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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records froom James City, Virginia

Jamestown was settled by the English in 1607. In 1634 the are was reformed into James City Shire and called County of James City.

1665 Daniel Pryor, deceased. He had a servant named John Bond.

1680 Land Grant - Garrett Johnson deeded 1140 acres in James City County, north side of the head of Chichahominy River on the upper side of Barbadoes run. Formerly granted to said Johnson and now due for transport of 23 persons: William Beavin, Nicholas PRYOR, James Varney... the rest of the original record is missing.

1680 - Nicholas Pryor witnessed land grants in 1680 and 1692. See Henrico Co.

1800 Tax List
Pryor Hankins (see 1850 Census)

1815-1816 House of Delegates - John C. PRYOR representing Williamsburg. (see Elizabeth City)

1820 Census James City, VA
Page 3, Pryor Hankins 100012001 (see 1850 Census. Pryor Hankins was the nephew of Maj John Pryor of Richmond.)
Page 3 Archer Hankins 00010101010 (Archer Hankins, nephew of Maj John Pryor)
Wiliamsburg, Dorcas A Bryan (Dorcas Allen Bryan was the niece of Maj John Pryor. Dorcas was married to John Bryan who had been married previously. When he died in 1806/09 Pryor Hankins was appointed guardian of his minor son Frederick Bryan. The only child of Dorcas and John Bryan was Harriet Washington Bryan who married Thomas G Tinsley. Dorcas A Bryan was also counted in York Co. in 1820)

1830 Census James City, VA
Page 1, Prior Hankins 0000001 - 002001 (Pryor Hankins nephew of Major John Pryor of Richmond)
Page 3, Archer Hankins 02001-000001 (Archer Hankins was the nephew of Major John Pryor of Richmond, also on the same page William and Richard Hazelwood-- Edward Hazelwood was named as son of Major John Pryor in his will. Archer was the presiding justice of James City, 1815-1816 Archer was a member of the VA House of Delegates).
Page 5, Elizabeth Hazlewood (sic) (Possibly the Elizabeth Hazelwood named in the will of Major John Pryor of Richmond.)

1834 - 1843 Estate
- Estate of Samuel W PRYOR. "On August 12, 1839 Christopher J D Pryor and Samuel Pryor infant children of Samuel W Pryor deceased suing by Christopher J D Pryor their guardian and next friend, Pets (petitioners), against Mary Elizabeth Pryor infant child of the said Samuel W. Pryor deceased, Deft (defendant)..." And,
"Williamsburg, 14th March 1840, As Guardian of Christopher J. D. Pryor, Samuel Pryor, and Mary Elizabeth Pryor within named, infant children and heirs of Samuel W Pryor dec'd." (27 pieces in Southall Papers, Folder 173, Legal Cases and Estates, James City County. The older Christopher J D Pryor was the brother of Samuel W Pryor and was residing in Greene Co., AL in 1850, the younger Christopher J D Pryor was in Mobile, AL in 1850)

1839 Court Case -
Makinder vs. Samuel W. Pryor's administrator (1 memo in Southall Papers, Folder 163, Legal Cases and Estates, James City County)

1850 Census James City, VA
Page 275b, house 165, Pryor Hankins 68 farmer VA, John W. Judkins overseer 29 VA (Pryor Hankins was the nephew of Major John Pryor of Richmond)
Page 275b, house 166, George W. Gage 35 seaman VA, Susan 24 VA, Margaret 8, George A 6, Sarah A 4, Wesley Wallace 16 laborer VA, PRYOR Wallace 9 VA.

1860 Census James City, VA
Page 687b, house 13 Dandridge Marston 48 farmer VA, Sarah P Marston (Sarah PRYOR Taylor) 43, Frances E 19, Henrietta C 18, John W 16, Daniel W 14, George C 12, Walter M. 10, Ella W 3, Eliza H Marston 58, Frances P Taylor 53, Mary F Marston 26 (Next entry is for a Hankins family)

1860 Census James City,VA

Page 374. Williamsburg, C. J. D. PRYOR 60 school teacher born Chals. City Co., A. B. 35 born Williamsburg, VA, M. E. (f) 7 born Greensboro, AL, S. T. (f) 5 Williamsburg, VA, William A. 3 Williamsburg, VA, George N. 1 Williamsburg, VA (Christopher J. D. Pryor was in Greene Co., AL in 1850 and in Marengo Co., AL in 1870)

Records from Jefferson County, Virginia (see Jefferson Co., KY)

1781 Jefferson County Court, VA- Power of Attorney granted to Meredith Price by Nicholas Meriwether of Louisa County, VA. Dated 30 May 1780. Witnesses: John Floyd, John Deckey. Proved at Jefferson County Court 7 March 1781.(Nicholas Meriwether, son of Frances Morton Meriwether and stepson of her second husband Dr. Samuel Pryor. John Floyd was an early settler of Jefferson County and brother in law to John Pryor - father of explorer Nathaniel Pryor)

1782 Elections in Jefferson County for Delegates to the Virginia Assembly - John Pryor

1810 Census Jefferson Co., VA
Harpers Ferry, James PRAYER 3001 - 0001

1820 Census Jefferson Co., VA
Harpers Ferry, James PRYOR 33001 - 0001 - musket stocker. (Oldest male 26 to 45 years, oldest female 26 to 45). This is a unique census schedule for 1820 as it lists on the right the occupation of the head of household! This is probably James Pryor who married Anna and were on the 1830 Census in Ross Co., OH. His son Silas Pryor is known to have been born near Harper's Ferry in 1810).



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