Counties W and Y

The following are record extractions of Pryor families who lived in Virginia. The ecxtractions are presented in chronological order by county in order to give a sene of the time period and hopefully to make it easier to establish family relationships

Records of Washington Co., VA

After the Revolutionary War? - Matthew PRYOR b. 1759 states on his military pension application that he was born in Granville Co., NC, moved to Richmond Co., GA, moved to Granville Co., NC, moved to Washington Co., VA, back to NC, then to Roane Co., TN and finally to Marion Co., TN.

1850 Census Washington Co., VA
Page 73a, house 73 PRYOR Dye 50 tenant VA, Wm (William) 23 VA, PRYOR Dye Jr. 16 VA, Pattent? 14 VA, Charlotte 50 VA, Elizabeth 21 VA, Nancy 20 VA
Page 73 house 75 Hannah Dye 50 VA, Thomas 21 VA, James 22 VA, Elizabeth 13 VA, Nancy 15 VA, John 12 VA, Fountain 8 VA, Charles 6 VA

Records of York County, Virginia

Charles River Shire was established in 1634 and became York County in 1643.

1625 - William PRIOR
was summoned with Robert Saben to appear before the General Court on 3 Oct 1625 (Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary By Martha W. McCartney).

1633 - William PRIOR (Pryor) was a justice of York county from 1633 to his death in 1646. His will was proved and recorded in that county January, 1646. (Virginia Magazine, III, 1S4.)

1634 Court - 1634/5 Court [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III, York County, 1633-1646, [by Beverley Fleet, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, (The Original 34 Volumes Reprinted in 3 Volume I Genealogical Publishing Co., In. Baltimore 1988), Volume III, York County, No. 1 page 14] Wm PRYOR assigns Capt John UTIE all interest in house and land adjoining “the plantation of Broche westward and to the Creek southward”.

1636 Court - 1636 July 28th Court [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume III, York County, 1633-1646, [by Beverley Fleet, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, (The Original 34 Volumes Reprinted in 3 Volume I Genealogical Publishing Co., In. Baltimore 1988), Volume III, York County, No. 1 page 25] A Court at Mr Wm PRYOR's house 28 July 1636. Present: Capt John West Esqr Governor etc., Capt John UTIE Esqr, Mr John Chew, Capt Nicholas Martian, Mr. Richard Townshend, Left John Cheeseman (or is this Chrisman?)

1636 Court - No.1. p.30. A Court at York 16 March 1636/7. Present: Capt Christopher Wormeley, Mr Will PRYOR, Capt Robt Fellgate, Mr Hugh Owen, Mr John Chew, Mr Richard Townshend.

1637 (Is this a headright?) - WILLIAM PRIOR, Gent., 300 acs. Chas. River Co., 11 Aug. 1637, p. 447. N. & E. upon the sd. Riv., S. by W. into the woods, E. by S. upon the devdt. of Capt. Richard Townsend & W. by N. upon his own devdt. Due according to the aforesd. order for the Adv. of himselfe & 5 pers. the first year to the sd. Chas.
River: William Prior, Mrs. Margaret Prior, uxor, Tho. Dilloe, Jeffrey Merchant, Georg Leigh, Rice Davis.(Rhys and Reese are Welsh names and Davis is a common Welsh name-- look for alternate spellings)

1637 Immigration - Stephen Benn immigrated to Charles River, VA in 1637. His sponsor was William PRYOR.

1642 Headright - William Thornton is a headright of William PRYOR who received 1300 acres on the north side of Charles River in 1642

1646 Court Record - Att a court holden for the county of Yorke the 26y of October 1646: Whereas it appeareth to the Court by Attestacon out of Holland as ----- by the oath of John Merryman that Capt Derrickson carryed home in his shipp a maide servant by name Trinity Slough belonging to Mr. Richard Glover, the Court doy therefore order that the sd Richard Glover shall have an attach- Page 11. ment against the estate of ye sd Capt. Derrickson for satisfacon of ye sd Maide servant & damages yereby sustained. Nov. the 20th 1646 prsent Capt. Nicholas Martian (Martin?), Mr. William PRYOR, Capt. Wm Taylor, Mr. Rowland Burnham.

1646 Court Record - "On 2 Nov 1646 the York County court ordered that William PRYOR was due 337 pounds of tobacco 'under the hand of Isabella Beech,' and included in the order that 'Capt Nicholas Martiau whoe hath enter maryed with the said Isabella Beech shall make payment' out of his own crop within ten days." [Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5: Families G-P By John Frederick Dorman]

1646 Will - In the name of God amen. I Wm. PRYOR being sicke in body but pfect in minde & memory praysed be god revokeing all former wills doe make and ordayne Yes my last will & testament in manner & forme following. Impmis I give & bequeath my soule into ye hands of almighty god my maker & my body to decent Christian buriall, and as concerning my temporall estate vizt. I give & bequeath to my eldest daughter Margareth my whole pte of the shipp Honor and five hundred and ninety one powndes sterling. I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary five hundred pownds sterling. I give & bequeath to ye eldest sonn of my broyer law Jasper Clayton fifty pounds.
I give & bequeath to ye wife of Richard Kemp Esq fifty pownds sterling.
I give & bequeath to Ric. Bennett Esq. yirty pounds sterling.
I give & bequeath unto Capt. Thomas Harrison, capt of ye shipp Honor yerty pounds sterling.
I give & bequeath unto Capt. Thomas Harrwod yerty pounds sterling.
I give & bequeath to my eldest daughter Margaret the whole divident of land where
I now live with all the appurtenances thereto belonging as howses, orchards or the like, but for the rest and remainder of my land,
I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary.
I give & bequeath to Mrs. Mary Kerton one hundred pounds sterling. My will is yat if in case I have not soe much money now in England to pay & discharge the legacyes abovesd that my children being my exectrs shall be pd in ye first place, and the legacy to others following that is out of ye pceed of ye tob: that shall be sent home yis yeare or yereafter what shall be pduced out of my estate yere in Virginia. And for the rest of my temporall estate of what kinde & quality or condition soe ever that shall be remaining I freely give & bequeath unto my two daughters Margarett & Mary to be equally divided betwixt them whom I make & ordeyn my full & sole exers to see yis my will p'formed and my leyacyes pd & I doe hereby yis my will & testament request & appoynte my beloved friends Jasper Clayton my brother-in-law, Capt. Thomas Harrison and capt Thomas Harrwood overseers in trust for & in behalfe of my children In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the 21y day of Jaun. 1646.
William Pryor the seale. Sealed & delivered in the presence of
John Rose
Wm Hockaday pbatr in cur comt. Ebora vicessimo quinto die mensis Januarii Sacrament Johanes Rose et Wm. Hockaday. Ano 1646. By the Govnor and Capt. Generall of Virginia

1647 Deed - By deed dated January 2, 1647, recorded at Yorktown, Richard Bernard rented from the executors of William PRYOR deceased, "Pryor's Plantation" in York County. (Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1816 ..., Books 1746-1816 By Landon Covington Bell, Landon C. Bell states "The Ballards resided for generations at a spot [in York County] known as Pryor's Plantation.")

3 January 1647/48 in York County, Virginia,::: there was an agreement between Capt. Tho. Harrison, Capt. Tho. Harwood, Gents., overseers of the will of William Pryor, late of Virginia, gent., decd., of the one part, and Richard Barnard, Gent, of the other part. The overseers lease Barnard the plantaion where Pryor recently lived & died, for 3 years. Barnard agrees to build a dwelling house 40 x18. He also promises to pay the overseers 300 lb of tob on the 10th Oct next. Richard Bernard of Yorke in Virginia, Gent., promises to pay unto Capt. Thomas Harrison of Middlesex, Gent., or his assignees for the use of the children of Will. Pryor, Gent., decd., for 34 cows, yearlings, and a boat, fowerscore and one pounds of lawfill English money on the 30th May 1649. Signed: Rich: Bernard. Wit. Phillip Thacker, John Harawell.
-- An explanation....The first of the Bernard family In Virginia was Richard Bernard, gent.,widower, aged 26 years, who obtained a marriage license, 24 Nov., 1634, to marry Anna Corderoy. aged 22 years, daughter of ---? Corderoy, Esq.. at St. Andrew's in the Wardrobe, London. (Chester's Tendon Marriage Licenses.) He was In the Colony 3 Jan., 1647, in which year he rented from Captain Thomas Harwood of Virginia and others, "the plantation in York county, called 'Pryor's Plantation.' " for a term of three years. To this deed is attached a rough drawing made by the Clerk of the Court, of a shield bearing the arms common to the Bernards of Buckingham. Richard Bernard was dead in 1652. as a deed recorded in York m 166-, states that "Anna Bernard, now of Purton, in Petsoe parish, Gloucester, widow, purchased Pryor's Plantation in 1652 from Thomas Edwards of the Inner Temple, London, and Margaret, his wife, one of the daughters of William Pryor, dec'd. So William Pryor's heirs had returned to England..

Early 1647/8 Estate -Estate of William PRYOR to Captain John Chisman. [Captain John Chisman bought eight blacks from the estate of William Pryor in early 1647/8. The description of the persons whom Chisman bought-"6 old Negores and 2 Negro Children"-indicates that six of the group had been in Virginia for several years. Chisman and other residents of York County also purchased Africans who were transported to Virginia in the 1640s, 1650s, and 1660s.] (

1651 - Henry Lee received 126 acres opposite land of William Pryor deceased, on 12 September 1651.

1776 Will - Croxton PRYOR, son of John Pryor and Mary Cox. York County, VA Probate Records (taken 19 August 1776 and 19 April 1777; returned 21 April 1777). Probate inventory: "Books," valued at 5 shillings (Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter, Jan-Feb 1989, and Colonial Williamsburg Digital Library)

1796 Marriage in York County - Thomas Sands married Nancy PRYOR on Aug 21 1796.

1810 Census York Co., VA
Prior Hankins 0001 - 001 (Pryor Hankins is the nephew of Maj John Pryor of Williamsburg. His mother was Elizabeth Pryor Hankins)
Dorcas A Bryan (Niece of Maj John Pryor of Richmond)

1815 Appointed Director of Eastern State Hospital - John C PRYOR living in Williamsburg. Served on board until 1821. (John Clayton Pryor, son of Christopher Pryor and Catharine Clayton)

1820 Census York Co., VA
Dorcas A Bryan (Niece of Maj John Pryor of Richmond. also counted on the 1820 Census in James City)

1827 Chancery Court Case, Box 2, File 40 - Christopher J D Pryor vs. Administrator or the estate of Brazure Pryor. Names on suit-- Surnames: Allen, Bingley, Cary, Deneaufville, Hankin, Henley, Lively. Slaves named in suit: Bill, Charles, Judy, Julius, Ned, Nicy. Complaint contains information that Brazure W Pryor was the guardian of Christopher Pryor, sold all of his slaves, died before a settlement was made on Christopher J D Pryor's accoutny. John A. Deneufville was the administrator of Brazure's estatate.

1850 Census York Co., VA
Page 357a, house 208 John H Morrison 27 clerk b. York Co., Charlotte 60 b. York Co., Emily 20 b. York Co., Mary 13 b. York Co., Alfred 10 b. York Co., Fred 8 b. York Co., (Charlotte Morrison is in the will of Major John Pryor of Richmond, VA as his niece. Charlotte was the widow of George F. Morrison. They lived in Walthoe Storehouse that Morrison purchased in 1804.)
Page 357a, house 212 Pryor Jackson 21 (bl) laborer b. York Co, Dorcas 20 (bl) b. York Co., James (bl) 13 b. York Co.

1860 Appointed Director of Eastern State Hospital - C J D PRYOR living in Williamsburg. Served on board until 1862 (Christopher J D Pryor, son of Samuel Pryor and Mary Finch)



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