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The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The extractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sense of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records from Shenandoah County, Virginia

1815 Shenandoah Co., VA Deed: Reuben Duncan, Tavener Young, Thomas Young, witnessed by Jack PRYOR and Willis Duncan. The deed was recorded 1815 in Henry Co., KY.

Records from Spotsylvania County, Virginia

1840 Census Spotsylvania Co., VA
Bevr. Prior F. N. - one male black between 10 and 24. (Beverly Pryor? F.N. may stand for Free Negro).

1860 Census Spotsylvania Co., VA
St George's Parish, Fredricksburg, page 367a, house 635 John J Perrty 50 farmer VA.... counted in household John PRYOR (bl) 14 laborer.
St George's Parish, Fredricksburg, page 369a, Beverly PRYOR (bl) 50 VA, Sallie 45 VA, Maria 13 VA, William 9 VA, Rosetta 3 VA
St. George's Parish, Fredricksburg, page 369b, House 657 John B Leitch 55 farme VA... counted in household Aaron PRYOR (bl) 16 VA laborer.
St. George's Parish, Fredricksburg, page 369b, House 660 Ann Lewis 63 farmer VA... living in houshold Edward PRYOR (bl) 8 VA

1870 Census Spotsylvania Co., VA
Chancellor, page 325a, house 18 William Tubb 32 England, Maranda 50 England, William 21 NY, Lucy 13 VA, Bettie PRIOR (bl) 24 servant VA, Nettie (bl) 2 VA.
Chancellor, page 325b, house 21 Saunders PRIOR (bl) 50 VA, Sally 45 VA, Jennie 22 VA, Audick 18 VA, Robert 7/12 (Nov 1869) VA, Henry Bunday (bl) 30 VA, Lucy 35 VA, Delia Robinson 10 VA, Lula Bunday 4/12 VA (Mar 1870), Ella Jackson 22 servant VA.
Chancellor, Fredericksburg PO, page 335a, house 161/163 William PRYOR 45 (bl) laborer VA, Press (f) 30 (bl) VA, Cath (f) 10 (bl) VA, Lucinda 8 (bl) VA, Edgar 1 (bl) VA, Dinetha? Garrett (f) 25 (bl) servant VA
Chancellor, Fredericksburg PO, page 335b, house 166/168 Beverly PRYOR (m) 35 (bl) laborer VA, William 22 (bl) laborer VA, Lucy 20 (b) VA. (Freedman's Bank Records-African American bank records- Application of Charles N. Pryor on 8 Aug 1870, born in Fredericksburg, age 15 years, resided on Monro St.; father Beverly Pryor; mother Lucy Pryor; brothers William, Robert & Thomas; sisters Maria, Patsey?, & Mary. Record is signed, not marked with an "X". Charles N. Pryor was living in Georgetown, Washington DC in 1870. Beverly and Charles N are on the 1880 Census in Washington DC)

1880 Census Spotsylvania Co., VA
Chancellor, page 368d, house 87 Wm. PRIOR 51 (bl) 51 VA VA VA, Maria (bl) 35 wife VA VA VA, Catharine 16 dau VA, Lucinda 13 dau VA, Edward 11 son VA, Sallie 8 dau VA, Mary 4 dau VA, Marthy 4 dau VA, Jas. 7/12 (Oct) son VA.
Chancellor, page 368d, house 88 John PRIOR (bl) 65 VA VA VA, Sarah (bl) 38 wife VA VA VA, Phil 18 son VA, Jefferson 12 son VA, Mary 6 dau VA.
Chancellor, page 369a, house 99 Wm. PRIOR (mu) 27 VA VA VA, Lucy (mu) 26 wife VA VA VA, Leticia 9 dau VA, Wm 6 son VA, Jennie 5 dau VA, Chs (Charles?) 2 son VA, Fred 10/12 son VA.
Chancellor, page 371b, house 148 Jno. PRIOR (bl) 29 VA VA VA, Keziah (bl) 25 wife VA VA VA, Julia 8 dau VA, Jennie 6 dau VA, Jno. 3 son VA, "not named" 3/12 dau VA.

1910 Census Spotsylvania Co., VA
Chancellor, Germaine Rd., sheet 1b, John PRIOR (bl) 56 md 30 VA VA VA, Kissy wife (bl) 50 7 children/ 5 living VA VA VA, Nina dau 16 VA, Ella niece 11 VA VA VA.
Chancellor, page 40, house 44, William PRIOR (bl) 60 widower VA VA VA farmer, Harriet dau 26 VA VA VA

Records from Surry County, Virginia

1702 Tithetable for Southwark Parish - Nicholas PRYOR 3 poles, next line Mr William Cocke 3 poles. (William Cocke died 1712 in Henrico Co., online research indicates the Cocke family changed the spelling to Cox and intermarried with the line of Col. William Pryor of Goochland Co.)

1752 Birth - Sealah Hulin, 29 Dec 1752. Godparents: Robert PRIOR, Olive Mangum, Frances PRIOR. Parents William and Selah Hulin. (Albemarle Parish Register for Surry and Sussex Co.)
Zilpah Richardson, 10 Oct 1752 Godparents: Robert PRYOR, Olive Mangum, Mary Walker. Parents Arthur and Mary Richardson



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