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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from Middlesex County, Virginia

1696 Middlesex Orders - Robert George (35, "R" his mark): was at the house of Henry Davis on February 11th, 1696 and "did meet with Sarah Gambrell and she did begg of your deponent for God's sake to bring her the said Sarah a piece of bread for she was almost starved." On Wednesday following, wit. went by the house "in order to look for some hogs and he heard one cry out & he also heard the sound of severall strokes as he was in the road and your deponent went into one room of the house of Henry Davis and there saw nobody but William Pryor and John Marter but heard several strokes given and a great cry in the next room and at last saw Ann Davis and Sarah Gambrell come out of the said room and nobody else, the said Sarah Grambell died the afternoon of the same day and further ye depont saith not."
_______ Wm Pryor on Wedsnesday, February 12th, the day that SG died, "Ann Davis did beat the said Sarah Gambrell three severall times (viz) first wth a switch secondly with a shoemaker's stirrup thirdly with a pair of flat leather spancells & he also saith that the said Sarah went up into the loft and to the best of your deponent's Judgment he heard severall strokes given upon the said Sarah cried out bitterly."

1725 Baptism - Christ Church Parish, William Pryor son of Nicholas Pryor. Born 26 Sep 1725, Baptised 10 Apr 1725

1749 Deed - Jacob Rice of the County of Gloucester and the parish of Kingston Weaver to Major PRYOR of County of Middlesex and parish of Christ Church for 25 pounds sold 75 acres on Barbeque Creek in Middlesex. 5th September 1749

1749 Deed -
William Healy witnessed deed from Major Pryor to John Davis.

1774 Birth, Parish Register -
Winney, a slave, belonging to William Pryor.

1775 Birth, Parish Register -
Son William born to William Pryor and Mildred Pryor on 31 Dec 1775.

1779 Marriage -
Henry Vass and Elizabeth PRYOR, surety and witness William PRYOR.

1783 Tax List, Middlesex County -
Upper Precinct, William PRYOR,

1782 Marriage, Parish Register - John Pryor
married Delphia Dillard, of King and Queen County, on 5 Dec 1782

1784 Baptism, Parish Register - Frances Shackelford, daughter of William Pryor and Mildred Pryor on 30 (Frances is named in 1795 court case below)

1784 Census - Middlesex Co., Heads of Families

William PRYOR 4 whites, 3 non-whites.

1786 Will - Last Will and Testament of William Pryor. Martha and Caty Vass heard his last will and testament in which he left his estate to his wife and children. Witnesses were Henry Vass and Saunders Bristow.

1788 Baptism, Parish Register - John Pryor, son of Major Pryor and Ann Pryor , born on 24 Aug 1788.

1790 Census - Middlesex Co.

Henry Vassy Jr
Henry Vassy Sr
Pryor Thurston

1795 Chancery Court Case - John Watts and wife Elizabeth (nee Pryor), Nancy Pryor, Frances Pryor (infants under age 21 years), John Healy their guardian, their father William Pryor died without a will in 1791. James Lee was appointed the administrator of Pryor's estate. When Lee died, William Segar was appointed administrator of his estate. States Nancy and Frances, and Elizabeth Pryor Watts were William Pryor's only children.

1860 Birth - Death Record filed 1924 in MIddlesex Co. states John PRIOR born in Middlesex County to Richard PRIOR (born in Gloucester Co.) and Fanny Braxton. Noted as "colored" (African American).

Records from Montgomery County, Virginia

About 1786 Court Record - William Rutherford appointed constable in the "room" of Payton PRYOR of Capt Newell's Company.

18 Jun 1788 Land Grant - William PRIOR Sr. grantee 263 acres on Great Kanawha opposite Kelly's place.

27 Feb 1794 Land Grant - John Pryor, (1) 1000 acres on the waters of Walkers and Back Creek branches of New River, (2) 1000 acres on the south fork of Peak Creek branch of New River, (3) 1000 acres on Peak Creek, (4) 1000 acres on Peak Creek.



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