The following are RECORD EXTRACTIONS of Pryor families.

Records from Boone County, NE

1910 Census Boone Co., NE
Dublin, Primrose Village, sheet 2b, house 38 Alice PRYOR 64 widow 6 children/4 living IN VA KY. (Alice Pryor and husband Rufus are on the 1900 Census in Madison Co., NE)
Dublin, sheet 1b, Walnut St., house 12 Martha PRYOR head, 35 married 13 yrs 1 child Norway, Norway, Norway. Maude dau 11 NE IA Norway (Martha is the wife of Lee Pryor who was in Kodiak and Wrangell Co., AK.)

Records from Box Butte County, NE

1930 Census Box Butte Co., NE
Alliance Twp., page 203b, Big Horn, house 405, Joshua PRYOR 46 (md 32) MO IL MO, Annie wife 35 (md 23) NE NE CO, Robert son 8 CA MO NE
Alliance Twp., page 203b, Big Horn, house 413, Morilla PRYOR 76 widow (md 19) MO IN OH

Records from Dawson County, NE

1885 Nebraska State Census, Dawson Co., NE
Wood River Twp., Caroline Simpson (PRYOR) 26 (b. 1859)
1900 Census Dawson Co., NE
Wood River, page 207a, house 121 John Simpson Feb 1855 45 NE Eng Eng, Caroline (PRYOR) wife Nov 1858 MO MO KY, Minnie M. dau Nov 1883 16 NE, Jessie L. dau Jan 1886 14 NE, Mary A dau Jan 1890 NE, Cora C dau Mar 1892 8 NE, Walter L. son Jun 1894 NE, Carrie E. dau Jan 1897 3 NE, Floyd A. son Jan 1900 5/12 NE.
1910 Census Dawson co., NE
Page 141a, house 172 John Simpson 55 (md 27) NY Eng Eng, Caroline (PRYOR) wife 51 MO IL KY, Cora C. dau 18 NE, John L. son 15 NE, Carrie E. dau 12 NE, Floyd H. son 10 NE, Ralph A. son 7 NE, George McGinnis hired hand 19 IA IA NE.
1920 Census Dawson Co., NE
Sheet 7b, house 163 John Simpson 64 NY Eng Eng, Caroline (PRYOR) wife 59 MO MO KY, Ralph A. son 19 NE, Roy L. son 23 NE, Hazel dau in law 21 NE, Allen grand son 1 NE.

Records from Douglas County, NE

1870 Census, Douglas Co., NE
Omaha, 3rd Ward, page 466b, house 265 W. N. Smith 23 locksmith NY, Emma 21 NY, Fanny PRYOR 27 hairdresser IL, Eva Repps 25 seamstress IA, Henry Swail 37 carpenter Eng.

1900 Census Douglas Co., NE
Omaha ward 3, Page 7b,, Lee PRYOR, Feb 1873 27 married 5 yrs tobacco and cigar dealer, IA PA IA, Martha wife Dec 1873 26 Norway Norway Norway (immigrated 1872), Maude daughter Oct 1898 1 NE, Louis Hovland boarder Sept 1898 Norway Norway Norway (immigrated 1882) business college student. (Lee Pryor is in Wrangell Co., Ak in 1910).

Records from Franklin County, NE

1910 Census Franklin Co., NE
Grant Twp., page 79a, ... Edward PRYOR hired man, 67 single, MO IRE IRE farm laborer.

Records from Furnas County, NE

1880 Census Furnas Co., NE
Lyndon, page 696a, house 74 William PRYOR 24 farmer IL KY KY, Mary E. 19 wife IL KY IN

1880 Agriculture Census Record, Furnas Co., NE
William PRYOR

Records from Jefferson County, NE

1880 Census Jefferson Co., NE
Page 598b, house 89/92 Lewis PRYOR 45 farmer PA PA PA, Hannah 38 wife PA Eng Eng, May 17 dau PA PA PA, Ida 15 dau PA PA PA, Eliza 6 dau PA PA PA, Edith 5 dau PA PA PA, John 4 son PA PA PA. (This may be the Lewis Pryor on the 1850 Census in Carbon Co., PA).

Records from Lancaster County, NE

1875 Nebraska State Census, Lancaster Co., NE
Midland Twp., Sam PRYOR 30 born in MO music teacher, Mollie 25 born in MO, Walter B. 8 born in MO, A. W. 5 born in MO, Sallie Kirkwood 22 born in MO. (this is bandleader Samuel Pryor and his son trombonist Arthur Pryor)
Lincoln, James PRYOR 26 MO, brick maker. Ada 21 MO.

1880 Census, Lancaster Co., NE
South Pass, page 394 b, house 14/126 William PRYOR 40 farmer OH OH VA, Alice M. 27 wife IA KY IN

1885 Nebraska State Census, Lancaster Co., NE
Saltillo Pct., Alice M. PRYOR 83 (1802) IA.

Records from Madison County, NE

1877 Homestead - Rufus PRYOR, homsteaded in Norfolk, NE (Madison Co.)

1880 Census Madison Co., NE
Schoocraft Pct., page 516b, house 129 Rufus PRYOER 35 OH VA OH, Allice J. 34 wife IN VA KY, Maud 11 dau IA, Don A.9 son IA, Parker L. 7 son IA, Itallia 1 dau NE.

1900 Census Madison Co., NE

Shell Creek, page 186a, house 28 Rufus PRYER Nov 1844 55 md 32 yrs OH VA OH, Alice J. wife Nov 1845 54 6 children/ 4 living IN VA KY.

Records from Nemaha County, NE

1900 Census Nemaha Co., NE
Brownville, sheet 9b, house 212, James L. PRYOR Feb. 1832 68 (md 52) IL TN VA, Catherine wife Jul 1832 67 (9 children/8 living) KY KY MD. Benson J. son Jun 1888 21 MO, Walter L. son Oct 1861 38 MO. (Family is on the 1870 Census in Scotland Co., MO)
1930 Census Nemaha Co., NE
Page 106a, house 32 Ellis PRYOR 32 (md 22) NE MO CT farmer grain and stock, Bonnie wife 29 (md 19) NE IL MO, W---? son 8 NE, Winifred dau 6 NE.
Page 106a, house 33 Marshall PRYOR 69 widow (md 25) MO IL MD, Ora dau 39 NE MO NE.
Page 106b, house 39 N. E. PRYOR 35 NE MO NE farmer grain, Opal wife 28 IA IL IA, Robert son 7 RI NE IA, Marshall son 3 11/12 NE

Records from Red Willow County, NE

1880 Census, Red Willow Co., NE
Danbury, page 352b, house 129/136 Andy S Boyer 34 farmer PA PA PA, Rachel E. 31 wife OH OH OH, Solomon J 5 son NE PA OH, Scott 3 son NE PA OH, John T. 2 son NE PA OH, Jacob T. PRYOR 54 uncle carpenter OH PA CT.

1880 Agriculture Census Record, Red Willow Co.
Jacob T. PRYOR



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