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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from King and Queen County, Virginia

1704 Rent Rolls - Christopher PRYOR

1735 Deed -
Oct. 5, 1735~-Wm Harris to John Pryor of King & Queen witness Saml Pryor, Benj. Pryor (Benjamin PRYOR?), Stephen Harris.

1747 Indenture - Major Pryor
of King and Queen County and John Duke mentioned in Indenture filed in Brunswick Co., VA 6 Nov 1747. Land on Moore's Swamp. Wit: Joshua Mabry, Abrahm Peebles, John Davis, Junior, John Duke, Jr

1752 The Virginia Gazette of Williamsburg, VA on 10 April 1752.

King and Queen, March 20, 1752
To Be Sold
One thousand and Eighty Acres of good Land, lying in the County of Lunenburg, on Toxekiah Creek, joining Lines of Baker, and Stunks, purchased of Mr. Charles Stunks, purchased of Mr. Charles Irby, by Arthur Pryor, deceas'd, the Pattent to be taken out in the Purchaser's Name, or good lawful Deeds to be made by the said Irby, before the 10th day of June next, or after, when required, one Half the Money to be paid down, the other Half twelve Months after. Any Gentleman inclinable to purchase may know the Price, and by Direction may be met with at any convenient Place, to be treated with at any Time by
John Waller**
Christopher Pryor,
(**Note: There's a will for a John Waller in Halifax Co., NC. It was witnessed by John Pryor, Luke Pryor and Seth Pryor. In 1762 the "Widow Waller" was living near Patience Pryor in Halifax Co., NC, per 1763 will of Richard Pope.)

1780 -
25 Sept 1780, Received from John PRYOR 8 gal, 1 qt, 3 jills brandy. Signed by Rob Hill.

1782 Taxable Land -
John PRYOR 200 acres

1787 Alterations of Land
- 150 acres, from whom and to have cr (credit?) Richard Cardwell.

1790 Land Tax Record
- John PRYOR, 150, 3/2, 23-15-0, 0-7-8

1838 Will
- Will of Robert B Boyd 1838. Records of King and Queen Co. King and Queen C.H. Virginia. Will Book 1, page 102. Will of Robert B Boyd. Dated 30 May 1838. Prob. 11 June 1838. Friend Christopher John D PRYOR Esqr to be guardian "of my two children mary Francis and Roberta Byrd Boyd. Two uncles Beverly D. Roy and Augustus G. D. Roy to have blooded horses. Wife Mary A Boyd. Exor: "my friend George K Carlton. Wit: E.A. PRYOR, Samuel G Fauntleroy, Junius x PRYOR. This will recorded 2nd Nov 1869 (Robert B Boyd married Mary A Pryor, daughter of Brazure W Pryor and Elizabeth Antoinette Deneufville. Christopher J D Pryor was Brazure W Pryor's newphew. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. II. Possibly the Junius B. Pryor who married in Henrico Co. in 1849. Note there was a slave named Junius on the 1827 Chancery Court case filed over the estate of Brazure Williams in York Co., VA.)

1850 Census, King and Queen Co., VA
St. Stephens Parish, house 856, Walker Hawes 43, Mary A. (PRYOR) 39, Imogene 6, Mary A Boyd 15, Roberta B Boyd 12, Elizabeth A PRYOR 58 VA, Mary P Nelson 22, Mary Hawes 17, Catherine Buckner 17. (Elizabeth A. Pryor was the widow of Brazure Williams Pryor of Elizabeth City and William & Mary College -- from letters obtained from the Library of Virginia, John K. Martin Papers. Roberta Bird Boyd was the daughter of Robert Bird and Mary Pryor, and a step-daughter of Walker Hawes. Roberta married John Washington -- from Hawes Family of Caroline Co., Va. Elizabeth Hawes Ryland The William and Mary Quarterly )
Page 227a, #336 Nelly PRIOR 48 black, VA, Catharine 18 black VA, William 27 black VA.
Page 227a, #367 James PRIOR 19 black, VA, Frances 25 black Washington
Page 201a, 856 Walker Hawes 43... living in household Elizabeth A. PRYOR 58 white VA.
Page 229a, #405 Caroline PRYOR 30 mu VA, John 8 mu VA
Page 222b, #297 James PRIOR 50 black, Peggy 24 black, Mary Frasier 4 black.
Page 223a, #302 Elizabeth PRIOR 22 black, Mildred 4 black, Thomas 1 black (Mildred and Thomas were living with Charles Prior in 1860).
Page 223a, #304 Mary PRIOR 29 mu "spinster", Louisa 17 mu, Mary 12 mu, Nancy 10 mu, Sarah 8 mu, Mary 7 mu, Clay 5 mu, George 3 mu, Jane 14 black.
Page 210b, #84 Benjamin Redman 30 white merchant... living in household William PRIOR 36 black.


Records from King George County, Virginia

1820 Census, King George County, VA
Free blacks, head of households in St. Paul's Parish
Verlinda Pryor (no males - 1001)
Winny Pryor (1000 - 3010)
Milly Pryor (2000 - 2300)
Nelly Pryor(2000 - 0100)
Free blacks, head of households in Hanover Parish
Jenny Pryor (01000 - 10000)

1830 Census, King George County, VA
Nelly Prior 12 - 111
(Recorded as free blacks)

1840 Census - African American Pryor Families in King George County
Nelly Prior (120000 - 1100)
James Prior (100100 - 201)
Milly Prior (no males - 00001)
Jane Prior (010000 - 02011)
Charles Prior (101000 - 11100)
Winny Prior (300100 - 1111)

1850 Census, King George County, VA
Page 229a, house 408/410 Caroline PRYOR 30 female mulatto, John 8 male mulatto
(This family appears to be "free" African Americans as slaves were not counted by name on census records prior to the end of the Civil War.)
Page 222b, house 297/297 James PRIOR 50 bl laborer, Peggy 27 bl, Mary Frasier 4 bl.
Page 223a, house 302/302 Elizabeth PRIOR 22 bl, Mildred 4 bl, Thomas 1 bl
Page 223a, house 304/304 Mary PRIOR 29 spinster mu, Louisa 17 mu, Mary 12 mu, Nancy 10 mu, Sarah 8 mu, Mary 7 mu, Clay 5 mu, George 3 mu, Jane 14 bl.

1853 News Report - "A free negro, named James PRYOR, was arrested in Fredricksburg, a day or two since, for stealing money from Robert L Coates, of King George. (Richmond Dispatch, 8 Oct 1853)

1860 Census - African American Pryor Families in King George County
Page 371 Nelly PRIOR 51 mu, Catharine 32 mu, William Dunlop 32 mu
Page 371 Louisa Bunbery white... living in household Madison Bunbery and Clay PRIOR 16 mu.
Page 421, #571 Sally PRIOR 45 mu, Robert 22 mu
Page 383, # 243 William Worrell... living in household William PRIOR 43 mu
Page 404, #427 James PRIOR 74 mu, Peggy 40 mu, Matthew Hamilton 25
(married Madison Brooks), Martha 4, Caroline 3/12, Thomas 10, Mildred 13 (Thomas and Mildred are children of Elizabeth Prior - see 1850 Census), John 14

1862 Birth - John Louis Scranage Jr. (black), son of John Scranage and Catharine PRIOR on 10 Feb 1862 (this may be an in correct date from his Social Security record, he was not in John and Catharine's household in 1870)

1870 Census, King George County, VA
Passabytangy, page 37b, house 9/9 John W Scranage 27 black VA, Catharine A (Catharine PRIOR) black VA, Julia A 7 black VA, Mary V Smith 7 domestic servant VA
Passabytangy, page 37b house 16/16
Kizzie PRYOR 24 black female keeping house born VA, Martha A. 3 black female
Chotank Twp, Edge Hill PO, page 3a, house 37 William Hudson Jr. white dry goods merchant, Frances 24, Willy M. 6/12, Mary Taylor 16 black, Peter Loman 21 black farm laborer, Isaiah PRYOR 15 black farm laborer, Robert Dickens 6 white.
Chotank Twp, Edge Hill PO, page 9b, house 131 George Dunlap 49 black farming  all persons on page marked with ditto to indicate birth in VA... Catharine 26, Leonidas 18, Charles H. 17, Isaiah 13, George 12, Martha 9, Thomas 8, Joseph 6, Zachariah 4, James 1, Mary 1,  Daniel 9/12, Caroline Flemming 64 house keeper, Mildred Shankland 62 domestic servant, Lewis (or Levi) PRYOR 18 mulatto, John PRYOR 4 mulatto, Mary Lacy 22 domestic servant.|
Chotank Twp., Edge Hill PO, page 16a, house 236/234 Henry C. PRYOR mu 24 farming VA, Angeline mu 22 keeping house VA, George mu 3 VA, Mary mu 2 VA, Madison Bumbry mu 14 farm laborer VA, Reuben Lee bl 21 farm laborer VA

1870 Death - James Pryor (bl) age 73, died 15 Jan 1870. Widow. Born in King George Co. (Died before the census?)

1870 Death - Martha Pryor (bl) age 4 mos., died 10 Jul 1870. Born in King George Co. Father Clay Pryor, mother Ann.

1870 Death - Barbara Pryor (bl) age 87, died 20 Jul 1870. Born in King George Co.

1880 Census, King George County, VA
house 50/50 J. H. C. PRYOR 33 mulatto health: despepsia, VA VA VA, Ann Eliza 31  wife VA VA VA, George J. 14 son VA, Mary E. 11 dau VA, Henry Clay 6 son VA, Louisa 4 dau VA, Madison Bumbry 23 newphew VA

Records from King William County, Virginia

1857 Birth - Death Record filed 1921 in Hanover Co. states Anderson PRIOR born in King William County to John PRIOR and Phyllis Fells. Noted as "colored" (African American).



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