The following are RECORD EXTRACTIONS of Pryor families. Counties that contain a TN Pryor are featured in red font.

Records from Adams County, Ohio

1850 Census Adams Co., OH
Liberty Twp., John PRIOR 46 VA, Maria 38 KY, Lydia 19 OH, Samuel 17 OH, Sarah 16 OH, Stephen 13 OH, Garrison 12 OH, Francis A. 10 OH, Julia 8 OH, Agnes 6 OH, Kitura 4 OH, Louisa L. 2 OH.

Records from Belmont County, Ohio

1820 Census Belmont., CO., OH
Isaac PRYOR 2001-3201
Nathan PRYOR 20001 - 1001
Luther PRYOR 20001-2101 (per an online researcher, Luther was born in Greene Co., PA in 1792)
William PRYOR 10001-2101
John PRIOR Jr. 2001 - 1101
John PRIOR Jr. 13001 - 03111

1822 Will - Robert PRYOR, wife Jemima, "crippled daughter" Juretta, states he had "children" but only named the one daughter. John Brown, executor. Wits: Benjamin Ring and James Martin. Signed 3 Sept 1822.

1825 Letters of Administration - Appointed administrators John PRYOR Sr., Joshua and Luther Pryor. Trust for William Pryor and Daniel Montgomery. Dated 14 November 1825

1830 Census Belmont Co., OH
Isaac PRYOR 1011001 - 1011101 (oldest male born 1780- 1789) (History of Noble County, Ohio states that Isaac Pryor came from Belmont to Noble Co. where he died in 1866)
John PRYOR 01021101 - 00211
Garvin PRYOR 10011 - 01001
Joshua PRYOR 200001 - 211001001
Goshen Twp, page 271 William PRYOR 020101 - 210001

1840 Census Belmont Co., OH
Joshua PRYOR 0110001 - 3102001

1847 Marriage - Albert PRYOR md Matilda Meek 6 Jul 1847

1850 Census Belmont Co., OH
Kirkwood, page 80a, house 569 Watson PRYOR 35 OH, Louisa 35 VA, Mary 15 OH, John 13 OH, Elizabeth 12 OH, Josephus 5 OH, Hamilton 4 OH, Sophronia 2 OH
Smith Twp., page 256, house 2105 Joshua PRYOR 52 PA, Susannah 51 PA, Sarah 20 OH, Joshua Jr. 21 OH, Eliza 18 OH, Luisa 15 OH, Selia 15 OH, William Lucas 4 OH
Richland Twp., Dist 10, page 144b, house 534 Albert PRYOR 39 merchant MD, Matilda 22 OH, George 1 OH (Find a Grave memorial for Albert and Matilda Pryor buried in Licking Co., OH)

1860 Census Belmont Co., OH
Kirkwood, page 86a, house 1174 Watson PRYOR 46 OH, Louisa 43 VA, Josephine 16 OH, Hamilton 14 OH, Ethelinda 12 OH, Alexander 10 OH, Emily A. 7 OH, Alene 2 OH, Josie 2 OH
Smith Twp., page 236, house 1667 Joshua PRYOR 63 PA, Susanna 62 PA, Joshua Jr. 31 OH, Celia J. 20 OH, William Lucas 14 OH, Eleanor A. Powell 7 OH.
Smith Twp., page 317a, house 1857 Albert PRYOR 51 merchant MD, Matilda 33 OH, George E 12 OH, James 10 OH, William M 8 OH, Mary E 6 OH, John W 4 OH, Charles N 2 OH.

Records from Coshocton County, Ohio

1850 Census, Coshocton Co., OH
page 253b, house 141 George E PRYOR 46 physician MD, Caroline W 30 MD, Sarah 14 OH.

Records from Crawford County, Ohio

1830 Census, Crawford Co., OH
John Johnston 00002 - 11101
Luke PRYOR 01220001 - 10000001 (oldest male was 50 to 60, born 1770 - 1780, Luke Pryor is on the 1810 Census in Kanawha Co., VA)

1831 Death - Luke PRYOR (married 1805 to Frances Johnston in Kanawha County, VA. Death is undocumented in an online family tree

Records from Delaware County, OH

1850 Census of Delaware Co., OH
Scioto Twp. William Warrington 97 VA, Nancy (PRYOR) 59 NJ, Elizabeth J. 12 OH

1833 Revolutionary War Pension Application
William Warrington from Accomack Co., VA served in VA militia in 1775 or 1776, he died 25 May 1851. His wife was Nancy PRYOR, widow of Samuel Littell. They married on 16 Feb 1836 in Hamilton Co., OH. William Warrington and wife Nancy had one child: Charlotte Jane, wife of Albert Turner born 31 Dec 1836.

Records from Hamilton County, Ohio

1789 - Andrew PRYOR and Moses PRYOR was an early settler of Mill Creek area, near Griffin's Station. History of Hamilton County, Ohio, compiled by Henry A. Ford, A. M., and Mrs. Kate B. Ford, published by L. A. Williams & Co., 1881.

1792 Muster Roll - James Flynn's Company of Militia Volunteers. N.W. Territory of the Ohio River. 25 Jan 1792 to the 27th. Roster contains Moses PRYOR.(The Quarterly Publication of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Volumes 13-15, pub. 1920)

1792 or 1793 - The more tragic history of Carthage begins with the killing of Moses PRYOR and his two children, killed by Indians, in 1792-3, and the murder of the pack-horsemen at Bloody run, just south of the present village, in 1793 -- History of Hamilton County, Ohio, compiled by Henry A. Ford, A. M., and Mrs. Kate B. Ford, published by L. A. Williams & Co., 1881, page 339. (Elizabeth Pryor Harper's Twenty-Two Southern Families states "(Indian) attack on Pryor's family and on Griffin's station." Moses Pryor appears to be the family Mrs. Harper referenced.)

1809 Marriage - Samuel Littell married Nancy PRYOR on 23 Jul 1809. (Marriage date is in the Revolutionary War pension application filed by Nancy's second husband William Warrington. Nancy Pryor Warrington is on the 1850 Census in Delaware Co., OH)

1829 Will - Andrew PRYER. Heirs: Polly Pryer, William Pryer, John Pryer, Andrew Pryer, Charlotte Pryer, Aaron Pryer, Mary Ann Pryer, exectitprs" William Wilson, William Baxter

1850 Census Hamilton Co., OH
Cincinnati Ward 10 House 625, Family 1411 Jesse Hickman 40 shoemaker VA, Elizabeth A. 30 NY, Octava 8 OH, Elizabeth 6 OH, Sarah Ann 4 OH, William Green 21 blacksmith OH, Richard 19 KY, Margaret 15 OH, Jesse HIckman 1 OH, Family 1412 Abigail PRYER 30 OH, Melissa 16 OH.

1860 Census Hamilton Co., OH

Cincinnati Ward 4, John Stevens 23 flatboatman PA, William Herbert 27 flatboatman PA, Peter Sanford 40 flatboatman NY, William Nicholson 19 flatboatman VA, J. B. Baird 26 flatboatman VA, Thomas PRYOR 33 flatboatman VA, Charles Burton 18 flatboatman VA, Pat Gilroy 29 laborer Ireland.

1930 Census, Hamilton Co., OH
Cincinnati  Dist. 440, page 5A  William R. Moles 52 (21) TN TN TN, Rachel (PRYOR) wife 49 (22) TN TN TN, Lloyd son 18 TN, Inia dau 16 TN, Curtis son 13 TN. (Wm & Spicy Pryor of Overton Co. TN>Overton Pryor>Simeon Overton Pryor>Rachel Pryor).

Records from Highland County, Ohio

1813 Birth - Born on 16 Mar 1813 Benjamin PRIOR. Died 28 Aug 1896 (The News-Herald, 17 Sept 1896, obituary)

Records from Jefferson County, Ohio

1831 Abigail Prior, widow of Abner Prior applied for Revolutionary War pension. Notes state Major Prior was issued bounty land per warrant 1666 in 1791. A statement of Abigail Allyn born 1757: Abigail was the daughter of Benjamin Allyn, their children were Abner, Ann, and Allyn all born before 1776, and afterwards, Harriet, Abigail and Sally. They moved from Windsor, CT to Ohio in 1796.

Records from Knox County, Ohio

1850 Census Knox County, OH
Brown Twp., Page 434a, House 2933 William PRIOR 65 farmer PA, Mary 53 PA, Hammond 25 OH, Mary 22 OH, James 3 OH. (This is possibly the William Pryor who married Mary Miller 27 July 1820 in Belmont Co., OH)

1860 Census Knox County, OH
house 46 Hammon PRYOR 34 farmer OH, Elizabeth 27 OH, William 5 OH, Mary C 4OH, Hezekiah 2 OH, Alinda 1/12 OH
house 47 William PRYOR 76 PA, Mary 64 PA
house 48 Michel PRYOR 64 PA, Rebecca 61 VA, Clara J 33 OH, Margaret R 29 OH, William 24 OH, Roseanna 22 OH, Martha L 19 OH, Elizabeth [illegible]

1870 Census Knox County, OH
House 76 Clenen Minard 32 Carpenter OH, Mary A 34 OH, Francis 10 OH, Jane 6 OH, Ida 1 OH, Samuel 1 OH, William PRYOR 86 farmer PA.
House 77 Hammond PRYOR 50 farmer OH, Elizabeth 45 OH, William 15 OH, Mary 14 OH, Hezekiah 11 OH, Lucinda 10 OH, George 8 OH, Jane 4 OH.

Records from Mahoning County, Ohio

1920 Census Mahoning Co., OH
Pct. K & L, Youngstown, page 119A, 78/101 John PRYOR 30 TN TN TN salesman Shoe Co., Imogene wife 23 PA PA PA.

Records from Monroe County, Ohio

1850 Census Monroe Co., OH
Seneca Twp., dist. 107, page 264a & b, house 166/166 Jackson Boyd 32 OH, Anne 31 PA, Nathan PRIOR 17 OH.
Seneca Twp., dist. 107, page 264b, house 167/167 James PRIOR 51 PA, Sarah 50 VA, John 22 OH, Watson 20 OH, Emmanuel 16 OH, Mary 14 OH, Christian 11 OH, Sarah 8 OH, James W. 6 OH.
Seneca Twp., dist. 107, page 264b, house 169/169 Joshua PRIOR 24 OH, Sarah E. 18 MD, James J. 1 OH.
Elk Twp., dist. 165, page 315b, house 456 Thomas PRYOR 27 OH, Nancy 31 OH, Lydia 4 OH, Cemantha (Samantha?) 3 OH, Sarah 1 OH.
Elk Twp., dist. 165, page 315b, house 457 William PRYOR 32 OH, Louisa 34 Germany, Margaret 11 OH, Henry 9 OH, Lovina 7 OH, William 5 OH, John 3 OH, Ruth 1/12 OH.
Elk Twp., dist. 165, page 316a, house 460 Levi PRIOR 38 OH, Rachel 38 OH, John 14, OH, Lucy 13 OH, Robert 10 OH, Isaac 6 OH, Joshua 4 OH, Samuel 2 OH, Margaret 1 OH.
Elk Twp., dist 165, page 316a, house 461 Isaac PRIOR 48 VA, Lucy 43 VA, Delila Kesson 15 VA, Isaac Koon 7 VA (Isaac Pryor, son of John Pryor from PA. Isaac married to Lucy Richardson)
Elk Twp., dist. 165, house 518 Howard PRIOR 33 OH, Phebe 29 OH, Ann E 9 OH, Isaac 6 OH, John 5 OH, Margaret J. 4 OH, Lucy 2 OH, Caroline 1 OH (Howard is the son of Isaac Pryor and Lucy Ricardson)
Switzerland Twp., page 205b, house187 David PRYOR 33 farmer OH, Harriet 27 OH, Mary 7 OH, Rebecca 4 OH, Madison 2 OH, William Boneth? (or Bronet?) 11 OH.

1860 Census, Monroe Co., OH
Switzerland, house 11 David PRIOR 42 farmer OH, Harriet wife 36 OH, Mary E 16 OH, Rebecca 15 OH, Madison 12 OH, Arthur 10 OH, Harvey 7 OH, Clarissa 5 OH, William 1 OH (David Pryor and wife Harriet Wilson Pryor. David Pryor is on the 1900 Census in Pleasants Co., WV)

1870 Census, Monroe Co., OH

Adams Twp., page 6b, house 84/86 Albert PRYOR 61 farmer Maryland, Matilda 42 OH, George 22 works on farm OH, James 20 works on farm OH, Mary 16 helps mother OH, John W. 14 works on farm OH, Charles 12 at school OH, Martha 9 at school OH, Albert M 7 at school OH, David D 5 at home OH, Sarah L 3 at home, Infant male 6/12 OH, born Dec.

1880 Census, Monroe Co., OH
Ohio Twp, Page 532b, house 72/80 Albert PRYOR 71 farmer MD MD MD, Matilda 52 wife OH PA PA, Martha 18 dau OH, Albert 17 son OH, David 15 son OH, Sarah 12 dau OH, Holloway 10 son OH, Antoinella 6 grand child OH, Luna 4 grand child OH, M Clara 1 grand child OH.

Records from Muskingum County, Ohio

1800 Census, Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, Washington, Newton
231 persons resided in this area
Samuel PRIOR
Timothy PRIOR
John Bland
(Notice in the The Circleville Herald, 2 Sept 1941: The forty-eighth annual reunion of the descendants of Nathan and Timothy Prior was held Labor Day at Rising Park, Lancaster. Those attending from Circleville were Mrs. Sarah Prior Ross, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Carothers and sons, Manley and Grant Carothers, Miss Ozilla Hosler, Mrs. A. W. Goeller, Mr and Mrs. J. E. Millirons, Ronald and Donald Eldridge.)

1820 Census Muskingum Co., OH
John PRIER 20001- 2001
Nathan PRIER 00201-3021

1850 Letter - Letters left unclaimed at the Zanesville Post Office, Timothy PRYOR (8 October 1850, The Zanesville Courrier)

1850 Census Muskingum Co., OH
Jackson Twp., page 330a, house 44 Levi PRIOR 35 OH, Martha 32 VA, Tabitha 9 OH, Cecelia E. 5 OH, (Levi Pryor is on the 1860 Census in Scotland Co., MO)
Jefferson Twp., page 155 a & b, house 1187 Frederick PRIOR 62 farmer PA, Tabitha 58 DE, Sarah 16 OH, William Davis 12 OH, Henry Hixenbaugh 19 laborer OH, Wm B PRIOR 30 farmer OH, Nancy J 26 OH, George Davis 10 OH, Thomas W PRIOR 39 OH, Jane C 38 VA, Timothy 12 OH, Malinder Pearl 6 OH.
Jefferson Twp., page 155b, house 1190 James PRIOR 33 OH, Mary E 27 OH, Frederick 6 OH, Mary A 3 OH, Samuel 1 OH, David Kilpatrick 10 OH

Muskingum Twp., page 128b, house 823 Joseph PRIOR 53 PA, Amelia 44 PA, Mary 22, OH, George W. 21 OH, Isaac 20 OH, Joseph 12 OH, Margaret 12 OH, Beal A. 6 OH, Charlotte 12 England, Matilda Luton 18 OH (Amelia Prior is on the 1860 Census in Osage Co., MO).
Meigs Twp., page 937b, house 269 Alexander McKindry 60 PA, Charlotte (PRYOR) 60 DE, Mary A 26 PA, William 33 school teacher OH, John 18 laborer OH, Solomon 13 OH, Sarah 10 OH.
Hopewell Twp., page 75a, house 93 Patience PRIOR 56 PA, Patience L 30 PA, Abraham L 28 OH, John M 24 OH, Margaret 23 OH, Samuel 21 OH, Anthony 15 OH, Sarah 12 OH
Hopewell Twp., page 75a, house 94 Nathan PRIOR 35 PA, Sarah B 27 IN, Sam'l M 10 OH, Edith 7 OH, George O 4 OH, Ursula J --/12 OH, Lydia Lewis 50 VA, Elizabeth Davis 15 OH.
Washington Twp., page 381b, house 352/353 Timothy PRIOR 43 farmer OH, Susanna 39 OH, Adeline 18 OH, Edward 15 OH, Abraham 11 OH, Sarah A 7 OH, Amanda 2 OH

1880 Census Muskingum Co., OH
Hopewell Twp, Samuel PRIOR 51 OH PA PA, Caroline 41 OH OH OH, Mary E 12 OH, John C 11 OH, Luther J 8 OH, Chester B 6 OH, Hariett L 3 OH, Florance M 1 OH. (Samuel W PRIOR and family are on the 1900 Census in Muskingum Co. Find A Grave Memorial for Samuel W. Prior in Otero Co., Colorado and points to Samuel as the son of John Abram Prior of Fayette Co., PA)

Records from Noble County, Ohio

1860 Census Noble Co., OH
Enoch Twp, sheet 78, house 563 Rufus Henry 60 farmer NY, Sarah M 55 OH, Elizabeth 17 OH, Caroline 12 OH, Rufus PRYOR 15 OH (Rufus Pryor was in Guthrie Co., OH in 1870. )
Elk Twp., sheet 369a, house 1589 Milward PRIOR 42 OH, Pheba 39 OH, Ann 19 OH, Isaac 17 OH, John 16 OH, Jane 17 OH, Lucy 13 OH, Caroline 12 OH, Emeline 8 OH, James W. 5 OH, Malinda 1 OH,
Elk Twp., sheet 369a, house 1590 Isaac Davis 75 farmer OH, John PRYOR 45 farmer OH, Elizabeth 42 OH, Lucy A. 21 OH, Matilda J. 18 OH, Hezekiah 16 farmer OH, Sarah 14 OH, Delilia E. 12 OH, Albin F. 10 OH, Mary M. 8 OH, Lucinda 3 OH. (History of Noble County, Ohio states that John Pryor came from Belmont to Noble Co. He married Elizabeth Cousins in 1849 and fathered 9 children.)
Page 387a, House 1841 Reuben Powell 45 OH, Margaret (PRYOR) Powell 45 OH, John 24 OH, Lucy A. 22 OH, Andrew 21 OH, Matilda 18 OH, Dorcas 16 OH, Isaac 14 OH, George 12 OH, Lewis 10 OH (Margaret, daughter of Isaac Pryor and Lucy Richardson)

Records from Pickaway County, Ohio

1850 Census Pickaway Co., OH
House 92 Ruth Beel 40 OH

1882 Application for War of 1812 Widow's Pension. - Filed by Ruth Oldham Beal, widow of Philip Beal (d. 1849) who served in the Ohio Militia. His first wife was Polly PRYOR who died in 1843.

Records from Portage County, Ohio

1820 Census Portage Co., OH
NOTE: Stow is now located in Summit County.
Stow Twp., David PRIOR 30002 - 0001

Records from Preble County, Ohio

1848 Death - William PRYOR b. 1788 in Ireland died in 1848 in Eaton, Preble Co.

1850 Census Preble Co., OH

Eaton Twp., page , house 145 Robert E. PRYOR 26 VA, Octavia 21 VA, Octavia E. 2 OH, Sarah 1 OH. (Robert E. Pryor married Octavia Harvey on Oct. 26, 1845 in Kanawha Co., VA. Robert is the son of William Pryor and Charity Holliday. His brother Dr. Joseph William Pryor was in Marion Co., MO.)
Eaton Twp., page 242a, house 153 E B. Rider 24 shoemaker KY, Rhoda PRYOR 40 KY, Louisa Rider 20 KY, William PRYOR 12 KY, Elizabeth PRYOR 11 OH (Rhoda Ball Pryor second wife and widow of William Pryor b. 1788)

1860 Census Preble Co., OH
Washington Twp., page 114, house 281 Robert E PRYOR 36 farmer VA, Octavia 32 VA, Fannie 8 OH, Sallie 10 OH, Emma 12 OH.

1870 Census Preble Co., OH
Washington Twp., page 245a, house 50 Robert E PRYOR 44 produce merchant VA, Octavia 42 VA, Octavia 22 OH, Fannie 18 OH, George Cook 23 student OH, Sarah J. Cook 20 OH
Eaton, page 256b, William PRYOR 33 OH, Mary 28 OH, William E 8 OH, Hattie M 6 OH

Records from Ross County, Ohio

1820 Census Ross Co., OH
Page 241 Philip Beal 21001 - 3001 (The Berkshire, Vermont, Chafees, and Their Descendants, by Almer Judson Elliot, published 1911: Philip Beal was raised near Harpers Ferry. He moved to OH in about 1808 and soon married Mary PRYOR a daughter of William PRYOR.)

1830 Census Ross Co., OH
page 219

Jas. PRYOR   01012001-00000001 (James Pryor was 50-59 years, born 1771-1780. Probably the James Pryor in Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co., VA in 1810 and 1820)
Silas PRYOR  0000000001-000000001 (Silas was 70-79 years, born 1751-1760)

1840 Census Ross Co., OH
Union Twp., page 354
James PRYOR 000201001-11010001
Hiram PRYOR 211001-01101
Wesley PRYOR 000001-100001
(These Pryor families were in Daviess Co., MO in 1850)

1850 Census Ross Co., OH
Deerfield Twp., page 296, John W. Timmons 44 farmer OH, Ann E. (PRYOR) 33 OH, Sarah 9 OH, Samuel P. 8 OH, John W. 6 OH, Milly A. 4 OH, Emily PRIOR 56 VA, Wm. R. Johnson 27 school teacher OH, William Cox 21 laborer OH, Martha J. Woods 15 OH. (John Wesley Timmons married Ann Elizabeth Pryor, a student at the old seminary in Chillicothe in about 1834, she inherited 500 acres upon the death of her parents. Son is Samuel Pryor Timmons. Emily Pryor is Emily Nichols, widow of Samuel Talkington Pryor, son of Silas Pryor and Esther Talkington)

1860 Census Ross Co., OH
John W. Timmons 54 farmer OH, Ann E (PRYOR) 43 OH, Sarah A. 19 OH, Samuel P. 17 OH, John W. 15 OH, Milly A. 13 OH, Thomas J. 9 OH, Lucretia P. 7 OH, James M. 2 OH, Emily PRYOR 66 VA, Louisa Chingingsmith 16 domestic, Eccleston Smith 76 gardner DE.

Records from Scioto County, OH

1860 Census Scioto County, OH
Morgan Twp., House 58 Samuel PRYOR 38 farmer OH, Elizabeth 35 OH, George 14 OH, Anna 12 OH, Lucy 10 OH, Augustus 7 OH
Morgan Twp., House 59 Samuel PRYOR 55 PA, Maria 45 PA, Johnson 26 laborer PA, Maria E. 18 PA, James 16 PA, John 14 PA, Martha 10 PA, John PRYOR 29 cooper PA.
Bloom Twp., House 69 William PRYOR 45 physician VA, Electra W. 44 NH, Florence 10 TX, Channing 4 NC (1850 Census this family is in Holmes Co., MS)

1870 Census Scioto County, OH
Bloom Twp., page 360, house 355 Christopher PRIOR 36 farmer Hanover (Germany), Louiza 34 Hanover, Mary 12 OH, Sophia 9 OH, Eliza 7 OH, Minnie 4 OH, John 2 OH (Report dated 5 Nov 1881 in the Portsmouth Daily Times states that Christian Prior was murdered and Christian Widdebrock was arrested. Obit dated 12 Nov 1881 in Portsmouth Daily Times reported death of Christopher Prior. Stated he immigrated from Germany.He left a wife and six children."

Records from Seneca County, OH

1839 Newspaper Ad - George E PRYOR, MD of Tiffin, Seneca OH, professed the benefits of Dr. Chipman's Pills (28 May 1839, Huron Reflector, Norwalk, OH)

1850 Census Seneca County, OH
Wallie PRYER 36 MD, Eliza A 30 VA, Merry C 10 OH, Sarah L. 5 OH, James J 4 OH.

Records from Summit County, Ohio

1920 Census, Summit Co., OH
Akron, ED#201, house1575, Milton PRYOR 35 lodger, TN TN GA, engineer at rubber factory.

Records from Trumbull County, Ohio

1920 Census Trumbull Co., OH
Liberty, ED#304, house 203 Hutchinson PRYOR 30 TN TN TN, Auge wife 36 TN TN TN, Helen dau 1 11/12 OH

Records from Washington County, Ohio

1803 Estate - Isaac PRIOR, administrator of Timothy PRIOR. Security: Adam McCurdy, Jacob Ayers. Witnesses: Edward W. Tupper, Matthew Backer, Adam McCordie, Lewis Cass. Dated 23 December 1803. (NOTE: An Edward W. Tupper granted land to Allyn Pryor in Kanawha County, VA (now WV). Allyn Prior is thought to be a Revolutionary War soldier from CT.)

1850 Census, Washington Co., OH
Barlow Twp, Page 346a, house 148 John B PRIOR 31 farmer OH, Mary 31 OH, John W Argo 10 OH, George W PRIOR 9 OH, Margaret 7 OH, Louisa 4 OH, Robert A 2 OH, Henry 2/12 OH
Barlow Twp, Page 346a, house 149 Amos PRIOR 38 farmer OH, Nancy 36 OH, Robert A 17 farmer OH, Alexander 15 farmer OH, Cynthia A 11 OH, Smith 8 OH, Maria 5 OH, Jemima 4 OH, Solomon 1 OH
Barlow Twp, Page 346 house 150 Samuel PRIOR 73 Penn, Jemima 53 Penn, Jemima 5 OH
Page 457a, house 405 John Hesson 37 OH, Mariah Jane (PRYOR) 30 OH, Mary 13 OH, William 10 OH, Malissa 7 OH, Samuel 6 OH, James L. 4 OH, Emit C. 5/12 OH.(Mariah Pryor Hesson is the daughter of Isaac Pryor and Lucy Richardson).
Page 502a, House 137 Richard Scott 42 VA, Matilda (PRYOR) 41 OH, James 19 carpenter OH, Precious 17 OH, Isaac 15 OH, John 15 OH, Matilda 9 OH, Benjamin 6 OH, Howard 2 OH. (Matilda Pryor Scott is the daughter of Isaac Pryor and Lucy Richardson).

1864 Military - Robert A PRYOR of Hanibal, MO listed his place of birth as Washington Co., OH (see Marion Co., MO)

1880 Census Washington Co., OH
Barlow Twp., page 31a, house 16/16 Amos H PRYOR 29 farmer OH OH OH, Lizzie wjfe 34 OH VA VA, Estella J 3 daughter OH OH OH, Everett W son 1/12 OH OH OH.
Barlow Twp., page 31a, house 18/18 Robert A PRYOR 46 farmer OH OH OH, Elizabeth 51 wife OH VA VA, James F 20 son OH OH OH, Charles A son OH OH OH, Irwin H 9 son OH OH OH, Flora 7 daughter OH OH OH
Barlow Twp., page 31a, house 20/20 Amos PRYOR 69 farmer OH PA NY. Nancy 67 wife OH MD NY. (Amos is possibly the Amos Pryor buried in Mt Ephraim Cem, Noble Co., OH.)
Barlow Twp., page 31b, house 23/24 Samantha PRYOR 23 OH OH IN, Walter 17 brother OH OH IN, Martha J 14 sister OH OH IN, Almarinda 12 sister OH OH IN, Howard 5 brother OH OH IN, James A 1 brother OH OH IN.

Records from Wyandot County, Ohio

1850 Census Wyandot Co., OH
Mifflin Twp., page 269b, house 61 Samuel PRIOR 35 VA, Margaret 26 OH, Nathaniel 11 OH, Ruth A. 4 OH, Eunice E. 1 OH.
Pitt Twp., page 232b, house 69 John PRIOR 39 laborer VA, Hannah 30 OH, Leroy 7 OH, Naoma R. 5 OH, Ethan A. 2 OH, Lelia P. 4/12 (born in May?) OH. (John and his family are on the 1856 IA census in Decatur Co., IA)
Pitt Twp., page 235b, house 112 Jesse Nutter 38 laborer VA, Abigail (PRYOR) 29 VA, Malissa 1 OH, Amanda 6 OH.
Antrim Twp., page 241b, house 45 Allen PRIOR 26 VA, Amelia P. 27 VA. (Allen and Amelia are on the 1860 Census in Decatur Co., IA)



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