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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records of Gloucester County, Virginia

1661 - Anna Bernard sold Pryor's Plantation in Petsworth (Petsoe) Parish (formerally York County) that she had bought in 1652 from Thomas Edwards of the Inner Temple, London and his wife Margaret nee Pryor who was a daughter of William PRYOR, deceased. (This places another Pryor in VA before Robert, father of Robert Pryor and wife Betty Virginia Green. William Pryor who married Margaret Clayton.)

1665 Immigration - William Claw of Glouscester Co. transported Anthony Pryor. (See Anthony Pryor in Charles City).

1665 - William Claw on branches of Peanketanke River adjoining Major Cant and Stephen Gill, deceased. Headright Jone Jenkins, Anthony Prior, Mary Rason, William Sinett. January 4, 1665.

1689 Deed - Robert PRYOR, 300 and nine acres of land on 21 April 1689 at the head of Craney Creek, Ware Parish (Colonial And Revolutionary Families Of Pennsylvania By John W. Jordan)

1692 Deed - William Nance. 520 acres in James City, son South Side of Chickhominy River 29 April 1692. Beg. next above plantation where John Randall dwells, along Gregory Wells; to Ashe's Field; to Mr. Bobby's land; to Lofftin's corner, to and including Nance's Neck. 150 acres due as marrying the daughter and one of the co-heirs of Grace Tinsely, who was sister and one of the co-heirs of Richard Pierce, being part of 600 acres granted said Pierce 12th Sept. 1636; 370 acres being surplus-age of said Nance's survey and due for importation of 8 persons: Ann Keser, William Kent, William...?, Katharine Davis, Elizabeth Grover, Berrebe Farmer, Nicholas PRIOR.

29 Apr 1693 Land Grant - Robert PRYOR had a grant for 92 acres on Craney Creek Swamp, formerly granted to Robert Jefferson in 1648. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 7, page 76)

1749 Deed - Jacob Rice of the County of Gloucester and the parish of Kingston Weaver to Major PRYOR of County of Middlesex and parish of Christ Church for 25 pounds sold 75 acres on Barbeque Creek in Middlesex. 5th September 1749

1774 Will - a will (copy made by Christopher PRYOR), 1774, of John Clayton (1694-1773) probated in Gloucester County, Virginia (witnessed by John James Beckley, Augustine Curtis, and Michael Driskill; recorded by Thomas Nelson; and bears affidavit of Machen Boswell); and affidavits, 1790, of John Bacon (of New Kent County, Virginia, concerning John Clayton [1694-1773] and William Clayton), Charles Hay (bears seal), and Beverley Randolph (concerning John Bacon, Machen Boswell, Charles Hay, and Benjamin Waller and bears seal of Virginia). (Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations: From the Revolution Through the Civil WarSection 4, Various Persons, Legal Papers, 1737-1790, General Introduction By Kenneth M. Stampp, Professor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley)

1778 Masonic Lodge Records - Grand Lodge of Virginia, Botetourt Lodge: James Fontaine and Christopher PRYOR, deputys.

1780 Legislative Petition - John Fox requesting a ferry be established on his land on York River.
Signed by: Mordecai Throckmorton, Warner Throckmorton, C. Pryor (Christopher Pryor?), Benjamin Marable, Thomas Whiting and others.

1783 Tax List - Christopher PRYOR. Ware Parish.

1784 Will - Will of William Armistead appointed Christopher PRYOR as executor of his estate.

1784 Will - John Thorckmorton, an innkeeper, md 2nd to Susannah, widow of John Hughes. Exector of Throckmorton estate was John Hughes and Christopher PRYOR.

1784 Census - Gloucester Co., Heads of Families
Ware Parish: Christopher PRYOR 9 whites, 1 dwelling, 9 other buildings.
Other households in Ware Parish: Jasper Clayton, Beverly Whiting, Henry Lewis, John Robbins, William Robbins Jr and Sr.

1789 Personal Tax Record - Christopher PRYOR

1790 Land Tax Record - Christopher PRYOR

1792 Receipt - Note from F. W. Cook to Mann Page on account of Christopher PRYOR dated 23 Apr 1792. (found on Colonial Williamsburg website

1800 Land Grant - Philip Tabb, Christopher PRYOR grantee, 352 acres

1800, 28 Apr: The assignees of Rev. Elkhanah Talley for 352 acres, commonly known as the Glebe of Ware parish: Philip Tabb, Thomas Baytop, Christopher Pryor, Matthew Anderson, Richard Baynham, Morgan Tomkies, Mordecai Cooke, George Wythe Booth, Peter Beverly Whiting, Philp Sansum, William Hall, John Dixon, trustees of the church property in the parish of Ware, Gloucester Co. [Thomas Baytop was a master of the Botetourt Mason lodge, Christopher Pryor was a member. Baytop was the executor of Christopher Pryor's estate]

1802 Insurance Policy - Insurance policy for the property of Christopher PRYOR: Christopher Pryor's residence , insured and occupied by himself. Five buildings: [one story] dwelling 60'x20', wooden... underpinned with brick, situated between two branches at the head of the Ware River and the plantation of Jno. PRYOR . Appraisers Wm Robbins and Arthur L Davies. (From "Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia: A Collection of Abstracts from Original Documents...", Vol. 1)

1802 Quarterly Court for Gloucester Co
. - 7 Aug 1802, Frances Leigh administrator fo John Leigh deceased complaint against Jason Lee administrator of Joseph W. Lee deceased, who was executor of John Leigh deceased, and Lyne Shackleford defendants -- in Chancery. Notice witnessed by Christopher Pryor and published in The Examiner, Richmond

1802 Insurance Policy - Insurance policy for the property of Philip Tabb, "Hotel Botetourt", in 1802 it was bordered by property owned by Francis Thornton and John PRYOR. In 1815 Francis Thornton and Arthur Davis adjoined the property.

1803 Christopher Pryor Esq, esta to Alexander Cowan, Dr 22 Apr 1802 to 7 Dec 1803 for 21.10pounds, 3-3/4. Endorsed 6 Aug 1803 received of Thomas Baytop executor of Christopher Pryor deceased the sum of twenty-two pounds, seventeen shillings, and 3 pence farthings.- Signed by William Harwood. [William Carter Stubbs papers, William and Mary College. ]

1803 Probated Will - Will of Christopher PRYOR, father of John C. PRYOR and grandfather of Skaife Whiting Pryor. The will was admitted to probate on 4 Apr 1803 in Gloucester Co. (Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Volume 51 By Virginia. Supreme Court of Appeals) Col. Thomas Baytop, executor and paid $4.89 to Mann Page, deputy clerk for the apparisment ("A History of Two Virginia Families Transplanted from County Kent, England")

1807 Bond Filed in Gloucester County, VA - Jasper Clayton and John PRYOR to Carter B Berkeley. Signed John C Pryor.

1827 Marriage - John C PRYOR and Maria Smith Crawford married 31 May 1827 (John Clayton Pryor, son of Christopher Pryor and Catharine Clayton)

abt. 1840-ish Birth - Death Record filed 1924 in MIddlesex Co. states John PRIOR born in Middlesex County to Richard PRIOR (born in Gloucester Co.) and Fanny Braxton. Noted as "colored" (African American).

1850 Census Gloucester Co., VA
Page 48b, house 90 Alfred B. Davies farmer 43 VA, Arthur P. 15 student VA, William H. 11 VA, Christiana E. 10 VA, Emily S. 8 Va, Alfred B. 4, Skaife W. PRYOR 18 male student VA. (Alfred B. Davis married Maria Emily Pryor on Feb. 20, 1834 in unknown county, VA. Per the recording in the Library of VA Online Database, Maria Emily Pryor was the daughter of John C. Pryor and Betsy A. Taylor. John Clayton Pryor married Elizabeth Armistead Taylor, Skaife Whiting Pryor is the only son of John C. Pryor per a lawsuit he brought against Philip Taliafero for possession of "The Ware-House" property in Gloucester Co).
Page 45a, house 157 Ann Collier 70 VA, Sarah 30 VA, Cowler 13 VA, James M. 11, Charles H. 8 VA, William A. 5 VA, Fanny A. Young 40 VA, Jane Young 14 VA, Mary Eliza Allen 18 VA, Alex. Cowler 28 VA. (In 1842 Christopher JD Pryor was made guardian of of Mary Eliza Allen, infant daughter of Frances C. Collier Allen Howard who was deceased. Thomas Skinner was the guardian of Thomas B. Allen also of the same mother)

1857 Tax List - Skaife W. Pryor - 383.00, Ware River,

1860 Census Gloucester Co., VA
Pages 766 and 767, house 425 A. H. Robbins 50 farmer VA, E. P. 40 (f) VA, Mary 19 VA, A H---? 14 (m), Bernard G. 11 VA, Maria L. 9 VA, B. J. 6 (m) VA, A H. 5 (m) VA, Phedorah 25 (f) VA, Chris E. Davies 20 VA, Emily L. Davies 18 VA (daughters of Albert B. Davies and Maria Emily Pryor. It's not yet proven how this Robbins line is related to the Pryors. A. H. Robbins may be an uncle or a cousin through their mother's line.)

Records from Goochland County, Virginia

Goochland County was founded in 1728, formed from land in Henrico County.

1729 John PRIOR appointed surveyor of the road from Lower Beaver Dam Bridge to Little Licking Hole Creek. 17 Feb 1729 (from Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744, published by the Virginia DOT)

1729 Surveyor of the Roads. On the motion of Ebenezer Adams on behalf of himself and others it is ordered that a road be cleared from Beaver dam Bridge near John Prior's to pass by John Wright's Plantation cross Wild Boar swamp near Elk lick by William Owen's Plantation cross the North Branch of the Bird to Elk ford on the Bird to end at Martin King's. John Prior is appointed Surveyor of the said road from Beaver dam Bridge to John Rights; John Laine from John Rights to Great Licking hole, Martin Dunken from Great Licking hole to the South branch of the Bird, John Bostick from the South branch of the Bird to Elk ford, Martin King from Elk ford to the River. [17 March 1729, O.S. p. 221] (from Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744, published by the Virginia DOT)

Abt 1730 Marriage - Sarah Woodall (b. 1717) md Unknown PRYOR

1735-1737 Court Order
- In the action of trespass between David Walker, plaintiff, and John Woodson, defendant, the following jury is sworn; Robert Hughes, John Laine (Layne), John McBrid, Charles Lynch, Thomas Walker, John PRIOR, Peter Davis, Richard Crouch, Joseph Dabbs, Wm. Harris, Wm Arrington, John Spears, who return with their verdict. When the plantiff is called, he answers to his name, upon which the defendant moves his appearance may be recorded, on which motion the divided. John Fleming, Daniel Stoner, and Thomas Dickins are of the opinion his answering is an appearance, and William Mayo, Isham Randolph, and Thomas Turpin that it is not. The suit is continued for another Justice to give his opinion. (Possibly John Pryor who married Mary New. Their daughter Rebecca married Robert Woodson in about 1730)

1735 Vestry Record - page 286: [I find date between p. 284 and this p. 286. Therefore, I assume a date of 11 Feb 1735/6.] Orderd into one precinct for processioning, the Lands
of Christopher Cawthon, George Alves, John Spradling, Nicho Gentry (Nicholas Gentry), Samuel PRYOR, Wm Cawthon, Jas. Philips (James Philips) & Wm HARRIS, and that Samuel PRYOR & Christopher Cawthon, See the said processioning performed &c Who made the following return, The Within Order Complyed with in the presence of David Alves Lawrence Forjuson (Lawrence Ferguson?), John Rofs (John Ross?), John PRYOR, & James McLoughland by us Samuel PRYOR, Chris;r Cawthon (Christopher Cawthorne?)

15 June 1736 William Mills of St. James Parish, Goochland, sold James Walker 300 acres on branches of Licking Hole Creek for L15.5 part of a greater tract Mills took up by patent 11 April 1732 bounded by Samuel Coleman, Chiles corner, Scott's line, Kerby's line & Henry Chiles. Mary released dower. Wit: John Pryor, Henry Chiles, Peter Patrick, Goochland Deeds & Wills Book 2 page 231  (Possibly John Pryor who married Mary New. John Pryor was the grandfather of Samuel Coleman's wife Anne Wright Coleman)

1736 Court Order - June 1736, Action of Debt between Richard Dean Plaintiff and Jonas Lawson Defendant the following Jury are Sworn, Henry Chiles, Thomas Christian, David Walker, John PRIOR, James Robinson, Charles Lynch, Thomas Bailey, John Laine, John Cox, Stephen Cox, John Biby and John Twitty who after sometime bringing their verdict which on the Plaintiff motion is admitted to Record and is as followeth. We find for the Plaintiff nine pounds, twelve shilling and six pence current money, Thomas Christian foreman (Goochland County, Virginia Order Book 4, Page 71, September Court 1736.)

1739 Vestry Record - page 294 (227)11th Septembr 1739 Vestry. Ordered into one precinct for processioning the lands of Christopher Cawthon, George Alvis, John Spraddling, Nicho. Gentry (Nicholas Gentry), Samuel PRYOR, Wm. Cawthon, James Philips, William Harris.

1739 Charles Spurlock is Appointed Surveyor of the road in the room of John PRIOR. 17 Jul 1739 (from Goochland County Road Orders 1728-1744, published by the Virginia DOT)

1740 Indenture - On 17 Sep 1740, the purchase of a tract of land by William New from Thomas Thornell. The land was on the North Side of the James River, 150 acres that had belonged to Edmund New, deceased, bordered by Thomas Bailey, Ebenezer Adams, Robert Rogers, David Patterson, Major Lewis. Signed by William and Pricsilla New. Witnessed by James Christian, Robert Christian, and John PRIOR. (John Pryor, husband of Mary New? Genealogies of Virginia Families, from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol V,: indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak - Goochland County, VA, Deed Book 3, pg. 367)

1743 Vestry Record - page 304 (235) At a Vestry held for St. Pauls Parish 9ber 18th 1743. Ordered into one precinct for processioning the Lands of Christopher Cawthon, George Alvis, John Spraddling, Nicho. Gentry (Nicholas Gentry), Samuel PRYOR, Wm. Cawthon, James Philips, William Haris and that Samuel Pryor and Christopher Cawthon, see the said processioning perform'd who made the following report…..In Obedience to the within Order, we have procession'd all the Lands with the owners present, in our precinct. Only James Crenshaw's, who refus'd to Appear, and then did not go on his line. Saml Pryor & Chris'r Cawthon.

1747 Marriage - John Smith married Elizabeth Hopkins on 27 Jan 1747. H. Wood surety. Sally PRIOR witness. (This may be Sarah Wood who married William Pryor.)

1748 - Will of a Samuel Coleman was witnessed by John PRYOR, John Right (Wright?), and Robert L. Woodson. (Robert Woodson and John Wright were John Pryor and wife Mary New's son in laws)

1750 Will - Proved 19 Sept 1750, Robert Woodson died, husband of Rebecca PRYOR. Names children John, James, Benjamin, Robert, Eliza, Mary, and Sarah. (Rebecca, daughter of John Pryor and Mary New)

1753 Marriage - Alexander Trent to Elizabeth Woodson, consent from Charles Bates, Stephen Woodson, deceased. Security: John Woodson. Witness: Will PRYOR, H. Wood, Matthew Woodson, Samuel Branch. 1 Jan 1753. (possibly William Pryor who was married to Sarah Wood, and Henry Wood.)

1753 - Bond of William PRYOR sheriff of Goochland County.(Son of Samuel Pryor)

1753 Military- William PRYOR recorded as Capt.of Foot in colonial militia (20 Mar 1753) Virginia's Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

1755 Will - Proved 19 Aug 1755, will of John PRYOR, daughters Ann Wright, Rebecca Woodson, grandson John Woodson, witnesses Thomas Bailey and Ann Bailey (This John Pryor is a contemporary of Col. Samuel Pryor, but not his brother as most researchers agree that John Henry Pryor who married Margaret Gaines was Samuel's brother).

1756 Chancery Court Case
- Filed June 1756. John Wright and wife Anne, daughter of John Pryor deceased.vs. John Woodson, son of Rebecca Woodson, daughter of John Pryor. Suit states John Pryor came into 200 acres of land in about 1727 in Henrico County, which is now part of Goochland county, and the land is where the Wrights were living in 1756. The Wrights alledge that John Pryor gave them land only to have the Woodsons convince him in his last sickness during 1755 to deprive them of the land in his will. The case was dismissed in 1758 by agreement. Signed by Valentine Wood, clerk of the court.

1756 Marriage - John Ware and Ann Harrison, daughter of Andrew Harrison. Surety William PRYOR. Witness Nicholas Ware, Bendall Straugham. John is the son of James Ware.

1757 Birth - Elizabeth PRYOR born to Capt. William PRYOR and Sarah Wood on 10 Feb 1757. Baptised 11 Apr 1757. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1757 Marriage - David Layne (Lane) married Elizabeth PRYOR on 30 Mar 1757. Indicated from birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1758 - William Pryor reimbursed by King George II for provisions to the Indians. As was John Payne, and Charles Lewis.Sept. 1758 (See

1758 Church Warden - Capt. William PRYOR the church warden at St. James Northam Parish.

1759 Birth - John PRYOR born 21 Feb 1759 to Capt. Will PRYOR and Sarah Wood. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1760 Marriage - Marriage bond Samuel PRYOR, of Amelia County and Frances Meriwether, widow of Nicholas Meriwether. Marriage registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1761 Birth - Patty PRYOR born 8 June 1761 to Will PRYOR and Sarah Wood. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1762 Birth - Samuel PRYOR born 12 Jan 1762 to Samuel PRYOR and Frances Morton. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1763 Birth - Richard PRYOR born to Mary Mooney and Richard PRYOR 11 Dec 1763. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1762-1764 Military - Samuel PRYOR recorded as Capt. in colonial militia. Virginia's Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

1763 Military- William PRYOR recorded as Major in colonial militia (18 Oct 1763) Virginia's Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

1764 Birth - Ann PRYOR born to Major William PRYOR and Sarah Wood on 5 June 1764. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1764 Birth - Mary PRYOR born to Major Will PRYOR and Sarah Wood on 4 Feb. 1764. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1765 Birth - Matthew PRYOR born 16 Feb 1765 to PRYOR and Martha Wood. Baptised 20 Feb. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1766 - Inventory of Samuel PRYOR estate. (Goochland and Dinwiddie Counties). Book 10, page 392 (This is the possibly the Samuel Pryor who was married to Frances. See 1772 Chancery Court Case that mentions property in Dinwiddie County)

1766 Birth - Ann PRYOR born to Major William PRYOR and Sarah Wood on 5 June 1766. Baptized on 18 Jul 1768. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1768 Chancery Court Case -
When the suit was filed in 1768 it was during the reign of George III and William Pryor was alive. By 1779 the suit involved the following parites and William was deceased.
Reuben Meriwether , George Meriwether, Nicholas Meriwether, and Shadrack Vaughn and Mary his wife, Reuben and Nicholas infants whose guardian was George Meriwether
VS. Samuel Pryor executor and administrator of the estate of William Pryor deceased who was the administrator of Samuel Pryor deceased, John Bolling, and George Payne. George Payne the younger and John Shelton were added by agreement of all parties in 1779.
Paperwork missing to explain basis of the suit.
(Shadrach Vaughn married to Mary Meriwether. William Pryor married to Sarah, Samuel married to Frances Morton Meriwether.)

1768 Birth - Valentine Wood PRYOR born 18 Jan 1768 to William PRYOR and Sarah Wood. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1769 Birth - Luke PRYOR born 25 Jun 1769 to William PRYOR and Sarah Wood. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1770 Deed- Frances PRYOR to son George Meriwether, son by husband Nicholas Meriweather.

1770 Military- William PRYOR recorded as Colonel in colonial militia (19 Mar 1770) Virginia's Colonial Soldiers By Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck

1773 Marriage - 1 Mar 1773, John K Read to Frances Payne, widow of Jesse Payne. Sec. William PRYOR. Wit. Valentine Wood.

1773 Marriage - Matthew Payne married Sally PRYOR on 4 May 1773. Marriage registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1775 Marriage - 5 Jan 1775 Thomas Baily Eddes to Elizabeth Rutherford, daughter of William Rutherford. Sec. William Rutherford. Wit. Samuel PRYOR.

1776 Marriage - WILLIAM PRYOR JR married Elizabeth Hughes on 16 May 1776 in Cumberland Co, recorded in register of St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County. (Son of Col. William Pryor and Sarah Wood. Father of Judith Neville Pryor, who lived in McNairy Co., TN, Polly Wormely Pryor, Martha Pryor who married Robert Meriweher, William Pryor who was in Goochland Co. in 1850, John Hughes Pryor who was in TN by at least 1830, and son Samuel Pryor)

1777 Will- Will of William PRYOR: son Samuel, wife Sarah, sons William and John, daughters Sally Payne (Sarah?), Patty (Martha?), Mary.

1777 Funeral - Funeral sermon given for Col. PRYOR on 9 June 1777. Funeral recorded at St. James Northam Parish.

1777 Chancery Court Case filed in Goochland County-
Frances Pryor "widow and relict of Samuel Pryor deceased"
William Pryor
Part of her husband's estate was land in Goochland County and 484 acres in Dinwiddie County.
Samuel died intestate around 1760-something.
Samuel left an infant under the age of 21 and Frances his widow.
William Pryor took it upon himself to become the administrator of Samuel dec'd estate.
Frances asserted that by her husband's death that she was entitled to her dower, and his property.
Before proceedings could be concluded between the widow and the estate, William Pryor died in May 1777. William's estate appointed Samuel Pryor (different than the dec'd) as the execturor of Wm's estate. Samuel's answer to the complaint on 18 Oct 1779 identifies Samuel dec'd as the uncle of the younger Samuel (Widow was Frances Morton, first married to Nicholas Meriwether, and later to Samuel Pryor).

1779 Marriage - William Jordan married Martha PRYOR on 16 Mar 1779. Marriage recorded at St. James Northam Parish.

1779 Chancery Court Case - Payne vs Payne. George Payne the younger, his brother William Payne married Sally Pryor, daughter of William Pryor of Goochland County, deceased. The Payne's father allowed the couple to live on his plantation. Sarah left the plantation with her husbands effects and slaves. The case went to trail in 1798 (see below) (Sally Pryor daughter of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes)

1782 Birth - Martha PRYOR born 31 Mar 1782 to Will PRYOR and Eliz. Hughes. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1784 Birth - William PRYOR born 21 Jan 1784 to Will Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Birth registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1784 Marriage
- Will Smith of Louisa County married Sarah PAYNE (PRYOR) of Goochland on 28 July 1784. Marriage registered at St. James Northam Parish.

1789 Personal Tax Record - recorded 28 Mar 1789, General Samuel PRYOR (is this "general" or is it the abbr for gentleman?)

1792 Chancery Court Case - Samuel PRYOR Sr vs Henry Wood and Lucy Wood. Only partial records remain in this file so the basis of the suit and other named parties are unknown.

1792 - Deed Book 16, on 23 Dec 1792 
Thomas Poor and Susanna his wife to William Miller. 11£. parcel on Lickinghole Crk, 20 acres. Part of tract allotted to Thomas Poor upon a division of the estate of Zachariah Haden dec'd among his legatees in consequence of his the said Thomas Poor having intermarried with the said Susanna daughter to the said Zachariah, which will more fully appear reference to the said Division now of record in the county Court of Goochland in a suit Robert Haden, plaintiff and Elizabeth Haden & others defendants. Benj Crenshaws line, fence of said Crenshaw, bank of Lickinghole Crk, with Shadrach Vaughans line, said William Miller's line. Signed: Thomas Poor, Susanna (x) Poor. Wit: S. Pryor, John Vaughan, J. Payne.
To Justices of the Peace John Curd, Joseph Payne, Samuel Pryor. Susanna cannot conveniently travel. Command you to personally go to said Susanna and receive her acknowledgement. 23 Dec 1793
J. Payne & S. Pryor. Did go that same day. She relinquished her right of dower.
Recorded 20 Jan 1794
(Samuel is son of William Pryor and Sarah, Shadrach Vaughn was married to Mary Meriwether, daughter of Frances Morton and Nicholas Meriwether.)

1794 Will
- 16 Jan 1794, Thos. Massie, John Richards, John GILLIAM, Thos. Farmer & Sam'l Pryor to appraise the est. of Wm. Martin, dec'd.

1797 Chancery Court Case
William Smith and wife Sally (note this is Sarah/Sally Pryor who married Matthew Payne)
Re the distribution of estate of Sally Pryor dec'd mother of Sally Pryor Payne Smith. William Pryor, husband of Sally (note this is Sarah Wood Pryor) died intestate on 7 Aug 1771. Other heirs named William Morton and wife Martha, Nelson Harris and wife Molly, and Samuel Pryor Defendant.

1797 Chancery Court Case filed in Goochland County - Samuel Pryor vs Stephen Southall. Others named in records Archer Payne, Moses Myers, Edward Bolling, John Hylton, William Bradshaw, William Grinstead, Humphrey Parrish, Micajah Parrish, Sherrard Parrish, Refers to Capt. Samuel Prior.

1797 Deposition -
Chancery Court Case of Zachariah Alvis vs. John Clarke. Samuel Pryor gave his deposition on 22 Aug 1797.

23 Aug 1798 Trial in Goochland Chancery Court -
Trial of case filed against Samuel Pryor, son of William Pryor and Sarah by Shadrach Vaughn in 1787. Jury selected John Gray, John Hylton, George Carey, Edward Bolling, Thomas Bernard, Benjamin Shepherd, Samuel Woodward, Stephen Murrell, William Johnson, William Woodson, Henry Turner, and William Powell Jr. The jury found for the defendant and the plaintiff made a motion for a new trial which the court over ruled.

Marriage 17 Feb 1800
- Jonathan S. Payne and Sarah Pryor dau of William Pryor . Surety Francis Underwood. (Sarah daughter of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Sarah Pryor Payne was the mother of George A Payne.)

Marriage 21 Dec 1801,
Booth Woodson and Nancy Pryor, dau of William Pryor. Surety Benj. Bradshaw. Married 23 Dec by Rev Charles Hopkins. (Nancy Pryor daughter of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Nancy Pryor Woodson mother of Eliza Woodson.)

Marriage 1 Apr 1802, John Pryor
and Sallie Smith, daughter of Robert Smith, John Woodson was surety (John Hughes Pryor was in Rutherford Co., TN by 1830)

1802 -
Goochland County Court to JM. 21 June 1802, recommend John Curd, Joseph Payne, and Samuel PRYOR as candidates for appointment as sheriff [A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of James Monroe, Volume 1 By Daniel Preston] (Samuel Pryor, the son of Dr. Samuel Pryor and Frances Morton, married Mary "Polly" Curd-- researchers place Samuel on the 1800 Tax list in Henry Co., KY --- did he travel back to Goochland County?)

1805 Cancery Court Case - Samuel Pryor
etc vs George Drummond etc. Also named John Drummond, Francis Underwood

Marriage 6 June 1808
Fountaine Duke and Judith N Pryor daughter of William Pryor, surety Robert Meriwether (Judith N Pryor daugher of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes. Judith is on the 1850 Census McNairy County, TN)

1810 Census Goochland Co., VA

Page 710
William PRYOR 00201 - 001 (Samuel Pryor>Wm Pryor>William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes>William Pryor)
John PRYOR 00010 - 4001(Samuel Pryor>Wm Pryor>William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes>John Hughes Pryor)
Samuel PRYOR 10001 - 23001 (Samuel Pryor>Wm Pryor>William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes>Samuel Thornton Pryor md Lucy G. 1825 Chancery Court case names Samuel Thornton Pryor and his wife Lucy G. )

1820 Census Goochland Co., VA
page 92, Booth Woodson 000001 - 000001 (Booth Woodson married Nancy Pryor 1801 in Greenbrier Co., VA)
page 93, Booth Woodson 000001 - 0
page ?
Sarah PRYOR 010000 - 01201 (oldest woman 45 yrs or older - born bef. 1775)
William PRYOR 020011 - 10010 (oldest man 45 yrs or older - born bef. 1775)
(Probably William, father of Samuel and John)
Samuel PRYOR 100010 - 10100 (oldest man 26 to 45 yrs - born 1775-1794)
(Samuel Thornton Pryor brother of John Hughes Pryor)
John PRYOR 000010 - 33010 (oldest man 26 to 45 yrs - born 1775-1794)
(John Hughes Pryor. He is on the 1830 Census in Rutherford Co., TN)
page 15, William O Payne 00010000101

1830 Census Goochland Co., VA
page 149, Booth Woodson 000000001 - 0000000001 (husband of Nancy Pryor)
page 160, Sarah PRYOR 00001 - 00001101
page 160, Samuel C. PRYOR 100001 - 02001 (30 to 39 yrs - born 1791-1800)
page 160, William PRYOR 0000102 - 0010001
page 161, William O Payne 000001 - no females

1835 Chancery Court Case – Heirs against the estate of Samuel Pryor. Richard Clarke and wife Peggy Pryor, Fanny Pryor, Rebecca who married William A Underwood, S. Thornton Pryor, Martha W married to John M Drumright, Nancy who married Degrasse Drumright, William P Pryor, William Stout and Michael Anderson who have deeds of trust. Samuel died intestate.

1837 Chancery Court Case Heirs of Samuel Pryor vs Heirs of Samuel Pryor. Degrasse Drumwright and his wife formerly Nancy Pryor, John M Drumwright and Martha his wife formerly Martha W Pryor, Rebecca Underwood widow of W A Underwood formerly Rebecca Pryor and Fanny Pryor. Samuel Pryor was the father of the female complainants. At the time of his death he owned land in Goochland Co which adjoined John Michie, William Pryor. Peggy Pryor (died after her father) who married Richard Clarke, deceased and Samuel T Pryor  his children and only heirs at law. Peggy was the mother of Eliza Clarke, who married Jesse Tally, and Sally W Clarke. Samuel T Pryor's widow was Sally Pryor.

1840 Census Goochland Co., VA

page 394
F. PRYOR no males - 100001
Samuel T. PRYOR 0100001 - 10101 (40-49 years - born 1791-1800. Husband of Lucy Hunter)
John W. Pryor

1850 Census Goochland Co., VA
Page 113A, house 175 John M. Drumwright 38 farmer VA, Martha W. (PRYOR) 38 VA, Sarah J. 15 VA, Valentine P. 12 VA, John M. 8 VA, Otho Nealy 15 VA (mulatto). (John M. Drumwright married Martha W. Pryor 25 Nov. 1834 in Greenbrier Co., VA. Martha W. Pryor is the daughter of Samuel Thornton Pryor and wife Sally Drumright, deceased by 1834)
Page 140a, House 60
2 Digrasse Drumwright 39, farmer VA, James 14 VA, Mildred 50 VA (Digrasse is the widow of Nancy Pryor, daughter of Samuel Thornton Pryor and wife Sally, deceased by 1834)
Page 142b, House 640
, Joseph H. PRIOR 33, farmer VA, Emily 30 VA, William H. 3 VA, Willie H. (female) 1 VA, Woodson Parrish 40 farm hand VA. (Joseph H Pryor married Emily Dickerson 15 Dec. 1845 in Greenbrier Co., VA. He is mentioned on a Chancery Court case filed in Goochland, his parents are Samuel T. Pryor and Lucy G. Hunter. Emily died 3 Oct 1853, her father was William M. Dickerson)
Page 142b, House 643, Bennet? Clarke 69 VA, Frances 66 VA, Adelia 32 VA, Mildred F. 27 VA, Benjamin F. 22 manager of farm VA, Nancy Phillips 69 VA. (Not researched, but Adelia Clarke b. 1818 appears to be the second wife of Joseph H. Pryor -- see house 640)
Page 142b, House 644 William PRIOR 65 VA, Samuel T. 46 manager of farm VA, Martha A. Merriwether 67 VA. (William Pryor & Elizabeth Hughes>William, Martha & Samuel Pryor. Martha Pryor, William's sister, married Robert Merriweather on 19 Aug. 1805 in Greenbrier Co, VA.)
Page 142b, House 645 Samuel PRIOR 59 VA, Lucy 51 VA, William 20 VA, Mary E. 14 VA (William Pryor & Elizabeth Hughes>Samuel Thornton Pryor b. 1791 and wife Lucy Hunter. This is not the Samuel Thornton Pryor who married Sally Drumright, he was deceased by 1835)
Page 143b, House 661 Eliza Haden 46 VA, John 25 VA manager of farm, Nancy 23 VA, James 13 VA, Eliza 11 VA, Polly 9 VA, Patsy 6 VA, Samuel 3 VA (William Pryor and Sarah Wood > William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes > Nancy Pryor and Mr. Woodson > Eliza Woodson Haden)
Page 149a, House 749 John W. Payne 65 VA, Mary C. 55, Jane C. 34, Mary T. 31, Caroline B. 23 (Is Jane C the Jane C. Pryor who married George Fisher?)

1854 Chancery Court Case -
Samuel T. Pryor and Lucy G. his wife. His father William Pryor, deceased
Joseph H Pryor
James H Haden and Emily Haden his wife, who was Emily Pryor
William O. Payne and Ellen Payne his wife, who was Ellen Pryor
William A Pryor
Elizabeth Pryor under the age of 21
Thomas C Turner
(Samuel T. Pryor son of William Pryor and Elizabeth Hughes, his sister Mary W. married R. C. Turner. The basis of the court action was to have Thomas C. Turner removed as trustee of a deed filed in 1825 and substitute in Joseph H Pryor, possibly because Joseph was younger)

1856 Chancery Court Case - Samuel T. Pryor
vs Administrator of William Pryor Estate. Names John Hughes Pryor, his brother William Pryor, sisters Martha A Meriwether, Judith N Duke, Mary W Turner, Nancy Woodson and her daughter Eliza Woodson Haden, and Sally Payne mother of George A Payne. Additionally the children and spouses of John Hughes Pryor: AC Sublett, Isaac H Rainey, AW Batt, EA Sangredge (or Sandridge?), William Hargrove. (R. J. Sandidge witnessed document in Louisa Co. suit of George Meriweather heirs (stepson of Samuel Pryor) vs. William Smith (husband of Sally Pryor)

1860 Census Goochland Co., VA

Caladonia PO, page 905 house William A. Pryor 30 merchant VA, Elizabeth T. 32 VA, Charles F 8, John W. 5, James H. 3, Samuel T. 2, Mary L. 2/12, Margaret Tibbs 20 VA. (Willaim A. Pryor, son of Samuel Thornton Pryor and Lucy G. Hunter)
Caladonia PO, page 909a, house 485 Tarlton Payne 75 VA, James W Payne 30, Margaret (PRYOR) 30, James Moore Payne 6, Julia 5, Ivanna V 3, Andrew J 9/12 (Margaret died in 1893, death record states her parents were J. Pryor and M. Pryor.)
Shannon Hill PO, page 956, house 847 Samuel R. Mills 31 physician, Mary E 31 VA, Martha M 5, Rosalie W. 4, Samuel J. 1 VA, Edward Thurston 25 managing farm VA. (Heirs of William A Pryor)
Greenspring PO, page 874, house 226 John M. Drumwright 48 farmer VA, Martha W. (PRYOR) 50 VA, Sarah J. 23 VA, Valentine P. 22 laborer Va, John M. 18 VA, Samuel J. PRYOR 52 laborer VA. (John M. Drumwright md. Martha W. Pryor on Nov. 25, 1834 in Goochland Co., VA)
Hadenville PO, page 892, house 359 Joseph H. PRYOR 43 VA, Adelia C. 42 VA, Henry 13 VA, Willie H. (female) 11 VA, Joseph H. 8 VA, Valentine 6 VA, Emma J. 4 Va.
Hadenville PO, page 892, house 360
Samuel T. PRYOR 68 farmer VA, Lucy J. 50 VA.
Hadenville PO, page 892, house 361 Eliza A Haden 56 farmer VA, James M 23 speculator VA, Eliza A 21 VA, Pattie W 17, Wilson Parrish 28 manager of farm VA (Eliza Woodson Haden, daughter of Booth Woodson and Nancy Pryor)
Hadenville PO. page 901, house 426
George W Fisher 50 gold miner VA, Jane (PRYOR) 40 VA, Clara 7, Ada V 5, Tina 2 (George Fisher was single man on the 1850 Census in Goochland County, occupation miner)
Shannon Hill, page 956, house 851
William O. Payne Jr. 39 tenant VA, Ellen C. (PRYOR) 37 VA. Jno. H. (John) 16 VA, James W. 14 VA, Monella? 8 VA., Lizzie 2 VA. (William O. Payne Jr. md. Ellen C. Pryor on Apr. 13, 1841 in Goochland Co., VA)

1870 Census Goochland Co., VA
Lock Lomond PO, page 95a, house 102/112 Joseph H. PRYOR 53 farmer VA, Adelia 52 VA, Emma S. 13 VA, Valentine 17 (male) VA.
Byrd Twp, page 27a house 399/463 Judith R. Hudson 50 keeping house (no birth places), George F. 16, house 399/464 Charles F. PRYOR 16 farmer, Mary A 19 housekeeping.
Byrd Twp, page 27b, house 404/469 Elizabeth PRYOR 39 keeping house, VA. Charles F. 17 laborer VA, John H 15 VA, James H 13 VA, Samuel T. 12 VA, Mary S. 9 at home VA.
Byrd Twp, page 39, house 560 George W Fisher 61 miller VA, Jane C (PRYOR) 54 VA, Clara 17 VA, Adie 15 VA, Emma 12 VA
Shannon Hill page 27a, house 399 Judith R Hudson 50 VA, George F. 16 farmer VA, Charles F. PRYOR 18 VA, Mary A 19 VA (married in Oct) (Death record of Mary A Pryor b. 1800 died 1870 at home of Judith Hudson, Mary A's father was Christopher Hudson-- the dates may be incorrect because the 1850 Census shows Christopher was Judith's husband )
Shannon Hill page 27a, house 401 James W. Payne 40 farmer VA, Margaret (PRYOR) 40 VA, James M 15, Julia C 14, Johanna S 12, Andrew J 10, Mary F 3, Mason F 1

1880 Census Goochland Co., VA
Byrd Magesterial Dist., page 237a, house 5, Joseph H. PRYOR 63 farmer VA VA VA, Adelia wife 62 VA VA VA, William 32 son VA VA VA, Joseph H. 30 son VA VA VA, Emma Snow 23 daughter VA VA VA, Lucy J. 80 "consumption" VA VA VA. Benjamin F. Clarke 55 works on farm VA VA VA, Jackson Glover (black) 21 works on farm VA VA VA, Mahala Glover wife, servant, 21 VA VA VA, John A. Glover son 3 VA VA VA. (Lucy J is likely the mother of Joseph H Pryor, widow of Samuel Thornton Pryor)
Byrd Magesterial Dist., page 247a, house 165 George W Fisher 70 miner VA VA VA, Jane C. (PRYOR) wife 62 VA VA VA, Clara A dau 24 VA, Addie V. dau 22 VA, Ida 17 dau VA (death record of Jane C Fisher states her parents were Winston and Mary Pryor)
Bird Magesterial Dist., page 249a, house 206 James W Payne 50 farmer VA VA VA, Margaret B. (PRYOR) 50 wife VA VA VA, Andrew J 20 son VA, Mary F. 13 dau VA, Mason F. 11 son VA, Albert S 8 son VA,
Bird Magesterial Dist., page 249a, house 208 John W. PRYOR 26 farmer VA VA VA, Elizabeth E. wife 28 VA VA VA

1900 Census Goochland Co., VA
Byrd , ED#11, page 5a, house 75 Thornton PRYOR head 5/1858 divorced VA VA VA farmer, William E. son 9/1880 19 VA VA VA engineer saw mill, Augustus son 9/1881 18 VA farm laborer, Alfred F son 8/1883 16 VA farm laborer, Samuel R. son 1/1886 14 VA, Maggie E dau 1/1887 13 VA, Annie C dau 5/1889 11 VA, Ida J dau 6/1892 7 VA. (3 Dec 1901 report in The Times (Richmond) reports on trial of Mrs. Sue Dun who was charged with shooting S. Thornton Pryor who had been defaming her. It states that Pryor was confined to  his home due to his wounds for almost a month).



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