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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from New Kent County, Virginia

1706 Birth - Anne PRIOR, daughter of ?? PRIOR baptized 5 Jan 1706 in St. Peter's Parish

1716 Birth - Elizabeth PRYOR, daughter of William PRYOR born 7 May 1716 in St. Peter's Parish.

1722 Birth - Henry Lansford birth registered in St. Peter's Parish. Henry married Catherine PRYOR.

1725 Birth - William PRYOR, son of Nicholas PRYOR born, baptized 10 Apr 1726 at St. Peter's Parish

1799 Birth - Peggy PRYOR (bl)

1820 Census New Kent Co., VA
William B PRIOR, a mark Charles Binns ... 2 people engaged in argiculture, 1 male slave, 4 female slaves, no free blacks.

Records from Norfolk County, Virginia

1770 Marriage - Dickerson PRYOR married Mrs Frances Frazier (widow) on April 13, 1770

1772 Marriage
- John Mason married Elizabeth Coverly on 21 Jul 1772, witnessed by Dickerson PRYOR.

1777 Claims Filing -
Property destroyed on 2 Oct 1776, Claimant Dickerson PRYOR, occupation joiner, 6 houses destroyed after 15 Jan 1775, destroyed by Orders of Convention, value 546 pounds. [Journal and the Reports of the Commissioners, Appointed by the Act of 1777, To Ascertain the Losses Occasioned to Individuals by the Burning of Norfolk and Portsmouth In the Year 1776]

Note: Dickerson Pryor above was a "joiner" and the runaway apprentices noted below were apprenticed to John Pryor, a carpenter. Is this possibly the same person?

1787 Run away apprentices -
Charles and Richard Bray apprenticed carpenter boys, ran away from John PRYOR of Norfolk (Genealogical Abstracts from 18th-Century Virginia Newspapers, By Jr Robert K Headley)

1787 Immigration - William PRYOR (Extracted from Naturalizations and Declarations of Intention, Norfolk Borough/City, Norfolk County (Now Chesapeake), Princess Anne County (Now Virginia Beach), Portsmouth, Eastern District Court, Virginia. Norfolk, VA)

1789 Personal Tax -
Recorded March 1789, John PRYOR, 3 free males over 16, 4 blacks over 16, 1 black over 12 and under 16.
Recorded March 1789, Samuel PRYOR, 1 free male over 16, 2 blacks over 16

1790 Death - Mrs Pryor, spouse of John PRIOR of Norfolk died (NPC 24 Apr 1790) (Genealogical Abstracts from 18th-Century Virginia Newspapers, By Jr Robert K Headley)

1808 Chancery Court Case - Edward PRYOR and wife vs. George Dyson et al.

1810 Census Norfolk, Co., VA
(The name is slightly obscured) Edward or Edmund Pryor 003100010111

1820 Census Norfolk Co., VA
Mrs. Fremong 5 - 1102 (two oldest females age 26-45) (This is possibly Ann Whiting Pryor who ran off with her French tutor Mr. Fremont . - NY Times)

1850 Census Norfolk Co., VA
Portsmouth, page 129a, house 127 William Emmerson 40 carpenter VA, Mary PRIOR 39 VA, Sarah Emmerson 10 VA, William 8 VA, Edmond 5 VA.
Gosport, US Navy Yard, Page 199a, ... Edward PRYOR 30 sailor Madera Island.

1895 Directory of Norfolk
Archer Pryor driver
Austin PRYOR lab (laborer)
Frances PRYOR (domestic)
George L PRYOR
Mary E PRYOR (widow)
Sarah PRYOR (laundress)
Pryor and Ried (George L PRYOR and Jacob E Reid)

Records from Nottoway County, Virginia

1741 Deed - Philip PRYOR 15 Oct 1741 386a ridge between branches of Great and Little Nottoway (Rivers)

1772 in Amelia County - Richard Dennis of Raliegh (Rawley) Parish in Amelia County, conveyed to his grandson Richard PRYOR, son of John PRYOR, of Nottoway Parish a negro girl "Cate" and her children (Notes on Southside Virginia By Walter Allen Watson, pub. 1925)

1798 Deed - Deed from Peter Randolph and Sarah, his wife, to Henry Dennis, conveying a tract on Cellar Creek, bounded by Luke PRYOR, Isham Clay and others, it being the same land recovered of the heirs of Lettice Bland, deceased. (Notes on Southside Virginia By Walter Allen Watson, pub. 1925)

1802 Deed - Luke Pryor had left Nottoway and gone to Dinwiddie County and had sold land. Deed book 2, page 375. (Notes on Southside Virginia By Walter Allen Watson, pub. 1925)

1824 Indenture - 20 Nov 1824 includes Richard PRYOR

1840 Census Nottoway Co., VA
Theodorick PRYOR 000001 - 11001 (Theodorick is on the 1830 Census in Dinwiddie Co., VA)

1850 Census Nottoway Co., VA
Page 379b, house Theodorick PRYOR 45 clergyman, POS, Dinwiddie Co., VA. Frances C. 38 Nottoway Co., VA. Frances 16 Nottoway Co., VA. Nannie B. 12 Nottoway Co., VA. Mary A. Warner 19 teacher VT. Thomas Gates 70 black Nottoway Co., VA. (Theodorick Pryor was the father of Roger A. Pryor of Albemarle Co. Theodorick married Lucy C. Atkinson on 22 Sept. 1827 in Chesterfield Co., VA )



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