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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from Halifax Co., VA

1761 Land Sale - Thornton PRYOR, Benjamin Shelton, Leonard Shelton and Stith Bolling sold 100 acres in Halifax Co. (later Pittsylvania Co) to Crispin Shelton. (Thornton is probably the son of Col. Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton. He was born 1724)

1762 Deed - 16 June 1762. 45 Pds. Va. money for 276 A. in Granville Co. on branches of Grassy Creek, adj. JOHN PRYOR, CHARLES SMITH. Wit: WILLIAM PERSON, ROBT. PRYOR Ack: Halifax, 12 Sept. 1764, MONTFORD EILBECK, A.J. (There's a Mountford S. Pryor IL and later IA, born 1798 in Halifax, VA, enlisted in the military in Louisville and later was in Dubuque, IA. Charles Smith married Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of John Henry Pryor and Margaret Gaines.)

1773 Land Sale - Haden PRYOR purchased land on Aaron's Creek.

1798 Marriage in Halifax County - Nathan Seat married Sarah W PRYOR on Dec 29 1798 (This couple is on the 1820 Census in Halifax County)

1798 Birth - Montfort S Pryor born in Halifax Co., VA (per his military enlistment in Louisville, KY in 1818)

1802 Marriage - Henrietta Pryor married Joseph Waltrip Dec 22, 1802 (They were possibly from Amelia Co., VA and migrated to Christian Co. and Daviess Co., KY)

1820 Census Halifax Co., VA
Nathan Seat 32010100001014 (Nathan Seat was married to Sarah Pryor or Puryear. On previous page is Wharton Puryear)

1837 Revolutionary War Pension Application - 26 Jan 1837 in Halifax County, Absolom Bostick. He states he marched to St. Petersburg and later served additional time in the Frontier of VA. (Absolum Bostick was married to Bethunia Perkins, daughter of Nicholas Perkins and Berthenia Harden. Perkins' other daughter, Susannah, married Green Pryor. Green Pryor's great nephew was named Absolom Bostick Pryor. Other pension applications state they served with Absolom Bostick in North Carolina. This may be the same Absolom Bostick who was on the 1820 Census in Stokes Co., NC)

1850 Census Halifax Co., VA
West Dist., Page 345b, house 83 living in the household of Joseph H. Young blacksmith... William H. PRYOR 22 VA

Records from Hampton City, VA

1803 William and Mary College - On a board, B. Williams Pryor.
(Catalogue of William and Mary College, in the state of Virginia. 1855. This was Brazure Williams Pryor)

War of 1812 - "... Hampton under heavy fire from the American artillery in the camp ... Captain Brazure W. Pryor's gunners continued firing at the gunboats and advancing British" (The Battle for Baltimore, 1814, by Joseph W. A. Whitehorne)

1826 Letter - 11 Jan 1826 letter from Brigadier General Brazure W. Pryor, states he had resigned his commission with the Virginia milita and accepted an office in the General Government. (Journal of the Senate of Virginia By Virginia. General Assembly. Senate)

1827 Death - Death of Brazure W. PRYOR reported, Washington Daily Intelligencer, April 21, 1827 reported his death occuring on the 17th. The book "Genealogical Abstracts from 18th-Century Virginia Newspapers" by Robert Kirk Headley states Samuel PRYOR was executor of Brazure Pryor's estate.

1827 Court Case - Christopher J. D. PRYOR states that Brazure W. PRYOR qualified as his guardian "and thereafter received, into his possession your Orator's Estate, consisting of valuable negroes, and reduced to his possession the profits thereof to a considerable amount, and moreover sold all of your Orator's negroes for One Thousand Dollars [and he] died without having rendered any account of his said Guardianship." Pryor has applied to John A. Deneufville, the administrator of Brazure Pryor's estate, for the return of his property. Deneufville "has declined doing so, alledging that he has no materials from which he can form an account." Pryor prays that Deneufville be made party to this suit and "that thereupon an account may be taken of the sd Guardianship and of the Deft's transactions on his intestate, and that your Orator may have a decree for the balance due to him." (see Christopher J. D. Pryor in Elizabeth City) http://library.uncg.edu/slavery/index.aspx

Records from Hanover Co., VA

1717 Will - Samuel PRYOR and Samuel Henderson witnessed the will of Cornelius Dabney

1731 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish (New Kent and Hanover Counties): In one precinct:  William Harris; George Alvis; Christopher Cawthon; John Spradling; Nicholas Gentry; Samuel PRYOR; James Phillips; James Cawthon

1732 Vestry Entry - Sam Gentry ordered to have the Tithetables of Sam PRYOR, Nich Gentry, James McLaughlin, Wm McGillary, George Lovell, John Lovell, and William Cawthon, to assist him in clearing the road where he is the surveyor. (See Richmond City Records - Edward Pryor appraised land for John Lovell)

1734 Deed (No Number) in Hanover Co., pp. 202-203- Saml. Henderson, Samuel Pryor, and J. Bowie were witnesses to an indenture, Hanover Co., of Issac Winston, Junr. to Nathaniel Winston. On 6 Mar 1734.

1735 Deed Hanover Co., VA: William Harris of Hanover deeded 224 acres to John PRYOR of King and Queen County. Wits. Samuel Pryor, Benjamin Pryor, Stephen Harris

1736 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish (New Kent and Hanover Counties)  William Harris processioned with George Alvis; Chris and William Cawthon; Samuel PRYOR; John Spradling; the processioning taking place in the presence of David Alvis; Lawrence Ferguson; John Ross; John Pryor and James McLaughlin.

1739 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish (New Kent and Hanover Counties) - 11 Sept 1739 Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6: The lands of Christopher Cawthon, George Alvis, John Spraddling, Nich'o Gentry, Samuel Pryor, Wm. Cawthon, James Philips, William Harris.... done in the presence of David Alvis, Lawrence Ferguson, John Ross, John PRYOR, and James McLaughlin.

1743 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish - 18 Nov 1743 Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6: The Lands of Christoph'r Cawthon, George Alvis, John Spraddling, Nich'o Gentry, Sam'l Pryor, Wm. Cawthon, James Philips, William Harris ...]

1745 Deed from Hanover County: Robert Depriest patents 353 acres in Hanover below Stone Horse Creek near Laurence Ferguson; George Alvis; Gentry's Corner; and George PRYOR

1755 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish- 17 Nov 1755 Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6: The Lands of James Cawthon, James Crenshaw, John Spraddling, Nicholas Gentry, Samuel Pryor, William Berry's Orphans, William Cawthon, James Philips and William Harris ...]

1759 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish- 19 Nov 1759 Entry Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6: The Lands of James Cawthon, James Crenshaw, John Spraddling, Nicholas Gentry, Samuel Pryor, William Berry's Orphans, William Cawthon, James Whilips, and William Harris ...]

1763 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish - 30 Nov 1763 Vestry meeting.
Ordered into One precinct for procefsioning the lands of Nicholas Meriwether,
Bradly Cock, George Hudson, Cornelius DABNEY deceased John Wingfield deceasd
William Joyner, John HARRIS, Thomas Tinsley Junr and Hardin Burnley and that
William Cock and John Stark see the said procefsioning performed and return
their proceedings according to Law

1763 Vestry Entry St. Paul's Parish- 30 Nov 1763 Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6]: "The Lands of James Cawthon, James Crenshaw, John Spraddling, Nicholas Gentry, Samuel Pryor, Wm. Berry's Orphans, William Cawthon, James Philips, William Harris ...] (William Berry was married to Molly Pryor, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton. His known children were Nancy and Prudence Berry)

1767 Vestry Entry- 30 Sept 1767 Vestry meeting, lands divided for processioning. [Precinct 6: The Lands of James Cawthon, James Crenshaw, John Spraddling, Nicholas Gentry, Sam'l Pryor Dec'd, William Berry's Orphans, Wm. Cawthon, James Phillips, William Harris ...] (William Berry was married to Molly Pryor, daughter of Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton. His known children were Nancy and Prudence Berry)

The above vestry entries from C. G. Chamberlayne, editor, "The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Va, 1706-1786", The Library Board [of Virginia], Richmond, 1940, reprinted 1973

1784 Census - Hanover Co., Heads of Families
Capt. Owen Dabney Dist., List of Geo. Clough - John PRYOR 9 whites, no non-whites.
Counted near him Joseph Childress, William Childress Sr, William Childress Jr, John Childress, Charles Lacy, Daniel Hawes

1786 Deed Hanover Co. - John Crenshaw & Elizabeth, his wife, to John Harvie, of Richmond City, 2 tracts — 160 & 32 a. The 160 a. bought by James Crenshaw 22 Sept. 1748, from Philip Pryor, adj. Gentry, Christian, Thomson, Symes, on Stonehouse Creek &c. The other said 32 a. bought of James Cawthorn 2 June 1757 on Stone horse creek.

1825 in Loose Papers of Hanover Co. - William S Pryor guardian of Maria Heath, orphan of Ambrous Heath deceased... Maria Heath is now the wife of Nathaniel Acree.

1830 Census Hanover Co., VA
William S. PRYOR 1012001 - 020002 (William Smith Pryor, son of David Pryor and Susan Ballow, per The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (Editors: 1893-98, P.A. Bruce; 1899-1928, W.G. Stanard). 1836 will filed in Hanover Co. names his deceased wife as Joanna W., deceased son Horace, daughters Ellen and Susan, John, Thomas Henry, son William W. appointed executor, Benjamin P. married to B. F. King and Queen County, Virginia By Alfred Bagby -pub. 1908- states Anna Pollard married Dr. William S. Pryor)

1850 Census Hanover Co., VA
West Dist., page 345b, house 83 Jos. H Young 34 blacksmith... living in household William H. PRYOR 22 VA. (Possibly William Hamlin Pryor b. 25 Sept. 1827 in Dinwiddie Co., VA.)

1870 Census Hanover Co., VA
Upper Revenue Dist., Hewletts PO, Page 176b, house1280/1301 Charles Gardner 31 farmer (mu) VA, Betty (PRYOR) 22 (mu) VA, Prior (m) 2 (mu) VA, Sarah 6/12 (mu) VA (Freedman's Bank Records-African American bank records- Application of Americau Vespucius Pryor aged 26 on 9 Nov. 1870; Father Henry in Chesterfield Co., VA, mother Caroline who died in Louisa Co., VA; brothers Isaac and James in Hanover Co.; sister Elizabeth wife of Charles Gardner in Hanover Co., and Jordan deceased.)

Records from Harrison County, Virginia

1797 Land Grant - Joseph PRYOR grantee, 900 acres on Ten Mile Creek.

1797 Land Grant - Archibald Cole grantee, 300 acres adjointing Joseph PRYOR. On Ten Mile Creek

Records of Henrico County, Virginia

1688 - Mr. Thomas Cock, Senr., 1650 acs. Henrico Co., Verina Par., S. side of Chickahominy main Sw., adj. Mr. JNO. Woodson, 20 Oct 1688, p. 668. Trans. of 33 pers: Jno. Smith, Anne Collins, Avis Collins, Jno. Bess, Roger Norris, Edw. Richards, Tho. Charles, Humphrey Bradshaw, Mary Godfrey, Tho. Mitchell, Robt. Green, Humph. Smith, Lambert Tye, Martin Gardner, Danll. Jordan, Edwd. Richardson, Richd. Martin, Tho. Hill, Roger Dormer, Wm. Lambort, Roger Holden, Wm. Banks, Henry Henderson, Danll. Cock, Mary Clifford, Susanna Turner, Nicholas PRIOR, Robt. Cook, Wm. Soane, Job.___?, Tho. Liburne, Peter Brant; Maria a Negro. (Early Virginia Families Along the James River: Henrico County, Goochland ..., by By Louise Pledge Heath Foley, pub. 1974. On the south side of the Chickahominy River is Henrico County and Charles City, on the North is Hanover County and New Kent County. Several researchers have posted online that Nicholas Pryor was an indentured servant-- this may be the evidence of that conclusion.. However, there's an excellent analysis of this document in relation to Lambert Tye that draws the conclusion that these were older people who were transported in for land also know as "headrights". It suggests that Thomas Cock received land for transporting Lambert Tye into the Colonies-- yet Lambert had been in the Colonies earlier!)

1698 Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia, Vol. 1- Capt. Williaim Leigh, Philip Lightfoot, George Marable, Lewis Burwell, Benjamin Harrison, John Taylor, Miles Cary ordered to make an inquiry into the "beginning and cause of a suspicious fire." (A later Lewis Burwell was an heir and friend of Maj John Pryor of Richmond)

1722 Deed - William New, February Court 1722 Henrico County Va. Page 230. John PRYER, Thomas Bailey, and Joseph Aslin prove deed of Edmund New to William New.
(John Pryor married May New, daughter of Edmund New)

1722 Deed - February 1722 Henrico County. John PRYER, Thomas Baily and Joseph Ashlin prove deed of Edmund New to John Tuly. (John Pryor married Mary New, daughter of Edmund New)

1727 Deed - John PRIER 7 Thomas Christian, 400 Acres N.L. , Henrico Co. on N. side of James River; on Edmond New's line; 40 Shillings, October 13, 1727 Patent Book No. 13 Page 222 (This is probably the John Pryor mentioned in the 1756 Chancery case filed in Goochland County)

1730 Deed - Charles Chirstian of Charles City, 400 acres Goochland County adjoining Thomas Chirstian and John PRIER on Wild Boar Creek. 28 September 1730

1733 Deed - John Wright 300 acres in Goochland County on branch of Beaver Dam Creek adjoining line of Thomas Christian and John PRIER. Charles Christian's and Roger Powell's line.

1735? Undated entry, appears in vestry book after January 1735 entry.
John Whealer and John Royall processioned the Land of Thomas Conway and Nich's Prior, present; / (Nicholas Pryor)
Thomas Conway and Edward Prior and Charles Cannon, processioned the Land of Simon Ligon, present /
Thomas Conway, Edward Prior, and Charles Cannon. John Martin processioned Jacob Roberson, present; Charles Cannon, and Nich’s Prior. St. John’s Church
Charles Cannon and Nicholas Prior, processioned John Woodson's Land, present himself; processioned the land of Abraham Childers, present.
(About the Vestry Book:  The Vestry Book of one hundred and ninety-one manuscript leaves was accidently discovered in the Henrico County Court House by Peyton Rhodes Carrington in 1867. It had probably been stored in the courthouse for safe keeping during the Revolutionary War and had subsequently been forgotten. The transcriber, R. A. Brock, describes the manuscript as being "entirely legible" and missing only a few leaves "devoted to a registry of the births and deaths in the parish".  The first vestry record was made on October 28, 1730 at Curle's Church. The first precincts were defined and processioners appointed on September 27, 1731; however, if the processioning was indeed performed, the results were not recorded. Processioners continued to be appointed every four years until the end of the record in 1773; however, the results of processioning were very sketchy.  Unless there was a boundary dispute, the names of the land owners was seldom recorded. Sometimes, as in 1731, no results were recorded at all.)

1736 St. John's Church, Appointed Processioner - We, the subscribers, have processioned all the Land within our precinct. Only the lands of the Honourable William Randolph Esq and Mr. William Randolph Gent. in Goochland, their lines not being found. Col. Richard Randolph never came to go with us, and his is left undone. Robert Hardwick's, John North's, Thomas Fenton's, George Hardwick, present with the owners thereof: Thomas Ally, Thomas Jennett, John Shoemaker, present; Nicholas Pryor, Thomas Cosral (Cottrell?), each being one with the other; Jacob Robinson, Benjamin Cannon, Charles Cannon, present, George Freeman, John Griffin, Thomas Ally, present; part of Mr. William Randolph Gent in Goochland being done which part lies in the Island of Tuckahoe, those being part of several persons Land left undone.by reason of the Gent's lines as first mentioned not being done. Signed 3 May 1736: John Ellis, William Ellis, Abraham Childress.

1739 St. John's Church, Appointed Processioner - Thomas Ellis, Thomas Cottrell, Abraham Childers, Benjamin Cannon, Charles Ellis, Joseph Ellis, Richard Cottrell with Nicholas Pryor. Test. James Cocke, James Powell Cocke.(Nicholas' son David Pryor married a daughter of Abraham Childress/Childers. In 1736 Richard Cottrell was deeded land in Henrico Co. by Thomas Cottrell, the deed was witnessed by Abrahm Childress/Childers.) (Annals of Henrico Parish By Lewis William Burton, Robert Alonzo Brock. This is probably Abraham Childers Sr. Abraham Childers Jr is recorded living near Nicholas' great grandson John Pryor in Albemarle County.)

1741 Deed - John Shoemaker holds lands north of the James River (patent book 20, page 9). He holds 390 acres in Henrico County on falling grounds of Deep Run adjacent to Thomas Allen, Nickolas PRYOR and Thomas Conway (patent book 22, page 545). ("Cavaliers and Pioneers" page 9)

1745 Deed - Henry Woody of Hanover Co. purchased 170 Acres from Nicholas PRYOR on 21 Sept. 1745. Land at the head of Drinking Hole Branch of Tuckahoe Creek, originally part of John Martin's patent. Witnessed by: Benjamin Johnson, Sarah Johnson and William Street. (Capt. Charles Ellis, born on Tuckahoe in Henrico Co. See Amherst Co., VA)

1746 - "WILLIAM PRYOR/PRIOR was somehow an heir of WILLIAM LAFFOON (who died about 1744 in Henrico/Goochland Co., VA, and who received a 628 acre land grant in Henrico Co., Va in 1746 (after his death)" (Online query from a Pryor researcher)

1746 Estate Record - August Court 1746, "SUSANNAH PRIOR came into court and makes oath that NICHOLAS PRIOR, dec'd, died without any will so far as she knows or believes and on her motion, certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration in due form WILLIAM HARDING and JOHN UTLEY entering themselves security for the same. Ordered that WILLIAM FORD, GILES LETCHER, ROBERT WILLIS JR and RENE LAFORCE or any three...do appraise the estate of NICHOLAS PRIOR, dec'd and that his administratrix do return an inventory thereof to the next court." ( A researcher has posted online that there's a court record showing that a NICHOLAS PRIOR (who died 1746 in Goochland Co., VA) had a son WILLIAM PRIOR born in 1725 in New Kent Co., VA. There is a JOHN LAFFOON who was listed on the 1704 New Kent Co., VA Rent Rolls which we have been trying to tie into WILLIAM LAFFOON of Henrico. The people involved in Nicholas Prior's estate administration were similar to those involved with William Laffoon's estate administration. )

1747 Deed - George CARRINGTON on Sept 15, 1747 of GOOCHLAND, deeded to JOHN and DAVID PRIOR (PRYOR) of HENRICO CO, VA 250 acres for which their DAVID had already paid CARRINGTON. The land lay in GOOCHLAND and ALBEMARLE Counties, was part of a tract of 5650 acres granted to GEORGE CARRINGTON and the bounding neighbors were RICHARD TAYLOR (projected father of SAMUEL TAYLOR who married Sophia CHILDRESS) and ABRAHAM CHILDRESS lll (aka Childers) along with Isaac Bates and Phineas Glover.(1782 Geoge Carrington filed his will in Fayette County, KY and referred to land purchased from Samuel Taylor and John Pryor in Cumberland Co., VA)

1747 Inventory of David Pryor; son David (Pryor) guardianship to Abraham Childers, Samuel Taylor security, and son John (Pryor) guardianship to Samuel Taylor, Abraham Childers, security

1747 Vestry - At Curl's Church for Henrico Parish, 4 Aug 1747, meeting to divide the parish into several precincts. Second Precinct: From the mouth of Meredith's Branch to the head of it, and from thence to the head of Eastern Branch, thence down the said Branch to Gordon's Road, including all the land Between the Eastern Gordon's Road, Hanover and Goochland Lines. Peter Puryear, Richard Lovatt, Richard East, and Edward PRYOR, are appointed processioners.

1751 - "WILLIAM PRIOR/PRYOR (who was then listed as a resident of Albemarle Co., VA) sold 200 acres of land in Henrico County to WILLIAM HARDING of Henrico Co. This land was noted as "part of a greater tract of land granted to WILLIAM LAFFOON by patent". (Online query from a Pryor researcher)

1754 Deed - 25 January 1754, Richard East to William Buxton, both of Henrico County for 30 pounds, 100 acres on the east side of Deep Run, adj. Edward PRYOR, Drinking Hole Branch, Thomas Pass, John Lacey, Robert Childers and John White. Wit: Thomas (his T mark) Pass, Nicholas (his N mark) Conaway, Walter (his M mark) Crew, Richard Cotteral. Signed Richard East. Elizabeth, wife of Richard East, relinquished her dower. Recorded 1st Mon. in April 1754.

1754 Deed - 22 June 1754, Thomas Pass to Thomas Miller, both of Henrico County, for 12 pounds 100 acres on a branch of the Deep Run called the Drinking Hole Branch, part of a greater tract granted by patent to Thomas Conway, adj., Edward PRYOR , Christopher John Thomas and John Larey (Lacy?). Wti: Nicholas Scherrer, Jacob Powers, Jacob Ege. Signed: Thomas (his P mark) Pass. Lucy, wife of Thomas Pass, relinquished her dower. Recorded 1 July 1754. 

1755 Land Record - Henry Woody purchased land from Nicholas PRYOR (this is a younger Nicholas Pryor, possibly a son or grandson as the elder Nicholas Pryor was reported deceased (above) in 1746)

1757 Tithtable for Henrico Parish - At a vestry held at Richmond Town, 3 Jan 1757. Lemmy Childers 250, To Edward PRYOR for the care of his child 250. (The vestry book of Henrico Parish, Virginia, 1730-'73: comprising a history ... By Henrico Parish (Va.))

1759 Deed - Abraham Childers was neighbor to John PRYOR

1760 Deed - 6 Oct 1760 - William Price, son of John, to John Miller, both of Henrico-VA, for 150 pounds, 100 acres on the Deep Run; adj Richard Cottrell, Edward PRYOR and Christopher John Thomas. Wit: Christopher John Thomas, Nathaniel Lancaster, Samuel Childers. Signed:William Price. Susannah, wife of William Price, relinquished her dower.
Recorded:3 Nov 1760.

1785 Chancery Court Case
- James Bennet vs Samuel PRYOR - other names Bennett, Duke, Holland (A Samuel Pryor witnessed the will of Henry Duke in Charles City in 1795. Is this the same man?)

1792 Chancery Court Case - John PRYOR vs John Beckley (Virginia Military Records: From "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography by Elizabeth Petty Bentley-- In 1776 John Beckley was paid on behalf of John Pryor for a large rifle. Also, Susannah Harding Ellis, the widow of Capt. Charles Ellis married 2nd time to John Beckley. Susannah was the mother of Susannah Ellis and the grandmother of Elizabeth Wright who married Capt William Pryor of Amherst Co., VA)

1793 Chancery Court Case - Thomas Booth vs John PRYOR

1799 Chancery Court Case - Henry Lee vs John PRYOR.

1806 Chancery Court Case - John PRYOR vs William Mayo

1821 Marriage Henrico County - Landon Carter to Sarah Graves with the consent of J Pryor. Married on Oct 29 1821. (J. Pryor is Major John Pryor who married Elizabeth Quarles Graves)

1825 Marriage Henrico County - Alvah Lake to Mrs Elizabeth PRYOR on May 5 1825. Landon Carter surety. (After the death of Major John Pryor his widow Elizabeth Quarles Graves married Alvah Lake)

1840 Census, Richmond, Henrico Co.
Alva Lake 0100001 (oldest male 40-49 years) - 011001(oldest female 30-39 years) (Married to Alva Lake is Elizabeth Quarles Graves, widow of Maj. John Pryor of the Haymarket area of Richmond.)

1849 Marriage - Junius B. PRYOR married Caroline E Gregory on 28 Sept 1849. Bride gave her own consent, A E Montague and Nasley B Lambert witnessed consent. A E Montague, surety, attested to Junius age. (Possibly Junius Pryor who witnessed will in 1838 in King and Queen County. Junius and his wife were on the 1850 Census in Richmond City)

1850 Census Henrico Co., VA
Western Dist.,house 388, Benjamin PRYOR 31 farmer TN, Frances B. 30 VA, Mary E. 3 VA, Susan B. 24 VA, James D. Christian 34 VA, Martha E. 27 VA, Susan J. 8 Va, Ann P. 6 VA, Ellen 4 VA, William 2 VA. (Benjamin Pryor md. Fanny B. Clark on Apr. 2, 1846 in Bedford Co., VA, Robert N. Kelso surety. Benjamin is the son of William S. Pryor of Hanover Co., VA and was mentioned in his will. William Smith Pryor son of David Pryor and Susan Ballow)

1860 Census Henrico Co., VA
Richmond, ward 3, page 607, house 1073 Benj. PRYOR 41 city police TN, Frances B. 40 VA, Mary E. 13 VA, William M. 9 VA, Robert A. 7, Benjamin P. 5 VA, Francis B. 1, Susan A. Clark 50 VA, Mary A. 45, Enoch Morse 40 piano maker NH, Julia P. 35 VA.
Eastern Div., page 60, house 452 Wm H. PRYOR 32 farmer VA, Margaret H. 28 VA, Samuel 4 VA (William is probably related to Benjamin Pryor. William H. is on the 1850 Census in Hanover Co., and in 1860 he is living near a Pollard).

1861 Civil War - Junius B PRYOR enlisted in CSA in Henrico Co on 21 Apr 1861. Mustered into service on 27 Apr 1861 in Richmond. In Dec 1861 he was detailed as a hospital nurse. Discharged by order of Gen. Kemper on 24 Aug 1862. Junius signed his name to his pay reciept in a very shakey scrawl. His discharge papers state he was born in Hampton, he was dark complexion and dark hair, age 39, 5ft 10in, profession mechanic.

1870 Census, Henrico Co., VA
Tuckahoe, house 14 Warner PRYOR (bl) 65 farmer VA, Clara (mu) 37 keeping house VA, Peyton Adams (mu) 22 farm laborer VA
Fairfield, page 272, house 216 John H PRYOR (bl) 63 laborer VA, John Merriweather (bl) 54 laborer VA, Louisa Merriweather (bl) 51 keeping house VA, Edward Fields (bl) 13 at home VA, Elizabeth Holmes (bl) 55 at home VA

1880 Census, Henrico Co., VA
Tuckahoe, Henry PRYOR (bl) 42 VA VA VA farmer, Jesse 22 son stone cutter, Moses 19 son, Thomas 15 son, Anna 17 daughter, Betsy Burton 80 mother invalid VA VA VA, Horace Dandridge 22 boarder farm laborer VA VA VA
Richmond, page 548d, house 548, Nancy PRYOR (bl) 50 VA VA VA, Daniel Briggs 38 (mu) son in law VA VA VA, Rosetta (mu) 40 daughter VA VA VA, Alice PRYOR (mu) 16 daughter VA, Lucy Briggs (bl) 8 grand dau VA, Patrick H. Brigs (bl) 2 grand child VA.

Records from Henry County, Virginia

1793 Deed - Edmund Edwards heir at law of Thomas Edwards, deceased and James Edwards and Henry Lansford, executor for the said Thomas Edwards, deceased, convey unto John Marr for the sum of Four hundred pounds all the lands of Thomas Edwards, dec'd being in the county of Henry on both sides of Smith River contains by estimate 894 acres, adjoining Caleb May a line on Home Creek. Signed Edmund Edwards. Witnesses: Richard Worsham, James Edwards, George Swain, Henry Lansford, John PRYOR, Caleb May, James May
Deed was filed in Wilkes Co., GA. (Henry Lansford son of Henry Lansford and Catherine Pryor in Halifax Co., VA (now Pittsylvania Co, VA). Henry married Elizabeth Edwards.)

1842 Birth - Death Record filed 1929 in Roanoke Co. states Abraham PRIOR born in Henry County to unknown parents. Noted as "colored" (African American).



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