy named Archer, about five feet six inches high, dark complected, with a large scar on his forehead, and sayd he belongs to Richard PRIOR, a speculator, of Charlotte, VA. Clothes very ragged. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law directs. (The Charlotte Journal, 25 Dec. 1835 - The notice was published in Charlotte, NC, but states Richard was from Charlotte, VA)

1860 Census, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Western Div., Charlotte PO, page 98, house 889 Joseph B. King 23 farmer VA.... living in household John PRIOR 22 laborer NC
page 125, house 1323 Dennis More 32 laborer Ireland... living in household George PRIOR 23 laborer NC  (all other household members are laborers born in Ireland)

1880 Census of Mecklenburg Co., NC
Lemlys Twp, house 218, Burton PRIOR 72 farmer NC VA VA, Katy 75 wife NC Ireland VA, Robert G 35 son NC. (Burton Pryor married Catarine Kincaid in Lincoln County, NC)

1907 Death - Ella Pryor, an 18 year old white girl living her mother, Mrs. Neely Pryor... was called out of the residence last monday night and shot to death by an unknown person." (The Chatham Record, 28 Nov 1907) Later, Amzi Helms confessed to the murder claiming he didn't know the gun was loaded. (North Carolina Christian Advocate, 5 Dec 1907)

Records from Montgomery County, NC

1810 Census, Montgomery Co., NC
Captain James Kendel, Pleasant PRIOR 2201 - 03001 (John Pleasant Pryor, son of Robert Pryor and Patience Pope)

Records from New Hanover County, NC

1768 Court Order
Court bound Isaac Edwards, a mulatto, to Seth PRYOR. (Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina, Vol. 1, by Paul Heinegg)

Records from Orange County, NC

1752 - 1769 John PRYOR appointed to put together tax lists.

Earl Granville to Robert Cate, Planter, 400 acres in Orange County on the south side of New Hope Creek. Original grant 26 Oct 1753. Wit: John Pryor and James Campbell.

1754 Orange Co. Deed
- Philip PRYOR of Granville County 29 Apr 1754 300 acres in Orange County on both sides of Mayo Creek OR: /s/ Philip PRYOR Wits: Jno Haywood, Will Haywood surveyed 15 June 1751 SCC: Phil PRYOR, Gab Davy, Dan Weldon Surveyor Plat reads "...Land in Granville County". Patent Book 12: 2069 pg. 17

1755 Deed -
Lawrence Rambo to John PRYOR 100 acres on Castle Creek

1760 Court Minutes -
Ordered to Jury Duty: John PRYOR esq, Luke Bynum, William Churton esq, George Lowe, Thomas Stagg, Thomas King.

1761 Court Minutes
- Ordered to lay out a road from John PRYOR esq lives to the Courthouse: Richard Womack, Jacob Womack, Abraham Womack, Josiah Adley, Robert McFarland, Andrew Evans, Frederick Kerlock, Robert Donalson, Hugh Barnet, William Barnett, William Chambers Jr., Edward Chambers, John Hurley.

1761 Deed - John PRYOR
signed deed to Stephen Poe, patent book 12, page 21, Oct. 2, 1761. Herman Husband who served in NC Assembly with John Pryor witnessed the deed.

1761 Deed
- Luke Robertson 2 Jan 1761 550 acres in Orange County in the Parish of St. Matthew on the S side of Hico Creek, joining the County line and JOHN PRYOR OR: /s/ (mark) Wits: Jas Watson, Benj Hart examined by: Tho Jones and W Churton surveyed 28 Jan 1757 SCC: Lawrence Rambo, John Usery, Sherd Haywood (Sherwood Haywood) D Sur. Patent Book 12: 2136 pg. 30

1761 Court Minutes
- John Patterson?, David Hart, John PRYOR, William Lea took test and oath of public office.

1762 Deed - JOHN PRYOR
6 Mar 1762 237 acres in Orange County on both sides of Adams's Creek of Hicoe, joining Hugh Barnet OR: /s/ JNO PRYOR Wits: Jas Watson, Arthur Forbis surveyed 5 Feb 1762 SCC: Benj Long, Wm McCoy W Churton Surveyor. Patent Book 12: 2090 pg. 21

1762 Deed - Philip PRYOR 20 Dec 1762 258 acres in Orange County on the fork of Mako Creek of Hico, joining John PRYOR OR: /s/ Phil PRYOR Wits: Jas. Watson, Alex Bell examined by: Thos Blount and W Churton surveyed 10 July 1760 SCC: Jas Webb, Gabriel Davey, W Churton Surveyor. Patent Book 12: 2059 pg. 15

1762 Deed - JOHN PRYOR
20 Dec 1762 698 acres in Orange County on the Waters of Maho Creek, joining Frederick CARLOCK, Robert DONELSON, and both sides of a Branch OR: /s/ JNO PRYOR Wits: Jas WATSON, Henry SELL examined by: THO BLOUNT and W CHURTON surveyed 22 Jan 1762 SCC: Jas COLLINS, Fred CARLOCK W CHURTON Surveyor. Patent Book 12: 2093 pg. 22

from THE REGULATION, Husband's Book. An Impartial Relation of the First Rise and Cause of the Present Difficulties in Publick Affairs in the Province of North Carolina, &c.
The following is the Qualification of peter Savory, who, at this Campaign bore the Title of Captain Savory, for I had observed him to Look at som of the Soldiers.
His Evidence is as follows, viz.
Orange County, ss.}}
This Day came Peter Savory before me, and made Oath, That at last Steptember Superior Court he saw several young Men a pushing their Bayonets towards Herman Husband, but did not know them to touch him. Certified under my Hand, this 25th Day of March 1769.
(10 February 1844, The Greensboro Patriot, NC. bio of Husband states that Husband was born 1724 in Cecil Co., MD)

1770 -
Herman Husband and John Pryor elected to NC Assemby (per See 1769 account that involved Husband and Pryor. North Carolina University Magazine, Volume 9, published 1860 states John Pryor was a Justice of the Peace.)

1771 Will - John PRYOR
, names children Robert, Rhoda Stone, Mildred Womack, Leah Perkins, Rachel Pope, Lucy Tapley, Dorothy Pryor, Martha Pryor, John Henry Pryor, Abner Pryor; grandchildren Betty Green Pryor, John Pryor son of Green Pryor, John Pryor Smith; wife Margaret Pryor. ( states that John Pryor died while in office (NC Assembly) and his seat remained vacant)

1799 Marriage - Luke PRYOR to Nellie Rogers on 17 Apr 1799, Peter Waggoner bondsman.(Luke Pryor was in Williamson Co., TN by 1820)

1830 Census, Orange Co., NC
Page 338, Thomas PRIOR 210001-01001 (Same page is John Cabel and Caty Cabel. This is probably the Thomas Pryor whose family were counted in Lawrence County, MO in 1850 with an Anderson Cobel living in the household. Thomas married in Guilford. Thomas is on the 1840 Census in Clay Co., MO and may be related to Denard Pryor who was also in Clay Co. and also from Guilford Co., NC)

Records from Rockingham County, NC

1810 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Charles Archer (married to Elizabeth Pryor Archer) 3101 - 1101

1820 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Page 624 line 8  Thomas PRYER 100100-2011 (oldest male 26-45, 1775-1794)
Page 624 line 9 Elizabeth Archer (nee PRYOR) 1312 - 0111 (oldest female 26-45 1775-1794)
(an online family tree states Elizabeth Pryor married Charles Archer. She is the mother of Thomas B. Archer b. 1804 in VA..)

1830 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Page 284 Emory D. PRYOR 000001-00001
Page 296 Pryor Reynolds (Grandson of Henry Lansford and Catharine Pryor)

1840 Census Rockingham Co., NC
page 12, PRIOR Reynolds 01012001 - 0110001

1850 Census Rockingham Co., NC

Eastern Dist., page 3, house 31 PRYOR Reynolds 66 VA, Prudence 57 VA, George 38 TN, A. P. 21 NC, S. M. 19 NC, M. S. 17 NC. (Dilsey (Reynolds), a free woman of color, of Lawrence County, Alabama, City of Moulton, is charging Pryor Reynolds of Williamson County with trespass, assault, battery, and false imprisonment. John White is the attorney for the plantiff. Hance M. Cunningham, Sheriff, by his deputy A. Hodes. Recorded September 6, 1822. )

1858 Death - Pryor Reynolds died. Gravemarker in Reynolds Cemetery in Eden, NC

1869 Birth - William Pinkney Pryor born to Pinkney Pryor and Margaret Mann, per his 1949 death record. (see records in Rockingham County, NC and Caswell Co., NC)

1870 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Oregon Hill Twp., Ruffin PO, page 328, house 255 Pinkney PRYOR 35 farm laborer NC, Margaret 23 NC, Lena 9 NC, Andrew J. W. 3 NC.
Oregonville Twp 1, House 160/160 Joseph L. PRIOR 33 farm laborer NC, Eliza Ann 26 NC, John L. 9 NC, Joseph A. 5 NC, Alice F. 3 NC.

1880 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Wentworth, page 179a, house 3 Joe PRYOR 44 farmer Caswell NC VA VA, Margaret Peay 35 Rock. NC, NC NC, Fannie 18 dau servant Rock NC, Alice PRYOR 13 dau Rock NC, John 19 son Rock NC, Joseph 16 son Rock NC,
Oregonville, page 147d, house 66/70 Pinkney PRIOR 50 farmer NC NK NK, Margaret 33 wife NC NC NC, Audie? J. 13 son NC, Willie P 9 son NC, Robt L 7 son NC, Nora N 3 dau NC, Margaret B. dau 11/12 born July NC. (Death record of Robert Lawson Pryor states he was born in Caswell Co., NC to P. C. Pryor and Margaret Marr).

1900 Census Rockingham Co., NC
Wentworth, page 323b, house 115/115 John L. PRYOR March 1861 39 married 19 NC NC NC, Hattie F wife Aug 1860 39 8 children 6 living NC NC NC, Alexander son May 1884 16 NC, Willia L son Aug 1886 13 NC, Carrie B dau Mar 1882 NC, Ollie P dau Jan 1894 6 NC, Bessie G dau Jun 1896 3 NC, Dorie dau Sept 1899 8/12 NC.

Records from Rowan County, NC

1807 Birth - Alson PRYOR states on 1850 Census in Guilford Co., NC that he was born in Rowan Co. in about 1807

1810 Census, Rowan Co., NC
Page 82 Samuel PRIOR 2201 - 101 (on the same page with James Kincade)
Page 85 David PRYOR 3011-2101
Page 85 Thomas PRYOR 00001-001

1810 Marriage
- Thomas PRYOR married Elizabeth Calvorhouse on 23 Nov 1810. David Pryor bondsman. John Giles witness (Giles was the court clerk and his name appears on later bonds and estates)

1814 Guardian Bond -
14 Feb 1814. Thomas Prior, deceased. William Brown, Philip Brown, John Brown, bound as administrators. William Brown appointed guardian of Thomas' orphan Washington PRIOR. Includes division of slaves in property of Thomas Pryor, deceased and John Calberhouse, deceased. Conveyed a slave to to "Elizabeth & Hiram Pryor", Nancy Calberhouse, William M. Calberhouse. Witness signatures are difficult to read: John Murphy, John ---love, Saml Lemby, Danl Cress, G---- Slisston?

1814 Marriage -
William Brown to Betsy PRYOR 5 Jan 1814

1830 Census, Rowan Co., NC
Page 419  Lemuel PRYOR 000001-022101

1843 Marraige - Hiram PRYOR to Lucy Brown 24 August 1843. Bondsman Littleton Brown. John H. Hardie witness.

1845 Estate - Feb. Term 1845 Petition of Lucy Pryor, widow of Hiram Pryor. He died intestate. John Kerns appointed administrator of the estate. (Estate for Lucy Pryor, dec'd was filed in 1846 and settled by 1850)

1846 Estate - Solomon Peeler appointed administrator of the estate of Lucy PRYOR. Witnessed by ? Brown and Charles Brown. August 1846.

Records from Rutherford County, NC

1825 Marriage - Micajah Hill to Jensey PRYOR on 8 Mar 1825

1830 Census, Rutherford Co., NC

Page 509, Hilly? PROR 1001-1001101
Page 509, Micajah Hill 11001 (oldest male 20-30 yrs) - 10001 (Micajah Hill married Jensey Pryor in 1825)

1840 Census, Rutherford Co., NC
Page 339 Micajah Hall (grave marker in Rutherford County for a Micajah Hall born 1799)

Records from Stokes County, NC

1800 Census, Stokes Co., NC
John H. PRIER 22012101 (John Henry Pryor and wife Elizabeth Stokes?)
page 568 Matthew PRIOR 4201

1810 Census, Stokes Co., NC
page 100  John H. PRYOR  1-0
page 129, Germantown Dist. John H. PRYOR 11101-01001

1820 Census, Stokes Co., NC
page 335 Abner PRYOR    00001-010010-010000001

1830 Census, Stokes Co., NC
Page 225 Abner PRYOR  0000001-001001

1834 marriage: James Crews to Ann Eliza Pryor 28 May 1834. Surety Anthony E. Banner

1840 Census, Stokes Co., NC
Salem Dist., page 136, James Crews Sr. 001100001 - 00000001 (James Crews married Ann Eliza Pryor 28 May 1834, unknown if this is the same couple)

1836 Grand Jury - Charles MacAnally foreman, Lewis Mickey, Abner Pryor, James Ziglar, Harmon Redman, Edmund Tilly, Allen Preston, John Clayton, Alexander Reed, Jacob Butner, William Flynn, Frederick Morris (The North-Carolina Standard., April 07, 1836)

Records from Surry County, NC

1844 Ad - A black horse lost or stolen at Lexington, purchased by Samuel PRIOR of Surry County (Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, NC on 21 Dec 1844)

1844 Marriage - Simon Groce (Simon Gross) to Dorinda Pryor 16 Jan 1844, surety Wiley Long.

1846 Marriage - Isaac Long to Sarah Jane PRIOR 28 Jan 1845.

1850 Census Surry Co., NC
House 598 Simon Gross 28 farmer NC, Dorinda 25 NC, Cornelia J. 5 NC, Theresa 2 NC (Simon Gross married Dorinda Pryor 1844)
Page 188, house 406 Isaac Long 23 farmer NC, Sarah J. 19 NC, Amanda J. 2 NC, Mary Winnish 30 NC, William Collins 17 farmer NC. (Isaac Long married Sarah J. PRIOR in 1846)



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