Counties D

The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from Dinwiddie County, Virginia

1790 Personal Taxes -
Alexander Bolling - Free Males over 16 years: Alexander Bolling & Richard PRIOR

1799 Tax List - Richard PRYOR esq,

1800 Tax List
- Philip PRYOR

1801 Land Grant - William Booth grantee, 7 acres adjoining Matthew Jones to Richard PRYOR.

1819 Killed in Ship Wreck - Seaman, Thomas Pryor of New York, killed in the shipwreck of the America which had shipped out to Calcutta. (the Evening Post, NY, 21 Dec 1819)

1820 Census Dinwiddie Co., VA
Ann PRYOR 0102 - ?
(This is possibly Ann Bland, widow of Richard Pryor.)

1830 Census Dinwiddie Co., VA

page 411, Theodorick PRYOR 00001 - no females (Theodorick is on the 1840 census in Nottoway Co., VA)
page 411 Samuel PRYOR 200001 - 11001 (Samuel is the son of Richard Pryor and Ann Bland, grandson of John Pryor and Mary Dennis)

1834 Tornado - A report of a tornado damagin property of Theodorick Pryor 17 houses blown down, yard and garden enclosures. (The Evening Post, NY, 4 Jun 1834)

1850 Census Dinwiddie Co., VA
Southern Div., Page 475b, house 87 John PRYOR 32 farmer VA, Mary A. E. Jones 44 VA, Susan C. (PRYOR) Barton 40 VA, Charles W. Jones 16 VA, William H. Barton 15 VA, Walter L. Jones 12 VA, Mary A. J. Barton 2 VA. (John, Mary A E and Susan C are children of Philip Pryor of Brunswick County. Philip Pryor, son of John Pryor and Ann Dennis)
Southern Div., Page 478b, house 136 Lucy O. Field 40 VA, Susan E. J. Field 9 VA, Mary A. J. Field 7 VA, Sally J. J. Field 5 VA, Wellington E. Webb 33 Episcopal Clergyman 33 London, Eng., Sarah C. Webb 24 VA, Fanny V. PRIOR 13 VA, Lucy O. PRIOR 11 VA., Agnes E. PRIOR 8 VA. (Fanny, Lucy, and Agnes are children of Samuel Pryor)
Southern Div., Page 479a, house 142 Samuel PRIOR 50 farmer VA, Ann E. 53 VA, Anna J. 16 VA, Martha P. Broadnax 24 VA. (Samuel and wife Ann were on the 1860 Census in Campbell Co., VA. See Chancery Court case filed in Amelia County for names of other Pryor children.)



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