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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from Petersburg, Independent City

1768 Rind's Virginia Gazette - 8 Sept 1768, "A list of old tobacco remaining in Bolling Point warehouses. On the list is Samuel Pryor and John Pryor, spelled Prior.

1814 - During War of 1812, pension application for William J Barnes of Lawrence Co., AL says he joined Capt. Philip Pryor's VA Militia at Petersburg on 31 Aug 1814 (War of 1812)

1829 Chancery Court Case -
Complaint filed with Judge Creed Taylor in Richmond, Mary Bolling widow of Alexander Bowling of Dinwiddie Co., Thomas Shore and his wife Mary Harriet (daughter of Alexander adn Mary Bolling). The issue was a 1798 deed in Dinwiddie Co. where Alexander Bolling deeded his property to a Richard PRYOR who was deceased.

1830 Chancery Case filed in Petersbug, Epes vs. Pegram. Cites 1829 Guardian Case in Richmond - "At a Superior Court of Chancer holden at the Capitol in the City of Richmond the 21st day of January 1829"... the marshall of the court was assigned guardian of the following list of infants to defend them of this suit...
Jno C Pegram
E. H. Pegram
Edna Dabney
Caroline and Albert Dabney
E. L. Pegram
Jos. Goodwyn
Th Scott
F Gregory
A. J. Bevill
T. Pryor (recorded on the cover sheet as Theo Pryor)
Jno Pegram
Jno Pegram Jr.
(Possibly Theodorick Pryor who married Frances Epes in 1832. Case includes copy of Indenture dated Nov 1812 between Nathaniel Dabney and James H. Boisseau, another document names Edna Dabney, Nathaniel's widow. Edward Pegram was the admin of Nathaniel Dabney estate. )

1838 Chancery Court Case - Meade vs. Upper Appomattox Company. States Richard PRYOR was the executor of the estate of James Durrell. "That Virginia the wife of the said Richard Pryor, Conrad S. Boyd, , Wm H. Boyd, and Nancy C. Boyd, are the only remaining heirs and devises of James Durrell. (Attempts were made to take default judgement against the Pryors when they didn't file an answer-- perhaps because they were Hempstead County, AR already?)

1846 Chancery Court Case
- Richard P Bolling, Samuel PRYOR vs Abel Head, John Pegram. Others mentioned Alexander Bolling and Mary his wife, John Bolling, (Mary Pryor Bolling daughter of John Pryor and Mary Dennis), John Baird and Mary his wife, Lucy H Bolling, Much of the paperwork was filed in Dinwiddie Co.

1860 Census Petersburg, Independent City
Page 168, house 3039 Roger A. PRYOR 32 member of Congress VA, Sarah A. 29 VA, Maria G. 11 VA, Theodorick B. 8 VA, Roger A. 5 VA, Mary B. 4 VA, William R. 2 VA. (Roger Atkinson Pryor was a member of the U. S. Congress.)

Records from Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Note: Part of Halifax Co. became part of Pittsylvania County.

abt 1750
- Henry Lansford married Catharine Pryor

1782 Continental Census
of Heads of Households -
Edward PRYOR - 6 whites, 4 blacks. (This may be the Edward Pryor who was in Henrico Co., VA)
William Pynor 3 whites (This may be a Pryor)

1784 Census - Pittsylvania Co., Heads of Families
Edward PRYOR 6 whites, 4 non-whites.
Also within 10 names on the same page: Maj Childress, Matthew Childress, Edward Burton, Thomas Vaughn, Preston Gilbert

1798 Marriage - Mrs. Elizabeth PRYOR married Hendley Stone on 26 May 1798. Surety Aquilla Wilson (Marriage of Elizabeth Perkins Pryor widow of John Pryor - son of Green Pryor and Susannah Perkins. By 1804 Hensley and Elizabeth (and her sons Peter and Green Pryor) were in Williamson Co., TN)

1820 Census
page 14 Isham Lansford 00020100101 (Related to Henry Lansford and Catharine Pryor?)

1825 Marriage-
Thomas D. Archer married Nancy Cahall. Thomas son of Elizabeth Pryor Archer of Rockingham Co., NC

1830 Census Pittsylvania Co., VA
page 247 (or 360), line 4 - Isham Lansford 101001 - 01001
(Related to Henry Lansford and Catharine Pryor? Oldest male age 30 to 40 -- born 1790-1800)
page 247 (or 360), line 7 - Thomas PRYOR 11100 - 212
(Thomas Pryor and family are on the 1820 Census in Rockingham Co., NC)

1834 Birth
- John Randolph Pryor born in Pittsylvania Co. (moved to Fayette Co., IL)

1840 Census Pittsylvania Co., VA
page 112, Thomas PRIOR 1112102 - 131221 (Thomas Washington Pryor married to Nancy Graves Haynes. They migrated to Fayette Co., IL)

1930 Census Pittsylvania Co., VA
Tunstall, Ed 72-27, page 45a Decatur PRYOR 26 md 23 VA VA VA, Mattie wife 20 md 17 VA VA VA, Raymond 2 VA VA VA

1940 Census Pittsylvania Co., VA
Tunstall, page 773a, John D. PRYOR 36 NC, Mattie P wife 35 VA, Raymond L son 12 VA, Jacquie M. dau 7 VA, Kenneth I son 1 VA, Dorcas Yancey servant 19 (bl) VA (John D. Prysor is probably the same man who died 23 Jun 1962 in Rockingham Co., NC. Son Raymond was living in Rockingham Co. when he registered for WWII draft. John Andrew Decatur Pryor registered for the draft and stated his place of birth as Pelham, NC (Caswell Co.). Decator Pryor is on the 1920 Census in Caswell Co., NC)

Records from Powhatan County, Virginia

1826 Birth - Stith Pryor born in Powhatan County per marriage to Amy Branch in Petersburg Co., VA 05 Nov 1873. Both were widowed. ( Stith is counted on the 1900 Census and identified as African American. In 1877 Amy Pryor sued Stith Pryor for divorce on the grounds of abandonment- filed in Petersburg City.)

Records from Prince Edward County, Virginia


1775 Will
- The will of John Wright, husband of Ann Pryor Wright. Names children David, William, Obediah, Pryor, James, Elizabeth and Mary (Williamson). Grandchildren Thomas Wright, David Coleman, Chloe Wright, and Ann Coleman. Witnessed by Harris Pryor, Charles Patteson, Landis Patteson (Ann Pryor, daughter of John Pryor and Mary New)

1783 Chancery Court Case - George David vs. heirs of Norton Kennerson, Mary Pryor, married to Harris Pryor and their eldest son named William Pryor, also Agnes Kennerson who married John Alsop. Mary and Agnes were identified as sisters of Norton Kennerson. The case concerns a land transaction made by Norton in 1773.

1784 Census - Prince Edward Co., Heads of Families
Harris PRYOR 10 whites, 1 dwelling, 2 other buildings
Shadrack Maxey (father of Keziah Maxey who married Harris Pryor. She died 1807 in Knox County, TN. Harris on the 1784 census was the father of Harris who married Keziah)

1790 Census Prince Edward Co., VA
Harris PRYOR 10 whites, 1 dwellings, 2 other buildings (Harris Pryor is on the 1830 Census in Roane Co., TN and in 1840 in Knox Co., TN)

1796 Marriage - Jesse PRYOR
married Judith Harris, her mother consenting, on 19 Feb 1796. Judith was the daughter of Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Lindsay. Judith is named in her father's 1784 will.

1809 Chancery Court Case
- Case filed in Prince Edward County by Murphy Brown. In 1809 Zachariah Pryor and Banister S. Pryor of Buckingham County were summoned to appear in court. (Banister S. Pryor married in Cumberland Co., VA in 1808)

1810 Census Prince Edward Co., VA
PRYOR Wright Sr
. 0011100001
PRYOR Wright 0001

1813 Letter - John C. Pryor
wrote to ex President Thomas Jefferson requesting appointment to the Office of Collector of the Direct Tax. His return address was Hermitage, Prince Edward. The tax district was made of Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland and Prince Edward counties. John C. Pryor did not get the job.(This letter is in the collection of the National Archives)

1817 Postmaster - B. S. PRYOR
(Banister S. Pryor) was the postmaster in Hermitage, Prince Edward County. (Banister S. Pryor was appointed postmaster in 1840 in Red House, Charlotte Co., VA)

1820 Census, Prince Edward Co., VA
This census is in alpha order, so there are no clues as to who were neighbors.
Banister S. PRIOR 0000100001 - 1000001
Pryor Wright (son of John Wright and Anne PRYOR)

1821 Probate - Will of Andrew Porter proven on 19 Nov 1821 in court. Witness B. S. Pryor and Obediah Childress.

1830 Census, Prince Edward Co., VA
page 106, Banister S. PRYOR 0000001 - 000001

1831 Postmaster - B. S. PRYOR was the postmaster in Hermitage. (The First of April 1831, Also An Index to The Whole (US Post Office Dept.) by Direction of the Postmaster General, published in Washington, printed by Duff Green, 1831. Banister Pryor is on the 1840 Census in Charlotte Co., VA)



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